What did Juve learn from Celtic on Tuesday?


On watching Celtic on Tuesday I wondered, ‘What will Juventus learn from this performance?’  Their scout will have left with a few notes.

Celtic can break quickly and effectively.  Both Hooper goals came as a result of moving the ball the length of the field, mostly on the deck, at pace.

Their threat from corner kicks was re-emphasised.  Charlie Mulgrew delivers the ball with sufficient pace to benefit from unpredictable movement, beyond the anticipated swerve.  This will be difficult for defenders, keeper and attackers to meet, but Celtic players clearly put a lot of work into practicing getting onto the end of these crosses.

Hopefully the scout will have learned nothing about how we will defend against Juventus as we were somewhat erratic early on against United and were not pressed thereafter.

Juventus are rightly favourites but this this is a thankless tie for them, especially when the first message delivered is ‘Don’t concede corners or free kicks in wide positions’.

They will also be alert to the dangers of being caught forward when Celtic can break effectively.  Celtic conceded through this mistake against Spartak last month but I wouldn’t expect us to leave as much empty space in defence at any point against Juventus.

My main worry about Celtic is over how much practice they are putting into penalty kicks….
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  1. Asonofdan



    It used to be argued that epl clubs wont pay the real price for scottish players. Would now appear that it doesnt matter where your from just where you ply your trade now

  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Going by the response to previous predictions, I’d like to predict we will be without 4 of our best players to face juve due to injury. I have noticed it has become standard officiating that we only get advantage when one of our players is seriously injured and in need of medical attention.

  3. Off site official hospitality packages for Juve available £350 per head if you are flush or you can get a nice business contact to look after you.



    That’s almost the price of a season ticket!

  4. Tusker


    Everything has a context.


    Do you think the Himmler twins are racists


    If the answer is that you dont know then maybe you should familiarise yourself with their utterings and then get back to me.


    There was a lot more in that post outside of MLK.


    5 or 6 other individuals got a nice wee dig


    And you know what


    Quelle Suprise


    They were all black


    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……….

  5. Steinreignedsupreme on




    Jimmy Kebe ‏@JKebe



    “Oups i thought if you’re french and play football u just pop in to Newcastle and sign a contract. Not a chance of leaving #LoveReadingFc#”

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    The Kenny Shiels / Andrew Dallas story is a hoot.



    Shiels was today given a 2 match ban for saying that Dallas had fabricated evidence to get Shiels into trouble.



    Shiels’ ban is not for calumny, it’s not for slander or for lying about an official, it is for describing what the official actually did.



    Clearly in Scottish Fitba’ you can’t blow the whistle on the whistleblowers.

  7. neilymochansmagicsponge on

    On the subject of Juve, I thought they were impressive the other evening against Lazio, especially the way they knock the ball around. We will have to be at our best and I still think we can achieve a positive result to take to Turin…..by the way, what’s the latest on wee Forrest…is he going to be fit? HH

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Has Dallas been reprimanded for cheating, sorry, forget I asked that :oD))))

  9. The Boy Jinky



    “Im sure kenny shiels will have something to say on the ban … He aint one to be shushed”



    – I certainly hope he has something to say….. ideally leading to the chump getting an even lengthier ban.

  10. Joseph Barton ‏@Joey7Barton



    ‘Hazard only crime is he hasn’t kicked him hard enough… ‘

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    @briancfc1967: Sevco go on about highest attendance in div3.fuck thats like getting put back in school a few years and claiming to be tallest in the class.

  12. canamalar@15:46



    I won’t be buying tickets to the SFA venue, I will not support the corruption.



    Same as me. Won’t set foot back in the place until the SFA is gutted from top to bottom of its corrupt + biased officials.

  13. weet weet weet on




    thanks for the update,you must have more than enough on your plate.



    say hi to young charlie from us if he’s up to it.




  14. re: Hooper transfer speculation



    I understand his desire to play in the EPL, 1 half decent season by an Englisman will set you up for life. £20 million or thereabouts for decidedly average forwards is the language these teams converse in and who wouldn’t want a piece. Hooper has become a tremendous player, even before he joined strikers who average 1 goal every 2 games or better at a young age is a great sign of potential, he can easily make an argument for being at least the fourth best player at the club behind Wanyama, Forster & Izaguirre. He scores important goals and his linking play has gone up many levels since he arrived. Hopefully he will sign a new deal and allow us to maximise his value should he move. He has been the best striker since Henke moved on and should be a blueprint in terms of his stats and potential when buying a striker in future.

  15. Boy Jinky



    Did you refuse to acknowledge my cyber handshake because Im a hun?



    If you want Ill send you a wee picture of my Juve ticket or my season card.



    You want proof? Or do you want to pretend Im not here?

  16. The 5 way agreement according to t’internet bampot:


    1. SFA agree to The rangers getting a license without 3 years accounts


    2. SPL reserve the right to investigate and award punitive measures as appropriate over EBTs


    3. The rangers need to pay all football debts


    4. SFA/SPL promise not to tell anyone you’re a new club (avoiding all the debate about titles etc. but obviously SFA/SPL get to keep all the monies due to Rangers through their previous success)


    5. We are the people




    Or I may have misunderstood – maybe it’s a 5 way agreement between 5 parties – SFA, SPL, SFL, Charlie (and his boys) and the meedja

  17. Paul67 et al



    The invisible hand at work again!



    Stuart McColl appointed as Gordon Strachan’s assistant

  18. Got Ian Brown Music of the Spheres £2 in Morrisons..which was nice….inc the classic FEAR.


    VP -4 Peroni for £4.25

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    Slight language malfunction there…

  20. proudbhoy, Bigbones8867. She lived recently in Dublin but I would imagine the funeral will take place in Belfast. Had a tour of The Roddy McCorley Club in West Belfast a few years back amongst the momentoes there was a tapestry from The Women’s jail in Armagh, on it they all had written what they were convicted of, the jail term they got and signed the declaration. Both the Price sisters were on the list. One girl had written 10 years for smoking downstairs on a bus before adding only joking and then put down something like possession of explosives.

  21. bigbones8867



    16:01 on


    24 January, 2013





    I imagine she’ll be buried in Belfast








    Yeah just thought that.



    Should be big funeral.



    You think adams and that will be invited by family to carry coffin like they did for brendan hughes funeral ?

  22. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    It never registered when I first read it, then it was too late, hence the ooops