What we are up against and why we cannot submit


It is not making a murderous gesture that is the greatest affront; it is the normalisation of it by opinion makers and influencers.  We are asked to believe that it is acceptable for our footballers to make a throat cutting gesture when leaving the field.  It is not, never has been, and at no time in Scottish football’s often disreputable history has there ever been such a low point.

There have always been some low-life footballers and there most probably always will be.  They are worth our pity as well as our condemnation.  Trying to normalise the despicable is new.

I don’t believe any of those who are defending murderous gestures honestly want to live in a society where this is the norm.  What they want, is to stop Celtic winning nine-in-a-row, and they are prepared to subvert every ethical value to achieve this.

This is what we are up against – and why we cannot submit.

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  1. in columbia this gesture means “shalom”.


    the gesture that he made to motherwell supporters means “have a nice day” in columbia”.


    it has all been an unfortunate misunderstanding.

  2. In the world of Fake News, some folk can get away with anything it would appear.



    Ales rae, no stranger to the thug culture, stoutly defending this on social media. He should be sacked

  3. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Completely agree. It’s total dirty war now. When does the Celtic fight back begin? Or was that low key press release on Hogmanay it?

  4. Paul, going by your article, we are going to come out punching, if so,it’s not before time.

  5. Given the modren way tho’ this is an oul’ story by nooooooo.



    The huns an’ thur sleekit freens got their story





    Job done?



    I agree we should never submit to this hunned-up keech………


    ……….but what are we all doing about it?

  6. I looked at what various gestures mean in Columbia. The ‘bad/ending’ gesture which Ranger are saying Mr Morelos made seems to be at the side of the throat (see for example https://www.peacecorps.gov/stories/how-to-communicate-like-a-coastal-colombian/#video-modal-6 or as an alternative http://www.nuevalengua.com/blog/a-guide-to-the-colombian-gestures/ ).



    A gesture running across the front of the throat is nowhere indicated as being acceptable in polite or any other company, in Columbia or anywhere else; and indeed the Columbian media has cristicised him for this gesture, describing this as a “‘corte de garganta” (throat cut). It seems that the only people aware of the true significance of the gesture are Mr Morelos himself and the Rangers Press Office.



    When Ferguson and McGregor made their infamous V sign while on the Scotland bench, Rangers suspended them for 2 weeks. Obviously the bar has been set lower for Mr Morelos. Changed days with Mr King.



    However, it is a day to remember the 66 dead.



    You took the words right out of my mouth – we are no longer at the back of the bus we’ve been left at the bus stop.


    Looks like turning the other cheek just gives them another chance to slap it.


    You reap what you sow.

  8. He’s a scumbag but his gesture didn’t worry me. It’s his cheating on the park that bugs me. I don’t think we’ve ever had a player in Scotland who has behaved as consistently appallingly as Morelos has. It’s disgusting that Sevco are pretending that the abuse he gets is because of racism. He gets it because he’s a cheat and a thug. Britain’s most racist football club accusing others of racism is the height of hypocrisy. They really are a toxic lot.

  9. From the BBC website, Lord help us😱


    ‘Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos is to avoid punishment by the Scottish FA for an alleged ‘throat-slitting’ gesture in the Old Firm win over Celtic, as the Ibrox club are prepared to submit footage as evidence the gesture does not have a sinister meaning. (Scottish Daily Express – print edition)’

  10. weebobbycollins on

    How, in the name of the wee man can that gesture not have a sinister meaning? I didn’t see the Kent one but I did see Morelos’ throat slitting action. Guilty as sin! If this is considered ok then we really are at war with the authorities…a clear indication that Celtic are not wanted on the winners’ podium again…


    This must be resisted.

  11. Buddy Morrisey on

    What we are up against and why we cannot submit



    1. December 2019 SFA issue a notice of complaint against a Celtic player. A Celtic statement insisted: “We are absolutely astonished at this decision.”



    2. May 2019 SFA take no further action against a Rangers player elbowing a Celtic player “This whole matter is a huge embarrassment for Scottish football,” said Celtic spokesperson.



    3. After the Supreme Court verdict on EBT schemes, in July 2017 “”We are sure now that the footballing authorities in Scotland will wish to review this matter. Celtic awaits the outcome of their review.”



    4. About Nimmo Smith “In 2013, we expressed surprise – shared by many observers and supporters of the game – over the findings of the SPL commission that no competitive or sporting advantage had resulted. ”



    Celtic may not be submitting but expressing astonishment and surprise, or commenting on embarrassment huge or otherwise – doesn’t really cut it either.

  12. For too long now years and years Celtic plc have ignored racist anti Catholic chants from opponents supporters on matchdays, damage to Celtic Park goes unreported, when there are issues away from home where Celtic players have been subjected to abuse, chants items thrown at them, attacks from spectactors on the field of play and monkey gestures nothing is said on behalf of the club, even now their response to Sunday is pathetic and appears to be looking inward rather than stating the obvious of what happened on Sunday, rather, than making the focus of things the alleged racist comments to a thug in football boots.


    This board had better very quickly realise who is their enemy and act accordingly, to be diverted from this by squirrels designed to change the focus must not be allowed to happen , yet again I feel they appear weak timid frightened and or uncaring for the reputation of the club and its support.


    This leader today appears to encourage a circling of the wagons, what are we circling around when we have a plc which appears to care not one bit. Or PR output is pathetic our media liason shocking , this guy made a threatening gesture in any language, Hawthorn head of security presumably was there and would have seen it, he was a cop why is this not being treated as criminal by Police Scotland, it is a minimal breach of the peace offence, who knows what happened in the tunnel, but there is plenty visual and auditory evidence of racist singing, people shooting spectators with fake guns then himself and a cut throat gesture on several occasions by a player who was sent off.this is not speculation but fact, clear and obvious and avoided again by Celtic , why?

  13. Paul 67 et al.



    The very first thing we should do today is show genuine empathy for the dreadfull loss of 66 lives who went to watch a football game.



    Then announce that in the interests of public safety there will no longer be a facility for circa 800 away fans fo the next Celtic v ” Rangers ” fixture.



    Following thst, our media and legal teams must up their game, earn their money and start defending Celtic the club and her supporters.



    HH to all, the journey will continue.

  14. Last year neither Gerard nor the press made much of an effort to defend Morelos when he was getting carded every other week. The likes of Barry Ferguson were saying it was time to sell him he was so much of a liability.


    This year the club and the press have been on the frontfoot with the narrative that Gerard has reformed and transformed Morelos. For him then to get sent off twice in three games for basically doing the same thing is threatening to derail the “Morelos worth 50 million” fairytale.


    This is the reason they are defending him, there is no other explanation.


    If that means dragging us into a tit-for-tat PR battle then all the better as they will win that hands down.


    The BBC, STV, Sky, the Herald, Scotsman, Record, Express and Sun, as well as radio clyde and radio Scotland, will all happily take their press releases as fact. We don’t stand a chance.

  15. Moreloss quite rightly got done for a GIRUY sign,so shooting and cut throat gestures aren’t as bad? Only in Scotland, and only the huns

  16. Paul, you say “we cannot submit”, I’m sorry but for the last 8 years we have submitted in the world of public relations and in our dealings with Ibrox and the governing bodies of Scottish football.



    We have not pressed home our moral advantage and achieved justice for the cheating that we suffered in the EBT years. Our smaller shareholders and supporters have never been told why this is the case.



    We are never pro-active even though we have right on our side.



    The Ibrox club have a full-time PR company who’s tentacles reach inside and influence every media outlet in Scotland. They run rings round us on every contentious issue that arises. They are ‘first out of the blocks’ with the Ibrox version of events every single time.



    They make decisions on the spot in double-quick time, probably long before Mr Desmond can be contacted by our people for a reaction.



    They are fighting a ‘dirty war’ with no quarter given – winning is all that matters, at any cost and under any circumstances.



    Submit? We won’t get involved, so there is no need to submit.



    Perception is reality, and we are perceived as soft-touches. It is not those in the upper echelons of the club, nor, the players with their millionaire lifestyles, who bear the brunt – it is the supporters who witness their club being ‘walked all over’ who have to swallow it.

  17. weebobbycollins on

    Apricale…I have an almost 50 year association with Latin America and I understand and still use some of those gestures with friends and family. When I explained the situation to a Colombian friend yesterday, he came up with a universal gesture…he smiled and shook his head…

  18. Dessybhoy- I read the other day,if you act like a carpet, you deserve to get walked on,btw Lawwell’s 3 henchmen are hun ex chief inspectors…..

  19. Bada


    Aye jobs for the boys, but they should be accountable to the board,sorry we are back to them again, self serving that is all they are interested in, that ,money and bonuses.

  20. Paul



    I think you’ll find that we’ll roll over and submit yet again. It is what the PLC Board do on each and every occasion. They truly are jellyfish and take nothing on.



    This is what happens when you don’t tackle systematic industrial cheating and collaboration in cheating. Never mind there’s money in the bank eh?



    We had an open goal to cleanse the SFA and ran away.



    We have sat back and allowed the same model of cheating to be used again to bring der hun back to the table. I suspect the Board have already stood up and walked to the back of the bus. Rosa Parks they ain’t…



    Frankly, I’ll be ‘astonished’ if they do anything more than hide in their bunker…




  21. Greenpinata


    It doesn`t seem empathic if it is used as an introduction to announcing a change in availability of seats for Away fans.

  22. If you look at it overall, this is what happens when you sit back for years and say fk all when we are getting fkd over,they know that they can do what they want, and they do exactly that

  23. Paul67



    How do you solve a problem like Morelos?



    Stop turning the other cheek and take on the criminals, who undermine our club.



    The game was ‘a bogey in 2012’ now it has ‘ a team ‘ mob handed with SMSM, to stop Celtic its time to defend our team, our staff our reputation, and the support that sustains our miraculous existence in this country.



    The SFA is not fit for purpose, kick off the decade with the remarkable RES12 the one that will not go away, hire a brand new McBrideesque legal team and connect with a Celtic Support who have jeered our way to eight of the SFA’s titles.



    There is no ‘ for the good of the game ‘ in Scotland it’s plain open season on Celtic, and our dominance, 2020 is merely eight years overdue for Celtic to fight fire with fire.




  24. Why does Scotland accept huns behaving like……….. huns………. against the Celtic supporting community?

  25. Good rallying call Paul67 but sadly we have become the most submissive club in the land.



    I fear, once again, that in the words of Connor McGregor:



    “We’ll do nuthin…..”

  26. Denia- Hawthorne, the wee baldy guy,who I seen at Murrayfield at the Legia Warsaw game,ordering stewards to eject Celtic fans who were telling the Board their fortune,and another ex cop might be Peter someone. All huns.

  27. MCNUT – Spot on. Our PR department has been a joke as far back as I can remember. Quick to attack our own fans for anything that upsets UEFA yet week in, week out turns a deaf ear to the racist abuse our players and manager receive.


    As far as the rest of the UK goes, Celtic is a pro-IRA terrorist supporting club that harbours child molestors.

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