Winning under the weight of expectation


On the face of it, a league rival losing in the League Cup has little direct influence on our forthcoming Scottish Cup Final, but momentum is all and it is either with you or against you.  After a mere two wins, Celtic players may feel things have turned in their favour in the last week.

Winning under the weight of expectation is not easy.  Celtic are practiced at it, they know many of the pitfalls, while those who have won nothing grapple around in the desert.  While we imploded during the autumn, the script was written, I even heard a “They could have an invincible season” from someone who now knows better.

With Celtic eliminated from a domestic competition for the first time in over 4 years and Aberdeen also out, many expected this season’s League Cup would be Newco’s first trophy, a milestone that for some has taken on titanic significance.  Then they lost to St Mirren.

In his third season at Ibrox, Gerrard has won nothing and reached only one of five finals yet available.  He is grappling around in the desert, his players, fans and the rest of us know it.

I would ban every mention of the 2 January game, at Lennoxtown.  Take care of business and the landscape could look very different by then.

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  1. Bournesouprecipe on 17th December 2020 8:55 pm




    Words you only read on CQN








    The sort of word that is concomitant on CQN :)



    *and yes I have no idea if I’ve used that right

  2. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    JJimmyQuinnsbits: I’m in Portugal


    Almoravid Great I visit Andalusia a lot


    Obviously not the Geography teacher the Al😀!

  3. Parkheadcumsalford at 8.23. We have both been parishioners , as discussed previously a few years back , of Big Mick. A fine man who became a family friend when he was Parish Priest of St Laurence ,in Drumchapel.



    He took some parishioners to a Celtic Hibs game at Celtic Park around March 1976, we won 4 nil. When we got back to Drumchapel , there was a band playing outside the Orange Hall. Big Mick was fed up waiting for them to finish . He waved over the polis sergeant , who he knew . A few complimentary words were exchanged . The sergeant was fed up with Orange band too.



    The sergeant then walked in front of the car making a path through the band who were blocking the road to let us through. Big Mick’s car was the only one to get through . It’s a memory that has stuck with me since plus Kenny scored a fantastic goal that day.

  4. EDDIE @ 10:20


    I might have guessed. Peter Lawwell must have been laughing his head off after that so called ‘supporter meeting.’’ It seems our representatives are in so much awe at the privilege of being in his august presence that they are terrified to ask him one single searching question. If he had quoted that £35M figure to me, I would immediately have responded with: “ Then why could we not manage one lone, solitary shot against Sevco in 90 minutes at home?” And that is just for starters.

  5. JQB – I’m good thanks.



    Your set up sounds brilliant. What made you make the move to the mountains and why Portugal?







    It’s horrific. We’re such a rich country by many metrics but we have allowed this to happen!


    And why is it not all over the media? It’s heart wrenching and sickening.

  6. Jobo…what about us that sleep irregularly…could b 2…could b 10 ;-))







  7. Mark Wilson sez Rangers (sic) losing last night was a desperate disappointment. He makes listening on the ear as hard as he did watching. Also that Free State Jim fcuker talkin about the “Oul Firm”….piece of shit.

  8. Last nights hun result was only good for a laugh…lol…but has no bearing on the league…let’s concentrate on ourselves, starting with Broonie lifting the Cup for our record breaking Quad Treble.




  9. CCB, how are ya? Where bout are you – approx of course



    Majestic, I don’t want to paint the wrong picture here. This might be the biggest mistake I’ve made, and I’ve made a few ;) My eldest son and I bought and old wreck of a house and I’m living in the habitable half while we do the rest. And you wouldn’t believe how little money I’ve come out with. Have to say I’m loving it, but the trick is going to be keeping it going.



    I’m in the mountains cos Ive always liked them, in any country. The weather here helps, but Portugal is such an easy going country – most people are incredibly helpful and kind. The vibe is just good.

  10. JQB – bought it with your son too? Even better – there will be stories to last generations



    I’m off to bed but don’t be a stranger and keep us all updated on how it’s going.



    Hail hail

  11. Well if “it’s just a wee bit of charlie officer” says it.



    “I have not seen somebody tackle like the boy Soro for a long, long time. He is a bit like the next Dennis Wise or a Kante. A player that can play but gets his foot in.



    “I am a big fan of the boy. A wonderful player who compliments Turnbull and McGregor.”

  12. THELURKINTIM on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 11:36 PM


    “Last nights hun result was only good for a laugh…lol…but has no bearing on the league…let’s concentrate on ourselves, starting with Broonie lifting the Cup for our record breaking Quad Treble.”



    If psychology has a big a part in the game as some say then I think the ranger’s defeat against St Mirren might be more significant than you think. If Celtic win on Sunday it establishes that Celtic are still winners and rangers are still losers when it really matters. That can exact a toll on rangers players. Even more so if Celtic win games before Jan 2 and rangers slip up again. And if Celtic win on Jan 2 I think rangers’ lack of confidence might prove to be terminal. But of course as you say we need to concentrate on ourselves.

  13. ILJASB….If my aunty had baws…lol



    You cannot start and continue a proposition with so many questions. We will win on Sunday, of that I have no doubt…as for after…I hav hope…but your guess is as good as mine ;-))




  14. Motherwell players are laughing at the free staters conceding two not one. Can’t wait for the weekend.

  15. St Mirren FC make official complaint to the SFA regards officiating bias. “No room in Paisley for anti Irish racism”.

  16. St Mirren keep their heads down, and do the businesd on the park, after accusations of financial irregularities earlier this month…wonder where these accusations arose lol




  17. SFA – Referee will be spoken to concerning the sending off. “Had nothing to do with his accent” included in match report.

  18. MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH DECEMBER 2020 10:19 PM









    Plenty of whiffs here, you know they’re gurning and gnashing their





    fangs and claws somewhere about, and goodness knows with the





    bad form our bhoys were showing ( hopefully over ) we were ripe for





    a roasting, but no, nothing.





    Talking about JIMMY’S how is the big yin, not seen a post so far?





    H.H. Mick




    I am okay MICK, thanks for asking.


    I was at the my GP’s surgery yesterday for a check on my Kidneys…Results next week ?


    While I was there I tried to sell them my Liver…..The Lovely wee Nurse ” Lisa” asked….” Why do you want to sell your Liver Jimmy” ?


    ” Im almost finished with it”…was my reply LOL.



    Ive been doing more shopping and although I only went to Two stores yesterday just yards apart, its exhausting for me ( New Brown Shoes, T shirts and more Joggers…and ANOTHER Pair of denims LOL). I dont why I bothered as the Pubs are still closed for selling Alcohol, so i havent had a Beer since October 9th…but its is my 65th Birthday tomorrow ( Saturday Dec 19th), and I MAY venture out to The Merchant City and try and find a Pub where I can treat myself to a nice Steak and some NON Alcoholic Lagers…Kidding myself that I am drinking the REAL Thing LOL.


    Then again, if the Celts are not playing on a Saturday, I enjoy staying at home and watching my Horses getting gubbed on TV..LOL.


    I do like a wee bet on the Horses most days ..and the Fitba obviously.



    I think/ hoping that Celtic win on Sunday for the Quad Treble…but I am expecting a very hard game, and several goals, and some near heart attacks for us Celtic supporters due to losing a goal or two, Hun Ref etc…but a winning score line of CELTIC to win 3-2…which is priced by the Bookies at around 18/1.



    So I hoping for a very good birthday week end…although a bit lonely perhaps…but as long as Celts win the Cup….I dont care if my Horses all get beat, and I have NO Beer whatsoever LOL.


    All the very best to you MICK….and PADDY too.




    God Bless.

  19. Aipple- I watched a documentary about The Fast Show the other night, it was how the show came about, and where the characters came from…..I can’t remember it……as I was very…..very….drunk….

  20. The hand of God on

    I know it had no bearing on us but I was ecstatic about the ‘rangers’ score on Wednesday….when we were knocked out by Ross County you just assumed that they would go on and win their first major trophy…St.Mirren made sure their trophyless years continue for a bit longer at least.

  21. Good morning, friends and a Big Happy Friday from a dark and drizzly but mild-ish East Kilbride. Last working day of 2020 for me. Going to miss my morning commute from breakfast table to desk; those 7 steps have become such a repetitive boring journey but hey ho, 17 long lies await!



    Hello Everybody,


    A poster from long ago just popping in to ask how everyone is. Hope yez are well.





    As other have said great to see you posting ,and don’t be a stranger 👍

  23. Hello again all you young rebels.



    Back in da hoos, lovely day was had in the bush, could see


    myself as a crocodile Dundee sort of a ghuy, maybe a Mick Dundee.


    Only kidding of course, no crocs here in Victoria but those Roos


    can fight like feck.


    Getting a bit restless now as the final approaches, a Quadruple


    final,… what ? …a quadruple final ?…. never been heard of.


    Well it’s here, within our grasp and all it takes is our bhoys to believe


    if they give their all, it will happen.


    But you know even if the support can’t be there driving them on, they


    have to know that, we are all behind them.


    Negativity, board bashing, Lennon demonising, Kennedy coning, or


    even Bankier balderdash has to be put aside till we get this magnificent


    milestone added to our history.


    ” Celtic are a magical club, miracles do happen there ”


    H.H. Mick

  24. Big jimmy..


    You have the honor of sharing your birthday with my youngest beautiful daughter ( she takes her looks from her mother) thank god..



    Enjoy yer day jimmy, and good luck with the gee gees..




  25. Sean Thornton



    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter.




    And belatedly to you too, as for your liver if you want


    to sell it, I’ll start the bidding.


    H.H. Mick

  26. MM.


    Dec 19th 1987.


    Remember it well my mrs went into labour in the back of the ambulance which inconveniently got stuck in the snow.


    Mrs ST screaming as me and a few strangers where trying to dig the motor oot…


    Lynsey appeared and she was born in the back of the ambulance at 10.05pm..


    Went to comfort the Mrs and she told me in no uncertain terms that id i came near her with that f*****g thing again!, she’d cut it off (her words)..



    Wummin eh…




  27. Dear Santa ( or Santy as they say in these parts)



    All I want for Christmas,



    …..a nice wee victory over the Hertz and the triumph of good over evil!






    no’ too much to ask, eh?



    Cheers Bhoys, Its not my Birthday til Tomorrow…Saturday 19th Dec……but is the land of OZ way ahead of the UK in hours ?


    God Bless and keep your lovely Daughter SEAN Bhoy.





    I took great joy at the Huns/Animals getting beat by St. Mirren…………… I aint Biased…I dont mind who it is that beats the Huns.



    We need as much enjoyment in these dark Covid days as we can possibly get.




    I finally bought those gents Lambs wool Jerseys yesterday from Marks & Spencers…Two for £60…now all I need is the Pubs to be reopened and I can show them aff to the Glesca Gals





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