You did this in 2013


Yet again during 2013 we asked you to put your hand in your pocket and you responded as only Celtic fans do.  You raised £6000 before and during the focus of our summer fundraising activity, the annual golf day.  £4500 of this went towards the 1254125 Appeal, which during the year did an enormous amount to anchor the club and support right back to where we came from.  Clic Sargent, who help children with cancer, also benefited at that time.

Thanks also to those who sponsored my 10k at the Great Scottish Run in October to the tune of £1552.  Times remain tight for many, so I the value of your support.

Perhaps the biggest response all year came from the commitment we made to Mary’s Meals to build and kit a kitchen at the Kholoni Primary School in Malawi.  1200 kids are registered at the school but there are no catering facilities, so students go hungry, or simply don’t go to school at all.  Pablophanque’s family sent on the £4500 support they received in 2011 to the appeal, while 470 people booked a seat at the CQteN St Patrick’s Day dinner, with more on the waiting list.  The work we’ll achieve in 2014 will be incredible.

This place can stress and annoy sometimes but it has become a great window into the soul of the Celtic support.

Have a great Christmas and thank you for all your support.

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  1. Mullet and Co:



    An Edinburgh Jury, the OB Act, No flags,



    I suppose it is how you define bigotry.





    And every single person involved in the stats above.



    Look yourself in the mirror.



    And say…



    Well done,mate!

  3. leftclick Together we will get justice for the Dam 5



    12:32 on



    24 December, 2013






    12:07 on 24 December, 2013



    Is he saying that having more money creates a sporting advantage ?


    Not according to Lord Nimmo Smith.




    Seemingly snottery on the radio last night was feeling sorry for the sleekits trying to challenge us ,basically saying it was not fair on the sleekitest of the sleekits sally forgetting thats what every other team is the league has to do every season.



    Till we meet again all :))


    Nae falling ooooooooooooooot




    In relation to the Rangers wage bill here is a post from tsfm that tells you why Sally is worried.



    .I never got around to updating the business case based on the IPO figures and earlier accounts because whilst the detail changed, the end result was pretty much the same predicting RIFC go into the red before the end of this season.



    However for fun, and to maybe help Mr Wallace, I reduced the player weekly wage to a point were if all else were much the same, the business model would be sustainable.



    So an individual weekly wage for this and next season of £935 should do it and, if they get into the SPFL top division the season after next and raise ticket prices and get extra TV income etc they could pay £2550 a week.



    Still better than most SPFL clubs I suppose but not enough to qualify for Europe – Europa or CL

  4. Am away for a lie down my head is burst with this flag carry on


    It’s st johnstone fault


    It’s celtic’s fault


    It’s the cops fault


    There’s a ban there’s not a ban


    It’s on it’s off


    Inverness are involved


    No there not


    The bans off again naw it’s no


    I it is


    Lawwells fault


    Naw it’s no I it is


    Boycott don’t boycott




    HH and a merry Christmas bhoys and ghirls can’t wait for the game now

  5. I’m not surprised at the figures you quote, Paul. We are Celtic, it’s what we do. Sure, we can have our differences on the blog – on just about any subject going, from board strategy to the best way to eat a roll and sausage. But when we are called on, we unite and we deliver.

  6. St Johnstone Statement today.







    (it is clearly good to talk)




    At a meeting last week and in consideration of the safety requirements of the match and based on the risk assessment provided by Police Scotland on their current intelligence of potential disorder at the game, St Johnstone FC and Celtic FC endorsed a Police Scotland suggestion that a ban be placed on flags and banners for the match between the clubs at McDiarmid Park on Boxing Day.



    This was on the basis that, regrettably, flags and banners have been used as cover for the letting off of flares, smoke bombs and other pyrotechnics at games throughout Scotland this season.



    With Celtic FC representatives keen to avoid a repeat of the recent scenes at Fir Park and with St Johnstone FC mindful of the fact that smoke bombs have been let off by our own supporters this season, both clubs endorsed the Police Scotland recommendation for this specific game.



    Both clubs have since received representations for their supporters on this matter and Celtic FC in particular has had extensive discussions with their main supporters’ representatives and has been assured that their supporters will back their Club in the right manner.



    Further discussion has today taken place between all parties and a request from the clubs made to Police Scotland that the ban be lifted has been accepted. Safety remains of paramount importance to both clubs and the match will be managed with this in mind and with Police Scotland having reviewed this policy, the two clubs are now putting their faith in all supporters that they shall support their respective teams in a manner which befits what should be a great game of football on a special date in the football calendar.



    However, it should be noted that as is the case at every game and in line with Ground Regulations, no flags on canes or sticks will be permitted and any offensive banner or inappropriate behaviour anywhere in the ground will not be tolerated.



    With the rigorous search policy which will be in place and a busy road network expected, supporters are encouraged to come early – turnstiles will open at 1.45pm



    We reiterate Celtic’s sentiments regarding the excellent relationship that exists between the two clubs and we look forward to working together along with other agencies in ensuring an enjoyable spectacle on Boxing Day.

  7. What is it that I am a poor Celtic Supporter on Christmas eve in the Australian bush and I just can’t find it in my heart or soul to trust you or anything you say?



    And I have no agenda but I just don’t trust you.

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Joyeux Noel to all our ole Tims in Oz,and all our Colonial cousins everywhere..



    Feel free to lighten up a bit over the comin’ months. ;/)

  9. kitalba





    12:48 on



    24 December, 2013








    Why did you ask that question?




    Can you point me to the question I asked?



    We are clearly not on the same page .



    I tried answering to what I thought you were referring on previous blog.as follows.




    Apologies. I was at cross purposes. I thought you were referring to something in my long post re SFA membership but on scrolling further back see your question related to what is on your PC.



    I cannot be certain but I reckon there must have been more than one draft as the situation changed and the one that was signed up to would be the one that reflected SFL entry.


    The key thing is the SFA agreeing to transfer SFA membership which allowed the same club debate to happen rather than insist on the Associate Membership route via the SFL which was norm for a new club.



    If the SFA had insisted on the latter it may have deprived Scottish football of the debts Green agreed to pay in return for full SFA membership and with it the illusion of continuity. It was always about money on both sides of the table.

  10. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    13:03 on


    24 December, 2013


    Eight more sleeps till the transfer window opens.





    Don`t twist.Stick.



  11. Professor Green on




    Merry Christmas to you and the rest of the family and all the best for the new year. Hope you are well

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