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The umbrella group, Fans Against Criminalisation, issued a statement yesterday (kindly published here by Joe O’Rourke on the Association site) which details a number of events in response to Saturday’s policing on Gallowgate, and the resulting response from the SNP government.  Witnesses are invited to give evidence on Saturday (23rd March), with three protests planned next month.

To the relief of all, I’m sure, the statement also records that issues surrounding meetings two organisations had with the Club in November have been resolved.

Our Club and supporters groups are led by the kind of people you would trust with your most precious valuables, as many of us do.  They each strive in new and innovative ways to herd cats in the right direction, with remarkable success.  The tasks, carried out by hundreds of Celtic fans, of running buses, chasing tickets and navigating the impossible political challenges, is often thankless.  I know a few who wonder why they bother.

They bother because they care.  The office-bearers dedicate even more time looking after the common interests.  There are more Celtic heroes than those who wear the hoops.

I hear Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, has appointed Jeffrey Webb, currently head of CONCACAF, as chief of a newly created Fifa body to fight racism in football.  Mr Webb is a director of one of the largest banks in the Cayman Islands, known for its…. unique standards of propriety.  Nice.

Quick word for Tommy in Glasgow…. brilliant!

From CQN Magazine:
Watt a goal. Celtic started this season’s European adventure against HJK Helsinki..”
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  1. .



    Attention Horsey Types..



    Black Caviar is Going for 24 Win on the Trot.. Or Canter..



    It’s at Moonee Valley around 8:30 – 9pm EST so in a Couple of Hours..



    Think he is being Retired after..???



    Summa of ShergarCSC

  2. Good morning friends an a Big Happy Friday from East Kilbride – more snow this morning and a sharp howling wind.



    Wouldn’t like to be planning any golf games soon in these conditions. Oh wait….

  3. The anglos and the way they talk about THEIR football…..


    …….it’s like The Romans still thinkin’ they’re The Imperium as the Visigoths absolutely take them apart.


    I think a draw is possible to humble the startled looking owl of a mgr.



    Us? A draw would be a result and a victory an immeasurable achievement.



  4. .






    I mentioned it was a Bit Windy on the Drive Home.. They had a Tornado last Night..;-(((



    All over the News Down here..



    Summa of TailWindsCSC

  5. Summa of Sammi….


    07:23 on


    22 March, 2013




    Hey skippy tornadoes in Oz!



    Did you see any furry animals flying about or red shoes ……… (think Elvis Costello)




  6. if this snow keeps coming down I may need to get a wee early finish…


    I’m sure scotrail won’t let me down….

  7. St.John.Doyle


    22:38 on 21 March, 2013


    roy croppie


    22:23 on 21 March, 2013




    Building Control have sent it back to the club as they will have to invest significant money to get a safe standing area.


    The gradient anywhere outside the south stand would mean a radical re-design of the stadium.



    Thanks for the reply.

  8. Morning cqn. Dad in southern general today. Due to get an operation today assuming anaesthetist gives the green light.



    Greatest man I have ever known.

  9. scotzine andy muir = pissed stained drunk hitting his keys for folly folly




    across the city also who peddle this notion that Rangers must adhere to their Protestant traditions.



    ffs …..they have never deviated 1 inch



    the last 2 articles all he wanted to talk about was his dislike for the green brigade without any substance.


    And whatabouttery..at one point it pat nevin had put his name to this piece of one is as bad as the other no one would be suprised


    only this time all celtic supporters are republican bigots spouting bile every time we open our mouths


    and all this from someone who claims to has a love of celtic



    will file andy muir with




    pat nevin


    craig burley


    rob mclean

  10. Maley’s Bhoy



    good luck.. I spend as much time as I can with my dad..



    he is a grump though… o))

  11. Morning all. Heavy snow falling at the minute.



    Has peace broken out yet? I hope so but i doubt it, as there has been a section of the Celtic support who want to “get” Peter Lawwell for years.

  12. Thanks folks. Very co-incidental that two fellow g72 folk have sent my dad their best wishes.


    Bt – hows wdh doing? Tell him I was asking for him.

  13. PCS



    some of us have been giving him enough rope to hang himself…



    think I’ve heard those words quoted somewhere else.. o))

  14. maley’s bhoy



    popped in last night to see him, he is doing ok…


    will pass on your regards.

  15. The Moon Bhoys on

    We need the rangers cash cow in the spl so we can all get fat feasting on them, if we peddle that line the huns will be up in arms and threaten to mass boycott, just a thought.

  16. Morning all



    Sitting on a train which to my surprised didn’t just turn up but on time as well. Celtic’ bunnet doffed.



    I read a bit of Andy Muirhead’s article but gave up as it seemed even more verbose than anything I write.



    Can’t say I really recognise what he says though in what he wrote in this or his other article at the beginning of the week. I am far from an apologist for the GB but compared to what has been sung at CP in the past they are remarkably inoffensive. I dont always like what they display or sing and if anything I get more annoyed by their identification with causes I suspect few of us who go to Celtic matches particularly understand or identify with. I stopped going to what were called Old Firm matches after the infamous match of May 1999 and did not return until 2010 and found the atmosphere even at those games a lot less poisonous than those I went to before.



    I have liked Muirhead’s articles in the past but disagree with his recent outpourings.





  17. blantyretim


    09:06 on


    22 March, 2013





    we are very similar… o))




    I would say he is slightly fitter and faster than yir good self :o)hh

  18. Parkheadcumsalford



    08:35 on 22 March, 2013



    ‘Morning all. Heavy snow falling at the minute.



    Has peace broken out yet? I hope so but i doubt it, as there has been a section of the Celtic support who want to “get” Peter Lawwell for years.’








    The allegation, as I understand it, is that the Club have been colluding with plod by encouraging and assisting plod to obtain what are known as football banning orders on complaint rather than football banning orders on conviction against individual Celtic fans.



    It’s a serious allegation and I’d like to think that every decent Celtic fan would want to know whether or not it’s true.

  19. Scottish FA ‏@ScottishFA


    Want to put a message on the big screens at Hampden tonight? Tweet us using #BeTheRoar and we’ll pick the best ones




    Where to begin…?

  20. stpatricksbhoy on

    Have not read back the blog,just noticed newco’s share price has gone from 80p to 75p over the last two weeks.Any financial wizards out there with an opinion.


    Hail Hail.

  21. stpatricksbhoy



    Lots of reasons.


    End of the tax year coming up.


    Recession in full flow.


    Budget has just been announced.



    I would suspect tho that it’s mostly because The Rangers are rotten and nobody wants to buy them!



    Why do you think Green is desperate to get them up the leagues? He may get to a £1 and then sell the lot.




  22. I am a long long way from home. I am long in the tooth. Stand up for the green brigade Celtic men and women. They are our future . They are not destroying Cities,hurting iinnocents, they are simply young hearts who are demonstrating their right to free speach. Who cares if they get a few banners wrong in some peoples view, although not in their energetic view of life. This is not criminal or deserving of state sponsored harrassment. I won’t even try to compare with the horde and their destructive rampages wherever they go, supported and protected by the same medya and police and authorities who are targeting our support. Stand up for the green brigade for the right reasons. They need all of us to say fuck off. Leave the green brigade to sing their Celtic songs.

  23. During a discussion over the weekend in Belfast with one of the cyclists, the topic of what makes a town a ‘Hun’ town came around.



    Well 4 newsagents down and i still cant get my hands on a Celtic view!



    Never mind the ‘A-Z of celtic bars’ for pubs around the world, I need a A-Z of celtic view sellers.



    It has been many a year since a bought one mind you.