A conspiracy theorist industry was born


With three weeks until the scheduled kick off of season 2020-21 and 25 days until Uefa’s deadline on submitting champions for season 2019-20, the Scottish Government will today permit football to be played behind closed doors.

An industry was born this spring for conspiracy theorists who insist Scottish football would have been able to complete last season’s league programme, with blame variously laid at the feet of the SPFL or Peter Lawwell.  The former were told in no uncertain terms by the Government that the game would not resume as early as it has across Europe.  The latter, with his club sailing towards nine-in-a-row, wanted the season finished on the pitch.

Facts never matter to conspiracy theorists, they are too much trouble.  Lazy thinking will allow them to reminisce about what happened this spring for decades to come.

Uefa’s ruling yesterday that the first three qualification rounds for next season’s Champions and Europa Leagues is welcome.  Celtic will be seeded for each of these rounds, so given an even chance, we would hope to progress.  The biggest obstacle on this front is playing away in front of a partisan crowd – and let’s remember, Scottish clubs have waited longer than virtually everyone else for permission to even cross the white line.

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  1. It’s a summer Saturday morning and my mother shouts me over to the electrical department in Bremners. Do you think you could carry that she says pointing to a Dansette record player with a red lid and cream base.



    Aye aye aye sounding like a sailor I gasped, ok then go and pick a record, incidentally she had a load of 78s and 33 1/3 big band records fae her youth but this would be our first 45.



    I picked Speedy Gonzalez by Pat Boone. Now Pat was a huge star, 2nd only tae the “King” and possibly seen by the future tangerine supporters as a safer bet.



    Pat also had many many hits but it was only later I found out most of them were covers of black R&B songs by the likes of Fats Domino, LaVern Baker, Ivory Joe Hunter and my all time favourite then Little Richard, wonder how evangelical Pat would have felt if he had realised the sexual connotations in Richard Wayne Penniman’s lyrics.



    Rolling back about 5 years and my da was working up in Dounreay, I managed tae convince my mother tae take me to see “The Girl Can’t Help it” which featured Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and of course the wonderful Little Richard, for me it was all about the music.



    Later on that year I was fortunate tae attend an LC semi where a team containing 9 players that would go on IMHO to be the greatest Celtic side ever beat an excellent bully wee side 4-2 after being pulled back to 2-2. The other 2 incidentally were Eric Smith and wee ten thirty.



    As I got home all breathless and excited my da was sitting on his favourite chair singing a version of a Pat Boone hit at the time “On a day like today we passed the time away watching Celtic from the stand. Oh how we laughed and we cried when Clyde equalised watching Celtic from the stand”. He might have missed that game but he didnae miss the one 3 weeks later.



    That Christmas I was given my first album, “32 Minutes and 17 Seconds with Cliff Richard” another safe bet, although I was a bigger fan then of the Shadows, he did do pretty good versions of Jerry Lee’s It’ll Be Me, Fats Blueberry Hill and Ben E. King’s Spanish Harlem”.



    Not long intae the New Year the record player breaks down so back uptae Bremners we go, the day we went back tae pick it up my mother suggests buying another record.



    It’s a toss up between “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” which was a huge hit being played in the local dance halls I’m now attending or a song by a new group out of Liverpool which is catching the attention of my school pals, “Please Please Me”. The latter one.



    My taste in music was now changing and within a year its “I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be” and before the years out I have bought “Freewheelin”.



    Having a wee nostalgic moment there going fae Pat Boone tae Mr. Zimmerman.



    Incidentally 4 years after we bought the red lidded Dansette I painted it green to celebrate the 50th anniversary while playing my Clancy Brother’s “Freedom’s Sons” album.



    BTW Pats a freekin evangelical nut case now, he promoted conspiracy theories about Barack Obama’s citizenship and religion, claiming he was born in Kenya, is fluent in Arabic, and is a Muslim who “hasn’t celebrated any Christian holidays in the White House.”

  2. Looking at ordering the new top – can I get one with


    Black lives matter






    LBGTQ rainbow


    Save the planet


    Stay Safe


    Stay alert


    Free Hong Kong



    But without defabet



    In a medium size.

  3. GENE on 11TH JULY 2020 6:14 PM



    I would settle for foster no.1 😁 cause no politics in football dont you know !!!

  4. TT


    On the dansette – our volume control packed up – I was an apprentice electronic technician at the time. So I new we needed a variable resistor and found out the range.


    There was an electronics shop in town – so called in to buy one – just as well the salesman asked me what it’s for – I learned that day that the ear is basically logarithmic.




  5. fairhill bhoy on

    ROCK TREE BHOY @5:29pm


    We probably won’t ever know for certain why he ended up at villa.The chance to play in a better,bigger stage,better money or guaranteed football,who knows. I said yesterday he’s a good player that would have been one challenge away from a booking most games with us. I honestly don’t think he would have been a first pick either last season or this one. I hope he goes onto better things than villa,which was probably his plan anyway.Thanks for The reply.

  6. Good to see our new kit headlining on the JD site. Meanwhile it appears that you just can’t buy a new sevco top from anywhere.

  7. Odsonne Edouard the new no 7 is significant in suggesting he is going nowhere soon. Earlier someone mentioned the KT money getting us big Jullienne , I think his friendship with Ollie and Eddie is a significant factor as well. HH

  8. Adi 7.43pm



    When Stephen O’Donnell was released at Celtic seemingly Daniel Fergus was surprised as he rated the Bhoy …



    But what does he know about being a right back :-)



    As you say it’s all about opinions … just now it’s who Neil Francis rates that matters …

  9. Papajoe55 7.42pm



    I mentioned the “Kieran” money got us Julienne … a position we needed to strengthen .. just my opinion but last summers transfer window in my opinion was a terrific success … Fraz, Julienne, Boli, El hammed, Elyounoussi, Taylor … things are looking good for me



    BT sport 8pm-9pm (right now) Celtic champions league greatest nights

  10. fairhill bhoy on

    PAPAJOE55-still need the money to buy him.The money we got for aiden also helped us.Its the circle of life 😉



    Loved that story, memories and all that. Isn’t it funny how musical tastes change as we age. I was brought up to appreciate ALL music and played Viola in a small local orchestra. But pop was getttting bigger by the day, and by the time the Stones came along I was hooked on Blues. Still love most music, with Folk not doing it for me, but it is all about taste. Who am I to question that.


    Thanks again




  12. CARRIGTWOHILL on 11TH JULY 2020 3:10 PM



    hi mate,welcome to the blog mate. May I ask bout the origins of your moniker,anything to do with an Irish mountain name?




  13. BT’s


    Champions league greatest nights featuring the bhoys has been Fantastic so far when wee Bertie got emotional about missing his mates, the tears were flowing here some wonderful memories. Thanks for the heads up GFTB.

  14. Papajoe55 8.42pm



    No bother, am recording it to watch when the wife & daughter are sleeping, the “Voice Kids” is their choice of watching just now and we can shed tears at that , I get the remote control when they hit their kips, I like my Celtic fix “arguing & greeting” in my own company :-)

  15. ADI_DASSLER on 11TH JULY 2020 7:43 PM


    BIG WAVY on 11TH JULY 2020 5:18 PM








    Sure is fella. Hope you’re well.




  16. PCS 8.58pm



    It will be repeated … I have a wee gander at BT daily as sometimes it’s wee 30mins highlights of our games in the CL … they even have the original Huns on sometimes… I watch it to point out to my good lady (Sevconian) that every one of their players were improperly registered :-)



    childish but very satisfying:-)

  17. Barcelona


    With a midfield of Fabregas Xavi Iniesta and Messi and we beat them , the twelfth man of the home support is unbelievable.HH

  18. FB / Papajoe55



    Listened to Scott MacDonald on radio Scotland today and he was asked about the CL nights … he said they were so different to any other games mainly due to the fans, both Man Utd and AC Milan victories at Celtic Park when both were current holders of the CL and Scott put a lot of that down to the fans

  19. Nakamura free kick against Utd at Celtic park was unbelievable noise but the Holy Goalies penalty save was even louder . Memories that live with us foreverHH

  20. HH


    Best rock guitar intros ever;


    1, stay with me -the faces


    2, tumbling dice- stones


    3, bullfrog blues- canned heat


    4, dont take me alive- steely dan


    , 5revolution- the beatles





  21. Papajoe55



    Still canny believe Saha (?) took the pen when Cristiano was on the park … Man U had some team that night

  22. GFTB


    Unbelievable talented teams we played against the Man City team of superstars that started with 10 wins in a row in the English premier league.


    Silva andAguerro and all.HH

  23. Papajoe55



    We actually dented Man City’s run with the 3-3 draw … not one EPL mob could get near them that season … them went down there and put on another good performance



    This time next week Lyon game will just be finishing… all going well, it will be good to have the bhoys back on a fitba park :-)

  24. GFTB



    The joys of getting old , just let my wee dog out for 5 mins and I heard him barking while I was making a cup of tea. My wife on Granny duty looking after my 2 grandchildren today and tomorrow, so I’m home alone for a couple of days. Anyway goes out to see what he’s barking at 2 fields of grass with some sheep in them and a fence dividing them about 180 yards up from me . And the I see this big bird perched on one of the fence posts, I’m thinking maybe a barn owl orangey white colour , I went back into the house and eventually found Binoculars in the bottom of my wardrobe. Back out got them focused and it’s still there then turned round and it was my neighbours cat.

  25. Papajoe55 10.05pm






    Enjoy your “empty”



    We had the wee 4yr old granddaughter staying last night we thought she might not have stayed as she has only been with her mum since 23rd March .. little did we realise she didn’t want to leave today, as far as we know she’s back down tomorrow for another “sleepover” ..



    strange times for everybody



    Even though Celtic & football aren’t really that important it gives us all a wee bit of escapism :-)

  26. I took the kids up to Celtic Park yesterday to let what club they should (will) support seep in – me and their mother are split up and they go to a non denomination school in Ayrshire, so I need to be very careful :)



    We spotted my late Dad’s brick on the wall and the kids were buzzing, i was lifting them up and they were kissing it. It was a lovely moment. I later found my Grandpa’s too and we had a moment there too.



    I was round at my mum’s later and told her we had went to see my Dad and Grandpa and she asked if I was at the cemetery. Without hesitation I said, “No! We were at Celtic Park, they’re still alive up there” which I’m sure most of you will know what I mean. I think my mum did too, she had a wee chuckle to herself.



    Those bricks were a great idea.