A flash of brilliance from Abada


When they went a goal behind, St Mirren provided evidence they can play a bit.  They never actually made a chance worthy of the name, but they passed with speed and accuracy and forced Celtic’s more advanced players to work back and cover.

New manager, Steve Robinson, bemoaned their luck, “a ricochet” and a ball that “bounced off a face”.  Liel Abada may disagree.  The breakthrough came after he was pinned to the touchline by three opponents.  His control was so precise he broke free and forced a foul that led to the opener.  Tight games are so often won by a flash of brilliance from a gifted talent, we have a few in our ranks who can fill that role.

As Jota prepared to take the kick, I said, “It’s pointless sending in a high ball, we have no height.”  I promise to repeat this often until the end of the season.  What height we have is limited to two central defenders, the absolute entry-level attribute for any team.  Good deliveries, though, are hard to defend.

You will have noticed our passing seemed introverted at times.  Overhit or inaccurate passes have been a feature of recent games, sapping confidence which inhibits future outcomes.  A series of games on poor pitches, including a wintered-looking Celtic Park, has not helped.  The Plastic Pasta Pitch on Sunday will be no better, and it’s pointless sending in a high ball, we have no height.

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  1. Just noticed Jota took the free kick at our first goal. Lovely ball in. Starfelt couldn’t get on to it but stopped a solid clearance. Drops to CCV. Great finish. Every bit as composed as Cal macs. Top play all round.









    Question: who gets the assist? Jota, Carl or the defender who got the last touch before CCV smashed it home?

  2. AIPPLE on 3RD MARCH 2022 12:00 PM


    Happy Friday eve all from a spring like Kentucky.







    Mercury rising like Henrik for a header.








    As reliable as Henrik with a one on one with the keeper….AIPPLE strikes with another Podium🟩⬜🟨😀……

  3. I know managers of teams will say stuff after a match and moan about bad luck, bounce of ball etc. Listening to the St. Mirren manager talk about bad luck is a bit of a cheek. Granted he’s not nor are his players obliged to offer any entertainment to Celtic fans, but they do to their own. While St. Mirren might be doing better than most expected, their own fans included, would you pay to watch that? I wouldn’t and as I said after the Hibs game I wouldn’t pay to watch them either, no wonder Easter Road was missing thousands.

  4. MARSPAPA on 3RD MARCH 2022 12:07 PM



    As reliable as Henrik with a one on one with the keeper….AIPPLE strikes with another Podium🟩⬜🟨😀……






    It’s an honest living!

  5. High balls you say? Maybe not routinely. But, there was a moment last night when an ange like high punt up the park caused chaos in the St Mirren defence. I think Daezen used the time the ball was in the air to make sure he had closed the defender down and we won the ball back. Big Tam fluffed his lines otherwise we were in.



    Agreed that we shouldn’t use it routinely but Daezan also showed he can win headers against big guys. If he was winning them more centrally he would be scoring a few. So they have their place.



    Well paved cut backs and balls to the front post have been good for us as have balls over the six yard box to the onrushing full back or winger. The coordinated timing of runs is crucial here. We’ve lacked a bit recently.



    If we can dominate possession on Sunday, get the ball to feet inside the box we can and will prevail. The occasional ball over the top in rare moments when livvi are up the field are also worth a try if Daezen starts. I suspect Giako will be the main man though.



    I’m not as worried about this as the rest of you appear to be. However, if fans moan at misplaced passes as as they did last night then players doubts about their ability to find feet on a crappy surface will only be amplified. Support the team don’t hinder them.

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  7. Paul 67,



    No height you say. It was our own choosing.



    Albian Ajeti a 6ft striker sitting on the bench. ( Was there ever any chance of him coming on )



    Christopher Jullien ” fit and ready ” 6ft 5 in multi million pound player who has ” disappeared ”




  8. MCPHAIL BHOY on 3RD MARCH 2022 12:09 PM


    I know managers of teams will say stuff after a match and moan about bad luck, bounce of ball etc. Listening to the St. Mirren manager talk about bad luck is a bit of a cheek. Granted he’s not nor are his players obliged to offer any entertainment to Celtic fans, but they do to their own. While St. Mirren might be doing better than most expected, their own fans included, would you pay to watch that? I wouldn’t and as I said after the Hibs game I wouldn’t pay to watch them either, no wonder Easter Road was missing thousands.









    It must be a sore one for our players facing that most weeks too…..They might be handsomely rewarded wages wise and i know its their job ,but they cant get much enjoyment having to face week in week out ….makes the win even sweeter i suppose .

  9. I haven’t read back yet but has anyone read the Herald Sports section today? On the back page Graeme McGarry gives a fair representation of Celtic supporters opposition to the Australian friendly in November. He highlights Celtic fans’ antipathy towards the ‘Old Firm’ and humorously mentions the Green Brigade’s banner last night. He also mentions Celtic’s official position regarding the ‘Old Firm’ but it doesn’t chime with the actual behaviour of the Celtic Board. He gives the Celtic Board for having handled the publicity brilliantly by stealing a march on Sevco with the ‘Ange’s Australian Homecoming’ billing.




    Meanwhile, on the inside pages Chris Jack launches an unrestrained, bilious, verbal assault on the Rangers Board for participating in the tour which will surely see him banned from his beloved Ibrox. In the middle of it he has a side swipe at Celtic but does not speak our name, “and why would you deal with a club who show nothing but contempt for Rangers and avoid the ‘Old Firm’ brand that that you are aiming to cash in on?’




    He goes on to describe Sevco as,’a club synonymous with class, dignity and respect now conducts its business in a manner that just doesn’t sit right. Somewhere along the line, those that should know better lost their way.’






    This is the best entertainment I’ve had in ages.

  10. AN TEARMANN on 3RD MARCH 2022 12:18 PM



    GREENPINATA on 3RD MARCH 2022 10:31 AM



    AN TEARMANN on 3RD MARCH 2022 12:02 AM



    Yes, it was a very wet night, more suited to ducks.



    Please don’t think I’m a wise quacker, but I’ve noticed you have dropped the ” refugees welcome ” from your posts.



    Seems a very strange time to drop a very apt topic.



    Cheers and HH.



    PS : What do you call a duck that can fix everything:



    Duck Tape.





    No,not dropped at all Gp,



    We are the refugees,the incomer,we always will be.



    It started after one of racist Georges Galloways right wing dangleberries on here posted their support for those of a Brexit mindset who were hindering and impeding rescue services as they attempted to help refugees in their dinghies.



    Not one of them decried the situation and a light was shone on their racism



    Not jhb



    Not Michael o xfake



    Not Sceptical. Fake



    Etc yawn etc



    Each asked,but Brexit and its simplistic racism,they certainly took back control of that.



    Feel free to post the sentiment,



    Refugees are welcome and racism has no part in Celtic



    As you say,the population displacements means the population of Gaza(1,000,000) is on the move away from Ukraine,and its only just begun.



    Interestingly it shows the UKs change in its refugee policy/british citizenship stripping under ugly Patel,which says that the UK must be first port of call to refugees,so that’ll be no visas for refugees,plenty of weapons and arms to sell.



    Catch up soon mate






    Refugees are welcome,racism has no part in Celtic

  11. My friends in Celtic,



    So there we have it.



    The GB in tandem with their ultra friends from across the river both denounce the Celtic v ” Rangers ” game in Sydney.



    Could this be the same GB who planned and staged a ” magnificent ” visual display against the huns a few weeks ago.


    A ” magnificent ” display that forced the club to shut down that part of the stadium.



    Do we get more than 3 pts for beating the huns?


    Is that why they went to such great lengths to plan and execute such a visual extravaganza.



    Or is there a much more simplistic and logical answer.



    Moral compass my a@se.


    Can nobody on here see the blatant , undiluted and outrageous hypocrisy.




  12. I understand planning for a trip down under has been going on for a while.


    But I wager the magnificent atmosphere and spectacle sealed the deal.



    Collectively and subsequently, have we brought it on ourselves.????????




  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Yes, my sentiments exactly – balls in to the box are now as exasperating as corners and free kicks.

  14. An early goal is the key to throwing-off this ten men behind the ball shenanigans that we regularly face. I don’t know the complete answer in ensuring this, and of course bow to Ange’s managerial skills, but have a suggestion.



    I remember the day of a win at Ibrox when Edouard ‘kicked for touch’ straight from the kick-off. That was a statement of intent to say “we’re going to be playing in your half and get in behind you”. We put them on the back-foot from the get-go – they never recovered



    Against these packed defences that’s got to be the approach – not necessarily always ‘kicking for touch’, but get them turning & getting in behind. Playing in front of them with the ball being continually recycled through defenders and more than occasionally, Joe Hart, is hard to watch, and suits them fine.



    Credit must be given that more often than not we find a way to win, however against Livingston(×2) and Hibs last week, we didn’t. These are the kind of games that could cost us the title.



    Two second-balls won the game last night – let’s get in and about Livingston on Sunday.

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Callum’s goal highlighted the value in a midfielder that can make the late runs into the box. Keep the ball moving and defenders will get sucked into ball-watching. Abada gets goals coming off the right into the middle. We also need somebody that can make the runs from deep. Haven’t really had anyone since Armstrong (Christie kind of, briefly). Maybe McGregor playing in one of the higher MF positions can fill this role.

  16. MARSPAPA on 3RD MARCH 2022 12:02 PM






    I think if you look at your last sentence there’s a spelling mistake…..surely Punters should read Munters.







  17. As we turn our attention to Livi…



    Big lump of a CF, Joel Nouble at 6ft 4in, takes up the mantle of their typical rough house up front. Anderson and Forrest will play for his scraps on the carpet…



    At CB, Fitzwater (6′ 2in) and Obileye (6′ 4in) will meet every cross in front of a 6′ 2in keeper.



    Usual shitebags in midfield that wee scottish teams seem to create..being granted immunity to hack and foul.



    They gave up possession last night to Dundee United but won, with 25 shots. They’ll sit in, frustrate and look to break and win free kicks and corners..United haven;t won there since 2005 now !



    It’s a blinkin huge one….not sure the endless crosses of Angeball feel right but hope we have big GG back and rediscover our shooting boots around the box…




  18. marspapa on 3rd March 2022 12:22 pm




    Aye, someone should have pointed out to the St Mirren manager if his team hadn’t indulged in such tedious negative tactics there would have been less of them in the box to deflect the ball!!


    I really can’t understand these teams. No one expects them to do anything at Celtic Park so what is the problem? Then when they get beat the y usually trot out ” Our season won’t be defined by games against Celtic”!! Well play some bleedin football then you utter bores.


    This is an SPL problem. The league is far too small and it produces this drivel. Dundee United were only a handful of minutes from their 8th away draw last night. Bore on.

  19. Great to see the Celtic foundation events back up and running again tonight at Celtic Park. I think New York and London to follow soon. A great indication we are getting back to normality again.


    The work of this right group of people is commendable at a time when so many charities are full of admin and marketing costs. What I love about the foundation is that such a massive amount of what is generated goes to where it is intended. It is a huge and not always recognised legacy from dear old Fergus IMO.



    Hopefully tonight’s insight from Ange and other engaging presentations will be as well received by all and folks will dig deep for the charity causes which the foundation is supporting.

  20. The basic pattern of fan interaction on match days is, and has ben for a long time, one of criticism, frustration and vitriolic expression, whether expressed live at a match or typed on a match day blog. Occasionally, we can be more understanding and supportive, usually at a European tie against a big team where we expect to lose and are happy to accept a close game and fight being shown.



    But that is rarely enough for domestic games where we worry about every 2 or 3 points dropped possibility. In most seasons in Celtic’s history there have been drab 0:0s and tense 1:0, 2;1 or 3:0 victories. With he exception of one year under MON, when there were an unusual number of 5:0 type wins and, perhaps, under BR’s Invincible season when we were comfortable in many matches, has there been a relaxed crowd watching o, shouting or writing about Celtic.



    This year, especially, when we are in a tight race, the angst is raised even higher. We forget that form and superiority can be fleeting, that crowded fixture lists will bring highly variable performance levels, and that players are human and will blow hot and cold during a match. Not all misplaced passes, screwed shots or ineffectual set pieces are signs of a lack of interest, an ineffective Plan A or about being sussed. We drop points to Parked Bus 11’s and we take 6 of other Parked Bus 11’s. Similarly we do not always beat have a go teams as Livi and Rangers have proven.



    It has always been thus. I have heard Jimmy Johnstone being torn to shreds, Kenny and Paul McStay too. None of them played well week in and week out- not even Henrik. Their greatness was that they reached high levels more often and flew higher than most average players did. We have no one of that calibre in our team just now but we can hope that a few may reach that level in the future.



    The most common flow of comments on CQN match day is :-



    We are playing shit- get a few subs on, especially X and Y need shifted.



    We will never win the league playing this way



    Oh! X has just scored with an assist from Y.



    Well done Celtic- never doubted you.





    It’s just human nature in some to fear the worst while others hope for the best. A footballer cannot afford to have either mindset. Fear of failure might drive you on to a good performance but not if you fear being shouted at or criticised; that will just force you into a shell of safety first play. Equally, being hopelessly optimistic can leave you complacently slow believing that your rewards will come without raised effort and tempo. That’s why I admire the players like James Forrest, who, when faced with a barrage of abuse every time he does not attack a defender, has the nerve and confidence to go back next time and either give it a go, or, sometimes braver still, refuse to give it a go when the odds are against you but the crowd is baying “Do something ya useless tit!” (you know, the usual constructive criticism😀), and pass to a better placed teammate and take the buck-passer jibe in your stride.



    Please be in no doubt. This is not an argument that our players are better than you think they are or that criticism is unjustified. Just an observation that it takes a lot of bottle to perform with a large critical, nervous and frightenedly vocal home crowd.



    The nature of our crowd is not going to change anytime soon so the league will be won by how brave Ange continues to be and how much bravery can be installed in our team. We have dominated the last two games we played in our “slump” but one result was dropped points and the other was 3 points won. We were only a little better in the 3 point game than we were in the 1 point game, restricting both Hibs and St. Mirren to one chance each (the Doig run and scoffed shit and the Joe Hart save at the feet of a Paisley forward in the first half).



    The message is, I am afraid that neither Celtic nor our title challengers will go undefeated in the remaining games. We can drop points and still win the title, so too can Sevco, but they face a harder task because of the position this maligned team has put us in.



    We are in for some rollercoaster ride




    Its a stop Celtic tactic anyway or how , or am i being paranoid , these same teams playing Rangers give more time , more space and less in your face and robust tackles .



    Livi will be a stern test , the fact they are pushing for a top 6/4 position might help us in that it could be a more open game …they do play decent football at times …..fingers crossed .

  22. RON BACARDI on 3RD MARCH 2022 1:12 PM


    Sorry AIPPLE. My misreading mistake






    The sooner we get to say Friday the better, right?

  23. Big Wavy



    The Livi game will require our midfield to take potshots and get some lucky deflections (copyright Stephen Robinson). You cannot play sharp passing football on that surface. Some sharp turns from smaller players but Robustness needed too- I would add Ralston tot his fixture and , possibly James McCarthy. Definitely Giakoumakis for Maeda (whom I like but not at Livi)

  24. Tom McLaughlin on

    A guy who sits a few rows behind me at every game constantly complains and shouts ‘Get the baw up the park Sellik.”



    Last night, after Callum lost possession, he shouted, “Haw McGregor. When are ye gonnae stoap hidin behind thon stupid mask. Yer foolin naebdy.”




  25. HART









    G MACK , ROGIC……….




    Put the wee gifted guys on to run them ragged when our big uns have rummled them up…😂😂😂

  26. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Humbling to watch the Polish people, welcoming the Ukrainian refugees, giving them food,clothes, prams,toys,good overcoming evil

  27. Tom



    That is brilliant!! Genuine coffee splatter moment.


    Thanks for making an oldish man briefly happy



    (I think I used to sit in front of that guy!)

  28. Tom McLaughlin on




    For some bizarre are reason, you only ever hear him from about 5 minutes into the second half.

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