A simple lie, compliant Celtic voices and it was job done


I was out and about this morning and heard Neil Lennon on the radio making it very clear that he was not about to abandon Bolton Wanderers, despite their inability to pay wages or settle creditors when due. Having “shed millions from the payroll in the summer” his focus was on winning points with a squad augmented by youth development players.

For Neil, the financial realities are simply the parameters he had to work within.

Think back 18 months to when he left Glasgow. Celtic Park was awash with amicable statements from club and manager but the news coverage could not have been more skewed – Neil left because he was unhappy at working within his given budget. We had former Celtic players broadcasting this message that very day. And like every negative Celtic story, it got traction among those more than happy to believe that narrative.

It was nonsense. Celtic’s football budget hadn’t changed. Neil had not adopted a view of himself which only allowed him to deal with more expensive players. What happened was a PR campaign took flight within moments of the news breaking. Dig into Celtic, turn the fans against them. It worked too. A simple lie, a couple (literally) of compliant ‘Celtic’ voices and it was job done.

This has been going on for decades. It’s only recently, with formal PR companies competing for the same demographic, we’ve seen how these messages get into the media.

Celtic have PR to arrange media conferences, distil club news and formal statements. There’s no attempt at subversion, either outwards or at our own demographic.

Saturday is a big day for our Treble Winning Captains. Shortly after Billy McNeil unveils his statue in front of the stadium, Tom Boyd, our only other Treble Winning Captain will be in the Kerrydale Suite, to sign personalised copies of The Winds of Change. The book which covers Celtic managers from Liam Brady to Martin O’Neill, across what was an unforgettable story of redemption.

Joining Tom at the signing session will be Billy’s former team mate, John Hughes. If you get talking to Yogi, just listen. He’s seen it all, so don’t interrupt him.

You’ll be able to buy The Windows of Change, as well as Caesar and The Assassin, the book which documents Billy McNeill and Davie Hay’s periods in charge, inside the Kerrydale Suite before kick off.

Club sponsor, Magners, have kindly offered us two Premium Seat tickets for Saturday’s game in the Jock Stein Stand. To enter the competition, what you’ve got to do is email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com with the name of the team we’re playing in the email Subject Line.  Competition closes at 18:00 TODAY, so it’s only open for a short window….

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Around 75% of people who enter donate something – thank you.

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  1. Great post P67, and to this very day they are still buying into the msm on the anti RD campaign, it’s the old, I like RD BUT! (Remember Lenny, same thing was said) and they talk about the Huns being gullible?

  2. Statues to line the Celtic way



    Jimmy quinn


    John Thompson


    Patsy Gallagher


    Jimmy Delaney


    Malky McDonald


    Bertie Peacock


    Charlie Tully


    Bobby Collins


    Wullie Fernie



    Paul how many pages can you have in a blog? :-)



    So lookin forward to Big Billy taking his place at the head of The Celtic way.



    true heroes one and all




  3. BANKIEBHOY1 on 16TH DECEMBER 2015 12:40 PM


    More of this is what’s required…………..





    A Scottish solution





    to the scoddish problem………………………………….





















    AULDHEID on 16TH DECEMBER 2015 11:47 AM





    A Don’s fans response to S Milne (from SFM)















    Sent to AFC this morning….











    Dear Mr Milne,















    I started my Aberdeen supporting career way back in the late 70’s. My first big memory is attending the match via FC Sion at the beginning of our amazing ECWC campaign of 82-83. I’ve been a season ticket holder for many of the years since, but unfortunately as work dragged me way from Aberdeen my attendance at Pittodrie has reduced somewhat. However, I have attended many a game where I wished I hadn’t, those embarrassing defeats at home to Livingston will forever burn in my memory. That said I have never been as embarrassed I was was reading your recent comments with regards to Scottish football and TRFC.�















    Can I firstly point out that we already have the top teams in the top league of the SPFL. Those are the teams that are there ON MERIT. That is the point of a league system, or perhaps Mr Milne would prefer we just hand picked the teams we wanted and removed relegation and promotion?















    But, my main point is this. I was one of those supporters who was defrauded. I was one of those supporters that turned up at least every second week, to pay over my hard earned cash to watch a football match. A sporting occasion, where to teams match up to fight out for points in a league competition, or in one-off cup matches. The important phrase is “Sporting”. Do you think I would have invested one penny if I had know that there was one team in Scotland who were running roughshod over the rules and regulations, who were telling lies to the authorities, who were screwing the national government by withholding taxes, who were running up massive amounts of debt, who were so deeply interwoven with the authorities that those self same authorities were choosing to ignore irregularities……. etc etc etc etc etc???















    Do you really believe that as supporters we should just shut up and continue to pay into this sham? I want the cheating to be acknowledged, I want the titles gained by that club to be declared void (not re-assigned, just declared void). In fact I would really like to have every pound I invested in watching the game over that period returned to me. I repeat, I was defrauded – you sold me tickets on the basis that I was attending a fair sporting competition. It very clearly was not. I must hold you partly responsible for that, and I believe your comments yesterday were an insult to every supporter who invested time and money in those competitions.















    So Mr Milne. How dare you ask me to forget and move on. I will not forget that I was cheated, I know thousands of others from every club in Scotland (bar 1) will not forget that they were cheated. Why the hell should I just move on, what contrition has there been from RFC/TRFC?? absolutely none! In fact they continue to behave as if they have been harshly treated! There has been no punishment, bar from a single £250,000 fine which I believe has yet to be paid. Instead you and every other chairman (with one or two notable exceptions, the Late Mr Turnbull being a shining light amongst a field full of duds) have done all you can to accommodate this new club – or is it company, or holding company or…..?? Its a mess, and you can count yourself partially responsible. If only you had all insisted that the SFA apply the rules without fear or favour. Like they did with Spartans for missing out a single signature perhaps, or Elgin for unsporting conduct. One rule for everyone except for RFC.















    You have to decide on your next move Stewart. You had better choose carefully. What is a football club without its fans? You are very close to losing me, and I know thousands of Scottish football fans feel the same way. Carry on this ridiculous subservient attitude to the team from Govan and I will never step foot inside Pittodrie again. This relentless pursuit of the dodgy blue pound was almost the ruination of Scottish football, be careful or that “armageddon” we were promised in 2012 by Doncaster and his shoddy crew may yet arise – only it may be because the attendances will plummet as supporters such as myself will refuse to be taken for fools once again.















    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year,











    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/be-there-on-saturday-for-yourself/comment-page-8/#commen



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/be-there-on-saturday-for-yourself/comment-page-9/#comment-2738140

  4. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    “See projects, lads? Forget it,” he said. I’m f—— sick of hearing it. I’m sick of hearing about two and three-year plans. I don’t buy into it. It’s all about f—— now. You don’t have time as a Celtic or Rangers manager. You’ve got to get results straight away.



    “Projects are something my ­daughter does at school. Listen, I’m a football man, only interested in results, performances and players. I don’t care about two years’ time. I might not bloody be here.”


    Asked on Friday whether he had revised his opinion regarding that approach, the Northern Irishman was, as always, honest and to the point.


    “I can’t come in and say I’ve got a four-year plan,” he said. “I don’t, because you don’t know how long you are going to be in the job for. I don’t believe in projects in the game.


    “Players are maybe different. When you are looking at a younger player you can bring in and develop, then maybe sell him on. That doesn’t always work either. We’ve done OK in that aspect in the last couple of years, though, and we’ll continue to do that.


    “In terms of me having an ideological vision for where I want to take Celtic … I don’t. I just want us to be as successful as we can and keep improving. I think that’s where we are.


    “It’s different for the board, they’ve got five-year business plans and I’ve got to work within that. For me, it is always short-term – unless I’m getting a five- or 10-year contract but that’s very rare in the game these days.


    “Personally, I don’t believe in long-term projects in terms of what you do as a manager. I think you have to work hand-in-hand with your board and how they see things. They have to have a plan for the next four or five years and I work within that.”




    There’s no attempt at subversion, either outwards or at our own demographic.



    I wonder if the priest will accept semantics as an excuse on Saturday night. ? ;-)




  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    It’s okay – found it.


    Seems (as usual) it’s about – ahem “Rangers and Hibs”.


    Let’s cut out the guff here. None of these people give two hoots about Hibs. If Sevco go up this season and Hibs don’t, there will be no more talk of league reconstruction so Hibs can be in the top league.


    Stop pretending otherwise!

  6. Paul 67


    Why then do Celtic FC give access to these former Celts to spread their lies,get street wise .

  7. glasstwothirdsfull


    It was an interview on STV the gist of which was Scottish football needs to move on to enhance the product and have the biggest teams playing each other

  8. BMCUWP ignores the bores,scrolls the trolls on




    I tried to find it,and I’m sure one or two others did too.



    There’s an Aberdeen fans forum which hammers him for it.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Oh and Stewart – I can’t wait to see the look on your face when this “Rangers” that you are so desperate to have “back” (sic) beat you to a European spot with a dodgy penalty in the last minute of the last game of the season.

  10. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    As I live in SA I will primarily rely on Stewart to build the ongoing relationship…

  11. The suggestion seems to be that because Neil lennon hasn’t chucked the Bolton job because of budget constraints he couldn’t have chucked the Celtic job because of budget constraints.



    If that’s the argument, then it’s flawed.

  12. channelislandcelt on

    Suggestions for statues outside Celtic Park .


    May I put forward the all-time highest goal scorer in British top flight history .



    James Edward McGrory of the Garngad .

  13. BMCUWP ignores the bores,scrolls the trolls on




    I reckon King canny afford anything built by Milne…

  14. Has anybody got a link to exactly what milne has said please!?



    The print edition of the courier…(I was looking to buy a tractor) has nothing to get excited about.



    He actually says football was rock bottom 5 years ago and a big percentage of top clubs were carrying substantial debt.



    HH and tia

  15. Chuckles is on it, lol.



    Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green is appealing a legal decision which allows the club to refrain from paying his legal bills.



    The businessman’s legal team believe judge Lord Doherty acted incorrectly when he ruled last month that Rangers are not legally obliged to pay his costs.



    The 62-year-old entrepreneur is due to stand trial at the high court in the new year.



    Prosecutors claim he participated in a major fraud with former oldco Rangers owner Craig Whyte during his time as chief executive.



    Mr Green’s lawyers claim that a clause within his leaving agreement means that Rangers are obliged to pay his legal costs.



    However, Lord Doherty ruled that the clause within the agreement didn’t cover the costs of any alleged criminal behaviour.



    On Wednesday, lawyers acting for Mr Green attended the Court of Session in Edinburgh to begin the appeal process. They now want civil appeal judges to rule in favour of their client.



    Mr Green is expected to stand trial in the High Court next year. He has not entered a plea to the allegations.



    On Wednesday, judge Lady Clark of Calton fixed a procedural hearing in the appeal case for January 15 2016.



    However, lawyers for Rangers and Green are not obliged to attend the hearing. They can cancel the hearing if they contact the court before hand. The actual appeal hearing will take place at the Court of Session on January 29 2016.

  16. Yeah….just blame Celtic fans for everything…seemingly we are gullible.


    And another thing…..Why is the Aberdeen fan getting praised,…considering thousands of Celtic fans have been saying the same for years,,,,and getting slaughtered for it.





  17. ernie lynch on 16th December 2015 1:11 pm



    Er no the suggestion is that only the press stated he had chucked for that reason and they made it up.



    Now I have heard from a decent source that it was primarily to do with the social aspect of living up here and being Neil Lennon,



    Others are adamant that it was due to financial constraints at the club.



    I tend to favour it being neither one, nor the other exclusively but a combination of both leading to him finally having had enough.

  18. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on 16th December 2015 12:37 pm – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/a-simple-lie-compliant-celtic-voices-and-it-was-job-done/#comments



    Hi TBJ,



    I Love Henrik Larsson and everything he did for Celtic, but if one criteria for a Celtic Legend getting a statue is banging in the goals, then surely the legendary Jimmy McGrory has way more credentials than Henrik Larsson?



    Yours in Celtic,




  19. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    The green Man



    I would say that Aberdeen fan put across the feelings of most football fans …..



    Not often you will hear me praise a sheepie

  20. BMCUWP ignores the bores,scrolls the trolls on




    Throw in the club manoeuvring his best pal out the door and you have my total agreement.

  21. weeminger on 16th December 2015 1:27 pm



    I suspect you’re probably right.



    The media would be comfortable to report one aspect (the lack of funds) but would wish to avoid mentioning the other.



    So their account was probably correct so far as it went, but incomplete.

  22. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on




    Not disputing your views. .. but … I never saw jimmy mcgrory play.



    Of all the players I have watched in the hoops .. big Billy. .. wee jinky … and Henrik are my top three.



    BTW. … I heard a wee rumour that when they commissioned the Billy statue in August they originally asked for wheels to be fitted – stand it in the middle of our defence each half and it would have done a better job as centre half than our current defence. Thankfully they have improved and the wheels have come off :)



    Hat and coat donned . Stage left exited

  23. Dear Chuckles.



    You are in Scotland right now and things up here are, weellll, a little different than the rest of how law is done around this great big world.


    More so when you are taking on the institution second only to the Church Of Scotland ( a famous tax dodger once said) you may find yourself lost and in a quandary on what to do? And where to go? Best advice I can give you is, as far as I can work it out your not a member of a Masonic lodge at this time in present, so my advice to you would be to join one of them, or else, and if you don’t ? I would think your up shit creek and paddles.


    Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.


    And I’m sure you will join me with a Christmas message to all the lurking Huns on here, GIRFUYs

  24. TBJ



    Ive lost count of the Celtic fans on this blog who were/are instrumental in exposing the cheating.


    Only last week….I was saying(again)…that it is pointless to watch a rigged league.


    But all of a sudden an Aberdeen has enlightened the world of Scottish Football!







  25. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Geordie Munro


    I got it on the Daily Mail – link on the Scottish football gossip page on the beeb site. The gist is we need a strong “Rangers” “back”. Oh, and Hibs too of course. Can’t forget Hibs. They are equally important. Ahem…

  26. BMCUWP ignores the bores,scrolls the trolls on

    Re the ads at the moment.



    Top of my page is advertising a lovely range of pots and pans by Le Creuset.



    They are that,btw. Got some myself. I should have got some Charles Atlas stuff at the same time,weigh a bliddy ton,they do.



    Point being-don’t buy them!



    I’m a single bloke,I don’t need to worry about getting croont wi one after one late night too many!



    Just saying,like…

  27. Our game is way beyond being governed, it’s for one team, and one team only.



    Categories : Celtic News





    SFA Shown Up As Incompetent Again!


    Football authorities are, by definition, supposed to be the authority that governs the game. In each country there are their respective associations, each with the power to ‘run the game’ in accordance with the laws of the game. (phew!)



    In Spain we have the Spanish FA, Holland the Dutch FA and Scotland the appropriately named SFA.



    And there my friend the comparisons end.



    Because only two weeks ago, the Spanish FA expelled one of the countries biggest two team, the mighty Real Madrid from the Copa Del Rey, for fielding and ineligible player in a game against third tier side Cadiz. They were also fined £4,300.



    Yesterday in Holland, the Dutch FA banned FC Twente Enschede from European Competition for three years for deliberately misleading the football body by selling a players transfer rights to a third party, which is against the rules in the Netherlands.



    They were also fined £34,000.



    The FA also threatened to revoke the clubs licence if they fail to co-operate with the independent investigators who are looking into the club’s struture.



    Both Real Madrid and FC Twente Enschede are appealing these decisions as you would expect.



    Now compare these ‘offenses’ with the very same ‘offenses’ committed by Rangers (IL), both the same, then compare the way the SFA handled the respective punishments.



    In Scotland, a club was allowed to field multiple ineligible players courtesy of dual contracts, or side letters if you wish AND obtain a UEFA licence while disputing the amount of a tax bill, not the bill itself, which once again broke not only local football rules, but UEFA rules too.



    Instead of showing leadership and authority, the SFA, President Campbell Ogilvie and Chief Executive Stewart Regan indulged in a cover up. Like their penchant for looking the other way when it come to unholding the law, this is criminal. And they should both be treated as such…



    Celtic News



    Spread the Word, like or share this page, your friends will also love it and thanks for it.




    Posted on : December 16, 2015 – Last updated on Dec 16, 2015


    Tags : Celtic Fanzone Corrupt SFA Stewart Regan Campbell Ogilvie Spanish FA Dutch FA Real Madrid FC Twente Enschede



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