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    I always get the impression Packy B is paid per word…






    Or paid in bowls of soup?

  2. Crazy decision to get rid of Gordon and I thought that at the time.



    Jonny Hayes would have been useful as well the way things have developed.

  3. Milan 3 shots on target 2 goals.



    This is a growing trend.



    Keepers need to be better



    D :)

  4. Frimpong had a great chance to make it 3!!… Just before they scored… Why on earth he chose to go on his left side god only knows….. Decent performance… Night and day from Sunday

  5. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Not sure what to make of that half. Lots to be pleased about but can’t shake the feeling that disasters are only an inch away. Quite frankly it could end up almost anything.


    If we come away with anything it will be a nice and unexpected bonus but it is what it feeds into the next match that is the major thing.


    Hopefully a morale boosting performance that instils some confidence and sets us off on a much needed run of wins.



  6. This shows we can play if we just cut out the silly mistakes, giving away set pieces and have a goalkeeper in form. Oh and Christie’s crosses.

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Who. scouted that keeper?



    £5m feckin pounds. He’s the second most expensive signing in that team tonight.

  8. Christie has got 5 assists for opponents in last 3 el games


    Lennon s favourites are what is really killing this team. Elyahnoussi, Ncham, Christie, elhamed, have been truly atrociy. Even calmac. And that keeper is simply beyond bad!! Wtf is he a goalkeeper at all; is he our worst keeper ever? Can someone please tell me why we didn’t sign d Marshal?

  9. glendalystonsils on

    They didn’t look like scoring up until that free kick .Stupid by Christie and not too impressive by Barkas .


    Then comes the typical goal we’ve been conceding lately with two of our players going for the same ball .


    Shame that our good attacking efforts are undone by the sieve at the back .



    I hope to feck that one of these January signings Paul 67 was on about is Fraser Forster .