It’s hard times in the news industry but enough, already


Is there a bookies offering money on STV News achieving four-in-a-row tonight?  Can they set a new record of show footage of fans at Celtic Park on Sunday four consecutive days?  Don’t bet against it.

You would not be reading this if you thought a banned Daily Record journo got a line from those who banned him on Dermot Desmond’s musings.  It just didn’t happen.  The tabs are also keen to squeeze every drop from Sunday’s incident.  It is an open goal they are going to batter at for as long as possible.

I get that we are vulnerable and these are hard times in the news business, but enough, already.

Normally the hours before Celtic play at the San Siro would be a tense time but the team will probably be glad of the chance to go out and play without consequence.  There is nothing for us to gain tonight beyond a self-respecting performance.  I would be delighted with that but would settle for no injuries.

Celtic: Fifty Flags Plus One, an anthology of how Celtic won each of their league titles, is available now.  Starting with our first title in 1893, it details how Willie Maley brought consistent glory, then the sparse successes over four decades before Jock Stein arrived in 1965 and the more contemporary wins since.

It will rekindle memories you had forgotten and give insight into how the leagues were won.

SPECIAL OFFER, free copy of Seville, The Celtic Movement, while stocks last!

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  1. For freshening it up:





    Welsh, Duffy, Bitton, Taylor




    Christie, Ajer, Laxalt


    Klimala, Ajeti




  2. Garngad to Croy on

    Last week’s games was a dead rubber too but the result had a terrible effect on everyone, so the team has to set to defend in the right manner , none of this wingback rubbish ! Keep the score respectable.

  3. I guess ‘no injuries’ is the one area both players and the club could reach agreement on.




  4. Sky Sports taking the piss,


    Publishing SPFL Team of the month, 8 Huns, 1 Killie, 1 Livi & Laxalt,


    Maybe they publish an SPFL Team of the Month all the time but I’ve never noticed it before today.

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  6. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 11:33 AM


    The only plus of the current situation, is Lawwell is totally exposed now.



    Not till the 5 way agreement is out in the open for everyone to see and the real lawwell exposed for what he is really about mate.


    Thanks’ again to the Res 12 / 11 guys for efforts so far

  7. I thought there might have been a mention in the article of how Big Jimmy got on with the returned denims…. 🕺🏻

  8. TOMMOCELT- agree,I was meaning the current situation, I don’t think the details of the 5WA will ever come to light.HH

  9. GeeBee- from previous article, a lot of top players in Europe, do business degrees,with a view to DoF,GM role when they retire, in sure Chiellini at Juventus is doing this,rather than us pick a guy who was a top player .HH

  10. One big belter of a crisis, staring us all in the face James.


    It’s like carrying on with a Marriage you know has stopped working. Horrible feeling.

  11. !!BADA BING!! on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 12:19 PM


    TOMMOCELT- agree,I was meaning the current situation, I don’t think the details of the 5WA will ever come to light.HH



    Hope your wrong on that one mate !!!! Really gets me,

  12. Someone sometime, who’s short of cash, will reveal everything about the 5WA, in their book, por cierto.

  13. MODERATOR 2 on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 7:36 AM


    DAVID66 on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 6:12 AM



    I have emailed P67 with regard to Big Jimmy, I’ve not been around for a bit and was unaware of his red card. I don’t know why Bada Bing no longer posts.



    I have in the past posted when posts were deleted, P67 would rather we don’t engage as it can lead to spats. We are asked to refer you to



    As well as emailing P67 about Big Jimmy, I have mentioned the spat last night.



    If P67 doesn’t mind us posting that your post was deleted and to refer to him I will.



    On a personal level, it pains me to read personal insults especially all that has gone on in 2020 outside of football, puts life in perspective. On the football, I like you all am hurting, after all I am a Celtic Supporter as well.



    Have a good day.

  14. Aye, let’s settle for no injuries – so long as there’s no injuries then no harm done if we get beat 8-0.



    No harm done when we can’t defend corner kicks, free kicks or any attack down our flanks.



    No harm done when Brown breaks into a brisk walk around the middle meandering like an OAP headless chicken.



    So longs as there’s no injuries, all is well in the world of Celtic.



    Here we go, ten in a row !




    BTW, P67 – STV will have new coverage to annoy you with this Sunday because the support are taking this club back.

  15. 2-1 to the Celtic tonight.



    This will be the kick up the erse we need tonight.



    Tonight we start the march towards the 10.



    Paul67 – easy Ban all media from Celtic park, use Celtic website and our blogs to get the news out there.



    Its getting to the stage that I dont watch the news either or buy papers because of their bias against us unless Judith is doing the weather of course. Mmmmmm






    D :)

  16. FrankTerry on 3rd December 2020 9:01 am


    AIPPLE on 2ND DECEMBER 2020 11:53 PM 



    Thanks for the article.






    Glad you had a wee read. Also read the link you posted. 




  17. This morning’s article, minus the link, to satisfy the whiners.






    The Celtic Board’s Lennon Stance Has Rendered Tonight’s Match Utterly Meaningless.



    Even in the doldrums, even in their hardest times, it is a complete fallacy to say that teams often go into games with nothing to play for.



    There is a sense of professionalism. There is pride.



    There is a chance to build momentum.



    Sometimes managers go into these games liberated, and do things they would never dream of, take risks they’d never consider.



    Yet sometimes managers have been sacked after “meaningless” matches. Two recent Ibrox bosses were terminated after games which circumstances had rendered inconsequential. What they were instead was the tipping point where folk had just had enough.



    Tonight doesn’t feel like anything is at stake at all.



    This one is meaningless.



    This one has nothing to play for.



    We’re bottom of the Group and doomed, I think, to finish there.



    If pride was something that bothered people at Celtic Park a lot of them wouldn’t have turned up for work on Monday. If professionalism mattered the coaching quarters and the boardroom would have been cleared out over the course of this dreadful half a week with its PR disasters.



    The board has done this to us. The board has rendered this a consequences free football match.



    They have made it plain that Lennon will remain in post come what may, even in the event of the sort of beating a manager usually wouldn’t survive. So he’s going over there, the whole team is going over there, knowing nothing is at stake. Even if the players wanted the manager sacked – as some have alleged – they couldn’t do it tonight.



    I think it’s shocking that we’re going into this tonight knowing that no outcome matters a damn. There are pre-season friendlies with more riding on them than this, a trip to the San Siro, in a tournament where there’s money to be made and co-efficient points to earn.



    But our board’s stance on Lennon – which is that he’s essentially untouchable until January at the earliest – makes a mockery of the whole club.



    A match like this should have been something to look forward to and savour; as it is, if I didn’t have to write about it and all the issues that surround it I wouldn’t even bother watching it.



    Normally I’d be thinking about a piece on the implications of a truly bad night … but there will be no implications, no matter how bad the night gets.



    We don’t even pretend to have standards anymore.

  18. Lawwell has been shown to be quite shallow in all the major dealings :



    – As a CEO of a PLC no public statement condemning racist attacks on manager


    – helping bury Res 12


    – helping them back with Res 12


    – Fall out with Rodgers and briefing against him. Buying Shved without managers knowledge.


    – poodle attending the shame game fall out at holyrood.


    – the shower appointment and dismissing cvs of better managers to have a puppet


    – appointing the managers backroom staff and making signings on his behalf


    – exposing the manager who is not fit for purpose to the fans wrath


    – briefing against the louts to media to control the narrative.



    Why you may ask. Follow the money —- 20 mil loot from the club. It’s karma in a way that he has wanted to go out on a high ( to Europe or England ) and bask in the glory of 10. Very noble.



    However it has all caught up with him and he is caught in the headlights. He is smart enough to know he has screwed up big time —- as is Dermot.



    This is no longer about the manager it is about the future of Celtic and who runs the club. The current Dermot model is outdated. The first priority is to replace the manager , followed by CEO. The real question is then to understand will the major shareholder play an impactful role or put in a place a board with teeth that drive success.



    Every day the manager stays in place drives a wedge between club and support. Every day Lawwell stays in place damages the club even further ; no doubt there are discussions going over newco debt and cash flow impacting payments due to HMRC, transfer fees and staff. With Lawwells track record whose to say he would call it out or even worse turn a blind eye—- surely not the unthinkable.



    Last time I was in San Siro Virgil got send off harshly and Armstrong was denied a stonewaller. Never seen Celtic win there —-sometimes it’s good to be the underdog.

  19. Looking forward to the game, same as I do anytime Celtic play.Hoping optimistically for a good performance, a goal or two ..and injuries.



    Cant even begin to fathom fellow Celtic fans that would wish for anything different.




    “This one is meaningless.”






    I beg to differ. In a completely friendly way, no fights.



    No Celtic game is ever meaningless to me. Always something to be seen or gleaned. The first iOS app I built was the “Celic” app. It was free, had news links, bios, fixture lists etc but the best part for me were the in game notifications that I would send. Was a labor of love, no ads or anything like that, never collected a folding dime. I would have the game on one screen and the app control center on the other. Home and away, Thursdays or Sundays, every Celtic game had something.



    I’m in my *0’s now and have never woken on a match day and thought, ‘ah, forget it, this one is meaningless.’

  21. glendalystonsils on

    A self respecting performance? That ‘s a distant memory at the moment . In fact , respect of any kind is in short supply . Respect towards the manager , respect from the board and DD towards the fans , players respect for the jersey .



    Fings ain’t wot they used to be .

  22. AIPPLE on 3RD DECEMBER 2020 12:40 PM



    Bloody hell, that book took me a couple of weeks to read, you must be a very fast reader :-)

  23. James Forrest




    I really enjoy your site The Celtic Blog and tread it daily.


    In the comments section there is a weapon called Ted who posts constantly from a sevco persuasion


    but repeats the same thing every single day numerous times on each new blog you post.


    Is there any way you can block him?

  24. FrankTerry on 3rd December 2020 1:00 pm



    Meant the other article.



    Execs at my work have me reading The 4 Disciplines of Execution which is consuming my page turning time.

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