Admiration for both Southend and Henrik


The business between Southend United and Henrik Larsson has been fascinating and reflects well on both of them.  After a run of six defeats, Kevin Bond resigned as Southend manager six weeks ago.  Since then the third tier club have resisted the greatest urge in football – appointing a manager.  They sit second bottom of the table, above only Bolton, who are on minus 8 points following administration.

Speaking to Henrik was an outrageously ambitious play for a club that looks destined for the bottom tier of English football.  They wanted Henrik, but not at any cost, they wanted him to have the necessary support to be a success in the job.

That support included recruiting someone with a knowledge of their league to act as chief scout.  Henrik’s former Celtic team-mate, Tommy Johnson, agreed to be that man, but with contracts all in place and Larsson set to fly in with Johan Mjallby as his assistant, Johnson had a last minute change of mind.

Lots of managers and clubs would proceed as planned and hope to recruit a suitable head of recruitment at a later date, but Southend chairman, Ron Martin and Henrik believed this part of their jigsaw was critically important and without it the picture would not work.

Feeling betrayed, Henrik insisted Martin did not up his offer to Johnson and they agreed not to conclude contracts.

Having waited during summer weeks for a managerial appointment, I cannot imagine how Southend fans are coping.  Without a permanent manager, the club is rudderless and no recovery is likely, but you have to admire Southend.  Better to wait and get it right, even now, seven points adrift from safety, than plough straight into a bad appointment.

But still, can you imagine if it was Celtic sitting on the pot for this time?  They will probably go down, but I hope the delay works out in the long term for Southend.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    There were three main points in my post, the execs failure to protect shareholders interests, Brexit And the rumor you addressed only the rumor.



    Your opinion on whether zero tolerance is a good idea or not is immaterial, it is the Plcs policy to implement it apparently only on supporters as, if the rumor is true, it’s ok for players, which provides further leeway for double standards in every other policy they implement.

  2. Canamalar



    For what its worth- I repeat my view that the Board failed to protect shareholders (and non-shareholding fans like myself) in 2012. I genuinely cannot remember your Brexit point but my views on that have been widely trailed too – if you repeat the question- I’ll give it a go.



    Now can you answer why you named the players involved in an unsubstantiated allegation? Why cast a cloud over the boy Taylor if your point could have been made without that?

  3. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The discussion I addressed was why he has not been given a run out in the first team, I suggested it may have to do with the rumor, can’t really discuss it further without reference to the rumor.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    But then if you’d have read the post in context rather than looking for a moral crusade then you might have understood that, eh

  5. Looking forward to the game the morra.



    As ever, the Team selection will be eagerly anticipated.



    Welcome once again Ross County – a Cracking Scottish Club.




  6. Canamalar



    My final contribution.



    I did read all of your post. That is why I listed all of the other Celtic players not getting a game in the squad at the moment as it is unlikely they are all guilty of sectrianism towards Griff.



    Your point could have been made using an unnamed player and an admission that the rumour could just as well be false as true.



    To point that out, is hardly a moral crusade. Just asking us not to tar individuals unless we are sure they deserve a tarring.



    Oot for the moment.

  7. Saint Stivs on 18th October 2019 6:59 pm









    The classy Bobby Murdoch Celtic touch that made my dad feel like a Lisbon Lion – Anthony Haggerty



    Anthony reflects on his proudest moment of his two decades covering Scotland’s beautiful game for Record Sport.



    People often ask me what is the best piece I have written or interview I’ve conducted for the Daily Record.



    My answer is always the same – I don’t have one. Although I do have a favourite moment.



    The only reason I mention it is because on Tuesday I’ll bring down the curtain on my stint on the sports desk.



    It has been a fantastic two decades serving the best newspaper in the country, which has given me wonderful moments.



    I once described each of Henrik Larsson ’s goals in his Celtic career for a pullout when he left the club. Yes, all 242.



    I was fortunate the “Magnificent 7” recently signed my copy. He thanked me and said his son Jordan loved it, even keeping it as a souvenir.



    Diego Maradona was ambushed by yours truly at Celtic Park and presented with a trophy when he took charge of Argentina for the first time as they got set to face Scotland in 2008.



    Maradona is the greatest player who lived. No argument. If you don’t believe so then watch Claudio Gentile’s marking job on him at the 1982 World Cup.



    I even asked Pele a question when he appeared in Glasgow.



    One highlight shines like a beacon though – the night I introduced my father, Danny, to 1967 European Cup winner Bobby Murdoch.



    I was asked to appear on a panel with three of Jock Stein’s Lisbon Lions in the Brazen Head pub in the Gorbals. It was a Q&A with anecdotes thrown in for good measure.



    Jimmy Johnstone, Bertie Auld, Bobby and me? Between us we have amassed three European Cup winners’ medals!



    On the drive there my dad casually asked me: “Did you know Bobby Murdoch is my all-time football hero, son?” “Er… no I didn’t.” We walked in and the Lions were there.



    By way of a quick introduction I turned to my dad and said, “Dad, this is Jimmy Johnstone… this is Bertie Auld… and this is Bobby Murdoch. Bobby this is my dad Danny.” My old man dryly quipped: “I know who they are son.”



    Bobby turned to my dad and said: “Hi Danny, do you fancy a pint?” Before I knew it they were chewing the fat and had disappeared to the bar with Bobby’s hand on his shoulder as if embracing a long-lost pal.



    Bobby was that kind of guy. A gem of a fella who is sorely missed.



    It was the most beautiful football-related sight I have seen. I had a lump in my throat and had to dive into a toilet cubicle. I am not ashamed to admit this, I wept uncontrollably. Words are my currency but I was lost for them.



    It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve this newspaper. In football parlance, the Daily Record was the only newspaper I ever wanted to write for.



    It helped open doors to the good and the great. Which is why nothing came close to seeing my dad in the company of three Lisbon Lions.



    The highlight of my career, it is my greatest achievement at the Record. Always will be.



    My dad is and always will be my hero – sporting or otherwise. Thanks dad for introducing me to the beautiful game. And thank you all for reading.






    I know some won’t even click on the website so there it is.



    Thanks Saint Stivs for the link.

  8. My Dad still buys the Record and he has no idea about new technology – He genuinely disnae know how to turn on a computer.



    Respect the Oldies ;))

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    it was labelled a rumour, that is usually enough for intelligent people to apply their own thoughts on the likelyhood of its veracity. Taylor was the subject of discussion and the reason for raising the rumour. Whatever way you look at it when discussing an individual it’s impossible to anonymize them when their identity is central to the discussion, your just being silly.

  10. PETEC,



    My Dad still does too, although he has stopped offering it to me. He only gets it because he still enjoys reading a paper (a lifetime’s habit) and he can’t stomach Murdoch’s rag.

  11. Parkheadcumsalford,



    They done the hard yards for our comforts Today.



    Go to Chapel /Church every week and go out and fight for causes that are so political and I’ll Listen.

  12. Before CQN I used to buy the Record, Sun & the Star everyday one for train to work, one for lunch and one for train home … I always knew how biased the reporting was… in fact Andy McInnes the “Airdrie” fan drew me to spend 20p on the Star because I was drawn to his column for how it actually read … not how it was written … anyhow I think that particular “journalist” took his redundancy around 2012… not sure why :-)



    Melbourne Mick



    A wee international sabbatical sometimes a wee break fae CQN is a delight… although with the lack of posts lately I was nearly having to buy a paper again … one positive the papers have over social media … at least we know who the Huns are in the written press





    Bauer, Ajer, Julienne, Bolingoli


    Brown MacGregor


    Forrest, Elyounoussi, Sinclair


    I wannae be Edouard



    This international week/fortnight feels like a month … plus not many of these breaks over the years do we enter after a defeat … pretty sure the bhoys selected tomorrow will be chomping at the bit to get Livvy out of the system

  13. PETEC @ 9.09 – thanks for that link. I always enjoy seeing the full unedited press conference.

  14. Oh wait Extinction Rebellion activists had amongst them a Minister that is of old age joining in Breaking the Law – Sky News really likes it’s bullsh!t and Extreme propaganda.



    Fake News City and The Rothschilds having a Heavy hand in Indoctrinating Children……



    RIP Keith






    It is truly remarkable so many things.



    The externalisation of the hidden Sh!t and people Falling away from Believing in the Lord Almighty.



    The Pyramid is in Full EFFECT, The Main Man of the Masons/Hashish/Assassins and so many Secret organisations is doing his Best/Worst.



    Believe he died to take Away Every Sin folks. Not Really a Big ask is it?



    The Bad wanis gonnae get Even stronger in his delusions.



    CELTIC v Ross County.



    It will be Good.

  15. Saint Stivs on 18th October 2019 6:59 pm








    thank You for posting





  16. Hatem, is already looking like he is a mega replacement for Mika @ his peak. ;))



    An Israeli Internationalist too.



    I Love Gods Story.

  17. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    In my opinion, we play tomorrow and Paul67 is sending out a stupid message about Southend.



    Does anyone have a good mnemonic for where Southend play?



    Please don’t bother, I’m a Celt and I want my team to win on Saturday.

  18. Hello again all you young rebels.





    Good to see you back, and you’re correct a wee sabbatical does


    one good.


    Wonderful reading that link to the Bobby Murdoch story, proud


    as punch to say i’ve had a beer or two with the great man, a very


    humble man but a footballing genius.


    My team for the weekend?


    Whichever eleven are wearing the hoops.




    H.H . Mick

  19. Neil is the Man, it is so annoying that Rodgers wants Callum.



    Callum hud that tattoo sh!t label as well Scandalous.



    Kojo no Tattoos!!!!

  20. Melbourne Mick 10.58pm



    I have been impressed with your near to podium postings of late, in fact posting on the new articles have been impressive :-)



    Keep that green flag flying, whether it’s down under or on here … us nearer to “home” need a gentle reminder … sometimes whether it’s CQN or even just Celtic fans, we don’t realise how lucky we are :-)

  21. PETEC



    My faith that there are still bhoys out there who only want to


    play for the hoops took a dunt when Kieren left us, my money


    is on Callum staying and being a legend, but not confident


    enough to bet my house lol.


    H.H . Mick

  22. MM 11.06pm



    Sometimes they don’t need to only want to play for the hoops to start with :-)



    Scott Brown CSC



    There will be others

  23. Pete


    Thanks for those links to Keith Flint RIP and Dolores O’Riordan RIP. Two huge losses to musical creativity. Loved them both. Took me half an hour to post this. WTF is going on with CQN? Almost impossible for me to access and post. Sad.

  24. An Tearman


    My second and only team is Villarreal. Spent time in that club in Castellon you posted this morning. Good people. Celtic Submari CSC Villarreal.

  25. MM


    Danny McGrain was never a Rangers supporter. My father in law played youth fitba in Drumchapel with him. Andy Gray however was a huge hun supporter. All played for same Drumchapel team. Danny was neutral.

  26. DD


    Great to hear that, but don.t think he was a Celtic fan either.


    By the way i worked with his brother offshore.


    H.H . Mick

  27. Delaneys Dunky 11.18pm



    Turn java script off



    iPhone – settings – safari – advanced






    Cqn is totally accessible with java script off… I know P67 gets some grief about adverts, I think having java script “on” might be more harmful than some adverts .. so better off and no adverts

  28. As usual nice talking to fellow Celtic fans, time to don my


    Celtic top and head oot.


    Big day tomorrow at our CSC and PADDYMAC might not make


    it, he’s bedded down with a virus, but really can’t see that stopping


    him, my bet is he’ll get his two bhoys to carry him over, lol.


    H.H . Mick

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