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Celtic’s Annual General Meeting took place at Celtic Park today as the club and shareholders reflected on a year in which the Scottish Premiership trophy was secured for the 10th season in 11.  Chairman, Ian Bankier (70) confirmed his decision to step down as at the end of next month, 11 years after replacing John Reid in the job.  An announcement on his replacement will be made to the stock market before then.

The most illuminating part of the day was Celtic FC Foundation chief exec., Tony Hamilton, explaining the work your Foundation has done in the past year and has planned for the difficult winter months ahead.  The Foundation continues to feed, educate, aid those in need of medical assistance and help those struggling in poverty.  Whatever happens on the park at Celtic, the Foundation is your proudest boast.

Ange Postecoglou pinned his familiar colours to the mast.  If we are to reach the highest levels of European football, we will not do so playing defensively in the Champions League.  It is an admiral conviction and Ange had more than enough affection to carry this or any other room full of Celtic supporters.  Other outcomes are possible.

It was not overtly clear to the room, but much of Celtic’s planning in recent times has been to be in the right place when Uefa change the Champions League in 2024.  Next season’s competition will feature the last of the Group Stages, a status that has occupied our hopes and dreams for so many years.

Instead, an open draw from 36 teams will see participants play four home games and four away, all against different sides.  Getting into this 36 team contest and remaining is a huge objective for the club.

Chief executive, Michael Nicholson spoke to on-going stadium developments.  The new sports bar opened recently in the Jock Stein Stand, which will help fans who travel from distance in particular.  Lots more work is needed here.  We have a fine 20th century stadium but the more Celtic fans travel to great European stadiums and come back with tales of extravagances, like catering facilities you can reach during halftime, handtowels in the toilets throughout the day, merchandise outlets you can spend money at, from the largest seating area at the group, the more we will realise there is work to be done.

Fan liaison chief, John Paul Taylor spoke about the fight he led (although he took no credit for it) against the regime at Glasgow City Council, who planned to impose a 1m parking exclusion zone around Celtic Park on match days.  This would have displaced the nearest drivers to park 1m away, while many would be forced multiples of this distance.

It was a beyond crazy idea that only a local government/Holyrood/Westminster politician could have suggested.

Chief Financial Officer, Chris McKay dived into the numbers, indicating some significant relief that the years without fans were behind us.  He and former chief executive, Peter Lawwell, had a significant influence on the new Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations.  An understated indication of the soft power the club has amassed in the game in recent years.

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  1. bournesouprecipe on

    The 1970 World Cup



    Pele Rivellino Tostao Jairzinho, the Pele dummy on the goalkeeper, the shot from inside his own half magnificent Bobby Moore and the Gordon Banks save was incredible. Some of the moves copied for half a century now.



    Poignant with Celtic at home on a Saturday at 3.00 all of those guys saw the Lions three short years before.



    Mon the Hoops

  2. BIG Jimmy Do you remember The Empire Bar in the Saltmarket , in my early teens I went in there for a pint ,got talking to old gentleman about horse racing ,he said to me there is a horse running this Afternoon (Saturday) it’s Foggy Bell don’t bet it ,Next Saturday it’s running in The William Hill Gold Cup at Redcar ,I put a couple of shillings on it ,no we’re to be seen then coming into the final furlong on the rails finishing like a train to go a win in a photo ,the couple of Quid I won was spent up my wife’s sister and Husband and ourselfs on Steaks and the Chinese with change back ,this was back in the late 60s/early 70s when wages were a pittance ,Jimmy that was only time I genuinely got a tip from the old stranger in the Empire Bar .

  3. TIMBHOY163 on 5TH NOVEMBER 2022 11:25 AM




    I moved to very near The Empire Bar in late 2016. It was one of the Pubs where I could watch Celtic away games, especially when the Tolbooth was far too busy.


    The owner put the Pub up for Lease or Sale just BEFORE Covid in March 2020.


    No one ( as far as I know ?) took the Pub on, and it has been closed ever since.


    I drank in it sometimes in the early 1980’s when working nearby.



  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Agree with earlier sentiment about Ange’s press conference.



    Always enjoyable but, fresh from the AGM, he was more open that normal.



    The message about trusting people was fantastic.



    Only people with great talent, sincerity and comfort in their own skin can convey this convincingly and carry it off.



    There’s a genuine symbiosis at work here.



    Celtic are a huge club who had a vast leadership vacuum in the “football department”



    That, frankly unacceptable, weakness became an opportunity.



    Ange’s blend of supreme confidence married to heartfelt humility is rare.



    Let’s be clear – we got lucky.



    So did Ange. If he had been offered and taken the AEK job the day before he took this one?



    NO WAY does he have the same control.



    In my eyes he is a DoF, manager and head coach rolled into one.



    I don’t believe the board have had a “business model changing” epiphany.



    Rather they’ve been blown away by this guy’s talent, leadership and intelligence, TRUSTED him, and handed him the master keys to the front door.



    Considering where we were 17 months ago Ange has done an amazing job so far.



    Listening to him yesterday – he is only getting started.



    We’re good for each other.



    Hope it lasts for years.



    The ball bobbled up for Carlos Alberto’s crashing 4th goal in the final




    When you watch that 4th Goal, when the Ball comes to PELE around 20 yards out, he takes one simple touch to get it on his right foot, and in the same movement he slides a Pass to his Captain, which was PERFECTLY WEIGHTED for Carlos Alberto to run onto, and without breaking his stride, he belts the Ball into the corner of the Net….


    PELE DIDN’T even LOOK UP to play the vital pass, and he always said that he dint have to, as HE KNEW that Alberto would be there.


    In the Film that I watched this morning ” WHEN THE WORLD WATCHED”, as they showed THAT great TEAM Goal, one of the Brazilian Players in the ” Voice over” states that, BRAZIL practiced ” Formation Passing” in Training…and that it was NO surprise to see them score a FANTASTIC Team Goal like that.



  6. David 66 have a great day mate,hh



    Off to watch Celtic,



    Emerald Bee,it was a great presser.and we have a great captain at helm of ship,the cough was noticeable yesterday was a good day.



    Have a great day Celts,if you are going to the game savour it.if not your there in spirit.




  7. AIPPLE,


    Ive backed a Horse in ALL 12 Races at KEENELAND Today ( aside from my UK Bets).


    Originally, I hadnt back ” FLIGHTLINE” in the 11th Race as its 2/5 ON Favourite.


    I KNOW its better to have a 2/5 Winner, rather than a 2/5 ON Loser…but Ive backed the 2nd Fav at 8/1…just for an added interest ?


    Having did that, I realise that FLIGHTLINE could prove to be the BEST Race Horse on the Planet, and I am looking forward to watching the Race, even just to see HOW GREAT ” FLIGHTLINE” really is ?


    Cheers Mate.


    MON the HOOPS !

  8. Paul67



    “Regime at Glasgow City Council.”



    You should watch your language Suella!!



    It will be a nod to JHB/superannuatedfalseyin/buffler


    And more of the anonymatti on here to type their racism.



    Apart from someone in North or south Lanarkshire commenting on Glasgow local politics away and throw shoit at the moon,its laughable and like your word placing snide.

  9. The Old Empire Bar and a Celtic founder connection –



    Son John A McCreadie went on to own his own pub at 75 Greendyke Street, John was a great football player and assisted in the foundation of the Celtic Football Club. In the winter of 1907 John caught a chill and died a fortnight later as a result in 1908, his wife Catherine then took over the licence the her son John.



  10. Glasgow City Council is an absolute disgrace. They are letting down their residents big style.



    Trying to censor any criticism on here is dangerous.


    Very dangerous

  11. Swiss Ramble






    Nov 4



    The return of Scottish clubs to CL group stage led to €29m earnings for #CelticFC and €20m for #RangersFC. Main difference is UEFA 10-year coefficient, where Rangers suffer from not qualifying for Europe for first half of period. Highest amounts from €15.6m participation fee.



    look at the graphic, the rangers forgot to pick up their prize money.



  12. dont forget ………….. take something if you can.



    North Curve Celtic




    ‘A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.’



    The Green Brigade’s annual foodbank collection is today between 12pm – 2.55pm



    3 collection points will be Gallowgate entrance, The Celtic Way and 111 entrance



  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BBC in full Alf Garnett mode re Immigrants.



    Place men for the government.



    Step aside North Korean TV

  14. DAVID66



    Best wishes Sir!



    Hope you have a great day!



    Hopefully see you soon for a beer or, ahem, two!

  15. Would love a resounding victory today.



    I like Dundee Utd but for today I want us to win emphatically.

  16. David66…didnae know the eternally young had birthdays…Hooppy Happy Birthday ya auld git…may the Tic bring sum extra joy to yer day 🎂🍻😀