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There was no vandalism, pitch invasions or general misbehaviour at Fir Park on Saturday.  What we had instead was Motherwell and Celtic fans engaged in a collective protest against the Offensive behaviour’ Act.

Fans Against Criminalisation put the issue plainly:

“Every single mainstream opposition party in Scotland opposes this Act, as do many notable lawyers, sheriffs, political commentators and Celtic Football Club.

“We call on the Scottish Government to accept that this legislation has achieved nothing other than to criminalise ordinary football fans and to repeal it as a matter of urgency.

“The Scottish Government cannot reasonably expect football fans to meekly accept the harassment they face nor the attacks on their rights to freedom of speech.”

Delighted to see Nadir Ciftci grab a poacher’s goal on Saturday.  This is the kind of goal he should be scoring lots of.  Hopefully it’ll become a more regular occurrence.

Well done to referee Alan Muir for an outstanding performance on Saturday.  It takes a lot to turn in that kind of performance, don’t think it’s easy.  Put yourself in his shoes (with Motherwell facing different opponents, obviously).

Think of the pressure you would be under to give one or both of those penalties.  It can’t be easy to have watched Kieran Kennedy take the legs from Scott Brown, then dive to save the ball with his hand, and tell everyone that no offense took place.  Don’t underestimate how hard that was for Alan Muir.

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  1. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    Joe Filippis Haircut on 20th October 2015 11:00 am



    Jude 2005




    Fair enough. Apologies for offence.

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on 20th October 2015 11:47 am



    You make a good point there about Res12, which needs to be addressed before the AGM.



    I’m hopeful it will be but can guarantee nothing at this time although we will be working towards that end.



    Some 30 to 40 shareholders contacted me for the background and have been answered with mucho detail. We are hoping to hear of an update lawyer wise this week which will be passed on.



    Those 30 or 40 can then become a platform to reach many more supporters if it proves necessary to do so.



    Anyone wanting the narrative who does not have it should e mail auldheid046@gmail.com

  3. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Due to the inevitability of having a team that Huns support in the spfl at some point in the future I’ve learned to accept reality,don’t get me wrong I’ll be over yon lunar thing if the midden gets mothballed n shut down and there’s legal and financial stalemate over fielding a team in a venue but that said I think there will be a return of medieval man at football grounds in the top league so it’s with this instinctive feeling that aye,I do want to see how their team are going to perform without previous ibrox financial chicanery,short of a sheikh or Ashley coming in I cant see how they’ll compete in the long term without benevolent bank funding,ebt’s and suchlike,of course the media and the referees will do their bit but that’s never enough for them,I actually can’t wait for their appearance just to horse them out the park and watch them struggle everywhere they play and the orcs disgrace themselves everywhere ,it’s been great without them and I hope that continues as long as possible but I also think it’ll be fun to be playing some barely recognizable fledgling entity with the weight of hun expectation upon it up at their new ground in cowdenbeath or somewhere,bring it on.



    On a different note that’s match officials absolutely took the piss again and still we persist in feeding them our money,fholk say bhoycott is a bad idea and I’ve heard alsorts of reasons why not,mainly because you need to spell out what you don’t like and what your trying to achieve which apparently is supposed to be difficult but here’s a starter imho why not bhoycott games Muir (for a start) officiates in,no messing about trying to justify it to people who will never accept us,just do it,you see to me it’s quite simple,don’t give them your money,it won’t take a spokesman to keep telling them why you don’t go to games and to me it’s not just us here,it’s everywhere,all over Europe we mump and moan about what the games become but still we go to games,still we buy Sky,it’ll never stop unless we stop it,in our own case and especially since the rise of the internet where we’ve been able to get together and identify it yet years later it’s still going on,still as blatant and still were searching for a strategy or looking to board members of the club,who by the way,are only human and would be singled out and put under unbearable pressure by those who don’t like us,I’ve got to the stage where I don’t blame the board,I blame us for putting up with it all!



    So you don’t like being criminalized for next to nothing? Simple,see how the country and the government look when nobody goes to the football.



    Let’s see what the SFA and the idiosyncratic way of governing our game look like when nobody is going to football.



    And on and on just like my rant,which is now over ;)



    Rant over.

  4. The changes I think those who run the club should make are the following.


    Pay the living wage.


    Push for a reform of the refereeing system, and go the whole hog, no half measures that will still give the mib’s any room for cheating.


    That would do it for me, anything else can be brought about over time, take their referees away, they are fecked, well and truly.

  5. Lennon mc Mjalby



    Good Un. Like the idea of boycotting a Muir game. Just once to get the world asking why then letting them see the evidence.

  6. Joe Filippis Haircut


    In my opinion, for anyone to even think that Celtic had a hand in keeping thems alive is preposterous, not a chance, but people will say that, and I get that, but in my opinion it’s mischief making and playing silly burgers , seeking attention on there agenda.


    Celtic do the right thing with stupid questions like this, just ignore them, toanswer them only gives the idiots oxygen for there agenda, it’s to obvious.


    This isn’t a bunch of clowns we have at Celtic park on the board yi know, some very successful business men up there you know, not some Johnny come lately who took a three year crash course at university on left wing politics and sits in the north east section at Celtic Park grooming teenagers to get the nic to suit there agenda.


    Lurking Huns GIRFUYs

  7. TerryK



    nobody of sound mind could favourably compare Kelly & his contemporaries on the Celtic Board to the present incumbents.



    Spot on my friend !!!

  8. My grand daughters stand up strongly in defence of


    Sponge Bob Square Pants.


    No bhoycott of the Krusty Krab or Krabbie Patties.

  9. Sorry to go off topic but would be obliged if anyone could give me a heads up if there’s somewhere in Playa Del Carmen that I might catch the game on Thursday?