All 12 Premiership clubs put their name to making Celtic champions


Premiership clubs surely hoped details of their unanimous vote on Friday to agree the time was right to call a halt to season 2019-20 and to declare Celtic champions remained private until the SPFL took the final step. Sloppy minute taking and (credit where due) sound reporting by the Daily Record brought the story to light today.

Credit also to the other 11 Premiership clubs, each of whom put their name to the call to declare Celtic champions.  With so much acrimony around, it is important to know so many were on our side on this historically important matter.  I’m sure we will all say “But your club voted to instruct the SPFL to make Celtic champions” at some point in the coming months.

Uefa require each national association to inform them of their plans for completing this season by 25 May, so the SPFL have little over a week to consult with public health advisors and inform the SFA of their plans.  I know we are not all working Monday-to-Friday, but a decision tomorrow would allow many the weekend for a rare celebration.  After this, the club can sit out the rest of the crisis and prepare for their Scottish Cup semi-final against Aberdeen and the chance to complete a fourth consecutive treble.

Nine-in-a-row and four trebles on the bounce.  Still cannot believe where we are.

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  1. Guys, thanks again for your kind words they really have been an incredible source of comfort to us!

  2. Turnbull sorry would be NO No for me just now



    Was on radio other night saying he had suffered wee setback after 1/2 a game



    Let the boy get himself sorted before added pressure of coming to us.



    Anyhow did we not sign a midfield player in JAN



    I feel Sorry for two Jan signings as they have missed game time when we wrapped up league.

  3. Lewis Ferguson would be a good signing in my opinion. He’s got a little bit of everything required for a central midfield player.


    Energy, an eye for goal , a physical presence, and as previously stated , 100 senior appearances at 20 years old . Not too shabby.



    I’m not convinced he’s a sticky .


    His educational background or his mothers side of the family ( I’m told ) ain’t zombie material.


    Not that it matters.


    Being motivated to improve does matter.


    Whether Lenny or his staff rate him highly is the unknown.


    Speculation CSC

  4. Strong Moussa Dembele to Man United rumours. £61.8m apparently. Staggering if true.

  5. Sevco agreeing to us being champions . Naw that’s not right , there must be a catch there , beware celtic . I hope our scouts are actively searching for players to improve the team . Our defence was a bit shaky at times in all positions , we weren’t settled at either fullback positions , central defence left us scratching our heads at times ie Copenhagen . Oh for a rieper ,or Elliot at the back . We should also be searching for a replacement for broonie, without him there is no steel in midfield , no steel in the team . Up front we are ok , just get us some players who don’t bottle it when they see a sevco jersey ,oh and some big bhoys stop buying wee lads . That should about do it and get us ten . . That will start us talking fitbaw and gie the virus a break fed up listening to it it’s all you hear ,

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    It just shows you what kind of brass neck the peepul actually have…



    “If people are actually accepting the unacceptable and saying let’s move on, how do we ever improve?”



    Alex EBT Rae

  7. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    from FF…replace the word Taigs with Jews….



    “To be honest taigs are good at this type of thing, while we live our life and work and play they get themselves into positions of power, all local government is full of taigs, councils, unions, committees, they are like a cancer in society.”



    and PC Plod would be arresting this guy.

  8. A wee birdie has just told me the 9 IAR T shirts have just arrived at Lennoxtown with the mighty Hoops be DECLARED CHAMPIONS TODAY !


    Not given DECLARED because of their 13 point lead with 8 to play 👍🍀



    Hear we go 10 IAR ✋🤚💚🍀

  9. JC2 on 14TH MAY 2020 2:34 PM



    I think you are right on Turnbull. Probably worth seeing if his knee can hold up for a full season.



    The priority in the summer will be LW & CB I expect. Especially if Celtic let Ajer go.

  10. HT – Good to see you back on again.


    Being from sunny Embra and so not being in the loop, I was shocked to hear what occurred. You must be devastated to lose such a wonderful partner and soul mate. Viewing the service I really felt for you and yours .


    Stay strong and remember you have hundreds of good friends on here for support YNWA

  11. Heard that statement o clock have agreed not to comment as most of the media will be engaged near lennoxtown !



    Get yer weekend House parties sorted online 💚🍀💚🇮🇪💚🍀🥃🍺😉😉

  12. A couple of posters have mentioned the possible departure of Ajer. Why ( have they mentioned it )?

  13. Toffeetim – good news if that’s the case.



    Did you see our ex neighbour from Carrick Road on Who Wants to be a Millionaire the other night

  14. Hot Smoked – Two years left on his contract, agent touting him about, rumours of big money move and me throwing into the mix that whilst I like the big lad a lot, I think we can improve and reap a big margin in the process…



    He’s a converted midfielder learning his trade still. Sell him and buy a Julien sized replacement…

  15. HOT SMOKED on 14TH MAY 2020 3:23 PM


    A couple of posters have mentioned the possible departure of Ajer. Why ( have they mentioned it )?





    First of all, he is entering the last two years of his contract. He’s a first-team starter and Celtic will have been trying to tie him down to a new deal for the last 18 months. He hasn’t signed yet.



    His agent says he is going to move on next season.



    Ajer hasn’t contradicted any of the talk around his future really. He’s said he’s focused on Celtic right now. Nothing about his future.



    The point is, at this stage in his contract Celtic will accept a bid at the right amount. This is the same stage we sold Van Dijk, Wanyama, Forster, Dembele etc.



    Eddy is in the same boat. Though it must be said, his agent has been quiet which is a good thing.

  16. Hamilton Tim, In the midst of your own grief the compassion & concern you have shown for others has been little short of incredible.


    The response to Helen’s Legacy Fund for Strathcarron Hospice is the measure of the esteem that both you & Helen are held in this Community,


    You were an inspiration to me when I joined this site many years ago & you are now an even bigger one.

  17. KB


    Yes I did big J.


    My heart goes out to the big fella with his condition.He was always a clever kid and an absolute kind soul to boot.


    Knew he would be a doctor as it was his desired ambition when he was a young lad.Very intelligent and driven individual.


    Glad he achieved his objective in life however sorry for his condition he currently dealing with.


    Delighted he took the dosh.Hopefully it will give him a better standard of life now given his debilitating circumstances.


    Good Spittal lad done good.


    Magic stuff AT 👍

  18. Toffeetim, yip – highly intelligent and good guy. Delighted for him especially given his condition which is heart breaking.



    Bada – he stayed in Spittal and am sure he went to Stonelaw High. Papers said he now lives on south side of the city.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    VOGUEPUNTER on 14TH MAY 2020 2:26 PM


    SAINT STIVS on 14TH MAY 2020 1:57 PM


    original wags





    Cracking photo Stivs…Mrs Mcneill is a babe :O)






    Was just thinking the very same thing – oooft !!!!



    A superstar couple, those two.






  20. And as it’s now a developing story, I’m kicking off the tunes…..



    Yo ho ho, off we go


    What do you know, it’s nine in a row


    Bye bye Rangers


    Celtic’s on the ball again, on the way to make it ten


    Bye bye Rangers



    You can talk about your great defenders


    Sing and shout about your No Surrender


    But let us give you this wee tip


    We’ll be there for the league and the cup


    Rangers bye bye



    Yo ho ho, off we go


    What do you know, it’s nine in a row


    Bye bye Rangers


    Celtic’s on the ball again, on the way to make it ten


    Bye bye Rangers



    You can talk about your great defenders


    Sing and shout about your No Surrender


    But let us give you this wee tip


    We’ll be there for the league and the cup


    Rangers bye bye



    But let us give you this wee tip


    We’ll be there for the league and the cup


    Rangers bye bye

  21. Matt Stewart on

    Now I willingly accept that my mental wiring doesn’t really follow any particularly structural pattern.



    This has got me into trouble more times than Celtic fans have laughed at the Ibrox shennanigans. But sometimes I even shock myself!



    Earlier today I received an update from the European Space Agency on their monitoring of the Arctic atmosphere. Yet all my optical receptors and brain sparks could see was the twisted features of Stewart Robertson as the decisions of the last few days hit home….I think it was mainly the colours that triggered the mirage.





    Hail Hail




  22. BBC Sport featuring the Original Rangers’ run to UEFA cup final in Manchester.


    Not a mention of the carnage and chaos.


    Did it happen?

  23. Finishing up the season and declaring Celtic title winners for the their ninth on the trot seemed the only way out of an impossible situation for the clubs and the SPFL. Despite some tasty matches still left to play, Celtic’s comfortable lead practically assured them of the Championship. There seems a possibility according to reports that the Hoops may only have to play one qualifier for entry into the Champions league group stage, welcome news after the marathons of recent seasons.



    See German football is back at the weekend and it does not seem to be on free-to-air channells. i cancelled my sports channells a couple of months ago and apart from curiosity would have little interest in those matches. Good decision SPFL and congrats to Celtic.

  24. KB


    Think in his first few years of education he was A Hutchie Grammer lad.


    Loved the egg chasing and cricket with no affinity with the Huns so that was fine by me.


    As the old song says


    “ I’d rather be a Toff chap than a Hun “ 😜

  25. Embramike



    Thank you Mike I pray you’re keeping well.






    You are WAY too kind sir!!!

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