Another dysfunctional league


The Football League in England have woken up to the notion that they do not have a working business model.  Solidarity payments from the FA Premier League’s new TV deal will earn Championship clubs £2.3m a season (considerably more than Celtic will receive from TV for winning the SPL), with League One sides earning £324k and League Two sides earning £250k.

Unfortunately, for those hoping to establish a well-balanced and competitive structure, parachute payment to those relegated from the Premier League will earn each club £69m (£23m in year one, £18m in year two and £9m in years three and four).

The Guardian report that today Championship clubs are expected to warn the Premier League that they risk permanently damaging the “integrity of the Football League” by increasing parachute payments to the proposed level.  An unusual case of a group asking for some of its members to receive less money.

The Football League doesn’t have a viable business model.  Clubs spend unsustainable amounts of money trying to attain the riches of the Premier League, where they can add zeros to both income and expenditure.  Most fail and many of them plummet down the divisions.  Even those who drop into the Championship with parachute payments (albeit at the old level) find deleveraging too difficult.

The SPL doesn’t have a viable business model either.  They should be talking to the Football League and see what benefits could accrue from working together.

10 years ago tonight:

Liverpool 0-2 Celtic

Bang! Celtic are in a European semi final.
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  1. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    Martin Scorsese Scottish football movies:



    Celtic – GoodFellas


    Rangers – (Mega)Casino








    The rich get richer,the poorer don’t



    There is precious little egalitarianism today,whether it be in society at large,or the microcosm of football.



    Despite the fact that there is clearly a will for such,the rich ain’t for giving it up.



    Unless that circle can be squared,we will still be,erm,arguing in circles for years to come.



    Shame. It is a wonderful sport. But business got in the way a long time ago.

  3. I don’t think the football league would be interested, and would you want the SPL representung us anyway?



    No thanks

  4. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    davy bhoy



    He was last seen at a cashline machine in Cyprus




  5. CQN app for me as I am too young to join the bhoys in the old brigade…..honest guv….

  6. The Good, The Bad and Serenity on

    Silver Tongue



    The coming of the silver tongue


    Who mesmerised both old and young


    Around the fire, he would tell his tale


    About his club that would not fail



    Far and wide he took his show


    Down dead ends so all would know


    Sporting integrity was its name


    Over ten long years and still no shame



    The sporting elders, they were duped


    As they danced the night to the flute


    The populace however showed concern


    Had they not realised what we had learned?



    The truth of it had long since been laid bare


    We see through the lies now with a cold stare


    The silver tongue had turned to brass


    Damn the man for being so crass

  7. Finally got 5 minutes to sit down and gather my thoughts on the WeeOscar4Life Cycle to Belfast.



    Firstly, the WeeOscar4Life team would like to thank every single cyclists & support team member who took part in each of the cycles from Celtic Park, Leeds, Duleek & Dublin. Without each and every single one of you this would not have been such a fantastically enjoyable and successful event. Hats doffed to each and every single one of you. You are all heroes to Wee Oscar and his family and we will be forever grateful to you for taking part.



    Collectively we experienced pretty much every form of weather UK&Ireland had to throw at us. When we did not have the 15/20mph Southerly head winds of the first days cycling we had hail, rain and snow on the second day. We battled through the cold climbing various gradients of hills, cycling on mid tracks, getting lost in the hills on the outskirts of Belfast, having a dip in canals, getting hypothermia, almost breaking hands and defo steely a couple of broken fingers allied with one wedding band having to be cut off, all dependant on which cycle you were on.



    The Glasgow cycle The WeeOscar4Life team along with a total of 32 cyclists and 10 support crew, cycled from the equivalent of Sportive level terrain throughout heading mainly in an uphill but never really feeling compensated for with equivalent downhill sections. We experienced a 4 and a half mile clime in the snow from Ballantrae heading towards Cairnryan negotiating a couple of centimetres of snow on the too of the hill in blizzard conditions. We enjoyed refreshment stops in at the Malitschuegh (has a new name now), Galston (thanks to Galston Community Library and lunch in one of the support teams offices in Ayr. We cycled across some of the best scenic routes Scotland has to offer over the Heads of Ayr, Cullzean, Maidens, Turnberry with great views over to Arran, The Mull of Kintyre and Across to Ireland. And we struggled with the head … that is the Electric Brae cycling and pushing hard on what our brains told us was a downhill section. We enjoyed a mass peloton into Belfast from the StenaLine Port at one point having the police stopping g traffic for us. Finally arriving at our hotel accommodation about 18:40. Thankfully we also had plenty of time to share each others company in our hotels in Girvan, Belfast and meet and make new friends amongst our own group and with those who joined us from Leeds, Dublin & Duleek. We also had the you gets cyclist complete the 90+ miles in Mini MWD who made his dad as proud as punch for not only taking part but for the ease with which he did so. He probably was the freshest cyclist when we reached Belfast. We also believe the Glasgow team had the oldest cyclist taking part with Jungle Jim on board although there were one or two others pushing him for that title.



    Last bit not least a few of us had the pleasure of meeting Oscar, Izzie, Leona & Stephen at Belfast City hall on St Patricks day morning. It was an absolutely delight and pleasure to meet such strong and fun loving kids and fantastic parents. There are no real words that can truly describe how humbling this experience was. We also had the pleasure of meeting along the Deputy Mayor Tierna Cunningham her husband, son and crazy mother who invited us to join the St Patrick’s day parade in Belfast. It was all a bit surreal walking at the front behind St Patrick and the Deputy Mayor to be honest, but an enjoyable experience all the same. Oscar & Izzie absolutely loved it.



    I’m sure I’ve missed something important but can’t think of anything else right now!!!



    We would also like to thank each and every Timternet Bampot and individuals who have donated towards this event. You have helped raise at the time of print £27, 400 online via just giving pages, a minimum of £4,500 from Duleek teams sponsor forms and a matched donation for the Dublin team from Oracle of £6000 giving an absolutely astonishing total of almost £38,000. Considering there are many individual sponsor forms from cyclists still to come in we are hoping the final total will exceed £40,000.



    We would also like to thank once again all our corporate sponsors without whom this event would impossible to put together logistically:





    A&J Print (Dublin)


    Bluebird Care


    Burns Interior Designs


    Business Continuity Services


    DAMM Environmental




    Gardiner&Theobald Surveyors


    JM Print & Design


    Morrison Facilities Services FM Division


    Oracle (Dublin)


    PROAIR Conditioning


    Project Pipework & Piling (Dublin)


    Sign Vision


    Sublime Designs



  8. I can see the logic behind wanting less money.



    The increased payments mean it is more likely that a club will bounce back. Conversely, once in this yo-yo group, it will be very difficult for the other clubs in The Championship to cut that umbilical cord.


    This could create a credit fuelled scramble for those places, driven by a “don’t want to miss the boat” mentality.



    They could of course take the money and put it into grass roots development, with first option on the product of that investment.

  9. WeeOscar4Life


    a truly magnificent effort for all conncerned good luck and God Bless Wee Oscar



  10. Paul



    As everyone in football knows, the winners in the current status, are the players, with their outrageous, scandalous wages. Even when their club is relegated, they still pay them the same wages. That can’t be right. Clubs should be able to negotiate their contracts down in such a situation, after all, these are the guys who got them into it.



    Sevco are a prime example of this, paying guys £4-5k a WEEK, to beat teams comprised of £50 a week part-timers. Their name may have changed, but I’m delighted to see their business model continues.They can’t help it, it’s in their DNA.



    Does anyone else think Chuckles will come up with a convenient “tax model” to operate under before he sails into the sunset? They can’t help that either, it’s in their DNA!




  11. The Budget in our gangster economy…….as always,baffle with b*******



  12. Where’s philvis?



    Come off it guys!! You all know it’s budget day.



    Paul is it not 10 years tomorrow?











    An amazing tale,well told.



    Planning it for St Patrick’s Day was a gem of an idea,which should have taken the weather outa the eaquation,but….



    Canny believe you tried the Electric Brae on a bike-I did that when I was about ten,and my brain is still scrambled from it. A car/lorry is bad enough.



    Congrats to you all-sincerely-and esp to MWD’s BHOY






    Again,superb stuff from all of you.




  14. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    Any suggestion in England about introducing colt teams to solve their problems?

  15. word of warning bhoys, be careful when taking money from cash machines.


    Two at the roundabout at croftfoot had been rigged up to access details and pin numbers.

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