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News that the Maribor game later this month is on the season book has setup a dramatic climax to what will be remembered for decades as a remarkable month in our history.  We didn’t ask for this situation.  As we drifted away from Murrayfield, our thoughts were only of Celtic’s abject display, but nine days and two Uefa Disciplinary hearings later, we’re through to the Champions League play-off round next week.

For Legia Warsaw, the pill is unbearably bitter.  So much so, they had to appeal to Uefa, and on to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, despite scant cause.  CAS who will eventually be asked to determine if Uefa’s rules were interpreted correctly.  Which they were.  The consequences for Legia are so abrupt their reactions are understandable.

Football affects us in ways which are not always beneficial.  There was nothing Legia fans could do to remove their distress this past week, but reading comments, by fans of another Scottish club on this subject, has given a glimpse into the human condition.

The emotional investment by some Scottish football fans in Legia’s forlorn cause has evidently resulted in untold misery.  Celtic fell into the Clyde and came out holding a winning Euromillions ticket.  It was unplanned for, random and undeserved, but it happened and, right now, Celtic are the luckiest team in the world.

At a time when their phoenix club is falling apart before their eyes, our unearned good fortune has caused volumes of hilarious, angry, ranting.  Efforts to explain it as a consequence of immoral plots (as well as running the Celtic, the SFA, the SPFL, Glasgow City Council and The Commonwealth, Peter Lawwell also manipulates Uefa’s Disciplinary Body) demonstrate classic evidence of our old friend, Cognitive Dissonance.

We were blind lucky, accept that, or continue to give the rest of the world new and innovative ways to enjoy their football.  It’s not worth the dissonance.

It’s been an interesting week in the media.  Neil McCann’s excitable misinterpretation of the rules on Wednesday was a highlight, but the paper which brought you ‘news’ that Celtic wanted Dan Pertrescu to be manager, who declined as he was warned the club have problems by Neil Lennon, subsequently got a second story when they ran a properly sourced article denying ‘reports’ Neil spoke to Pertrescu.

I’m also loving reading those who in the media were spinning anti-Celtic nonsense that Neil left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget, now suggesting he could take over Crystal Palace, after Tony Pulis left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget.

Nonsense like this is never random, it has a purpose………..

On a related subject, I’m gutted for Palace, their fans, and for Pulis. The economics of the entire English league structure doesn’t work. Well-run clubs with good managers will be weeded out and relegated, as crazy debt-junkies inflate the bubble a little longer. Scottish football may be poor, but there are only two of our 42 clubs in any sort of financial danger.

Flag Day tomorrow, get along early, give Fergus a warm welcome back, and bring some change for The Kano Foundation bucket collection on the way in. Remember to join Fergus, Jim Craig and others from the Celtic Graves Society for the Jimmy Quinn event at Kilsyth Cemetery.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to Mary’s Meals by entering our competition for tickets in the comfy seats tomorrow.  I’m proud of every one of you.  My thanks also to Magners for helping out.  The competition is now closed, winners will be informed by email shortly, so check your inbox!

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  1. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Well said, Paul. I don’t recall any moral issues being mentioned when their old club benefited from the Stuttgart-Leeds replay in 92-93 when they got to play Leeds even though both clubs were un-seeded.

  2. Cricket clique on CQN!



    Brill! Count me in!



    Grew up watching the West Indies in the 80s






    As for commentators of quality and balance, cricket and football completely show up football in Sco and Eng. American football (NFL) does too….



    And old Mr McLaren was only denied an international career by tuberculosis.



    HH jamesgang

  3. joe filippis haircut



    We agree



    You’re a very clever and insightful poster!






    HH jamesgang

  4. Livibhoy



    If you’re around I’m afraid everyone I know in the lower tier is going tomorrow.



    If you’re looking for tickets for Maribor get in touch mate.

  5. Am I correct in thinking that the fast track will now be a SLOW track, as UEFA are not supporting it………….




  6. • jamesgang


    12:40 on 15 August, 2014


    Cricket clique on CQN!


    Brill! Count me in!


    Grew up watching the West Indies in the 80s




    As for commentators of quality and balance, cricket and football completely show up football in Sco and Eng. American football (NFL) does too….


    And old Mr McLaren was only denied an international career by tuberculosis.


    HH jamesgang








  7. I wonder if Irish Nationalists are welcome? Bawsman?



    What about



    Australian Nationalists


    Canadian Nationalists


    New Zealand Nationalist


    British Nationalist (like Bawsman)


    French Nationalist


    German Nationalists


    Polish Nationalist (mibees not right noo)


    Swedish Nationalists (Henrick anyone)


    Norwegian Nationalists



    On and on and on and on…



    MWD says AYE



  8. Moonbeams WD



    Love sport, hate single issue losers/nutters/extremists/zealots trying to sell their particular poison when not wanted, It’s embarrassing first, then annoying.

  9. Wicketttttttttttttttttttttt



    Big Chris Jordon…………………….



    India now 28 for 4………………………………




  10. Mwd






    And I like England and I’m voting ‘Howzat’!



    Aff oot. To find a village needing a sports loving, politically progressive minded fhool like myself!!!



    HH jamesgang

  11. James Forrest is praying for The Unconquerable Oscar Knox on




    Excellent piece. I read a bizarre theory yesterday that we had people placing big money on Legia to win home and away, and then bribed someone in their back room to make a clerical error that got us reinstated. Presumably we also bribed their penalty takes to miss otherwise the whole thing would be moot anyway. Barmy.






    I was thinking about the Stuttgart thing last week, oddly enough. The difference is, in that case the entire national media was right behind Leeds. Novel idea, eah?



    To everyone who commented on last night’s piece, thank you.



    I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend for once, starting with a Sevco slip tonight, then Celtic hoisting the flag tomorrow (I hope Fergus gets the rousing response he deserves. That man built the New Celtic, and did as much to destroy Rangers as anyone. Murray simply could not live with us having a bigger stadium and a good team on the park, and so over-reached). Sunday, I’m spending with the good lady and some friends, watching the Edinburgh derby, which I think will be a cracker.



    Big Stubbsy will do a fine job with Hibs. Neilson already has good ideas about Hearts. They are going to run Sevco all the way to the wire.

  12. Paul67




    ” Nonsense like this is never random, it has a purpose………..”



    The strategy is two fold: report anything that can be given an anti Celtic slant and report nothing that puts RIFC in a bad light, even if there is clear evidence of huge deceit at play.



    Because of the non reporting, football authority and smsm have enabled a victim mentality to grow around what happened to Rangers so that myth is now accepted fact by the “victims”.



    That victim “stab in the back” mentality meant a postponement of hostilities between two wars rather than cessation and unless something is done to kill the myth Scottish football will once again become bigot pound dependent with a vengeance (assuming RIFC survive).



    I’m reading how the First World War started titled The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War 1914.



    Its time the clubs who form the SFA and SPFL woke up and sack those who fell asleep at the helm and are still sleeping.

  13. Bawsman


    sounds like your exasperated looking for a site for alistair darling type sociakism…you know the type… welfare state for the rich


    Ask ally dalling and other intellectual fakes from your pro union stance!



  14. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Nye Bevans. I cant count the number of Hun games I have started to watch and after about 10 mins given up and watched something else.I just find it hard going watching them.H.H.

  15. Big j…



    Good item in today’s Herald (Neil Drysdale) regarding India’s attitude to this game. Collapse entirely predictable.

  16. nye bevans’ rebel soldier



    12:49 on 15 August, 2014


    Good Afternoon Timland.



    Who’s watching the hun tonight?






    Representatives and scouts from top clubs the world over…..



    …..and the players mums n dads.



    Bless their wee cotton socks n sashes.



    HH jamesgang

  17. The sheep at my work are moaning that Celtic are sniffing about Peter Pawlett.



    Anybody heard any rumours ?

  18. Joe f…



    My late father would not allow them to be seen ever on our TV….



    …except when he knew they had been beat!!!!!!

  19. Regarding the anti-Celtic AGENDA…………….



    I think we Celtic should point it out…………………….



    Just a statement……………………. From the club



    Naming and shaming………………………….




  20. Marrakesh Express on

    Surprised to see these general prices on Oddschecker..


    To qualify


    Maribor 2/1


    Celtic 1/2

  21. squire danaher on

    And the Academy Award for Best Hurting Hun goes to Dick (or PigSick)





    The Academy believed this piece from the BBC showed true class in terms of unabashed and naked anti-timmery



    Legia Warsaw say Uefa has refused to back their fast-track application to earn a Champions League reprieve.


    The Poles had hoped the governing body would speed their case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas).


    Uefa rejected Legia’s appeal against the punishment that led to Celtic’s reinstatement in the competition.


    And Legia Warsaw chairman Dariusz Mioduski told BBC Scotland on Friday that their prospects of success appear bleak.


    The fielding of a suspended player against Celtic cost Legia their place.


    The Polish outfit had hoped a fast-track appeal process can be instigated to deliver a ruling before Celtic play NK Maribor in the play-off round.


    The first leg of Celtic’s tie is scheduled for Wednesday, while Legia Warsaw, who have been consigned to the Europa League, are due to face Aktobe in Kazakhstan on Thursday.


    The Polish club believed that Bartosz Bereszynski had served a three-game ban, only to discover that – by not registering the defender for the previous round against St Patrick’s Athletic – his suspension still stood for the second-leg defeat of Celtic.



    Henning Berg guided Legia to two wins over Celtic but, as things stand, his side is in the Europa League


    Uefa’s disciplinary sanction for fielding a suspended player is for the match to be forfeited 3-0, a result which saw Celtic progress to the next round on away goals, having lost the first leg in Poland 4-1.


    “Cas can either render a decision on request for provisional measures (if requested by Legia) or organise an expedited procedure (with the agreement of Uefa) with a hearing on Monday and a decision on the same day,” a spokesman for Cas said.


    “The appeal shall be in writing; the other steps of the procedure can be determined by agreement between Legia and Uefa (hearing or no hearing, procedural calendar, etc).”


    A provisional measure could be reached if all sides do not agree to the fast-track appeal procedure. In those circumstances, Cas would rule on the validity of Legia’s case, essentially providing the club with a verdict before proceeding to the full appeals procedure.


    Uefa would have to abide by Cas’s decision, and so could reinstate Legia to the Champions League if the court found in the Polish club’s favour.


    A ruling in the governing body’s favour would leave the Poles with only the Swiss courts as a final recourse.


    However, speaking on Friday, Mioduski said Uefa would not fast-track their application.


    “A few days ago we requested Uefa for a quick appeal and we also discussed the possibility of not getting the right result,” he said.


    “We received indication and declaration that Uefa would support us in a fast track proceeding in front of Cas in case there was a rejection in our appeal.


    “We tried to contact Uefa because we’ve prepared the application for fast tracking but after several hours we finally got an indication that Uefa will not support us.


    “This effectively means that they want us to accept their decision. We are very surprised by this change of position.”

  22. Eyes Wide Open on

    Its a shame Paul67 the custodians of our great club didnt heed any of the sentiment echoed in paragraphs 1 and 4.



    I also disagree with the comment on Lennon.



    Its a different set of circumstances – when an existing manager is given a transfer of budget A, which without even being spent is then sliced in to B, which again without being spent is sliced again into C and before history could repeat itself yet again a man decides enough is enough.



    My suspicion is Neil was into D when he walked – Tony Pulis was about to enter in to B before he walked.



    And its different to interviewing for a job and being told your budget is A from the start.

  23. James Forrest,



    Noticed you mentioning that you had some books available via Kindle. About to buy one and I’ll look your titles out.



    All the best.

  24. • nye bevans’ rebel soldier


    12:49 on 15 August, 2014


    Good Afternoon Timland.


    Who’s watching the hun tonight?






    Will be watching Falkirk




  25. An Tearmann



    If I wanted a site that bangs on about nationaliist bollox or Allister Darling bollox I’d go look under politics for them.


    I wouldn’t bore football/sports fans with my political views on their sites………….It’s rude and ignorant to press your viewpoints on folk that are not interested.

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