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News that the Maribor game later this month is on the season book has setup a dramatic climax to what will be remembered for decades as a remarkable month in our history.  We didn’t ask for this situation.  As we drifted away from Murrayfield, our thoughts were only of Celtic’s abject display, but nine days and two Uefa Disciplinary hearings later, we’re through to the Champions League play-off round next week.

For Legia Warsaw, the pill is unbearably bitter.  So much so, they had to appeal to Uefa, and on to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, despite scant cause.  CAS who will eventually be asked to determine if Uefa’s rules were interpreted correctly.  Which they were.  The consequences for Legia are so abrupt their reactions are understandable.

Football affects us in ways which are not always beneficial.  There was nothing Legia fans could do to remove their distress this past week, but reading comments, by fans of another Scottish club on this subject, has given a glimpse into the human condition.

The emotional investment by some Scottish football fans in Legia’s forlorn cause has evidently resulted in untold misery.  Celtic fell into the Clyde and came out holding a winning Euromillions ticket.  It was unplanned for, random and undeserved, but it happened and, right now, Celtic are the luckiest team in the world.

At a time when their phoenix club is falling apart before their eyes, our unearned good fortune has caused volumes of hilarious, angry, ranting.  Efforts to explain it as a consequence of immoral plots (as well as running the Celtic, the SFA, the SPFL, Glasgow City Council and The Commonwealth, Peter Lawwell also manipulates Uefa’s Disciplinary Body) demonstrate classic evidence of our old friend, Cognitive Dissonance.

We were blind lucky, accept that, or continue to give the rest of the world new and innovative ways to enjoy their football.  It’s not worth the dissonance.

It’s been an interesting week in the media.  Neil McCann’s excitable misinterpretation of the rules on Wednesday was a highlight, but the paper which brought you ‘news’ that Celtic wanted Dan Pertrescu to be manager, who declined as he was warned the club have problems by Neil Lennon, subsequently got a second story when they ran a properly sourced article denying ‘reports’ Neil spoke to Pertrescu.

I’m also loving reading those who in the media were spinning anti-Celtic nonsense that Neil left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget, now suggesting he could take over Crystal Palace, after Tony Pulis left because he wasn’t happy with the player budget.

Nonsense like this is never random, it has a purpose………..

On a related subject, I’m gutted for Palace, their fans, and for Pulis. The economics of the entire English league structure doesn’t work. Well-run clubs with good managers will be weeded out and relegated, as crazy debt-junkies inflate the bubble a little longer. Scottish football may be poor, but there are only two of our 42 clubs in any sort of financial danger.

Flag Day tomorrow, get along early, give Fergus a warm welcome back, and bring some change for The Kano Foundation bucket collection on the way in. Remember to join Fergus, Jim Craig and others from the Celtic Graves Society for the Jimmy Quinn event at Kilsyth Cemetery.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to Mary’s Meals by entering our competition for tickets in the comfy seats tomorrow.  I’m proud of every one of you.  My thanks also to Magners for helping out.  The competition is now closed, winners will be informed by email shortly, so check your inbox!

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  1. GerryBhoy


    15:00 on


    15 August, 2014



    But it’s not a deterrent. If a rogue state or terrorist gets hold of a nuke and decides to use it they’ll do it regardless of the deterrent. Is the target country then going to reply in kind? I’d say almost certainly not.

  2. bournesouprecipe on

    A settlement opportunity for employers who have used Employee Benefit Trusts (EBT) to avoid tax will close in March 2015, HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) announced today.


    The initiative, which launched in April 2011, has raised £800 million in tax and National Insurance Contributions from around 700 employers who previously used the trusts as tax avoidance vehicles.



    HMRC expects others to settle in the near future and will pursue those who don’t do so through the courts as it does not believe that schemes using EBTs to avoid paying Income Tax and National Insurance work.



    Some individuals seeking to use EBTs to avoid tax have tried to use the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF) – under which individuals with undeclared offshore assets can regularise their tax affairs – to find another route to pay less tax. HMRC and the Liechtenstein government have made changes to the LDF which, among other things, mean that users of EBTs that are caught by the Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Scheme (DOTAS) rules cannot take advantage of the full terms of the facility. They should engage in the EBT settlement opportunity instead, while it is still available.



    Jennie Granger, HMRC’s Director General of Enforcement and Compliance, said:


    “Time is running out for anyone who used an EBT to avoid paying tax and still hasn’t settled with HMRC through the settlement opportunity.



    “EBTs are avoidance vehicles and we will continue to pursue those who do not pay up. I would encourage all employers who have used these schemes to take this opportunity to settle under these clear terms. They can hold out and litigate, but they may well end up paying more tax, as well as big legal fees. They are also up against HMRC’s strong litigation record – we win around 80% of avoidance cases heard in the courts.



    “This settlement opportunity is just one of a host of ways HMRC is tackling avoidance, not least Accelerated Payments which mean that many people who have avoided tax will now have to pay up quicker than ever before. This puts them on a level pegging with the vast majority of people who have nothing to do with tax avoidance and pay their tax up front.”

  3. Moonbeams WD


    “The idea of a border less Europe or World is just stupid. Stupidity of the highest order were cultures, people, languages, needs are so different across countries never mind continents.”



    Are my needs different to anyone’s?………….I don’t think so.


    What you have written there gives me chills, nationalists/nationalism does that. Self centred myopic world view.



    Also, Germany has/had loads of nuclear weapons in the country, mainly strategic to stop the advance of a soviet push into the west, mainly American and British weapons.

  4. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    Great point mate, very little is ever made of the money we provide other teams through our European participation.

  5. spikeysauldman on

    Frank Ryan



    dont you know that Hadrians wall is actually a nuclear shield and that Barrow in Furness is in China ?

  6. weeminger



    I’d categorise North Korea as a rogue state. They would regard opposition WMD as a deterent though.

  7. Just a wee point regarding nuclear weapons, is there any need for them to be land based?



    I’m sure with the technology available, most would be orbiting or sea bound.



    There is no need for them to be on my doorstep.

  8. Bawsman



    They also had tacticals to counter Soviet tank armies coming through the Fulda Gap. The Russians knew that and acted accordingly.

  9. rwe



    14:44 on 15 August, 2014





    Good stuff.



    I am not a great Kayal fan though. He’s still trying to play the “tackle and fall down” football that wins free kicks in other parts of Europe. He looked ok on Wednesday but that was 17 minutes against a team chasing the game.



    The anti Celtic agenda?



    I can already see the headlines if we do not make it past Maribor.



    “Celtic: The only team to be knocked out of the CL twice in one season.”



    “Celtic Humiliated – again”



    Ronny – take this second chance please.




    Worse but accurate


    “Twice in in the same month !”

  10. As in the last 2 years, if Celtic qualify for the CL group stages, we are then Scottish Football’s largest sponsor por cierto.

  11. I watched the Andrew Neill programme earlier in the week and thought it was the best I’d seen so far in the referendum debate.



    The section about Trident, more than anything else, has tipped me towards a yes vote. I really don’t want these weapon carrying submarines in our country’s waters or their weapons stockpiled on our land.



    Yesterday’s argument that it would take 10 years for England to build the equivalent of Coulport doesn’t wash with me. Tough! They spend much of their time patrolling the oceans and when they need to go into a base, let them dock in a USA one.



    Looks like it might be a yes from me, but it is still early days.

  12. The nats tell us that a yes vote isn’t a vote for the SNP.



    They tell us that a yes vote wouldn’t mean an SNP government.



    Yet they insist that a yes vote would mean that SNP policies would be implemented.




  13. Yesterday’s argument that it would take 10 years for England to build the equivalent of Coulport doesn’t wash with me. Tough! They spend much of their time patrolling the oceans and when they need to go into a base, let them dock in a USA one.



    Agree with your sentiments but the fact is there is very rarely more than one of the 4 boats on sea patrol. Maintenance etc;

  14. Tom Molach



    15:16 on 15 August, 2014



    Oh what a surprise.



    An Undecided (yeah) has in the final furlong switched to yes.



    Roll on 19th September.



    I predict a few of our recent visitors will disappear whence they came.

  15. tom molach



    Agreed. It was the most honest programme on Independence so far. Raising a few issues I hadn’t considered or heard main stream politicians debate. Very interesting. All from the view point of a rest of UK look at post Independent Scotland. NO BATING. No MUD SLINGING. NK FEAR. IT’LL never catch on! :-)




    MWD says AYE



  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I think that the four minute sub appearance last week is a Poisson Rouge ( with plenty of bones).



    Surely the fact that he was a named sub on the bench breached his suspension ban, whether he came on to the field or not.



    If he was not a playing option, the. Why did he take up one of the allotted places.




  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    got your email ftom paul.67



    I will be in touch.




  18. ernie lynch



    Totally correct. An independent Scotland would vote in it’s own government, I believe it will probably be a left of centre party. I hope it might be a party led by Jack McConnell with members from the left of scottish politics. Then, it’s the mandate set out by that party, which will prevail por cierto

  19. ernie lynch



    15:21 on 15 August, 2014




    Are you still joining in Ernie even though you still don’t have a vote?

  20. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan.



    15:22 on 15 August, 2014



    My prediction is a no vote.



    Turnout about 70%.



    About 2 to 1 for no.



    What’s your prediction?



    Oh, and a new leader for the SNP within a couple of months, and probably a split in the party.

  21. Ernie



    Try and understand this bit. I know it’s stretching your potential but… here goes.



    A Scottish Government will implement the plans and mandate handed to it by the electorate in Scotland in an Infependent Scotland. Currently the people of Scotland handed some of the powers afforded us to SNP by a handsome and surprising majority at last election in a system which rarely provides for a majority party. Shocking eh!





    MWD says AYE



  22. BSR



    Beat the SMSM?



    Play a cute game.


    You could say it is part of a growth strategy.



    Make sure we have the NT captain in our squad.



    Make sure we have the NT glamour boy in our squad.



    Make sure we have the NT next big thing in our squad.



    No need to pull up the ramparts.


    No need to go in the huff.


    No need to chase the bigot pound.



    Play to our strengths.


    Play to our history.


    Play to our future.



    Every wee boy is a glory hunter heart.


    Even if their granny is a died in the wool TFOD2 groupie.

  23. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan.



    15:27 on 15 August, 2014



    So, what’s your prediction for the vote?

  24. I’m absolutely not in favour of the nukes. However, in the event of a yes vote, why not take advantage of the situation and agree to let the bases stay open for whatever number of years it takes for an alternative to be set up.



    Meanwhile, charge a hefty few million every year in rent until they are moved, perhaps helping to fund the NHS. This also has the benefit of maintaining 8000 jobs in the area for a while longer.



    Maybe it doesn’t even matter where the nukes are situated. In the event of a nuclear war, the whole country will be blitzed anyway.

  25. ernie lynch



    Total conjecture on my part here, but I think the SNP will split even if they win the indy vote por cierto

  26. MWD @ 15.27



    Wee Eck was carried to power on the backs of Tartan Tories, Nat racists — England haters — and distressed gentle folk who had Cleggy on their mind.



    Wee Eck and his landslide got 100K lees votes than GB did 12 months before.



    Remember we ate being bought and sold with a busmans gold.



    And then he is handed his erse on a plate by a wee fearty salt n’ sauce lawyer type.

  27. Moonbeams WD. Wee Oscar’s our Bhoy and Kano’s our mhan.



    15:32 on 15 August, 2014



    So you’re not prepared to offer us your prediction for the result of the referendum?



    Why not?



    It’s not like you have any credibility to lose.



    Go on, have a go.

  28. Eyes Wide Open on

    If we could get half a Kayal from up to the Elbows attack – he would be a first pick every week.



    I think his contractual situation expires at the end of this season – Celtic possibly have an option.



    Surely, surely we should loan him out for a year.



    He needs a run of games to see if that Kayal is still in there (injury free).


    Hes not going to get that at Celtic.



    Instead of cutting ties, surely it makes sense to have exhausted every means possible to see if a player who was genuine top EPL 6-7 teams class, can be reignited…

  29. Syd Negakev



    Very valid points.


    Would also induce a “voluntary” decision to let Scotland share the Pound Sterling.



    Notblackmailatall ;)