Bogus issues and a Good Old Celtic debate


I’ve not spent a lot of time online this week (work sometimes creeps in) but can’t believe the amount of traction that notion that Sevco would somehow be able to acquire SFA membership of a dead club, with all associated benefits, but be in a position to dictate set terms on how past misdeeds of Rangers would be recorded.

This is a bogus debate which serves only to deflect from the more serious issues facing Sevco, namely, do they have circa £25m to pay their way this season?  If not, their pedantic views of disciplinary matters are moot, although they may be used as a principled excuse to fold a football club.

On more positive matters……….

Tony Hamilton asked me into the Celtic TV to discuss various issues surrounding the club.  We spoke about how recent events elsewhere have had a galvanising impact on supporters of Celtic and other clubs, where Celtic’s future should be.  I also gave a breakdown of what the death of Rangers would mean financially to Celtic, with or without Champions League group stage qualification, talked about how it would benefit the entire Scottish game if we found a new league to play in, and the great atmosphere we have at Celtic Park these days – which you can experience if you buy a season ticket, which you absolutely-without-a-doubt-should!

Do it now.  The video is below:

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    I enjoyed that discussion Paul. Some very important points, not least Kevin’s observation that Scotland is the most democratic environment in world football.



    The increasing likelihood that Sevco will run out funds unless the fans turn out in huge numbers AND further investors pile in for big money, is hugely regrettable imo.



    A chance will have been missed to reorder the game on strong values, and instead it will again be damaged through the refusal of those in positions of influence to act for the Game.



    A wee swatch at the SFA’s Memorandum of Association is instructive now and again. How do our ‘Guardians’ measure up to the central purpose of the SFA?:



    “To promote, foster, and develop, in all its branches … the game of Association football, and to take all such steps as may be deemed necessary or advisable for preventing infringements of the rules of the game, or other improper methods or practices in the game, and for protecting it from abuses.”

  2. Thindimebhoy, Paul67…



    So when (if) Celtic acquire the Football League licence previously held by Portsmouth FC will we also inherit the following trophies?



    Football League Division 1 Champions: 1949, 1950


    Football League Division 2 (”The Championship“) Champions: 2003


    Football League Division 3 Champions: 1924, 1962, 1983


    FA Cup Winners: 1939, 2008


    FA Charity Shield Winners: 1949



    This would be no different from Sevco inheriting trophies won by Glasgow Rangers FC.

  3. Big Chips



    Aye Ki is off on Olympic duty, although as he’s in the UK you’d have thought it’d be easy for him to be available for the home tie?



    Re Ledley he has to start drop Stokes and put Joe in



  4. leftclicktic on

    Paul67,BRTH, Barcabhoy and many more


    Keep up the great work the more I read the more gratitude I have for sites like this & RTC .


    I smile (nae cringe) when I think back to the days I quoted tripe from the red tops during debate.:(((((


    Imagine still being of a mindset that you believe a word of what is written in they rags.



  5. philvisreturns on

    leftclicktic – Some of us were internet bampots before it was cool. (thumbsup)

  6. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    My friends in Celtic. Your collaboration please.



    The book is called “United For Honour.



    The plot is one of good versus evil and is somewhat Machiavellian at times.



    How do you overcome and defeat institutionalised bias, cheating, sectarianism, corruption and racism.



    The initial draft is as follows…..sensible contributions are welcomed



    Phase 1 – The plan:


    Assemble together men and women of ingenuity and goodwill. Identify what strategically has to be done. What resources are needed and where to place those of goodwill for maximum effect. Operation “No more” is now ready and waiting for the green light.



    Phase 2 – The raid:


    Gather the evidence. Activate Hector. Wait for the right moment to begin the assault of which there will be no turning back.



    Phase 3 – The timing:


    Wait for the right trigger. Begin the synchronised and systematic assaults by those of goodwill. Drip feed the evidence to “hand” at strategic times. Expose to all the arrogance, the cheating and the corruption.



    Phase 4 – The destruction:


    No name. No money. No players. No dignity. No SPL. Stripped of trophies. World wide humiliation. Criminal proceedings to follow follow.



    Phase 5 – The end game…..currently under negotiation

  7. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on




    Ha! Ha! You win again! Fortunately, that is not an outcome that awaits your political masters!




  8. celticrollercoaster supporting wee Oscar on

    I understand from my sources that Bundoran Bhoy was in the pub again at lunchtime. No doubt he will come on and make an excuse re CQN badges :-)






  9. Patrick27, we have to go 442 with two strikers home and away IMO. It’s the way we play best. If we put Ledley in at the expense of Stokes it leaves Hooper on his own, and far too easy for their defence to close down. So it would have to be Ledley instead of Sammi, pushing Commons out wide left.

  10. philvisreturns on

    merseycelt – Ha! Ha! You win again! Fortunately, that is not an outcome that awaits your political masters!



    You talkin bout Mrs P?



    She always wins I’m afraid. (thumbsup)



    Imatim – No name. No money. No players. No dignity. No SPL.



    No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it’s dark. (thumbsup)

  11. Very calm and thoughtful presentation, as always Paul.



    One wee question that did not come but which bothers me immensely is refereeing. Celtic have had some shocking refereeing by some blatantly biased officials. How will Celtic ensure unbiased refereeing this season, especially given the likelihood of some figures wanting to exact their own sense of revenge?


    Also, should Sevco ever start a game, how can the SFL ensure impartial refereeing in all Sevco’s games?

  12. I predicted this a few months ago:



    Good old PL same speel every year, butter up the fans, get them to buy season books keep the bonus money flowing in for himself, when heat comes on defer it for a year or so (at this rate he will be better paid than any player)!!! Gets NL to tell us that we may have to sell before we buy (when/if we haven’t done so are made to feel grateful), so why haven’t we sold?



    This year no ambition to get into CL, we’ve required 1/2 centre halves for a number of seasons but no sign of any. After 3 seasons we have just signed a goalkeeper!



    Now we are going to be giving more youngsters a run out, you have to admire the cojones of the man (oh he saved the club single handed with his crystal ball into the oblivion Rangers have fallen into, as that was the measure of our ambition) now what is it? .



    Puts up prices of season books, spends sfa on new players (no loans, no free transfers, no signings), offloads 9 players and their wages (some of you may have more of an idea of savings than me), yet shows no ambition to get into CL. Yet we dart half way across the world for a friendly with Real Madrid, do you think they’d be doing likewise in our shoes? I don’t. How much do we get for that?



    Would getting into CL group stage not offer higher profile games with top European teams?



    Maybe after last weeks footballing lesson we can look at the Ajax model and its costs. Maybe compare CEO salaries and see if we are getting real value for money. (not the usual argument thats what a ceo in a company the same size would get, its like comparing fans to customers).



    Good old DD must be salivating at the thought of all those wages removed, season money banked and cash cows set up for another season. If we do that for a min. of 3+ seasons till sevco get back into SPL we will have a huge warchest to go head to head with them!!! or maybe not…






    We need to stand shoulder to shoulder and work together to continue to move the Club in the right direction. (GIVE US YER MONEY CAUSE A NEED MA BONUS)



    Celtic supporters have already renewed their season tickets in huge numbers. I want to thank you all sincerely for your support. You are the lifeblood of the Club and it is wonderful that you stand with us at this very important time in our history. (THANKS CASHCOWS, SORRY CUSTOMERS, SORRY MEANT FANS!!!)



    For those fans still considering renewal or whether to buy a season ticket for the first time this year – We need you back at Celtic Park.( A MESSED UP BY ALLOWING THE WORST RANGERS TEAM EVER TO WIN 3IAR BUT IT WISNAE MA FAULT CAUSE THEY CHEATED, TO THE 10,000+ FANS WHO GAVE UP THEIR TICKETS, GONNAE COME BACK PLEASE, PLEASE!!!) It is imperative that we continue to develop this exciting young team (READ NO SIGNINGS) and give them a platform to take on the best in Europe (EUROPA LEAGUE A HOPE!). Our priority is to give Celtic every opportunity to be as successful as possible, both domestically and in European competition. It’s an ambition that every Celtic supporter, including myself (AM ONE OF YIZ IN CASE U DIDN’Y KNOW A MAN OF THE PEEPIL, SORRY PEOPLE) shares. We can only do that with your support. (MORE MONEY PLEASE! CHICHING)

  13. Tried to post this this morning but looks like the blog was down.



    Not had the chance or want to post for a while, only dipping in occasionally for a wee lurk.



    Firstly. Congratulations to Livibhoy his wife on the birth of CQN’s first birth commentary. Welcome to the world and Celtic family Charlie.



    Anyway. Not been a good couple of weeks with 1 close elderly relative and one close friend passing away within 24 hours of one another. Both will be sadly missed and take a little bit of me with them on their respective journey’s to the afterlife were I imagine their religious differences will not matter a damn to whomever is their maker.



    Having buried my relative and attended the funeral of my friend I thought I would have a few days to clear my feet at work as well as arrange my life in preparation for a well needed holiday as I fly out to Kos this evening. However, my young son thought he’d throw a spanner in the works after being admitted to York Hill hospital for an emergency op on Monday night. Thankfully all went well as his mum and dad strutted around the hospital ward in the early hours of Tuesday morning awaiting news of said op and the return of our son from the hands of the professionals. I thank them with all my heart for their efforts. I can’t say the same for the Suffering General who sent us away early Sunday morning after we attended there with mini MWD (bit of advice – always take your kids to York Hill A&E or another children’s hospital rather than one of the general hospital A&E’s if it is within commuting distance). Anyway. Young MWD has bounced back with vigour after having hidden his pain for a number of days from his mum & dad as he thought he wouldn’t be able to get away on holiday. Believe me, and I can say this without fear of being wrong, there is not a man (and I say man as a women would not be able to experience the problem my son did) amongst us who would have managed to hide the pain that my son did. The thought alone makes me feel sick in my stomach.



    Lastly. I have read the blog more this last 24 hours than I did in the previous 2 weeks. I am not religious in the sense that I participate in organised religion although being brought up Catholic my religious persuasion is probably closer to Catholic belief structure than any other. I still find Catholic church’s when empty the most peaceful places on earth. But I do not enjoy them as much when full. I do not consider myself a lapsed Catholic as there are far too many areas of church doctrine that I disagree with. However, that said church doctrine is what it is. The church has its rules and I do not believe politician’s should have a say on what any church’s rules should across any area of church doctrine. If you are religious in the sense that you attend church, temple etc. then it is your right to protect and guard your right to your beliefs and defend your church. However, if you are not religious at all I do not believe anyone has the right to attack any church or individual rule or complete doctrine of any church. If you don’t like it then just stay away and allow those that do the right to their beliefs. Catholic’s as well as many others with different religious persuasions do not believe in same sex marriage. So what. Why should that bother any of us who are not religious or part of any organised religion. Live and let live.



    As for same sex marriage. In life each of us a different. People who are attracted to those of the same sex have as much right to live their lives just as they were born to live them. Being gay or lesbian is not a life choice for the majority, if not all, the people who are. Gay and lesbian people and couples should be left to enjoy their lives and their loves as freely as those of us who are deemed to be the “norm”. However I do not believe that gay and lesbian individuals hold the right to criticise those of religion persuasion as much as I do not believe those of a religious persuasion have the right to criticise them for their sexuality. If you are gay or lesbian it should be accepted that you are never going to be able to marry in the Catholic church or another church with similar beliefs and the only route open to you is and should be civil marriage, something that you should be afforded without question. To demand anything else is just ridiculous. Although having said that I do not believe that homosexual individual’s or couples have ever demanded this right or if they have it has been a very small minority of them who have. Live and let live.



    Sorry for the rant. Heading off to arrange a few things before I take flight to meet a few Greek gods and goddesses and enjoy some welcome sunshine and loads of cold beer.



    Take care all. If you are religious then keep your prayers flowing across the Irish sea for Wee Oscar and if you are not religious let your thoughts join those prayers on their flight. But more importantly keep the cash and donations flowing to the Wee fella.



    CRC/Bundorran – you better keep me my badges to collect on my return.



    I’m away to catch my airy.



    Hail Hail.




  14. stevietar - putting the turd back into the turd division on

    Of course there’s a new thread a few minutes after a rare post from me! Oh well, here it is again, in case it takes off… :^)



    Might be nice if Celtic fans were to adopt Sevco as their “wee team”… might even have some bearing on the new name, colours, kit design etc… Just saying.

  15. G’day CQNers



    I’ve just watched Paul’s broadcast and very enjoyable it was. I followed that with BRTH’s contribution at 12:52……..absolutely brilliant.



    The quality of some of the contributions filed regularly by our very own “Internet Bampots” is something that Celtic Quick News can be immensely proud of.



    BRTH, TBB and James Forrest are among my personal favourites but some of these contributions ought to be seen by a greater audience than ourselves.



    I just wish that anyone on this blog with any influence at all would make some effort to educate and enlighten the neutral and uninformed about the real mess Rangers FC brought to Scottish football to say nothing of Scottish society as a whole.



    Well done and congratulations to BRTH on your latest submission and power to your elbow.



    Hail Hail

  16. philvisreturns on

    Bloke109 – Does Mitt Romney go hand in glove with David Cameron?



    What are you implying? A fifty shades of Dave kind of scenario? Brokeback Coalition?



    I don’t think they’re livin’ la vida loca, but what do I know? I always thought George Michael was a ladies man. (thumbsup)

  17. merseycelt lmfao as the big house door slams shut on




    Was it your good lady’s interest in naked capitalism that attracted her to you?



    This may explain why you’ve been pretending to be a right wing loon ball!



    She’s not Kojo, is she?




  18. paolosboots, I didn’t think PL took up his contractual entitlement to receive a bonus last year, which was worth a not inconsiderable amount of money. If your employer offered to pay you double the usual overtime rate and an additional £5k bonus, would you have foregone these in order to support your employer’s financial wellbeing?

  19. philvisreturns on 26 July, 2012 at 14:09 said:


    I always thought George Michael was a ladies man. (thumbsup)




    seemed he preferred to hang out in the Gents

  20. TheGreenManalishi(WithTheTwoProngedCrown) on




    Wonderful post as usual. Two points that struck me:


    1. Dave King receiving £15m back, was unaware of this, are there any references in the public domain ?


    2. Craig Whyte paid off two Lloyds a/cs ? again any reference to this ?



    Keep up the good work


    Hail Hail

  21. philvisreturns on

    merseycelt – Was it your good lady’s interest in naked capitalism that attracted her to you?



    That and my enormous (thumbsup)



    She’s not Kojo, is she?



    We are all Kojo a loater. (thumbsup)

  22. saltires en sevilla on

    Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 26 July, 2012 at 12:52 said:










  23. philvisreturns on

    Ron Bacardi – seemed he preferred to hang out in the Gents



    He was only caught after a careless whisper. (thumbsup)

  24. The Battered Bunnet on




    Helluva week. Enjoy the break.



    You back in time for the golf?

  25. Bigchipsuk, Fair point but how much money does he need and is this in line with other football clubs of similar size and structure. PL has to be accountable to the fans and in my opinion he went too far. But a yes manager helps, and we were 45minutes away from chaos last season which may have put pressure on his job. Something has to give!

  26. Am watching channel 4 and First Men on the Moon – crap special effects and load of tosh from the early sixties, when I thought it was believable and scary

  27. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 26 July, 2012 at 12:52 said: “Good Afternoon”



    It wasnt till I read that post mate, absolutely superb.





    Hope the wee fella is well on the mend, enjoy your break



    CRC/Bundoran Bum


    Offeeshul CQN badge and macaroon bar sellers you should know better than to hang around dodgy pubs of a lunchtime, anyway where do you find all this spare time, are you teachers or something?

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