Brozek in Glasgow chess game. Check.


Two years ago I had a memorable journey from one end of Poland to the other, mostly in silent prayer that our man from Poland would slow down, to check out a few footballers, including Wisla Krakow striker, Pawel Brozek, who obliged with a goal.

Pawel has played mostly as a lone striker, he can hold the ball up and bring others into the game.  He’s not a particularly tricky player but he has good positional sense inside the box.  His move to Trabzonspor last year hasn’t worked out well as he has played back up to scoring sensation, Burak Yilmaz, who is averaging better than a goal per game in the league this season.  Brozek’s record at Wisla was comparable to Maciej Zurawski, who he replaced as top striker in the league.

The Polish CQN brigade told me Celtic should move for Pawel and his twin brother before Trabzonspor signed them.  When news leaked that Pawel was a target to replace ex-Rangers player (too soon?) Nikica Jelavic our man in Poland suggested he would pick up a lot of points for Rangers in the SPL.

If he comes to Celtic on a six month loan both parties will have plenty of opportunity to figure out if there is long term fit.  In the meantime, should Pawel arrive we have someone to put pressure on Gary Hooper and Anthony Stokes and the Cheeky Chappie will have to consider his next move (again, too soon?).

On the subject of Jelavic….  Remember in August 2010 when we were told he “effectively went on strike” to engineer his escape from Rapid Vienna after the player declared he wasn’t able to face Aston Villa?  I hear he’s unable to play against Hibs this afternoon.

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  1. Blindlemonchitlin on

    I think their game is mega importante today.



    Their morale is at rock bottom.



    Any points loss may tip the hordes over the edge.



    A win might buy them wriggle room.



    Death, I say.

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Monaghan1900: 28 January, 2012 at 14:36



    A fantastic read. It has certainly warmed up a cold day. That is one desperate individual.



    Not so long ago it was ’54 and counting’ … now it’s just a matter of time before it’s “49 and finished…”

  3. Monaghan1900says:



    28 January, 2012 at 14:36


    Here’s some more from the same inmate.




    That lad has made a valid point. A high level summit meeting of the EU should be held next week. Rangers are bigger than a backward third world like Greece.


    Bail out Rangers.


    The Germans must help bail them out. The bankers of Europe have a responsibility here. This is not fair.


    I will start a collection for them here in Manchester. They are so highly regarded down here I expect to raise thousands in hours.


    Hoping the Mayor of Barcelona can get involved. In fact the whole if Spain.

  4. Mark of the hunday mail, just said on clyde



    Th eleague is rangers to lose, they can do it without any favours from anyone,






    Hope springs eternal



    Always talking them up, when will the penny drop







  5. Scottish football update: Well, the Ayrshire clasico has been more el squibo dampo so far (apologies to Spanish speakers everywhere). Kilmarnock have done all the pressing but can’t find a way past Ayr United keeper Kevin Cuthbert. We’re into extra time at Hampden in the League Cup semi-final (BBC)

  6. No harm to the Blessed martin, but i hope paul lambert gets a result today.


    what a job he has done so far,







  7. Stefferano del Bhoyo (but you can call me Neil Lennon) says:


    28 January, 2012 at 14:51



    Wish I could say I had made it up – you really couldn’t though, could you? If, as Goldstar suggests, it is a Timposter, it’s brilliant.



    When the tam tit hits the fan after the tax case result (maybe even before it) let’s see what the great and the good and the finger-fondlers of our society will be pressing for. Might not be far removed from the ravings of the maniac quoted above.

  8. Eyes Wide Open on

    Id rather go for a wee bit of an unknown quantity in the hope they turn out to be good because when they are good they can be very very good – Victor Wanyama or they can turn out to be unknown for good reason – Morten Rasmusson.



    Much rather try something than go for something we all know exactly what we will get from – Daryl Murphy

  9. iJust watched the first few minutes of the huns game. That is the worst Hibs team I’ve ever seen, ever.

  10. aluko left-footed FK from 30yrds out on right wing – goes at least 45degrees, maybe 55degrees away over the bar, still rising as we speak




  11. With the current focus on bigotry (Scotland) and racism (England), it always amazes me the number of neandethrals that still go week in week out to support a team that, on the park at least, is so out of tune with their own views.


    How do Rangers fans justify their anti-Catholic views and WATP superiority when, for the last 20 years, their team has had plenty of RCs? Just because the players don’t cross themselves doesn’t turn them into footsoldiers of King Billy.


    It would be akin to the Nazis fielding a team of Jews and then claiming that victory reflected the master race’s superiority.


    Will the penny never drop?

  12. archdeaconsbench on

    Apologies if this has already been brought up but someone told me that Chick Hun and Traynor were talking there on BBC, Chick apparently said words to the effect that ‘as you and I know Jim, this goes a lot deeper than the tax case, details of which I am not will ing to divulge…’ Then Traynor gave him a ‘verbal nod…’ Anyone else hear it???

  13. young (Dan) Doyle misses a good chance centre of goal 16yrds out – goes off defender?goalie? for a corner?



    from a slide thro pass beat the offside

  14. Moonbeams WD. Kano 1000 \o/ Supporting Neil Lennon 100%. says:


    28 January, 2012 at 15:15



    You mean you want me to go on there again! I just used the last of the bastardoline after the last visit.



    In fairness, the first reaction was that the poster had been consuming larger than healthy beakers of strong drink. They appear, however, to take the view that he is serious and the debate continues as though among the sound of mind. The poster is now suggesting that Hearts losing the league on the last day to us was down to the unfair advantage we had.

  15. The Carstairs inmate has a point about reckless spending whilst others break even.



    Celtic last four transfer window (including this one) Net spend = -£4m (that’s minus £4m, as in, we made a profit on sales)


    Rangers last four transfer windows (including this one) Net spend = £4m (oh dear, £4m overspend)

  16. Son of Gabriel on




    Your radio pucks up verbal nods?





    Now THAT is a stat I like.

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