Burden of history against Kilmarnock


I don’t like the run-up to home games against Kilmarnock, this was especially so when Gordon Strachan was manager.  Someone would always ask Gordon the 1955 question, “Gordon, did you know….”  If you don’t know the question, don’t go looking for it.  It’s a fact that should ostensibly give you confidence but it only puts me into a nervous disposition.  During Gordon’s time, every game felt like a must-win game.  The carnage on here after a 2-2 home draw with Dundee United lives long in the memory, so the burden of a reversal at home to Kilmarnock would have been intolerable.

Celtic have an enormously impressive history which can inspire great things in the support but sometimes it’s evidently a burden to those having to go out and win the next game.  Jock Stein’s famous, “The Celtic jersey doesn’t shrink to fit inferior players” quote was meant to inspire greatness and awe, but I’ve seen it used to damn contemporary players who were in no way inferior to some who played for Celtic in Jock’s latter years in charge.

Kilmarnock beat Rangers last time out and will feel as though they let two points slip away against us earlier in the season.  Celtic should be sufficiently concerned to avoid premature Christmas cheer.

Best wishes to our friends at the Melbourne No. 1 CSC, who will be celebrating Christmas during tomorrow’s game.

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  1. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    Yon Jimmy Bell your talking about,is he an extremely fat,ugly,bald guy with jam jar glasses? I think it was him who was interviewed in the halls of the hunnery before they got pumped by wee Dick,I remember him being asked about he of dignified,deserved success,straight away he replied in his uneducated,gorilla growl-‘The man deserves a knighthood!’,the itv interviewer said ‘Is that for boring us all to this final Jimmy and asking for unprecedented extensions and rearrangements?’

  2. blantyretim says:


    24 December, 2011 at 11:07






    Fair point. It’s shopping for me once I finish in here. Well, via Angel’s of course to watch the Saints until they go 1 or 2-0 down…






  3. Good afternoon all. A wee story about my visit to Glasgow last week.


    On the Friday morning I enjoyed a stroll out to a well known ‘Celtic’ pub on the


    Gallowgate just at the Barras. Bought a few T-shirts and CD’s at Timland for the mates Christmas’s back in Jersey. Anyway, on entering said bar I was greeted by the barman ‘where’s yer big mate the day’?


    I sat with my back to the front door and watched Tam pour my pint of Guinness.


    I was aware of only one other person in the bar sitting at the far end. Older CQN punters will remember Giant Haystacks the wrestler, well this guy was his double. Younger bloggers think of a bigger version of Robbie Coltrane’s character in Harry Potter. A mountain of a man he was anyway and acknowledged me with a raising of his massive eyebrows. The hair and beard had never been trimmed in all his life and he had the general look and presence of a man who had just killed a bear and decided to come into town for a pint.



    I was just getting into my newspaper when I heard the pub door creak open. A small man in his fifties with a suit and collar and tie stood between myself and the mountain. Good morning he said to both of us and I replied ‘Morning’. Tam served him his pint then went through to the Lounge.


    I heard the wee guy say to the big guy, “Can I get you something”?


    Big guy replies, “I could go a cuddle”!


    Whit!! Wee guy replies.


    Big guy repeats “I could go a cuddle”!


    Wee guy gulps the loudest gulp I have ever heard, sips his pint and says “I will be back in a minute, I’m going for a fag” exits the pub never to be seen again.


    Tam comes through from the lounge and says,


    “Jamie, whit the **** have I told you about terrifying strangers”?


    The three of us then burst out laughing.


    I enjoy living in Jersey but boy do I miss the humour of Glasgow.


    Paddy Gallagher says:


    24 December, 2011 at 12:20




    Paddy….Do you know if there is a Doctor John Curran practicing on Jersey?



    An old school pal, but not sure whether he is living on Guernsey or Jersey.










    24 December, 2011 at 12:25



    Paddy Gallagher says:


    24 December, 2011 at 12:20



    Paddy….Do you know if there is a Doctor John Curran practicing on Jersey?



    An old school pal, but not sure whether he is living on Guernsey or Jersey.




    Not personaly mate, wll ask about for you if you want to catch up with him.

  6. hamiltontim says:



    24 December, 2011 at 12:26



    Paddy G



    Pretty sure I know the guy you’re talking about





    I thought of you when I was there, had a few in the Traders on the Saturday (Christmas party)

  7. May not have time to come back on,so to all Tims,A Happy Christmas.


    Beannachtai na Nollag.


    God JuL



  8. Paddy



    Drank in Traders for many many years some great memories but its never been the same since the Quinns sold it.






    The man mountain, a well kent face in the Calton :-)

  9. Just read on the Beeb that St. Mirren have drafted in fit-again Lee Mair for this afternoon. That guy is utterly hopeless. Rangers will score a minimum of 3 goals today.









  10. Hi all and Hail Hail.



    A couple of posters asked how I was doing last night as I dont post much these days.



    As I replied to them I am very well. Some of you may know I stopped drinking in March. It’s going very well and I have support from various people. I really have no desire to drink just now (those of you in the know will realise that ain’t 100% true, but near as damn).



    I was really touched when I ‘came out’ on here as an alcoholic, and realise that a few of you have been through the same thing. Well I wish you all the best. I’ve been to 3 games now without a drink before or after,and while the experience is different it is not diminished.



    Xmas is hard for lots of other people too. Lost loved ones, lonliness, lack of cash to treat the kids etc feels much harder when we are being urged to be happy. So spare a thought for them.



    All I want for Xmas is the evil empire to crumble. Unfortunately it ain’t going to happen, at least to my satisfaction.



    My resolution is to meet more CQNers. Thanks for a great site Paul and all the best to everyone.

  11. Meant to add I couldn’t find any value on betting on the Bhoys today so I went for a Penalty awarded at the Huns game! Shirley easy money!

  12. Forster; Cha, Wanyama, Mulgrew, Ledley; Forrest, Kayal, Ki, Brown; Samaras & Hooper.



    Subs:Zaluska, Izaguirre, Bangura, K Wilson, McCourt, Rogne & McGeouch.

  13. sos



    happy christmas in a couple of minutes,


    make sure you are first to post on the new thread at 1pm CP time..

  14. Merry Christmas Bhoys, Always a great read on this site, even if i don’t post all the time. Been a strange year. Hail Hail!!!!