Caring about the Celtic reputation


I was at a lecture in Glasgow a few years back on certain mental health conditions when the presenter claimed 1% of the population met the criteria for psychopathy.  In a theatre with 700 people, he noted, that meant 7 of us.

My mind immediately did the sum; 1% of 60,000 people: 600!  You would think 600 psychopaths littered through a football stadium would create mania, but it doesn’t work like that.  Even psychopaths learn to moderate their behaviour to conform in most circumstances.  The power of those around them is important.

I was not at Tannadice on Monday and did not hear any of the offensive material I am assured was sung by some in the Celtic support.  This was an issue (although not always viewed as a problem) for decades, before the move the new Celtic Park stopped it.  That hiatus ended in 2011 when we listened to Oldco fans signing their songbook at Hampden, convinced the book would be thrown at them, before hearing then-Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, praise fans for their behaviour.  The floodgates have never been completely closed since.

What matters most is not that you have some who stand among you who are prepared to tarnish your reputation, but how everyone else responds.  If even psychopaths moderate their behaviour, the almost universal condemnation of the behaviour Celtic fans have shown since Monday will help us police ourselves.  All of us who care about Celtic, have a responsibility to raise our voice.

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  1. Ach Paul67, apparently they are just ‘wind-up merchants’ according to Ernie, and you (and other concerned Celtic fans) are just moaners.




  2. Tom McLaughlin on

    Just bought 3 tickets for Celtic B v Rangers B in April.



    All tickets for sale are in North Stand lower.



    Our CSC is running a bus that night.



    Bring on the Rangers B’s.

  3. Maybe time the new CEO sat down with the GB rep and politely discussed this. Not like we have a shortage of Celtic songs to sing.

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  5. P67- about time this was addressed, to the best of my knowledge, our current captain and the previous one, as well as my favourite ever Celtic player Danny McGrain,our greatest ever manager Jock Stein,are/were protestants. Time to stop the nonsense.

  6. DENIABHOY on 16TH MARCH 2022 12:16 PM


    Maybe time the new CEO sat down with the GB rep and politely discussed this. Not like we have a shortage of Celtic songs to sing.




    What if it’s not the green brigade , the club know who are getting tickets and they might have an idea who doing the singing .

  7. Good afternoon from a damp drizzly North Staffs.


    Club open to all – the add-ons would suggest otherwise.

  8. Tom McLaughlin on




    The song was started up by the GB and soon spread through the stand, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was the GB who sang the offending lyrics.

  9. I’ve read that psychopathy is not an official diagnosis. The condition is called antisocial personality disorder. Perhaps an expert can confirm or refute this.


    I would hesitate to say that the Celtic supporters Paul67 refers to display the characteristics associated with this condition. They are the characteristics of a Boris Johnson. Perhaps the supporters concerned are just uneducated and immature.

  10. Lets call out the offensive singing.



    These guys are not welcome at our club.



    D :)

  11. Tobago Street on

    The intolerant amongst us should not be made welcome. The club and the support should not be open to intolerance.




  12. One advantage to reaching middle age is that you can firm your views on issues and never feel the need to just go with the crowd.



    If I had a category (I don’t and subscribe to no religion), I’d be classed as protestant.



    I’ve supported Celtic since my first childhood memory.



    I’m not offended by those songs; just pissed that some of our support must drag themselves down to the level of the other mob.



    Leave them to their ignorance.



    On reading some of the comments I see on CQN, it looks like many of the readers are in my age group so comments here won’t reach the immature and insecure folks that are letting our club down.



    I hope the club find a more appropriate medium because I don’t believe it will be self controlled – hope I’m wrong.



  13. Would they sing ‘ no Muslims/ Sikhs / Jews/ etc’ so why protestants. It’s 2022 for God’s sake.


    And cut out the IRA stuff.

  14. TOBAGO STREET on 16TH MARCH 2022 1:02 PM


    The intolerant amongst us should not be made welcome.



    Before Ernie strikes…



    Does that mean you shouldn’t be made welcome ?



    Asking for a friend 😁😁😜😜










    not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one’s own.


    “as a society we are more intolerant of certain types of violence than we were in the past”

  15. TOBAGO STREET on 16TH MARCH 2022 1:02 PM


    “The intolerant amongst us should not be made welcome.”



    I see what you did there ;)







  16. Our clocks went forward last weekend. Means I am only 4 hours behind all my friends in the old country. Also means podium chasing is a little trickier as new articles no longer land as I sip my coffee and read the news.



    Seems two of our new kids Reo Hatate and Daizen Maeda have been called up by Japan for World Cup qualifiers against Australia and Vietnam. Please lord no injuries.



    Big Jimmy oot the jail yet?



    I saw some Bono chatter earlier. US had 3 or 4 phenomenal albums. Half way through the Rattle & Hum movie you can see Bono being consumed by his own *ss.



    Bono fell off stage once.


    He was standing too close to The Edge.



    Back to work.

  17. I’m no stranger to some good rebel tunes in my back yard or in the car. Was guilty of a few wee add-ons when I attended the games prior to moving to the colonies. Plenty of good songs can be sung with gusto and heart while driving the team on.

  18. Paul67



    It would be preferable if we as a club, videoed and tried every way possible of limiting access to tickets,limiting access to tickets for those who supply tickets to the singers.


    We are not doing enough.and this sectarianism has got to stop.i find it highly offensive as a Catholic and one with knowledge of Irish republicanism.we have the tech to shine a light on them.



    Or we could label them psychopaths and do nowt.


    Ie you know what the madyins are like,it’ll pass… when ? As its sectarian acid trickles down






    Refugees are welcome.Racism has no place in Celtic

  19. Much of the daft singing had virtually disappeared at home games, up until a few years ago. It’s gradually got worse. I’d say the upper North stand is worse than the GB on this. We also seem to be losing the funny savvy quality the support used to have. I’m sorry to say, we seem to be dumbing down. Singing about how good it is to be a Catholic and IRA, whilst real war rages nearby. 😕

  20. Tobago Street on

    Bognorbhoy, yeah, it’s a tricky one.



    Quadbhoy, glad you noticed! 😉




  21. Some of our best players were Protestant.Really upset to hear about that song.I have a couple of friends who are Protestant and better Celtic supporters would be hard to find and i’m sure we all have similar stories of


    loved ones and friends.Disappointed for sure.

  22. Just for a change of Topics ,has any of you boys heard about The Hotel Ticket Office,Musuem,and the upgrade to Barrowfield Training Ground .

  23. Tom McLaughlin on

    I have no problem with the IRA songs. I have and still do sing them on occasion, usually on the supporters bus.



    I’m an atheist but I do like the ‘Papa Francesco’ chant, even more so when it’s ‘Ange Postecoglou’.



    It’s the ‘soon there’ll be no protestants at all’ and the ‘orange b*****’ stuff we need to weed out.

  24. garygillespieshamstring on

    I object to people ruining good rebel songs by introducing offensive add ons or altering the lyrics to include offensive versions.


    Leave them as the writers intended please.

  25. I saw someone claim on Facebook that it wouldn’t have been the GB who were responsible as they don’t get involved in religion. They don’t sing Papa Francesco because of it’s links with Catholicism. I don’t know if this is accurate or not. Maybe others can shed some light on this.

  26. I post on here about once every 5 years. I stopped attending away games about then because I was deeply affronted at Tannadice that my Irish friend and I could barely see the game for the morons around us who were more interested in abusing United fans than watching the football. Behaving like rabble and knuckledraggers gives others an excuse to point the finger. We are entitled to our own views on faith, politics and football. We have no right to abuse others. See you in another 5 years.

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