Celtic 3-0 Rangers*


Celtic outclassed what could simultaneously be both the worst Rangers** team in past 20 years and the best in the next 20 years.

**If they survive.

Goals win games but on so many occasions in the 124 year history of these games brave tackles are equally important and it was an exceptional tackle from Adam Matthews which set this contest alight.  Lee Wallace was in possession when Matthews hooked the ball away from him before whipping in a cross which Goian knocked off the toes of Hooper and behind for a corner.

Kris Commons was to have an enormous influence on the game starting with the resultant 17th minute corner.  Rangers marked man-to-man but as the Celtic players inside the box moved towards the front post a huge zone was left unmarked at the back post.  The ball was inside the box before Charlie Mulgrew but the Celtic defender was flying and dived full-length to head downwards.  The bounce left Allan McGregor no chance.

Celtic’s stranglehold on the game was a result of their domination of the key midfield area.  Rangers played with Little and Aluko either side of McCulloch up front but Celtic matched up with a risky three in central defence, Loovens, Mulgrew and Wanyama.  Such was the gulf in class between Rangers forward players and Celtic’s defenders that the profit Celtic gained in midfield didn’t have a corresponding debit in defence.

Kris Commons scored his first goal of the season on 31 minutes.  Gary Hooper collected on the by-line before playing a square pass into space 25 yards from goal.  Commons was first to the ball but feigned forward before pulling back and allowing the ball to pass across his body.  This fooled Kyle Bartley into lunging for a tackle in a space Commons never ventured into.  The deliciously intelligent move unlocked Rangers defences; Commons was clean through with only the keeper to beat, and boy did he beat him.

With McGregor advancing as though the tax man was chasing him, Commons was the personification of cool, carried the ball until 13 yards out and chipped the goalkeeper.

Although Charlie Mulgrew’s crossing was missed, the addition of Emilio Izaguirre, Commons and Adam Matthews into midfield ensured Celtic were always comfortable and threatening in possession.  This allowed Scott Brown and Joe Ledley to dominate the central midfield area.  Brown played his best game of the season, putting his body between ball and opponent innumerable times, no matter the odds.

By half time, the only question was, how many?

The record books will show a Kris Commons tackle won the ball off Ross McCabe on 54 minutes before Giorgios Samaras passed to Gary Hooper.  Hooper’s shot from the 18 yard line rifled into the top corner to complete the scoring.

I said the record books would show this is how the goal happened but another version of events will say that coordinated singing from Celtic fans spooked an inhibited looking Rangers team.

*In administration.

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  1. Kilbowie Kelt on

    How good was that ?


    How good do I feel after what could prove to be the last ever Glasgow Derby ?


    I will slightly misquote Walter Scott.



    ‘ Breathes there a man with soul so dead,


    That never to himself has said,


    This is MY OWN,…MY Glasgow Celtic.’



    Having said that, my sympathy tonight goes to Craig Thomson & his family in this time of their greatest loss.

  2. ‘its queens park in july……..its queens park in july…you know it is were it is. Its queens park in july’

  3. johann murdoch on

    Just back….



    We outplayed them



    We out sang them



    We are the champions!






    Well done the green brigade a simply stunning display

  4. One of two scenarios will play out next:



    The Blue Knights will come up with a big bundle of cash and outbid Bill Miller. Craigy-bhoy will see the error of his ways and pass his shares on to Ticketus in lieu of what they owe him. The Blue Knights will do a deal with Ticketus to pay some cash in the short term and the rest over time. The Big Tax Case bill will be much less than anyone predicted. The CVA will be agreed. The Blue Knights will take over to a tremendous fanfare. A share issue will raise enough money for a summer war chest.



    – or –



    The Big Tax Case will deliver a £70M bill. The Blue Knights will argue amongst themselves. Bill Miller will run like hell. D&P will issue a deadline. The Blue Knights will miss it and then Paul Miller will deliver a very final bid just after it. D&P will declare it incapable of acceptance. Liquidation will follow. Ticketus will sue Craig Whyte. Lots of other people will sue each other. A lot of lawyers will make a lot of money. Rangers will disappear and the assets won’t be sold until all of the court cases and appeals are played out. Dundee will be promoted to the SPL, someone will be promoted to divisions 1 and 2 and a non league club will join the third division for next season.



    Which is your money on??

  5. celt55 on 29 April, 2012 at 18:08 said:



    Lennox was extremely unselfish on that occasion.

  6. Kilbowie Kelt on

    the long wait is over on 29 April, 2012 at 18:06 said:



    TimJim on 29 April, 2012 at 17:16 said:


    Of subject and I underastand if I do not get a response.Anyone of you aulder cqners tell me who the short arse actor was in the early fifties who was the star of many cowboy and war films




    Audie Murphy. ?

  7. midfield maestro on

    At dinner table, telling Mrs MM & 2 mini MM’s about the Green Brigade in 2nd half, all bare chested & waving their t shirts in the air. Mini MM asks, ‘dad why did you not start it at your end’. Brilliant. Have you seen my torso? No thanks.

  8. timbhoy in spain on 29 April, 2012 at 18:05



    Thanks for that.


    Ron deserves a lot of praise for all his charity work and getting up in the wee small hours to study the horses for us.


    I hope that he does get a Cheltenham horse for us for next year, I prefer the jumps.


    Do you use the 500Club forum. I’ve just registered with it under.

  9. the long wait is over on

    Just reread my post on the last page



    Got Henrik’s name wrong and the score wrong “5-2”. Ffs.




    Am I a Hun?

  10. As a Celtic fan described in a phone in a few weeks ago.


    For us, this is mega pay back time.


    And today we should extract every thin dime.

  11. Congratulations bhoys and ghirls. This is a day I will never forget assuming I can remember it tomorrow! One love!

  12. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Alan Ladd was the shortest– had to stand on a Box to kiss some leading ladies apparently– and of course starred in Shane!

  13. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on 29 April, 2012 at 18:20 said:



    Understandable if one of them was Ugly Betty.

  14. Paul67 et al



    Audie Murphy, that guy has got nearly as many medals as er Ali McCoist, which tells you a thing or two.



    I would like to thank Rangers FC, first for offering to play us in our first ever match, and getting beat by three goals, and secondly for playing us in their very last game, and, well you know the rest..



    Fantastic show by all representing Celtic Football Club today, Champions one and all. Deserved mentions for the goalscorers, Hoops, Krissy and Charlie Bhoy. A special salute to the Celtic Man from Lurgan. Player, Captain, and Manager, Neil Francis Lennon!

  15. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Bonbhoy. Have you been a member of this racing club for long?


    If so, what sort of strike rate and average SP are we talking about?

  16. Stairheedrammy on

    The most comfortable I have ever felt at one of these derbies. The GB display was phenomenal (I only saw it on here as I’m in section 111 and only see the back of them) and we ripped the angry mob apart on the pitch. MoM is difficult as we had a few excellent performers today- though Broonie tackled everything



  17. midfield maeatro –



    hope you were suitably attired for the EK weather yesterday for your trip to the Museum of Country Life!

  18. Philbhoy,



    Audie Murphy was indeed their most decorated soldier.


    Good biography of him by Charles Whiting.


    Seems he suffered from PTSD for many years, often slept with a gun under his pillow.


    However condition was never recognised until many years later, he could never reach that high or adrenalin rush in civilian life that he experienced in combat.

  19. By Ewing Grahame


    Rangers’ liquidation


    could herald a welcome


    new start to Old Firm





    With no deal in place to buy the 83.5 per


    cent shareholding of discredited owner


    Craig Whyte and the verdict from the Top


    Tier tax tribunal imminent, the current


    incarnation of Rangers increasingly looks as


    though it is going through its death throes.


    However, anyone expecting sympathy from


    the home support for that predicament at


    this, the 399th (and possibly the last) Old


    Firm encounter, would have been


    disappointed long before the kick-off on




    Banners displayed reading “Racism,


    fascism, sectarianism, no place in Scottish


    football – let the bigots die” and “Craig


    Whyte Celtic legend” plus the four horsemen


    of the apocalypse with the heads of Whyte,


    Neil Lennon and Hector the taxman


    superimposed alongside the legend: “Your


    day is coming.”


    Others displayed gravestones with the


    inscriptions “Rangers RIP” and “Rot in hell.”


    Welcome to Glasgow.


    The baiting was racked up a notch when


    Charlie Mulgrew was given the freedom of


    Rangers’ penalty area to run in and head


    Kris Commons’ corner behind Allan


    McGregor, sparking chants of: “We’re having


    a party when Rangers die.”


    Even so, it wasn’t until Gary Hooper played


    in Kris Commons for a splendid goal –


    incredibly, his first of a disappointing


    campaign – that the green party truly got


    under way.


    The enmity between the two sets of fans


    was all too clear, with the Celtic contingent


    celebrating their rivals’ potential liquidation


    while the visiting band resurrected Derry’s


    Walls .


    It wasn’t always like this. Celtic’s very first


    match was a Glasgow derby against


    Sunday’s opponents on May 28, 1888.


    Celtic won that friendly 5-2 in front of a


    crowd of 2,000, who paid six old pence


    apiece to watch the proceedings. The first


    competitive meeting came in the league at


    Parkhead on March 21, 1891, when the


    teams fought out a 2-2 draw.


    Back then the support had yet to be split


    along religious divides: that would emerge


    early in the 20th century.


    Perhaps, if the worst comes to the worst


    and Rangers are forced to emerge as a


    newco, this fixture can eventually return to


    its roots without the toxicity which currently


    surrounds it.


    Should that prove to be the case, it would


    be the one positive to be drawn from this


    sorry situation.

  20. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    All very, very satisfying.



    A loss today would have had some of us wondering just how good the side was and would have given them reason amid the gloom to see some light.

  21. the long wait is over on

    Stair heed



    Broony was phenomenal today I thought.



    Have you seen the replay of Commons goal and Broony grinning at the rangers fans after he falls off the heap of players?



    A great wee moment to match Charlie pi**ing himself laughing at Broadfoot in the NYD game.




  22. Snigger. Just saw lap of honour. Tannoy blasting ‘Don’t look back in anger’



    …….Soooo, Sally can wait…..

  23. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on




    Sounds like an interesting read.




  24. Stairheedrammy on

    Long wait



    I just saw the Broonie clip there on SSN- he really shows them he’s enjoying it




  25. midfield maestro on



    Yes, a very enjoyable afternoon indeed, a bit cold up top of hill, nice wee cafe, if a tad pricey.

  26. sparkleghirl –



    the choice of music after tyhe final whistle was in keeping with the afternoon –


    1. We’re Having A Party


    2. Don’t Look Back In Anger


    and then, best of all, The Three Degrees with


    3. When Will I See You Again…



    All that was missing was from The Beatles’ Revolver album , Side 1, Track 1…..

  27. Jobo — :) :) I still had the stream on when Having a party came on, but missed the others. Oh what joy!

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