Celtic interims report turnover up


Celtic published a decent set of interim results this afternoon for the 6 months to 31 December 2015 but chairman, Ian Bankier’s address gets down to business with, “One the park, it has been a frustrating season”.

The sale of Virgil van Dijk contributed to a £12.6m income for player trading, balanced by £6.1m spent on the acquisition of Jozo Simunovic, Scott Allan, Saidy Janko Ryan Christie and Nadir Ciftci. This brought pre-tax profit to £11.7m, with cash in the bank at £7.7m (up from £5.3m a year earlier).

Turnover was up by an inch to £31.4m as the club traded at an operating profit for the period of £1.564m (before player trading). The second half of the year is devoid of European football income, not that the Europa League is that much of a game changer.

I know financial stability isn’t an end in itself, but it’s important nonetheless.

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  1. We are a football club.







    Just like Wycombe Wnderers.







    Just like Alloa.







    We are a football club.







    We are not Real Madrid.







    We are not Manchester United.







    Neither are we Juventus or Barcelona either and I thank my only God for blessing me one of Celtic’s sons.







    We are a wee, parochial,l football club that set the world on fire… not in 1967.







    We set the world on fire in 1888.







    We were born of An Gorta Mor.







    From horrible, slow, painful, degrading, deaths, and they counted them in the millions, we were conceived.







    We were conceived as one for the one.







    The one being compassion.







    Don’t you believe me…







    Ask Kano.







    Ask the Thai Tims.



    Ask Mary’s Meals.




    Ask yourself.



    Living wage on the horizon???

  2. It’s Friday it’s five to five it’s;






















    Ambrose ::::::::::::Brown::::::::::::::::Bitton:::::::::::::::Tierney
























    A mouthwatering Saturday in Parkheed CSC

  3. Timaloy29



    You are correct – it was Uli Hoeness and not KHR who is a convicted tax dodger.



    I am a Mexican Cowboy.


    Back to more lurking

  4. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Burgas Hoops


    Thanks bur no, not Converse. The shoes I am thinking of were purely running shoes. I think Converse did basketball.




  5. Philbhoy - SACK THE LOT OF THEM! on

    If we win the League Cup and the Scottish Cup that will compensate for the lack of European football.



    Oh, wait a minute……………………

  6. Mr Pastry, from earlier, and none taken :-)


    I agree that we have to sell to make ends meet, the players you mention had no intention of staying, nor did we have any notions on keeping them, they were bought along with countless others in the hope of making it and selling for a vast profit, the scouts deserve the credit for this, but when you weigh up all the others that didn’t make it, all the millions wasted, which you fail to mention, the garden ain’t so rosy.


    I have praised Pedro many times for keeping the club on an even keel money wise, he is doing a grand job considering where we are, but his acumen is not being transferred to the pitch, and it’s the pitch where it matters, we are a football club after all.


    Now, due to the lack of CL football the past couple of seasons, due to the fact we don’t have any big money players that we can sell for huge profit, we are in a bit of a bind financially to make ends meet, that is down to the gamble that Pedro took by not investing the money wisely imo, received for the likes of VW, Forster, KI, Ledely, Mathews, Hooper, VvD etc.


    We could and should have built a spine for the team, a spine that had no sell on value, a spine that had the nous to take on the likes of Malmo and Maribor.


    We are where we are cos of the lack of quality investment in the playing staff, the scatter gun strategy is failing rapidly, what next, sell The Griff, Biton ? Where will that leave us ?


    Can you enlighten the blog as you seem to have all the answers :-)


    Or we could just play the balance sheet and frighten the bejezuz out of the oppo !!!



  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    “I know financial stability isn’t an end in itself, but it’s important nonetheless.”



    No need to pander to the angry mob! ( and I mean on here, not the Sevco hordes!),




  8. Philbhoy - SACK THE LOT OF THEM! on

    I would play Balance Sheet in stead of GMS!



    Seriously, GMS?



    What no Forrest?

  9. foghorn leghorn on

    so turnovers are up an inch



    is that not because the pastry chef used too much self raising flour?

  10. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    No, not those either. I think there were about eight or so letters in the name but, again, I could be miles off!


    Thanks anyway,




  11. Foghorn leghorn,



    I say I remember when turnups were all de rigeur, even on denims (!)sometime in the very early 90s.



    I never really looked that closely at my ashet pie supper

  12. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on

    Turnover up



    Profit up



    Tidy sum in the bank



    Awful team on the park



    Great job CFC



    Also ….I thought Simunovic cost £5m….or so we were told

  13. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    I know it won`t happen but I would like to see three at the back and go with:




    Ambrose Sviatchenko Tierney




    Forrest Brown Rogic Armstrong GMS







  14. Love is never about money.



    Money can’t ever buy love.



    Love is unequivocal.



    If it is true then it is as is and it is pristine. Pristine. Pure. Clean. Good.



    If it is true then you will sponge the pain from others to prove it by deed; not bellicose words of defiant adherence to a subjected pseudo-establishment. A bowling club within a bowling club.



    If it is beyond true, unconditional and unequivocal – then you will inflict the pain as a indness. In your own hearts confines and memories/ambitions beliefs.



    And some will hate you for it.



    Such is a myopic life.



    One club. One support. One supporter in that support of that one club.



    An Gorta Mor.



    Feed the poor.

  15. Thanks Paul, I’ve been off the blog for 2 months but this past 4 days I’ve been struck down with a wicked stomach bug. Total boredom drove me back and I started to enjoy posting again. I compose an Opus Magnum type post in response to Kitalba, a post that I felt like making a few times during my lurking sojourn. What happens a new bloody article and I’m back claiming reverse Podium status again. There isn’t even any point in copying & pasting it as the tone of the blog has changed. Bollix to it, I’m off on a sulk.

  16. Re. finances, the lack of figures in the red will be hard for the SMSM to spin negatively.



    But they’ll find a way.

  17. “Tear Down The Walls of Football Cartels”



    A great headline for a Celtic blog, but what have Celtic done to challenge the corrupt cartel running Scottish football ?



    What are Celtic planning to do to challenge the corrupt cartel running Scottish football ?



    Silence is not an option.





  18. Here Corkcelt, I copied and pasted it for you.



    I feel how I feel. To profess differently would be to lie.



    TO LIE. Not to lie is often to be silenced by confidence.



    I feel how I feel after being told what I have been told ‘in confidence’ by employees of Celtic FC.



    I am glad with ignorance because ignorance (not derogatory ignorance is often bliss)



    but please don’t twist what I have posted and post distortions of my heartfelt concerns.



    Most of what you say does not reflect anything I said.



    You should be apologetic, if not ashamed, for that.



    All I want is for Celtic Supporters to be happy. That and feed the poor.







    corkcelt on 12th February 2016 4:50 pm




    Jeepers Kitalba, if your posts are an accurate reflection of how you are feeling you need to step back a bit and take a break.





    We did indeed start as a Charitable Institution but we have been a Commercial Football Club for a long time. Long before Desmond & The Bunnett became involved. There have been huge changes in all aspects of life & society in our own lifetimes never mind Celtic’s.





    Things have changed and will continue to change, that is a fact of life. We can manage & adapt to change but we can’t put back the clock. Lads like yourself & KevJungle, are great ghuys. I love your passion & concern but there is future in the past.





    As far as Celtic is concerned my immediate ambition is to take 3 points tomorrow, nothing more.





    I don’t share all the angst about the Huns. People on here saying they were dead but Celtic resurrected them is pure shite.





    The old Rangers were liquidated and that is that. The huge fanbase they had remains and no matter what anyone did, they were going to be represented by a Football Team. With a huge support base relative to all other Clubs bar ourselves this NewCo/Sevco/TheRangers were always going to get back to the top Division.





    Celtic are just one vote in Scottish Football, there was absolutely nothing they could do.





    Yes they could have whinged & whined and made Statements but simply playing to us the Supporter base but they would have just damaged the standing of the Club and achieved nothing.





    I know I live in Ireland and don’t have to meet or work with Huns but I don’t give a Tinker’s Curse about them. I don’t fear them, never have & never will.





    The very worse that can happen is that they will beat us in one off games or start winning trophies for their reincarnated entity.





    Fine, I don’t relish the thought but when that day comes, I’ll deal with it. No one will die, we will wake up the next morning still proud Celtic Supporters and our day will come again.


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rummenige-shaking-things-up/comment-page-4/#comments

  19. Guys.



    I’m part of a group who are aiming to build a permanent memorial to those who perished, or were forced to flee, as a consequence of An Gorta Mor (The Great Hunger).



    A number of fund raising events are planned but the next one is a quiz night in The Squirrel Bar, near Glasgow’s Gallowgate, on Friday 11th March.



    Tickets will be £5/person and teams will be limited to 6.



    If you’d like to take part, or simply know more, please contact me at hamiltontim88@yahoo.co.uk




  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Can nae beat an auld fashioned flounce, make sure you slam a door or two :)

  21. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    “The sale of Virgil van Dijk contributed to a £12.6m income for player trading, balanced by £6.1m spent on the acquisition of Jozo Simunovic, Scott Allan, Saidy Janko Ryan Christie and Nadir Ciftci. This brought pre-tax profit to £11.7m, with cash in the bank at £7.7m (up from £5.3m a year earlier).” –



    Yes there is the crux of the matter, the double whammy. If greedy bassas like Karl Heinz Rummenigge get their way not only will there be no ECL revenue, guys like big Vic, VvD, FF will no longer see us as a means of fostering their careers and will not sign for us, so we will not make money from player sales.

  22. More than a club and don’t any of you ever forget that.



    Or do so if you please.



    One love.



    Love one.



    Hate hunger.



    Not a fellow man or woman, nor colour, nor creed.



    Just like we were taught and for which our hearts beat and bleed.



    In equal measures.



    One love.



    Green and white humanity.

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