Celtic shopping in narrow gap before profiles rise


Oliver Burke made all the headlines two years ago with a big money move from Nottingham Forrest to Leipzip but progress since has not gone to plan.  He has played 46 minutes of league football for West Brom in the Championship this season, so has lots to do to recover his early promise at Celtic.

Brendan Rodgers has James Forrest in the form of his life this season, while Scott Sinclair is back in the team and scoring goals, but Forrest clearly tired before the winter break and, apart from Sinclair, options on the left are limited.  Burke will fill the role hoped for Daniel Arzani, before his injury at Dundee.

Of more strategic interest is the potential signing of striker Vakoun Issouf Bayo, who plays for Slovakian club, Dunajska Streda.  The Ivorian, who will be 22-years-old later this week, has played 32 games since leaving Africa, where he managed just nine starts in Tunisia.  This is where Celtic now have to operate, in that narrow gap between when a player shows enough form to interest, but before his profile attracts the attention of others.

This has worked well for us before (van Dijk) but will inevitably have a high variance of success.

Although 18-year-old Timothy Weah has appeared in only six senior games, he will be more of a known quantity than Bayo.  Celtic have experience of the French youth teams, in particular, Weah’s club PSG, from where they acquired Odsonne Edouard.  Still, Weah and Bayo will both need plenty of support to settle.

If both deals go through we will have four strikers for the run in, a vast improvement on hoping Edouard can give us 20 minutes for key away games at Pittodrie and Ibrox.

This is all a bit early in the window for Celtic to be this busy.  Unsettlingly so.

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    As a youngster at Scotland games I was one of the thousands drowning out our national anthem with booing.



    *I always thought it hilarious standing at the Celtic end of anthem and deidco supporters were belting out GSTQ and the 2 weeks later watching on tele as they booed it when Scotland play the outlanders at both Hampden and Wembley.

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH JANUARY 2019 11:17 PM


    Brother Walfrid invited t.d. sullivan to sing his song, god save ireland at the opening ceremony for the new stadium.




    It seems that history is on the side of those who would let the people sing.







    Up to the knees in fenian ( orange ) blood……….

  3. Alasdair MacLean on

    I suppose it is all subjective.



    God Save Ireland is likely appealing to all but the most anti-Celtic / Irish parts of Scottish society. A decent song.



    “Go on Home British Soldiers” less so I would think. Which is one I heard coming from the telly recently …. as an example …. Which partly inspired my previous post.

  4. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    I understand your views and those of Macjay- I think we would all agree the subject is a complex one.



    As Macjay has just pointed out – if I can paraphrase – the argument is one of idenity. Celtic was inarguably borne out of a community that was demonised, discriminated against, and despised. Celtic became a lightening rod where some pride was restored. This was inevitably tied into the republican struggle. A struggle which – even with my most objective head on – I don’t find a reasonable counter-argument, and I’ve read RDE, Conor cruise o’brien, and other revisionists.



    Some of the songs are crass – yes. But what if this was a team set up by Catalan republicans who fled the civil war, and sung those republican songs, against the Spanish monarchy, church, and state? Would the same logic be applied?



    I’d like to see the add-ons and some of the cheap – “long-rifle” songs go. But I don’t want us to be just another club.

  5. Scottish football referees warn SFA they will strike after flak from clubs and fans



    From The Hun….who would have guessed this was coming…..more Level 5 orchestrated guff

  6. Steven Gerrard has hit out at the treatment of Old Firm row ref John Beaton



    Blow torch anyone?

  7. God save ireland commemorates a group of irish terrorists who were executed for murdering a british policeman (said the man from the daily mail).



    Its every bit as offensive as anything sung at matches nowadays.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m all for their strike, then sack all grade 1 & 2 refs

  9. What is the Stars on



    Re God Save Ireland



    The sing was written about “The Manchester Martyrs ” who were executed for committing murder during the Fenian campaign of 1867.


    They were innocent but thats a story for another day.


    So the song was about 3 innocent hanged men or in support of a ruthless organisation (The Fenians) who were by many definitions ” A terrorist organisation ”


    Or they certainly were so regarded then.


    Of course with the passage of time the Fenian leaders became honoured statesmen…

  10. StS / SFTB @ regular intervals tonight



    Soton and their academy.


    As noted by others your analysis is a bit partial and incomplete.



    You need to add the players they have sold to the players they are currently playing to fully appreciate the benefit and output of their academy.

  11. Alasdair MacLean on




    Of course. Point taken.



    Probably just a case of raising standards if nothing else!



    Songs from a different era just seem to be of a better standard… no swearing for a start.



    If you’re going to be “offensive” .. do it with a bit of class.



    My boy just came out with a funny … from a film I believe ….



    “Can’t be bothered with history … it’s just just on effing thing after another!”



    That’s got no relevance to anything by the way. :)

  12. The leader of the IRA was invited to negotiate a peace treaty with the British Empire. Up until then he was a terrorist.


    Terrorism is a matter of perspective.


    All war is abhorrent, and we all lose.


    Always. But a ometimes we don’t have a choice.

  13. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Tontine Tim,


    Excellent essay of the halcyon days of our footballing youth.


    You vividly recalled incidents and players that have rested in the old memory bank.



    I don’t particularly remember Shearer being on the receiving end of Fallon’s retribution.


    In my memory, it was Sammy Baird, although he could have done both.



    Talking about Baird, were you at the LC game at Ibrox, when a youthful Yogi first destroyed Doug Baillie? He scored two that day in a 3-2 victory.



    Anyway, back to Big Sammy.


    Dick Beattie, our goalie cleared a ball,from hand, towards the half way line.


    He always drop-kicked the ball. Baird rose to head the ball, which was still in it’s upward trajectory.


    On contact, he fell backward, like a felled tree…poleaxed.


    It took several minutes to revive him,



    Your comments on the eras when our team lacked steel is important and echoes my own thoughts.



    I have posted on here previously that I thought that the teams of Tommy Burns and Brendan come into that category. I don’t mean guys who will eyeball an opponent, but the physical strength to dominate him. Think Jock’s teams and M O N’s.


    Brendan has time to prove me wrong. I hope he does, naturally.

  14. so we have a Burke and Weah look at ma Hare….Zombie making traditionalists…lets all hope they have Zombie slaying attributes…..



    smiley interesting Wiki profile thing






    ps TT ….dinae want that post to end ….best this year ….thank you for the uplift…awfy braw and a tip of the hat …

  15. Alasdair MacLean on




    I knew the song … as sung by the Dubliners.. but wasn’t aware of the deeper details. Still, to me it is a “lament”, with no offensiveness at all.


    The words aren’t “at” anyone, not attacking.

  16. TOM ROGIC’S Asian Cup nightmare hit a new low as it emerged he broke his hand in Australia’s shock defeat to Jordan.

  17. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Read stuff about the kids.



    No-one needs to post anything about Kerr McInroy. Celtic know he’s a leftfooted Neil Lennon. Give him peace to grow up.

  18. Madmitch



    “You need to add the players they have sold to the players they are currently playing to fully appreciate the benefit and output of their academy.”




    Well, no- not really. I am not the one with the onitial hypotheses here.



    It is you who must produce the sats of all first team graduates to the Academy over the years to show that a big club, such as Southampton, can produce 2 new academy graduates each year to mergee into their used first team squad.



    The small evidence I produced (which is, at least, evidence) suggests that this has not been true this year and may not have been for a while. If we can show that Bale, Walcott, Shaw and Chanbers once came through the ranks there at some stage in the last 12 years that still does not add up to 2 a year.



    It’s a bit like the argument where I asked for comparator clubs from fringe leagues in Eurpe who did better in Euro competition than Celtic. At various times, you and others have suggested APOEL, Qarabag, RB Salzburg and, on close examination none of them do better, except for the current period where Salzburg do so by the RB money and privileged position.



    When you make the assertion and when you dismiss others who at least made the effort to provide supporting evidence as partial and incomplete (the lattter of which it admittedly is), then you must provide the detail. Who are these big Academy prospects who developed there recently. I’ll even help you out. The main 2 missed out by me first time were Oxlade Chamberlain and Lallana around 8 years ago. After that, you will struggle and have to reach as far back as Wayne Bridge and Alan Shearer. It still won’t amount to 2 a year

  19. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    I got this from twitter, can’t remember when. Only name I have as the author is An Galar Dub.



    I know the people on this site, and in the wider support, do incredible things for charity. So please don’t take this as directed in any way. I just thought it sums up some attitudes.






    Baby Eoghan was born in a laundry


    Because his mam was too young to know


    That Jesus loved all his children


    Unless you’re a pregnant woman who’s 17 years old



    A shameful memory to his grandparents


    He was disowned by his little town


    And the Christian Brothers took his trembling hand


    And taught him to cry without a sound



    Years later on a housing list


    He sleeps in a cold doorway


    And yet again Eoghan is ignored


    By the government of the day



    To forget his very existence


    He injects another hit


    While the passing shoppers stare and whisper


    “Look at that junkie piece of shit”



    But as the screams from the Middle East grow louder


    They realised they may have to open their purse


    So all the hypocrites sing together


    “We should look after our Eoghan first”

  20. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Is there anything sinister behind Tierney’s protracted injury?


    At first we thought he was being rested, with a “niggling” hip injury.



    Now Brendan is saying he is not fit enough to resume training.



    If he is not fit for the league/cup resumption, or if, horror of horrors, he is off, where is our left back coming from?

  21. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Setting free the Bears for Res12 & Oscar Knox on 8th January 2019 00:07AM



    I’m sorry about that. I come in, bounce around the site and go off at a tangent. Once again I got it wrong.



    I like our 2nd team. We have good players here and out on loan.



    Just don’t ask me to talk up Tommy McIntyre.

  22. SFTB


    At various times, you and others have suggested APOEL, Qarabag, RB Salzburg and, on close examination none of them do better, except for the current period where Salzburg do so by the RB money and privileged position.


    The proof you often claim to provide does not support your Salzburg statement.


    They have been consistently profitable in the transfer market for quite a few years and are not reliant on Red Bulls money.


    I published the stats of Salzburgs transfer dealings for quite a few years which support the above.


    What is this privileged position you have ascribed to them.


    Incidentally one player they sold for a large profit was Mane to Southampton.

  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsXGzblg7Ws




    every night we light the candle


    that stands beside our bed


    but sometimes the flame’s too much to handle


    that’s what you said


    that’s what you said


    and you should know


    because you built a fire in me and made it burn


    followed me watching every move


    matching every turn




    the green eyes


    they don’t miss a thing


    hold me like the sun going down


    warm me like a fire in the night


    without a sound




    you were waiting till I heard


    just as patient as that love light in your eyes


    you never threw away a word


    or ever talked in a disguise


    I want to know


    you were a beacon to a sailor lost at sea


    I saw it in your eyes when you looked at me


    so hope in me



    the green eyes


    they don’t miss a thing


    hold me like the sun going down


    warm me like a fire in the night


    without a sound




    smiley good night braw lads and lassies thing




  24. THOMTHETHIM@12-17 AM


    I hope not.


    Has anyone at Celtic given a timetable for his return?


    When Miller was recalled from Dundee it caught my attention but as i have zero inside information about Celtic i like many others will just have to see what enfolds in coming weeks.

  25. !!BADA BING!! on 7TH JANUARY 2019 4:58 PM


    Remember the goal Beaton allowed the Huns v Albion Rovers in the cup,? Moshni nearly killed the keeper……



    We will soon have a cheat-is-on Heatin/crown shithouse top ten!!



    Incredible to think in norn i-land the refs must declare who they support..Time this cabal is smashed.


    All best for 19,keep the news coming



  26. Good morning all, the mild winter continues in the Chilterns…



    Interesting lead article, I guess it confirms that Celtic have not changed their dysfunctional recruitment process. For six seasons and beyond this process has proven not fit for purpose.



    If we are going to use football recruitment as a revenue stream then don’t be surprised if we continue to have deficiencies in the first team and a bloated squad. We will still be along way behind our peers, Clubs like Saltzburg are schooling us in the art of running a football club.



    Still having said that, I’m liking the cut of the jib of the youngsters we’re bringing in, we might be a threat from the air again as well, first time in how long?



    We have three weeks to go in this window, so why am I so unsettled?



    If we aren’t going to prepare to succeed, prepare to fail…



    BIG WAVY – 7TH JANUARY 2019 @ 12:59 PM,



    It seems you were indeed correct and that O Burke is replacing Arzani… Apologies again for stating I thought your initial post was a joke…



    Well, as he’s; bigger, stronger, faster with more technical ability, more experience and can use his left foot, it’s got to be an improvement eh!



    Have A grand day everyone and ‘mind the gap?



    Hail Hail

  27. WHAT IS THE STARS on 7TH JANUARY 2019 11:02 PM



    Q..What’s the difference between a terrorist and statesman…






    So very true


    Pearse Macdairmid and McBride…Mandela



    Hope your good wits,



  28. Good morning from a dark Garngad



    If the referees want to strike then that is a result. Let them.


    Get rid of the lot of them.



    Use English Referees who declare their support of any particular club or get foreign refs in.



    The issue here is Beaton not how he was harassed or Celtic the complaining club.



    D. :)

  29. Good morning, friends, from a too-dark-for-the-weather-but-appears-to-be-dry East Kilbride. One of those pesky working days for me….

  30. Beaton “abuse” escalated to “death threats” now according to evening times.


    What’s that smell?