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  1. And to think people asked questions about the need to buy JMcG.


    We desperately need a bit of dig and drive in the team.


    Plus we need to move on from the SB era in the dressing room.



    JMcG was not the complete solution to our issues but he was part of the answer.

  2. Guys,



    Agree, a very flat atmosphere. We were just saying that at HT.


    Don’t know why, a full house and the pubs were buzzing pre game.



    Very strange.




  3. Who played worse …


    Us today or the egg chasers?



    AP single handedly won the game for Wales.

  4. Looked to me like a poorly coached team today, slow pace lack of movement side to side passing no combinations and telegraph passing, and what’s the score with the corners, there’s plenty of talent in that team

  5. an auld t'in can on

    Sometimes, parking the bus, and then blootering the ball up to a big guy up front, can get you over the line, whilst, at the same time, dispensing with all the fan dancing in the midfield.


    Only an opinion.


    Indeed, there was once a time when we were going through a difficult period, and DD was going to give the Celtic manager’s job to another one of his Irish friend’s, Joe Kinnear, to play exactly as described above.


    That process fell through when Joe took unwell. I hope wherever he is, that Joe Kinnear is now well.


    Love to all Celtic supporter’s. ??

  6. glendalystonsils on

    AN DUN on 9TH MARCH 2019 5:47 PM


    For the first time since August we are down to one game per week. Neil saying players are fatigued having had a week to prepare is quite frankly bs.



    Maybe more mental than physical fatigue after the goings on of the last couple of weeks.

  7. don’t like the 2 subs at half time – it was a straight swap for sinclair and weah for me. That system also needs a sticking center forward and some creativity in midfield. blustery conditions also not helping.



    we didn’t look like we had a format today



    look forward to mcgregor and logic back – just in time for run in



    also , not sure why he took hendo off – I think him with Eduard on the pitch could open them up.



    any – 8 points clear

  8. Was Henderson injured? Otherwise why was he taken off at halftime? It meant we had no drive from midfield in the second half.



    Our captain’s passing was very poor, which compounded matters.



    Hurry back Callum MacGregor.

  9. If only we could improve our corners. How many did we have this afternoon, eleven plus? Opportunities missed there I think.



    Aberdeen got their tactics spot on but watch them ship about five goals on Tuesday!

  10. We need creativity in the team, not having Cal Mac, Tom Rogic and Ryan Christie to call on was and is always going to be difficult.


    If we can get them back for he run in then my anxiety will dispense.



    D. :)

  11. Aberdeen deserved their point but my oh my they are one boring team to watch.


    Lacking in creativity I expected it to be tight so not really surprised, with no Rogic, Calmac or Christie available.


    Point is, that is the best that Scotland have to offer against us.


    Aberdeen know their place and set for a 0-0.



    Great to meet so many CQNers on the bucket collection pre match, (though being pitched next to wee Jay Beattie and his dad meant mine’s was probably one the lighter buckets), but it was away cauld.




  12. And.



    Our pitch looked long and not suitable for a passing game.



    How much rain have we had over the last few days. ? Yet we had every sprinkler on at HT.



    Ask Ally his opinion !!!!!!!!!



    HH to all.

  13. I said at Half Time take off Brown. They were content to see us play that Bain – Bitton – Boyata -Brown – Boyata – repeat – repeat up to the Half Way line so why did we need both holding midfielders….



    Not a Brown bashing but Lenny won’t drop him and that’s wrong sometimes. Anyway I’m close to a rant now. I’m off oot but I would say no to Lenny next season….today felt like a game from the closed upper section days…bored the arse off me.

  14. Strangely subdued capacity crowd that are so used to winning at home this season Paul67’s call for a requisite top class hungry performance was never on.



    With Neil Lennon very concious of trying to somehow imprint his name, on BR squad, Celtic and the home crowd might not admit it, but there were doldrums caused by something, which told me anyway, this game had el blanko written all over the Celtic Way. Aberdeen have everything except a finisher, and long may it stay that way, but Valencia aside they are the best side we’ve faced in 2019 and for a spell into the second half could have pinched all of the points, as we simply never looked like scoring.



    The flatness reverberated round the ground and the spoiled for success soft seats were in and out of the ground at the whiff of a bovril, at the start, middle and end, even the Lisbon Lions end was ridiculously empty for a 0-0 game on a banana’s end finish.



    Neil Lennon laid down his bunnet again at half time when he jettisoned Sinclair, something the Parkhead radicals would have done last season, never mind last week, but Euan Henderson with brother Liam in the stand in support, was unlucky to feel Lenny’s hook after a first half where he’d done no harm, to Celtic’s midfield?



    Ajer and Boyata were excellent and Kris will score for Celtic soon or die trying, Keiran Tierney was subdued, and and Jeremy Toljan continues in the role of nothing to see here bhoys of my £6M value, and Anthony Ralston remains one unlucky boy with injury.



    James Forrest at inside left playing off Eddy was just too silly, and was quickly abandoned when the luckless Oliver Burke was finally withdrawn having failed to trap, with any semblance of first second, third, or fourth touch. Blistering pace is great for sprinters, and admittedly the bhoy is fast, he’s even faster than EC67 trying to cash in his an Gorta Mór collection to take his place in the posh seats for kick off. Mikey Johnston again was more Neil Lennon than anything, but the bhoy done well in leaving his marker where Sinclair is routinely stopped.



    I’m glad we signed Olly because of that pace, and he’ll score goals for fun, in the SPL but when even he, can’t catch his first or second touches, somethings got to give and if you didn’t know already that Neil Francis has pencilled in Odsonne Edouard to start a game on Sunday 29/03/19 then, you’ll find out, or I’m delusional.



    M.O.M Dedryk Boyata

  15. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Replacing norm Burke was the big mistake today, JF imo should hane been swapped

  16. Personally I don’t want Neil Lennon back as Celtic Coach,we should bring in a German or Spanish coach,they seem to get players to be fast and more important fit,have you noticed how the players are wearing the same dull grey stripes, while some are not looking happy football players,at least under Rodgers they were turned out with some nice training gear,so lennoxtown isn’t a nice place to be at the minute,

  17. sorry ghuys but the brown/ bitton partnership just doesn’t work, too slow in the build up, opposing teams know the score and how to nullify, that in my opinion was where we failed, but onwards and upwards we go.coybig.hh.

  18. How many thought when Mickey opened up his body late in the second half to curl it to the far post and fluffed his lines wished Sinclair was still on the park

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Substitutions killed off any chance of a win, Aberdeen got into the game as we were too light in midfield at least in numbers



    MJ has tons of talent but personally he’s still to lightweight and not game savvy.

  20. Cellar dwellers Rayo Vallecano make Barcelona sweat until a Messi penalty gives Barca a 2-1 lead.


    Suarez makes it 3.


    Point being that a well organized defence can thwart the best of players and teams.

  21. GG


    A disorganized offense creates little giving an organized defense an easy day.

  22. Jeez, that was dull and bloody cold.


    Aberdeen did their dress rehearsal for the Bigot Dome and you know what they say about a good dress rehearsal? Yep, they have no chance on Tuesday, its already a done deal .


    Didn’t understand the subs we made or Neils expalanation about leggy players.


    I heard McInnes say after the game that he was allowing certain Celtic players to have the ball. With our resources we should have 11 players out there to hurt Aberdeen or am I greedy? Anyway, we will have to be sharper in the only games that matter over the next 6 weeks. Onwards and upwards….

  23. Fanatic


    We are without our more creative players, McGrgor and Rogic, and the explosive impact of Christie.


    I felt James didn’t make enough effort today and I am unconvinced on Toljan.


    So any threat was limited to down our left where Sinclair was uninspiring, thoroughly deserving the hook.


    Burke reminds me of Yogi in his early days, blistering paste and strength but with an unreliable first touch. Today he seemed to be wearing clogs.


    That was the most difficult game we face prior to the break, and should we maintain or increase the gap, eight should be on the cards.



    I heard McInnes say after the game that he was allowing certain Celtic players to have the ball.


    Wonder if he was talking about ability or their coached roles/instructions??

  25. GG


    My point was we did not make a well organized defense work.


    I know some are missing but our half time changes improved our opponents chances.


    Unless the coaching shows more we are in for a difficult run in.

  26. Just a huge thank you to Eurochamps67, Fourgreenfields and Lionroars67 for your efforts today gents, it’s massively appreciated.

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