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  1. @CelticFC v Aberdeen line up …



    Bain, Kenny, Ajer, Welsh, Taylor, Soro, McGregor, Turnbull, Christie, Edouard, Ajeti



    Subs: Barkas, Ralston, Duffy, Brown, Laxalt, Elyounoussi, Rogic, Klimala, Griffiths

  2. SB67 @ 16.45



    Thanks for the detailed reply — although it means I have more issues …



    Who are the players we have lost a 16?


    Seems to me a recent issue with players going to Germany.



    Players not making it — not loan players but the annual clearout of 20 year olds.


    18 months ago when this happened most ended up in the SPFL Championship aged 20/21.


    That would suggest that our performance levels that season were shocking.



    My thoughts are that the youth set up is poor.


    I don’t think we have quality in the coaching set up.


    Unprofessional attitudes to the fore — lack of leadership.



    Where are the issues — intial selection at early ages?


    Poor selection and scouting at 12 / 14 / 16?


    Poor coaching and development of the talent we do have?

  3. We seem to scout in England / Ireland for more experienced nplayers at 17 / 18 / 19.


    Some have worked and progressed but others seem to stagnate and have issues with social media.


    Again that would suggest a lack of coaching and leadership.



    We need to up our game and provide more urgency and focus to the youths.


    If they cannot handle a SPL game at 18 or 19 then they are not where they should be.


    Not asking them to run the show — just put in a performance to support the team.



    Consequently I fear we are getting it wrong at every level.


    Too cosy and comfortable with a lack of quality quality coaching and development.


    I fear we are fat and happy as a youth set up — getting there means many think they have made it.



    Hoping SW starts tonight.


    Sink or swim for him and so far so good — he is waving.

  4. Could be a game to match aggression but than can lead to scrappy mid exchanges and often does against them. Quickly moving ball around their “diggers” might mean better football from us..just a thought…might be wrong😉








  5. Only surprise is Brown dropped







    Neil must think that Ferguson & McCrorie do not need a lot of battling- just beaten with skill.







    Welsh for Duffy was the marginal call and it’s made now.







    Rogic is a little unlucky but so would Turnbull be if he was dropped. Both are best suited to the top of the diamond role

  6. This is a mega important game. It could virtually guarantee our 2nd place and CL football.


    It could determine what standard of change we will employ going forward.



    It is also the game after McInnes got his vote of confidence. So another defeat could be his last.



    HH and COYBIG

  7. Celtic 4 – 0 Aberdeen



    Eff it. Odsonne hat trick and Welsh header from the halfway line.



    Body language good. Psychology on the up. 60 minute harem scarem subs to confuse. Griff looks fatter.



    And pure chaotic Lennyball brillance…..saved by the beautiful Odsonne…



    I’m in. All aboard the dead rubber express.




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  9. Personally not in favour of rigid tram selection, should be players perceived to best for playing against each individual team and how well they’ve been doing in training. So many variables in modern game when it comes to team selection.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    Mind the days you would walk into the Oak Bar and two pints of Guinness and two Buds were presented to you without even opening your mouth😱😵🍺

  11. Where’s THAT XX&&6^% place


    …………………..where ye kin %998&….n’ awe that……


    and drap the odd *&^&, while


    givin’ it large to the XXX??@?……soft seats….


    heated driveways…….



    Judean People’s Front ( Bar and Gallery Brigade on Tour) CSC

  12. Whilst I’m glad that Welsh is starting I always consider it a risk when a player returns from injury without having played in a competitive match.



    Soro for Brown. My kids love that. They can’t see what Brown contributes. I always a loggerheads pointing out his attributes. Results with Scott starting speak for themselves. BTW I think Soro is a star so also very happy with him included.



    It’s like Laxalt. Kids think he is terrific. But results haven’t been great when he has started. I also think he is good. But stats….

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