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  1. An Tearmann on 8th August 2021 8:00 pm



    I seen Kyogo Furihashi score a hatrick first time he played for Celtic at home.



    i was there.









    I reckon the first of many – the Bhoy is energetic to say the least – unlike you I didnae get to see all his goals Today (Aidan did so thats good) mad m8 roadworks and then my barcode not working right because the rain but what I saw was a Magical player and I hope we are looking to bring in others frae the J-League (well 1 more). He was highly impressive.



    The movement even at the end of the game was Superb. The players know this guy is special and are reacting extremely well to his ways. Well apart from Barkas :)

  2. Was saying to my mates that Kyogo looks Cadete/Larrson esque



    Emdy??? Too early?



    D :)

  3. !!BADA BING!! on 8TH AUGUST 2021 8:11 PM


    Best performance by a Celtic team since Rodgers first season.



    Spot on! Great all round performance.


    hardly a weakness and great to watch.

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on 8th August 2021 8:11 pm



    Best performance by a Celtic team since Rodgers first season.








    I agree with this.



    We’re on the road again!!!!!

  5. David66


    No mate – not too early. His movement off the ball has me in mind of both players. Great work ethic, unlike others we could mention.

  6. FAIRHILL BHOY on 8TH AUGUST 2021 8:16 PM


    Let’s calm down ,a brilliant start though.


    How angry does fatboy look




    Which one ?

  7. Interesting hypothetical ….. how many of those goals Eddy would have bagged, would ha have made the runs?

  8. notthebus


    None – when he came on Christie took the ball in midfield and came forward. Edouard stood still and Christie had no choice but to play it into his feet. Like so many times last season, one touch, two touches ball lost. I for one will be delighted if we get a decent fee for him.

  9. Think it waa Magnus Hedman who pulled out of the warm up.



    He was such a disappointment – looked a really good keeper at WC 2002 for Sweden and then when we signed him, he just accelerated downhill.



    As for Barkas, I’d cut him some slack.



    There is a net to stop the ball, after all :-)

  10. fergusslayedtheblues on



    spot on regards the movement of the player making the goal opportunities


    IMO Eddy now has a decision to make.


    Go all out barkas or prove to interested clubs that he is worth taking a punt on

  11. Fairhillbhoy – “calm down”



    Fair play but is it not exciting that we are talking about possitive, fast attacking football rather than the Dross served up last year. I know Dundee.



    But rack up the goals against the lesser teams and get our confidence up and let’s see where it takes us.



    D :)

  12. Absolutely first rate end to this week or, in fact, any other.


    First the foe malign were laid low at Tannadice. Then a real Celtic outfit, playing real Celtic football put Dundee to the sword.


    All this despite some of the game’s deep thinkers on here dismissing the entire team as ‘lightweight’ and identifying Tom Rogic as fundamentally flawed.

  13. DAVID66 on 8TH AUGUST 2021 7:29 PM



    Has Ralston found Danny Mcgrain’s boots. As one who has been critical of the fella, fair play he is trying like feck.



    *To be fair tae the big mhan he was playing quite well until that wee talcum powder sniffer stood on his back which had him out for a while.



    He’s one of those journeymen which most teams have in their squad.

  14. Tontine I said that to one of my mates during the game.



    I know I can be over critical of players sometimes but they are human beings and fair play to the bhoy he is a tryer and a young man in a cut throat business.






    D :)

  15. I agree on the J league scouting.



    Interstingly Kyogo, did not make the team of the year

  16. Tontine Tim,



    I agree TT, Anthony has really grasped this opportunity, he likely didnae expect it. Another good performance Today. The Support just want players to give their all – I’m hoping Ryan signs a new deal but if he wants to go then at least he is giving it his all, he was excellent as were all the Bhoys.



    Genuinely super excited about where we are heading. You cannae see on the TV the amount of movement our lads were doing and right to the final whistle – Magical.

  17. Ghuys wait till the new bhoys hear Paradise in full voice , they wont know what hit them .



    Cant wait till Thursday ……

  18. anyone find the classic scarf,






    E-Tims Retweeted


    desmond cole








    Can you help me? I dropped my scarf today somewhere between shop car park and Kerrydale Suite. It’s no ordinary scarf. I don’t have a picture but it’s 60+ yrs old, cravat style emerald green with diagonal white pinstripe and has an amber shamrock with Celtic Supporter below.

  19. Tontine thanks for building my childhood flat at 135 Kirkton Avenue.



    A great time was had by my whole family there until my 18th birthday when my mum and dad got a back and front door, coinciding with me meeting g my wife.



    Outfield question



    Where you a steeple jack?



    D :)

  20. DELANEYS DUNKY on 8TH AUGUST 2021 11:18 AM





    Thanks Andy.



    Lewis is absolutely buzzing.



    His first game in 3 years. He was 7 then and not really into football. He certainly is now. Watches all Celtic games with his dad and Uncle Neil. He predicts Celtic 7 Dundee 0



    Kyogo hat trick. 😊👍🍀💚






    Garry you make sure that young man is back at a Celtic game soon.:-)



    Hope youz enjoyed today as much as i did.


    i was Gene Kelly today.😊


    What a display.


    hart .solid. good experience


    both taylor and ralston played well.


    tony well done son and 100% committment always…


    starfelt and welch


    defend before the ball bounces starsfelt


    stephen,step out(ajer-esque)more but your good



    Captain,my captain calmac,by good example always,a workrate and ethic that can only encourage your team mates.



    Ryan Christie,great game.can split an atom with a pass.your playing great at Celtic



    David Turnbull.brilliant ball for first goal.disappointed you lasted the full 90 but your enjoying your dinks



    tom rogic.


    at times today the flicks were all working.your control in tight spaces will make goals for us.



    Abada nice one mate keep making the runs keep providin.keep on keepin on



    kyogo.do somethin bout that 3 from 6 chances :-))))))) your potent.



    Enjoyed gettin drenched today,walkin to the home of football.Good being on the green and white.



    hope and winning is Celtic.





  21. DAVID66 on 8TH AUGUST 2021 8:54 PM



    all that time in a flat without a front door, where did yiose put the back door ?




  22. wow, just wow, what a bhoy







    Kyogo Furuhashi 古橋 亨梧








    Feel grateful to best fans, teammates, team staffs, and everybody who suport me to enjoy football. And very happy to be part of this familyFour leaf clover



    It’s just a beginning…work hard and together we can go higher.







  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    SAINT STIVS on 8TH AUGUST 2021 8:54 PM



    My heart bleeds out for that bhoy, I have my dads 1967 scarf and if I lost it under similar circumstances would be devastating

  24. DAVID66 on 8TH AUGUST 2021 9:08 PM


    Arigato Kyogo and Hasta manana CQN






    D66 never realised you were a cunning linguist

  25. fairhill bhoy on

    DAVID66-I’m just trying to keep my emotions intact.


    Thursday will be a first for me .


    Great performance today and very encouraging.


    Bedtime 🍀

  26. DAVID66



    Met Alan Fleck ystrdy in Yoker.Spent a 20mins reminiscing about the old Possil Y.M team.told him id been in touch with you..says hello and wants a beer.

  27. Celtic, please ask why our players are being fouled with apparent impunity?



    Does scoddland despise talented players or just talented Celtic players?



    Sweet FA CSC

  28. Chairbhoy @ 6:40 pm



    I can’t explain what happened to your picks. I am able to see who has or has not made their picks but, like everyone else, I cannot even see what you have predicted until the match in question, starts and they , then cannot be changed. Nobody but you should have the capability to change them,



    Normally Superbru will send you a confirmation e-mail of your picks and that is your chance to see that it matches what you intended to put down. If you still have the confirmation e-mail of your original pick and no e-mail confirming what they were changed to, you should present that info to Superbru and they should change them back to what you originally wanted. Let me know what Superbru say in response to your letter.



    The only alternative explanations are:-



    a) You got pissed, changed the scores and forget about doing this in a drunken haze.



    or b) You were sleep typing and sleep predicting 😀



    Hope Superbru sort it for you