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  1. Today’s starting line up v Ferencvaros ……


    Barkas; ElHamed, Jullien, Ajer, Taylor; Brown, McGregor, Ntcham, Forrest, Christie, Elyounoussi,



    Subs: Bain, Frimpong, Bitton, Soro, Harper, Klimala, Ajeti

  2. Through the rain on

    Whit? Where’s Ed???



    Or Ajeti……



    Or Klimala……?



    Concerned CSC

  3. My hope this morning was that we would play 3-5-2. On learning that Edouard was unfit I realise that it’d have to be 4-2-3-1. My only disappointment in the starting 11 is that none of our other strikers (Griffiths, Klimala, Ajeti) are up top. So whilst I don’t think our team is ‘shocking’ or a disgrace I do think I’d have been more confident had Klimala been starting. I do remain confident, of course ;-)

  4. lets all do the huddle on

    after the initial shock at that team, im going to concentrate on shouting us to a win hopefully



    its very rare that a manager takes such a risk when the consequences for him of that risk failing are very clear – at least they should be



    so just get stuck in and may the risk pay off handsomely

  5. perhaps the absence of an out and out striker may encourage more shots from outside the box, another thing I wish we would do more…

  6. Maybe it will be Elyounoussi upfront rather than Christie.



    Neither are strikers but at least Christie offers something in midfield.



    Formation?? 3511, 4411 can’t see it being 433

  7. Eddie injured, the other 2 on the bench.


    Maybe a case for Ajeti not being match fit but obviously Lenny doesn’t trust Klimala.

  8. I’m much happier with Celtic CL/Europa league experience in the team than risking the newer faces. This team looks fast and defensively strong. Good luck to the bhoys.

  9. JB @ 6.54



    After Saturday’s performance maybe that is why RC is being played at CF — to give him less opportunity to try his pot shots from 25 yards.



    DU must lost a fortune as he hit row z on a regular basis.

  10. let’s hope their goalie is not as agile as the Dundee Utd goalie with shots from outside the box.


    go get them bhoys onwards and upwards.

  11. The team is picked, we are not certain what formation it will take yet.


    However now is the time to get behind the Bhoys, I wish them all well and still believe we will win.



  12. Jobo


    Sorry, not allowed. You need to be on SC to discuss shots from outside the box. 😉😉



    COYBIG ( with hope in our hearts 🙏🙏)

  13. I only hope that if its not working, Lenny won’t delay in making changes.


    Strange that we are starting without a recognised striker.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    So, Dundee United’s treatment of Edouard has come home to roost then?

  15. Wonder what sort of message is being sent/taken by Klimala or Ajeti that they’re not starting tonight.







  16. Go to it Celtic


    The second game in our European run


    go to work Celtic





    hope in our hearts


    come on Celtic




  17. Dexter P. Bampot on

    What on earth is NFL at? No recognised striker? This game is too important for experiments

  18. Initial reaction. Very disappointed with that line up.



    I generally don’t want us to play with 1 recognised striker. In theory, we haven’t tonight either.



    Really need to look at joined up signing strategy. Are we signing unfit players or just players we subsequently dont fancy.



    Really hope I’m proved wrong later.



    Give me hell if so!

  19. Talent vs glass jaw — what will win out?


    Will change ever come?



    You could have written this script — transfer chatter / gaps in the team / general panic against a third string Euro team — 6 months ago.



    PL must love giving up £20mill revenue every year — who cares we can always sell a player.

  20. TheLurkinTim



    For Klimala – “No matter how hard you work, you aren’t playing”.

  21. If there is an up side to OE being injured it’s that it probably screws up their defensive game plan based on closing OE down.


    Even we don’t know whose playing through the middle.

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