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  1. Well played Celts and Brendan!



    More players getting time on the pitch too, which is very good!

  2. Unlucky for Iwata



    Wins the ball and passes to tillio



    Gets the ball back and mis hits the shot

  3. THE EXILED TIM on 6TH DECEMBER 2023 9:41 PM



    Superb performance, Iwata MoM by a country mile IMO









    he made it look easy

  4. Well done Celtic .


    O’Riley and Iwata terrific and Talcum Powder played well on the right .

  5. Very good team effort tonight. What a difference moving the ball a fraction quicker makes.


    Really happy for Oh and Iowata. Tony did a great job when he came on.


    Philips – pedestrian, maybe lack of games.


    Matt was the Duracell Bunny.


    Wee drink in hand – well done bhoys.

  6. Fans love strikers, that is why Oh go the MOTM.



    Oh was very good.


    MOR was very, very good.


    Tomoki Iwata was very very good.



    Callum was also much better in his more forward rile.

  7. Did yae honestly expect anything else fae the fellow red coats !?🤔…enjoy your losers promise Shankland 🤔

  8. The returnof weeron on

    Excellent 1st half. Ok 2nd half.



    I never thought that iwata was a player, but he might just be….



    The 1st half was Ange ball. Let’s get back to that.




  9. glendalystonsils on

    Plus points in an excellent win , Iwata (must get a run of games) , MO’R (class) , Oh (goals), AJ (much more like his old self) . No failures though. Substitutions disrupted our flow we got a bit ragged and lost an avoidable goal . Thought Phillips and Scales could have done better at their goal but their quick forwards always looked like they could trouble our slower defenders on the break.

  10. Good movement, speed and finishing, well done Bhoys great 3 points.



    ‘A powerful Matt O’Riley header and a composed Luis Palma penalty – awarded after a controversial VAR check – wrapped up the confident win.’



    Above from BBC Scotland sports. What was controversial about the VAR check? The fact that referee and linesman who were watching the play didn’t see the foul an award the penalty?!!


    Cheatin’ Beaton right enough




    VAR found it controversial to award a penalty to a team other than the huns



    Apart from that



    Stick on

  12. Much more like it, the BR rant and the team shake up worked a treat, I thought Iwata gave the other midfielders room to breathe, and the 1 touch football, as good as we’ve played this season

  13. Hibs didn’t play badly, they were never allowed to play at all. That said they never gave up, and never resorted to anything likely to injure our players, or their’s us. As I have been saying lately, when fully fit we have a pretty decent squad, for the SPL, more than good enough to go and win the league. And I was advocating going three at the back, Brendan went one better, he played two at the back, which, for the most part, worked pretty well.


    December off to a good start, lets keep it going.