Celtic v Hibernian, GG Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.

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  1. CHAIRBHOY on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 7:31 AM


    BIG JIMMY @ 6:35 AM,














    Hope you’re feeling better soon.







    Lot’s of bugs going around, some real persistent strains, so look after yourself.







    Hail Hail/





    RON BACARDI on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 8:20 AM


    Get well soon JIMMY




    Cheers Bhoys.



    I was panicking a wee bit until yesterday, as in between the Violent Coughs, I was finding it hard to catch my breath.


    I got my TESCO Food delivery about 30 minutes ago, which included Beecham Powders and Anadin Pills.


    Last night was the first time I managed a few hours sleep all week.


    HH Bhoys.

  2. ” AN DÚN on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 9:35 AM




    ` Phillips doesn’t look very good` ”



    That`s putting it mildly :-))).



    Where was he in the Liverpool hierarchy?

  3. Enjoyed the game last night.


    One positive Iwata ,he’s a player.


    One negative MJ ,not for me.






    `One positive Iwata ,he’s a player.` I agree.





    `One negative MJ ,not for me.` Hope springs eternal !!

  5. garygillespieshamstring on

    The huns are 8 games short of beating Barcelona’s world record of 74 consecutive league games without conceding a penalty.



    Will Castore make a special issue strip with a penalty spot above the badge to mark such a momentous event?

  6. BIG JIMMY on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 10:21 AM




    Nice one Nimmy.


    Hope you’re feeling better soon. Last night’s result and performance would’ve helped. 😃👍

  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    Big Jimmy



    Hope you are better soon.


    I’m sure the shipwrecks are rudderless in your absence.

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    Although I am sureBRRB will a damn good go at keeping the Jolly Roger flying while you recover.



    74 consecutive league games without conceding a penalty.`




    Is that a fact???

  10. got in from game last night and was far too cold to post my thoughts but have read back and agree with some that the first half performance was better but that was helped by hibs not going with 10 men behind the ball, OH should have scored 4 or 5 in the first half , loads of running about that leads to nothing ,he gets into good positions in the box but his control and touch at times is woeful.


    if nawrocki and pint of lager cant get picked before the loanee Liverpool lad wow as he is poor, ralston is never a left back and MJ not good enough, tillio looks lost another karamko dembele , still lots of sideways and back passing at the back ,Hatate is a big miss for getting Kyogo involved in the game with his quick passes and movement.


    some positive thoughts good 3 pts .


    get the GB back as lack of atmosphere is dreadful.

  11. glendalystonsils on

    I thought there was still too much cutting back/cutting inside from both wingers last night. Palma got to the byline and crossed, Matt scored our second goal and that should have happened more often on both wings .


    As for Mikey , he may not be a very naughty boy, but he’s not the messiah either !

  12. GGHS



    Thanks. I checked and it was 68 a while back so you are almost certainly correct. Unbelievable……well, it should be but this is Newco and this is Scotland.

  13. “RC on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 11:09 AM


    some positive thoughts good 3 pts .”



    Damned with faint praise indeed.



    “get the GB back as lack of atmosphere is dreadful.”



    I enjoyed not hearing ooh ah up the ra and similar dirge umpteen times last night. It was quiet but a bit of Disco Land and a chant (to the tune of Jeepers Creepers I think) of “Cheatin Beaton, he’s gonna be greetin'” when he was called over to the VAR a highlight of the night for me on top of the football which I thought was generally really pleasing.



    Strange that we’ve had some of the better home performances in the absence of the GB. Almost like they are not as important as they think they are.






    I thought there was still too much cutting back/cutting inside from both wingers last night. Palma got to the byline and crossed, Matt scored our second goal and that should have happened more often on both wings .”



    I think BR sometimes prefers his “wingers” to be inside forwards, with the FBs providing the width when overlapping. I like the balance of this when the inside forwards are cutting in to shoot on their preferred foot and the crosses come from the FB on their preferred foot.



    That Palma is running into 2/3 players when cutting in is the issue for me. GT made a lot of good runs last night (esp for a guy who was flu’d up for days before) and was rarely used. Bit more variety would be good for me and might mean when he does cut in he hits less traffic?



    Two guys behind me constantly moaned about the wingers being on the wrong side last night – often right before Palma played a beaut of a cross with either foot much to my amusement.




  15. Clunks /Mod



    Is Truth Beauty and Freedom pinged out?


    I hope not.


    Your 9.26 appears so.


    Get a grip,he/she may not know your the Mod



    Stop offering alternate browsers and start curtailing the adverts the make this site a laughing stock.


    Folk have been coming on for years with the same browser,they are now met with a blizzard of advertising,you should maybe do something bout that.




  16. Quadbhoy



    The atmosphere was honking last night,plenty heard from Hibs fans and 32 mins before the library silence had a song round it.33mins hush again and back to Hibs drum.Glad it was a victory otherwise it would have been a Girners cascade down the slopes of Celtic park




  17. HOT SMOKED on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 10:35 AM


    Big Jimmy







    All the very best. I hope you recover soon.




    Thanks mate.


    Thanks also to the others on here who have wished me well.



    At times this week, it became a wee bit scary due to lack of breath and VERY PAINFUL Coughing and Sneezing.


    Cheers Bhoys.



  18. RC on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 11:09 AM



    Don’t really care too much about the missing GB. I prefer to praise the Celtic support who made the time, financial commitment and effort to attend.



    Arguably our best results :- Last night, Aberdeen and huns away have been without the GB.



    HH, the journey continues.

  19. “AN TEARMANN on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 11:43 AM


    The atmosphere was honking last night,”



    We’ll agree to disagree. Perhaps we mean different things when we think of atmosphere?



    I found the atmosphere quiet but jovial. Lots of good chat, happy folk around me bar two moany gits behind that are never happy with anything or anyone (other than Scales even when he misplaces passes and takes longer to turn than a cargo ship in the Suez canal).




  20. huns are 8 games short of beating Barcelona’s world record of 74 consecutive league games without conceding a penalty.







    Watch out for Dundee getting one after they score their 4th goal this weekend. They will not want the attention of a new world record.

  21. Good to see some of the more recent signings getting a starting berth.



    Good to see a couple of them taking it and gaining confidence.



    Hibs way of playing and an early goal helped them settle in but really encouraging to see confidence grow in Oh and Iwata.



    Sunday is huge though.

  22. Quadbhoy



    We differ,no worries,


    Atmosphere- songs of Celtic,Ireland and St Patrick,it was very quiet,apart from 3 or 4 organic songs at times during the 95 minutes.


    I dont want to hear away fans at anytime in CP,that St Mirren,Motherwell and Hibs have now objected to silence in the library.backing their team.


    I want noise and song backing Celtic for full game,i can have the craic with them around me when that drum is beating for Celtic.Its not just now, and tf the huns wont get any tickets for 30th Dec.it would be embarassin




  23. really enjoyed the game last night much improved all round


    oh worked tirelessly all night and took his goal in the manner of a strong hungry striker


    Palma i like very skilful and great distributor of the ball if only he had some pace [probably wouldnt be here]


    Iwata took his opportunity and impressed


    MOR is looking as if he is going to be the real deal great player to watch when on song


    Defence needs a fit CCV as the rest are pretty average AJ good going forward but shaky defending


    overiding impression was freeing up the captain gave the team the freedom to play why this took so long for Brendan to inact i am sure there are good reasons


    ps it does help if the opposition engages

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