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  1. A much better team performance tonight compared to last game. Was difficult to pick 3 for Jobo at the weekend…and also difficult again tonight to pick 3 – for a totally different reason, thankfully. 😁




  2. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Just back in from the game. Much better tonight. CalMac, O’Riley and Iwata ran the midfield. Oh led the line really well and both wingers contributed. AJ played well going forward and Big Joe made important stops. Bit disappointed at how easily Phillips was beaten for their goal and hopefully CCV is okay.



    Bizarre refereeing moment was a Hibs player clearly passing the ball back rìto Marshall who picked it up without penalty.

  3. CLUNKS on 6TH DECEMBER 2023 11:01 PM


    biggest worry from tonight is kyogo looks lost in our current set up



    Totally agree……..my fear is we could lose arguably one of the finest /deadliest strikers we’ve had in recent years becuase rodgers hasn’t a clue how to use him or get the ball to him.



    i have never been a fan of rodgers coming back, but heyho it is what it is…….yes we’re winning but sorry its dull!


    There i’ve said it.

  4. The returnof weeron on




    Emm….it’s not a ‘tonight’ thing. It has been obvious since Day 1.




  5. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Bizarre refereeing moment was a Hibs player clearly passing the ball back rìto Marshall who picked it up without penalty.



    Yip just plain cheating…..

  6. A comprehensive victory the result of some excellent football, four goals scored, decribed as “dull”. A striker who scored against both Lazio and Athletico Madrid at Celtic Park in the Champions League, (the Champions League,) described as “lost”


    Question which club do you actually support, and on which Planet fitba do you reside?


    Clue. It is not this one.

  7. He looked lost



    Because I think he looked lost doesnt mean am not a tim



    But just yout take all the negative comments and virtue signal your hoopiness

  8. Listened to bbc sport on way home from game . I couldn’t get away with the hibs boss comments . He certainly watched a different game to me . I agree hibs did have a few chances mainly by the big striker who is not a bad player , fast and strong , but they were outplayed , he spoke of there chances .compared to ours , nothing near as many as ours .then he went on to claim we got a soft penalty . I had to check it wasn’t mcinnes I was listening too. A real bad loser .

  9. clunks



    Kyogo got himself in an excellent position to score against Lazio away, chose the far post, went just wide, that was at 0-0. A half volley went askew after coming on as a sub earlier against Hibs. He is missing both Abada and Maeda at the mo. Even the best strikers go through periods when they are not always scoring. He might look “lost” to you, and to others on here, not to me.

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    MELVIN UDALL @ 7:02 PM



    I’m going 4-1 to the hoops.



    Big Oh with 2, one for Iwata and one for Palma






    How close was this?



    MU – if I provide an email address, can you send me six two-digit numbers before Saturday?

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Thoroughly enjoyed the game tonight.



    Still work to do but plenty of positives.



    McGregor moved from libero to liberated. I thought he looked so much more relaxed and natural one further forward. My MOTM.



    Oh improving all the time. Thought his touch was terrific tonight.



    Matt played well.



    AJ attacked well, still needs to sharpen his defensive work.



    Iwata either needs a run of games to get up to speed or a move. He was tidy enough first half but was forcing it. Played well second half.



    Thought Scales, Mikey and Nat were pretty average tonight. Liam got caught out with a few balls over the top. Poor.



    Tilio? First game so deserves some slack, but he was miles off it.

  12. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good to see some players getting rested.



    Wee Kyogo will be fine. Just needs to re-click.



    PS – poster asked earlier were the two bookings justified?



    Answer – yes … and smart.



    Counterattack? Clip, down you go.



    Maybe we’re slowly learning.

  13. Great 3 points .


    Palma put in great crosses from the left .


    MJ and Tillio.


    Neither good enough .




  14. Good morning all from a rather wet Garngad saying -1..



    Great result last night.



    Here we are at Christmas, does anyone know our strongest team?



    D :)

  15. Good Morning Fholks – Fine Day To Be A Tim…



    D66, the fact that Reo Hatate will struggle to get his place back speaks volumes of that midfield performance.



    Maybe in a week time against Feyenoord we may see something close to it…



    A few changes as many of us suspected would happen.



    As mentioned previously, BR likes to look at “new” players, review where they are and give them a personal development plan.



    So it’s interesting to see which players are coming back into the fold and which players seem to be still out in the cold.



    Certainly some surprises there, yet our strongest team is still a WIP and BR isn’t going to compromise team and squad development for short term gains.



    As long as we keep winning with the odd draw, and progress is being made, this team does have time.



    I remember during Brendan’s first tenure commenting about the Griff conundrum, the fact was the wee man was banging in goals for fun, yet we looked a much more balanced side with Dembele up front.



    The target man who can hold up play, put pressure on the defence and give you that physicality and goals is priceless in today’s game.



    The big man gave us all of the above and was candidate for MoTM.



    Which means we now have the Kyogo conundrum!!



    Yet it was the midfield that was the revelation, having that all important DM has been key, while our established (ovenready) aggressive defensive pivot, many cried out for in the summer, never arrived, Iwata’s development into a first class middy, was always on the cards.



    He looked supreme, fitted in seamlessly at No6 and took to a very taxing position with ease and as the game went on, his confidence grew and he really made a huge contribution.



    It allowed Calmac to put in his best performance of the season in his favoured left midfield position, with Matt on the right, however they interchanged and combined brilliantly as O’Riley was superlative, this bhoy has the full package as his header’d goal testified and the great news is, he’s just getting better.



    The fact is all three of the midfield have their strengths but are fully interchangeable, a recipe for numerous tactics that won’t be lost on our manager.



    When was the last time we saw a Celtic midfield working so well!?



    Lenny’s, Lambert’s, John Collins and the Maestro!? A mouth watering prospect.



    A different type of headache for Jobo’s POTY this week, yet with so many deserving a vote, there was really three standout contributions.



    So winging it’s way to SENCELPOTY@GMAIL.COM



    1. Matt O’Really



    2. Oh



    3. Iwata



    Have a Grand day Celts



    Hail Hail

  16. Well done to The Bhoys last night.


    As a wee Bonus, I had the Correct Score of 4 – 1 @ odds of 14/1 with my Bookie, and also St.johnstone to beat St Mirren 1 – 0 @ odds of 15/2.



    I have been very unwell all week with a ” FLU BUG”, so I needed a wee tonic.


    Quite ironic really, as due to being unwell, i had to CANCEL my FLU JAG Appointment on Tuesday, and a further appointment with my Nurse on Wednesday.


    I wasn’t fit enough to go out anywhere, and at times I was finding it difficult to concentrate on the game last night, due to being so unwell.




  17. BIG JIMMY @ 6:35 AM,






    Hope you’re feeling better soon.



    Lot’s of bugs going around, some real persistent strains, so look after yourself.



    Hail Hail



    MELVIN UDALL @ 7:02 PM



    I’m going 4-1 to the hoops.



    Big Oh with 2, one for Iwata and one for Palma




    How close was this?



    MU – if I provide an email address, can you send me six two-digit numbers before Saturday?




    Cheers B2B. However, I doubt I’ll get that close again. 😂👍

  19. Iwata was a pleasant surprise. Confident and capable. Also allows the Captain to play in a more forward position.


    M Johnston played ok, but ok is not good enough, not if we want to become a true European team again.


    I love big Joe, however, we need a more agile keeper. One who will make forwards feel physical pain if they dare challenge him in the 6 yard box.


    Not sure about Oh, have to take into account his lack of game time, not really had an opportunity to make his mark. However the way he knocked off the Hibs defender and planted his second goal bodes well for the future.

  20. CHAIRBHOY on 7TH DECEMBER 2023 6:35 AM




    Brilliant post CB.



    Only listened to it on BBC Radio, so getting a breakdown like yours is priceless.



    Delighted for big Oh and Iwata. Both have been patient waiting for their chances and it seems like they’ve both grabbed it with both hands.



    Wee Kyogo will bounce back also.



    Mon the hoops! 😃👍⚽️🍀🇮🇪🏆

  21. I don’t see our midfield changing for Sunday. The only big decision really is whether we stick with Oh. There’s certainly a valid argument for starting him.



    Hopefully CCV is ok. I don’t know whether we’re comfortable playing him on plastic but Rugby Park is the stand out fixture this month for me ( the Huns match will take care of itself). Sunday is a big game and I’d be playing CCV because Phillips doesn’t look very good. Scales as well is looking more of a squad player nowadays as well. I’d worry about having him and Phillips as a partnership.

  22. MELVIN UDALL @ 8:52 AM,



    Thanks, noticed your prediction, well done.



    Yes, Kyogo is far too good a takumi to let a loss of form/confidence stop him.






    Hail Hail

  23. onenightinlisbon on

    Kyogo has not lost form he is getting no service and being asked to play in a position he is not used to.



    Good result last night, Mikey Johnston experiment over surely, how many chances does the lad need?

  24. AN DÚN @ 9:35 AM,



    Not sure BR will risk CCV on plastic.



    He got injured on Livingstone’s pitch just before an important game under Ange.



    BR will not be looking at the Feyenoord game as a dead rubber, it is the game that can put a little, well deserved, gloss on our European efforts.



    He won’t take that lightly.



    Problem is of course big Nat didn’t inspire confidence and Scales’s game fell off.



    Hail Hail




    Well the fact is we won’t be going back to Angeball and we won’t be building a team round Kyogo.



    Son is doing the Kyogo for Spurs with great effect – he’s getting criticised for being caught offside too often – Ange wouldn’t mind that, we didn’t mind how many times Kyogo got caught offside as long as the wee man was scoring.



    However, many managers won’t tolerate it.



    Having heard the criticism that Kyogo wasn’t be given service, I kept a close eye on him in the second half at St Johnstone, he got played through in various areas about half a dozen times and fluffed his lines on each occasion.



    Of course he was unlucky to not beat the keeper who produced a worldly (would have been offside anyways) yet his first touch was woeful on several occasions.



    We know he’s better than that.



    Will love to see him back to his best, that will come, especially in a high pressing three up front, Meada, Abada with Kyogo will still produce.



    Hail Hail