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  1. Since start of October



    Celtic have played 3 home domestic games



    Put 4 past Hibs


    and 5 past Farts n Killie



    They are spoiling us

  2. SAINT STIVS on 8TH DECEMBER 2018 4:08 PM


    I made a big bhoy decision yesterday.


    haven’t been to a match since early September. Illness and hospital stays since then.


    hey big man. Hope that five one result gives you a much better look on life, God bless you,


    Hail hail,


    C’mon the hoops,



  3. ***ALERT***




    **Chaired by Jabba**









    1. Report that Southampton are ready to table a bid of 20 million plus Stuart Armstrong for the pair.


    2. Report that Mourinho is looking to replace Pogba and bring in Christie (along with KT)


    3. Make up quotes that Brown and Ntcham are unhappy /want away due to being on the bench


    4. Get rent-a-quote ex-players to say the dynamic duo are wasting their time at Celtic. That if they have any ambition they will move South. That they are good enough to play for, emmm, Everton, Crystal Palace, East Ham.


    5. Dig the dirt on their private lives. Ryan Christie ate my hamster.




    Far fetched? Watch this space.

  4. Silver City 1888 on

    I see in discussions elsewhere that not taking the 800 tickets is turning to thoughts about not playing the game and taking a 3 point hit. As some have pointed out, we are likely to face much greater sanctions if we pull such a trick. In the wider world, people of colour are applauded for walking off in the face of racist abuse. If we did the same in the face of anti Irish or anti Catholic abuse, I doubt that the ball would leave the centre circle after kick-off before we could, well within your rights, head back to the dressing room.

  5. Stairheedrammy on

    O’Donnell of killie has been mentioned as a RB signing for us. No way on yesterday’s show. He was fast and aggressive but got roasted by the Izzy and Sinky combination. If he played for us he would have walked before half time.

  6. Good morning CQN from a dry but cold Garngad



    Great performance yesterday. Now on to the Saltys.



    Silver City 1888- , I would not touch those 800 tickets with a barge pole. One or more of our 800 Spartan Celts will get seriously injured IMO.



    If we are made to take the tickets, because if we don’t we will get sanctioned, then Celtic FC should buy the 800 and not distribute them for fear of the safety of our fans. Again only my opinion.



    We will beat them no matter what.?






    D. :)

  7. Stairheedrammy on

    No need for any planned protest at Ibrox if we dont take their tickets. Just wait for the first couple of bams running on to attack our players and walk off in response.

  8. ahhhh…………….the twists an’ turns o’ the sleekits……



    the ‘surprisin’ deviations from the skript, the dug whistlin’…………….



    ……the light at the end o’ the fitba’ tunnel……?



    Naw. Jist guff.

  9. In ither news…….



    ” This is an urgent appeal on behalf of Fat Charlie and ithers like him.



    Rainjurz Unintentional Mint are appealing directly to the Scoddish Foo’ball Benevolent Society SFA/ RSA) with a timely seasonal message for help.



    Do you have a Whistle? An official linesman’s fleg…….. or a brass eye?



    Will you heed our call, this Kristmas?



    All we are asking , is for you to show your britherly love for Fat Charlie by NOT digging into your wallet for that small Red Kard with his name on it.



    Will you do your duty?”

  10. St Stivs



    What a great day to see Celtic mate,that result will fair be a tonic.


    Hope you continue to get a wee bit better.


    Thanks also,for the financial Times report bout a week bout ireland .quality cqn mate



  11. Maybe feeling magnanimous because of the quality on display yesterday but I thought the Killie fans were fine. They gave one half – hearted rendition of the Killie Boys ( roundly booed!!) and I think that was more of an acceptable manner in which to annoy the more sensitive chaps in the Celtic support than showing any allegiance to Sevco.I have met a few Killie fans and they are keen on neither us or thems.


    Golf beckons.


    Cheerio for now.





    DD I hope you haven`t left the HS in a pub :-))

  12. PS Grammatical mistake in the above post. Cyber dram for the first to spot it. Will check later.

  13. Hot Smoked, I think DD has slept in. Likewise Saint Stivs, however in his case that’s OK he needs a rest.



    Come on Dundee!!!

  14. 50,000 sing and chant sectarian bigotry every two weeks without sanction or punishment.



    The football authorities in Scotland could stop it easily in a heartbeat – fines and deduction of points, however they allow it.



    They are to blame for the vile bigotry and sectarian on display at the Hate Factory.



    HH. ?

  15. Saint Stivs is up and feeling ok.



    But not reporting for any duties.



    It’s a lovely morning here. I like a sunny morning on these short days.



    Now to go read everything I can find about the Celts.

  16. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    I was low down in 137 yesterday – couldn’t tell exactly but thought we could have had 2 penalties. CP great, love the lights.

  17. Some nonsense being spouted about the Hun ticketsWe do not have to handle them.Nothing to say we must.As for the other ludicrous idea of not playing the game !!!!!!!!!.What planet are these people on?Walking of because of “Sectarian singing”.Aye right.We would get loads of support for that.Ones as bad as the other ,banner headlines from everywhere.


    Just dont distribute the tickets and pump them in front of their vermin.


    Job done.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    HS @9:18



    Being a bhoy who was born and lived in Kilmarnock this rubbish that Killie fans have an affinity for the Hun gets on my (.)(.)’s



    Like the sheep they dislike us in equal measure to the Hun.

  19. In Steve Clarke’s interview on the BBC, it originally had him saying ‘I thought Celtic were terrific in the first half’.



    Now, they’ve removed that sentence.



    Must be offensive or something.



    HS @9:18


    Being a bhoy who was born and lived in Kilmarnock this rubbish that Killie fans have an affinity for the Hun gets on my (.)(.)’s


    Like the sheep they dislike us in equal measure to the Hun.





    I’m with you, I know a few Killie fans, one is a very close friend of myself and Dallas, no way any of them like Sevco. They dislike the ” ugly sisters” as they would call us, in equal measure.


    Hail Hail

  21. Hi Bhoys



    Good morning everyone fantastic time for a result and performance like yesterday’s. Just hope we carry it forward through the rest of the month.



    As for the tickets for the hun game. What a fantastic opportunity to bring to the attention of a worldwide audience what is going on inside scottish football and indeed society in general. Celtic take and pay for the tickets and don’t distribute them. leaving a noticeable space in the stands of snake mountain. People around the world ask why the space? We tell them.



    A. Fear for safety of our support at that venue. Highlighting crimes of the season commited in and around there so far by the zombie support.



    B. Blatant cheating breaking of the rules by the footballing authorities and their employees (refs) in favour of the old and new clubs operating out of there.



    There will be other reasons to add to this no doubt but this I feel would be a great start.



    For our supporters who go to every game I apoligise but I think a one game sacrafice is worth it to assist the res 12 bhoys and everyone else who desires an open and fair competition in Scotland.




  22. Re the Killie fans not liking us or thems


    I have a very good friend who played for Hearts for years, (no names, no pack drill), a catholic bhoy who when I asked him who he wanted to win between us and hun, always said, I hope they both get beaten. Funny that.




    Brilliant yesterday




  23. TEUCHTER ÁR LÁ on 9TH DECEMBER 2018 7:18 AM


    Raheem Sterling racially abused by Chelsea fans via an online video has the Met police and Chelsea all over the allegations. Wonder what Scottie Sinclair thinks.



    Yip, the difference is staggering.


    S.S. last Sunday, Shay Logan on Wed at Ibrox, very little said about both incidents. The players raised the profile of the incidents on their social media accounts.


    Granted more made of incident at Tynecastle yesterday but overall, compared to England, racism in Scottish football is largelyignored.


    Shame on all involved.


    Hail Hail

  24. GlassTwoThirdsFull on












  25. PetetheBeat



    He also said it in the live BBC Shortbread broadcast in the opening line of his interview .



    It doesn’t fit with their editorial agenda but they are too late because its all over social media



    ” I thought Celtic were terrific ” Steve Clarke



    ” I thought Celtic were terrific ” Steve Clarke



    ” I thought Celtic were terrific ” Steve Clarke



    ” I thought Celtic were terrific ” Steve Clarke



    ” I thought Celtic were terrific ” Steve Clarke




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