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  1. Well played Dundee against a cheating ref. Paul McGowan was running on empty at the end and still winning great tackles. The Dundee defence were magnificent in the second half. Do we get the League trophy presented to us this week?

  2. 50 shades of green on

    SeethingHerradssevco hold out for plucky draw against a resurgent Dundee.





  3. Cheer up Sleekit G,


    You’re a sad scouser bar steward


    With a shite football team.


    Oh cheer up ……..



    Beautiful Sunday indeed.


    If Carling done weekends??



    D. :)

  4. Gerrard really …slipped up… there.


    Players already bricking it ahead of the 29th.



  5. Jim McIntyre gave a fist pump to the home fans! Will that be him in trouble now with the media?

  6. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Watched the hun,


    Dundee’s goal as pub league stuff.


    Red card was correct IMHO.


    Great strike from whitshisname for the hun equaliser.


    The second half was a snorefest for a fitba purist likes what’s on here


    In short the hun is shite and will be getting their erse handed to them on the 29th.

  7. Tomorrow’s headlines today.


    Stevie gees rangers leapfrog Kilmarnock to rise to second place in the league…he says that it felt like a win today as playing against 10 men is difficult. The ref missed a few good opportunities to give us the advantage today but I can’t criticize him ,said Stevie gee ,he also mentioned that if wee Neil was still here that would have been a banker 3 points.

  8. Amazing what Dundee have done since they binned Ratface.


    That result cancels out the Motherwell result on Wednesday.


    2 points ahead, game in hand and 4 goals better off.


    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas :-)


    aff oot to shovel snow.

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    To be fair, it’s common for teams to go into a bit of a dip after they have won the league…….



    It’s shaping up to be make or break for Gerrardiola on the 29th.



    He looked really nervous prematch in paradise and his team played as such. We could’ve skelped them by 5 clear goals that day.




  11. For me ‘Laughatme’s’ goal should have stood and the Dundee red card was correct…So on balance sevco had a rough day with the officials…makes up a wee bit for the two gifts they got against Hearts and Aberdeen…..

  12. Livid they are.






    It’s the hope that kills them, everytime.



    This season was the last roll of the ?.



    Rapid will eliminate them on Thursday.



    The end is near for that zombie abomination. ?‍♂️



    HH. ?

  13. AmaKenny Miller,only playsbone way,no matterwhat team,an absolute crefitvto him.zing display from Fundee.

  14. If We win next Sunday against Hibs then sevco are 5 points behind us and we have a game in hand as they don’t kick off to 3pm on Sunday… ???



    D. :)

  15. Just finished a lovely Spanish pork casserole, and just spotted that the Orcs were shite again, nice in at least two ways.


    I have to disregard the football and unlike Stevie G I was able to change tactics when I saw trouble ahead. At 2.15 I noticed that my casserole lacked “ something” after a wee taste. I looked in the cupboard and spotted a jar of picante peppers in olive oil. Acting on impulse I dropped two of them on top of the casserole and placed the Crueset back in for another 45 minutes.


    Result, a richer spicier dish with fuller flavour. If only Stevie G had called me…….I could have told him to GIRUY. HH

  16. Strange that the red card was for denying a goal scoring opportunity – Dundee will appeal that



    thought it was for a dangerous tackle

  17. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    There’s obviously a split in the Ibrox dressing room.


    Kris Boyd should investigate.



    What a nonsense post match interview from Gerrard.


    Bluffing his head off, as if he actually has good players, who merely went off script today.


    If Commons was a man at all, he would be ramming his co pundits pretentious comments up their collective chorus and verses.

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