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  1. We were marginally better tonight than Saturday ( could we get any worse?) but still look like coaching and formation is completely alien to us during the game. I caught Lenny and Strachan looking at a lap top during the game. WTF! Get on the edge of the technical area and shout yer feeekin instructions …..Jesus, can you imagine big Jock doing this? Even the Milan coach was more animated when his team looked cruising .


    I don’t think anyone on here doesn’t have a heart fealt emotion for Lenny but we need a modern style coach in now . He is relying on an individual piece of skill to pull us through, not giving a flying feck about defensive formations (Duffy and Frimpong on the right? Jesus, just no A Ståle Solbakken type figure wouldn’t go amiss right now.

  2. SD needs to go on a fitness drive — he looks a bit washed out.


    A better sleeping pattern would help plus sell the X Box.


    I fear too much has happened over the past month.


    Hopefully he settles down.



    Hate to see the sentiment change on a player so quickly.


    Not really the issue of the player — more the people who thought he was the Messiah.


    Monty Python were the last people to make that kind of mistake.

  3. MARKIEBHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 11:19 PM


    RC – should we be investing in better coaches than speculating on foreign





    sorry to hear that about you’re daughter, best wishes.


    re coaches, yes at this moment in time I feel we require a dedicated defensive coach , to help improve our positional play as a unit, maybe an Italian as they definitely know how to defend.

  4. BACK TO BASICS – GLASS HALF FULL- from a guy who has recently retired from a top job in the NHS,he keeps in touch with guys,who deal in this department.

  5. The contrast between NL sitting down brooding through his hoody and the AC manager up on his feet shouting and pointing was too difficult to watch.



    The club need to do something.



    NL is in a position he does not deserve because we put him there.


    We put him there without the coaching support and technical help he needs.


    The PL shower episode / CV’s in the bin chat shows how much of a chancer we have in local charge.



    We need to support NL.


    Everything should be on the table to support him.


    At the moment he is in a very lonely position with no exec support.


    He was given a job he couldn’t / wouldn’t turn down.


    And now we have left him out front with the door closed behind him.



    PL should be ashamed of his efforts — all the confirmation you need to see that he is second rate property bean counter who thinks monkey management is the way forward because he once read about it in an airport self help book.

  6. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Agree. There’s been a massive downgrading of expectations.



    So far it’s been a great season off the park (kept our players, spent money) and a disaster of a season on the park (no form, every big game lost, all at home).



    Lenny doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s chopping and changing all over the place, generally in response to failure. It’s terrible to see last season’s brilliant form disintegrate into this debacle. A total gift to our enemies,



    He’s a Celtic great, a good guy, highly intelligent and I haven’t given up on him yet. But if we drop points at Pittodrie that’s it for me. Needs to win.

  7. In the first half you could drive a double decker bus through the midfield, our cb were easy pickings.



    Thought both first half goals were defensive errors imo.



    We need more than a good centre half we need good defenders full stop and a midfield that can defend.



    Not in a good mood and can’t get to the club,😈

  8. Bada – if that is true – your contact is breaking one of the most confidential information in the country.


    Disgraceful to be honest

  9. Missed tonight’s game. Seems like the change at half time (and Milan easing off) meant we looked better. So some progress but work to do!



    GK and Defence:


    Duffy and Barkas getting some stick tonight. Barkas is pretty unproven – I don’t think I’ve really seen him make a save that isnt routine. To be fair though, he’s left a solidly drilled defence to join us where he’s played behind all sorts of combos. We need to sort the defence.



    We only have 6 defenders currently available: Frimpong, Duffy, Ajer, Welsh, Taylor and Laxalt. So we need to just pick 4 (Frimpong, Ajer, Duffy and Taylor) and stick with them – just get them drilled in defending solidly.



    (Duffy has been poor so far but I can see why we brought him in – he isn’t going to pass or create much, but think back to Kilmarnock (and other games) and the rag-dolling Ajer and Jullien got from their centre forward. Duffy, to my mind was brought in to solve that question).





    Brown isn’t getting any younger or better. The main problem with our midfield has been it’s too static and “safe”.



    Some of our best football in recent years was during Brown’s injury when MacGregor played the deep lying midfielder role, Christie played as a proper central midfielder (a number 8) and Rogic as a number 10. We should go back to that, with Turnbull in for Rogic as Turnbull offers more energy and reliability. Rogic is our impact sub for last 30 mins if chasing a goal. Soro needs a chance and should be tested, while Brown should now be in the role of a close the game down sub. Ntcham for me isn’t good enough – lovely technique when in the mood, but a passenger more often than not.



    Wide areas are also tricky – we don’t have many available options. So I’d play Moi on the right cutting in (like Commons used to on the left) and Laxalt as a more traditional left midfielder. Forrest and Johnstone will provide additional options and, as defenders return Frimpong could also move up. Dembele should get some minutes if it’s likely he will stay. If he’s already decided to leave then someone else should get the chance.



    Up front:


    Eddy most of the time. Ajeti as next option. Solo striker most games (with Moi and a Rogic in close proximity.



    I’d mix it up every so often, taking out Moi and playing two up top. Midfield would go more traditional 4 with Christie right, Laxalt left and CalMac and Turnbull central.



    Settled and well drilled defence and a High energy creative midfield and front-line. We need to be better at an early high press before dropping back into a low block defence (ie have forwards/midfielders press high while defenders get organised). Better on the counter, more effective with set pieces and more clinical with the chances we create.

  10. I’m not for pulling the plug on a coach this early but if we lose at Aberdeen we could be fighting for second.(even at my age i get carried away).



    Utmost respect for Lenny, for what he has been put through in Scotland i would have been long gone.

  11. Barkas reminds me of Alan Rough . Just no prepared to go that extra stretch for the ball. Having said that, if he had saved any of their goals going in, it would have been deemed a Forsteresque like save .


    He still doesn’t inspire me. Maybe having the big Irish prop forward in front of him doesn’t help. Think I’d rather have Bain, if only to shout at his defence into action cause ( I could well be wrong) Barkas doesn’t look commanding at all. Maybe a language thing ( Duffy’s strong Irish brogue 🤣🤣)

  12. SFTB lets rephrase that



    suicide to play three at the back unless you have 3 fast athletic ball playing center half’s



    i don’t rate Ayer as center half in a 4 at back , but would rate him as one of a 3 at the back

  13. Bada 10:16



    I said the on Saturday it looked like Ajeti was grumping at people as he came on the park – I liked it.



    Hand of God,


    It was a better second half – even if I reckon Milan had another couple of gears. Here’s hoping we can keep the tempo up at the weekend.

  14. Well, hello there Celtic! Looking more like yer auld self!


    WEE BGFC on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 10:04 PM – summary near says all I want to.


    Our best performers were:


    Laxalt (class and energy above)


    Ajer (showing AC what they missed)


    Ajeti (best hold up and hustle fwd we’ve had in yrs)


    Great, too, to see Ajeti’s fury when being subbed; guys a fighter and felt he had more to add.


    On to Sunday…

  15. Been out taking grandson to his footie training & multiple other things on the list I was given.


    I attach a post from 2 hours before the KO today.



    Of the things I hoped for tonight it was a mixed bag


    Players at times in that last 30 minutes played to a decent standard, one that was missing on Saturday.


    Our general play then seemed more like how we should be playing.


    Neil must have been more upbeat than down – haven’t seen his post game interview.


    But like Xmas morning – I didn’t get all I wanted.


    I’ll catch up on the rest tomorrow.


    Night all





    CORNELIUS on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 5:51 PM




    I have my tin hat & armour suit on.



    Hope in your hearts is a fine sentiment – always.


    But I prefer to see fire in the bellies, determination the eyes, unity in the team, clever tactics and passion in our play.



    It’s apposite to point out that you’re asking for the sort of qualities in our supporters & players that were missing in many Celtic players on Saturday.



    In my opinion – who is available & who has Covid are distractions. We are supposed to be a professional football club with the biggest first team squad in Scotland. If a player is in that squad but not good enough or trusted enough to play in this game – it begs the very obvious question – why is he in that squad in the first place?



    As Shakhtar Donetsk proved last night Covid withdrawals are no excuse. They lost 13 first team players who tested positive.


    In fact, Shakhtar have other reasons to justify any failure: their home ground is in a war zone and since 2014 they’ve been forced to play their home games 800 miles away in the city of Lviv near the Polish border: Russians have battered Donetsk & Eastern Ukraine for the last 6 years.



    A rousing, rallying cry is fine & very Braveheart – but I’d rather be inspired by the ability, confidence & preparation of the team & the coaches rather than feeling compelled to be part of engineering a false optimism just so that it might feel like a competitive game.



    I will be slaughtered in many quarters for that comment, but once you cross the line from being relaxed about how the club is run to seeing how badly it is run – you can’t un-see that & so that comment is logical & predictable.



    For years I’ve been a happyclapper or whatever the new term is for my previous position, & from that place I used to defend almost every aspect of the club against those who saw it differently. Now I understand what they meant.



    I even debated as to whether to wait until after the game tonight before posting this. If we lose I’d be a post defeat whinger who only shows up when we get beaten. If we win I’d be ridiculed even more for not being a true believer.



    We may get a result tonight & if so I’ll be delighted for players, supporters & particularly for Neil Lennon.



    Unlike in my previous stance though, I will not have any optimism that our fortunes are starting to turn for the better. Winning one off games is for wee teams playing against the big teams – so they can have their day. I don’t want us just to have our day & then return to a normality that resembles Saturday.


    We, both club & supporters, deserve better than that.



    I hope we win for all the usual reasons.


    I hope we play well even if we lose or draw.


    I hope that the players find personal qualities in this game that were missing on Saturday.


    I hope Neil Lennon is smiling & proud in his post match media interviews.


    I have hope in my heart but being so emotionally invested in a dysfunctional organisation is not good for the heart in the longer run.



    As always



  16. CORNELIUS – your points echo several of those I’ve made to Paul and other posters.


    Especially the bit about what’s asked of supporters v players.


    Most critically, the points about squad size, value plus trustworthiness to play echo strongly.


    Tonight’s application – if repeated on Sun – will give us a victory over the dandies.


    Still need to get squad quality and readiness at optimum levels, which is patently a coaching thang. HH

  17. FAIRHILL BHOY on 22ND OCTOBER 2020 9:39 PM


    Jersey bhoy,yip still a Hun 😉



    Thanks – that’s why I have Celtic tv, spend hundreds each year on the Celtic shop and get up at 2.45 am to watch all the games.


    Take care

  18. Quadrophenian






    I’m a very recent converso to the “we need change” side.


    For me, once you see/get the bit that’s missing you can’t then ever unsee it or not see it when it’s convenient.


    The dysfunction is all around the club if you keep your eyes open & your wits about you.


    Part of that is because we’ve become complacent being the top dogs.



    – Just like when we won 9 in a row under Jock – we lost 10 not because they were streets ahead but because we let our standards slip – we have let a great opportunity to become a force in European football slip away.


    The comparisons are spooky between the two eras.



    – There’s a Scottish hubris at work too which is fine when your the underdog & you want to get it up them, but is counter productive when the other team think they’re underdogs.



    – Celtic Park as a cauldron of noise on European nights is now a cliche. Actually though, if the fans passion is what drives players over the line in home games it follows that that would explain our general failure to win away matches in Europe (until relatively recently anyway). Professionally prepared & motivated players win games based on their skill, speed, courage & tactics – and not on noise from screaming fans.



    – Celtic Park is a nice ground but it’s far d=from being o=even one of the best in the world. Celtic fans like to refer to it like that – but that reminds me of the Americans I know telling me how America is the best country in the world but none of them have visited anywhere except an all inclusive resort in Mexico.


    The ground is famous for the noise on some European nights – that’s it. I refer to the paragraph above for the context for that.




  19. GOD bless all the supporters of Proper Cocaine.



    They know what they do.



    Proper Charlie was a long Time ago.



    In All seriousness.



    Our Lord and Saviour is Yeshua, Jesus .



    Aiberdeen is a fantastic Club.



    Wel lwin up Dani Behr.



    We are smokin’.

  20. Lenny wullnae make a Celtic Graduate anything other than First name on the sheet.



    Broonie has ran out of steam.



    Even Tam, the liitle Bird from Rogic go Baby Oh the Sevco are shoite?



    Finger out.



    Broonie is A squad player now.



    NR G isnae Everythng. I



    dinnae Stifle the Trifle.



    Do not be so strong/arrogant.



    Broonie has beenp Massive but he isslowing like noone ever.

  21. I love the Neil Lennon who played in M’ON’s teams, the Neil Lennon who was manager the first time round, and had principle’s that saw him put the jacket on and walk out of the club, because of PLC over reach, in term’s of transfer dealings, and the PLCs reigning in of Neil’s combative resistance to Celtic FC being refereed differently. At that moment in time, he realized that he was unique inside the club, ie an executive operative within CFC, who refused to bend to an hostile oppression against CFC, which hadn’t been stood up to, since the Stein year’s. No doubt if, Mr Stein had been a, ginger haired Fenian from the occupied six counties, then he would’ve been sent bomb’s etc, maybe worse, as that would’ve been during the Trouble’s.


    But, in the time that elapsed from Neil walking out, he would’ve watched on aghast, as Celtic fan’s in 2016, more or less clapped Sevco/RFC back into the top league, clapping, and swinging their Brendan Rodgers pompoms, as not one Celtic fan had any issue with why trophies hadn’t been stripped, or any of the HMRC bill of £140 million hadn’t been paid back. Nothing, Nada, zilch, as Brendan Rodgers played the role of pied piper, and 53,000 pompom waving sheep, followed pied piper Brendan Rodgers out the door of the courthouse, and danced in the streets with their £49 Old Firm ticket’s sticking out of their pocket’s, as the PLC board were preparing to throw the Res: 12 rebels under the bus, and Lawwell would don his Rory Bremner mask at the AGM, and fool any lingering doubter’s of the PLCs Intention’s. Now Neil Lennon watched on, from outside the club and observed these Celtic season ticket holder’s, that Neil had virtually put his life on the line for, dancing in the street’s for a drifter with a Colgate smile, and his own fake tan studio, celebrating the humpings of an, Andy Halliday led Rangers team, and they ARE Rangers, £49 Old Firm ticket’s sold to Celtic season ticket holder’s, rubber stamped THAT status, like something last seen in an old Dracula movie, 53,000 blood donors, who couldn’t give a flying f about the principal’s of Celtic FC, that Neil Lennon put his life on the line for. But now, sadly, it looks like Neil Lennon was rumbled by CFC-PLC when Neil was Hibs manager. Out of the blue, there’s a behind the scene’s rumpus at Easter Road, forcing Neil out of Hibs. Then, as if by coincidence, Brendan leave’s Celtic for Leicester, and shockeroony, Neil becomes Celtic manager for 2nd time, only this time there’s a hidden bonus for him. Because this time, Neil Lennon is back at a Celtic FC, were there’s no more principle’s left to keep, they’ve all been sold! Sold by CFC-PLC, and by 53,000 season ticket holder’s, who are ALL, PLC board, Manager, and also the Celtic season ticket holder’s, ALL of them have spat on the grave’s of, hundred’s of 000’s of former supporter’s who never knew justice, and what’s left of the Celtic, neo liberal, offshore, Irish Tories, who’ve desecrated the socialist fabric of the island of Ireland for over a hundred year’s, have now left Celtic FC, and any remaining, critical thinkers amongst the supporter base with nowhere to go if they want to keep their soul’s. Yeah, Neil Lennon has realised, after all his trouble’s on our behalf, that the Celtic that he fell in love with and signed for, died, when his old boss and mentor walked out of the club when he was told that Lawwell was coming in as an overbearer, if anything, but he tried to warn us in a non explosive way, “That Celtic fans would have to be prepared to operate in the slow lane.” When M’ON left us, RFC started to downsize, and this fact is often lost when ‘plant’s’ will be wheeled out to tell us that, WGS downsized, but forget to include RFC downsizing at the same time, all of this designed to skew both, M’ON’s and, WGSs record’s of achievement. Put simply, WGS was Lawwell’s puppet, M’ON wasn’t. But as its no longer a club with any principle’s, Neil has probably thought, why should he cut his nose off to spite his face. As for the fan’s…..



  22. Good morning CQN from a dark and damp Garngad



    We move onto Aberdeen on Sunday, we can discet, discuss and fall out all we want but it’s those players on the park and Lenny’s tactics/formation that need to change.



    Slight improvement last night.






    D :)

  23. There were signs of life in some players last night – no more no less.


    How our aspirations have fallen that we are looking for comfort from a home loss against a decent but hardly world beating Italian side.


    There was a big uplift in our pace and forward passing when SB was replaced by TR. TR is a lovely footballer and we all wish he was made of tougher material – having said that it’s unlikely he would have been here so long if his physical condition was better.



    Not sure how to approach Sunday? Aberdeen May smell fear and come charging out so we may have to be cautious and resilient before opening up and being more expansive. We will need a strong attitude and determination – anything less is unacceptable and curtains for management team IMHO.

  24. Good morning, friends from a dark and dreary looking East Kilbride. At least there were some encouraging signs from last night’s defeat and a few decent performers to choose from. Email me by 10pm tonight, please, with your 3 picks CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM

  25. Any Celtic fan lambasting Lennon over a defeat to AC Milan isn’t being very grounded in their expectations I’m afraid.



    Last night we gave our all and can hold our heads up. We came up against the side sitting top in Italy and next week we look forward to the side sitting top in France.



    So long as we beat Aberdeen twice over the course of the week then we’ll be just fine.



    Think we should go back to 4-2-3-1 for Pittodrie because Duffy is much more settled in a back 4 and Griff is nowhere near it for me.



    Brown needs rested on Sunday. If players like Tam don’t get rewarded for coming in and making a difference then moral can take a hit.

  26. The hand of God on

    We have a fight on our hands this season.We have all had a good laugh at “rangers” in recent years but it’s now clear that they have improved whilst we have went backwards.So far we have been unlucky with injuries and covid whilst they have benefited from playing against us and Standard Liege both of whom were weakened.Will they be able to cope if injuries/vivid hit them…I noticed Barasic ,who is one of their best players,went off injured last night.We need to dig in and win at Pittodrie on Sunday with the players we have available as it seems Eddy wont be back.This game might actually suit Duffy as Aberdeen are a bit more agricultural than “rangers” and AC Milan but NFL has to settle on a formation and motivate his players for this one.

  27. Better attitude and a bit more skill from Celtic compared to last Saturday. Wee Jerry Frimpers really NEEDS to lift his head and have a quick look at options…hes doing the “Hard Part”, but then messing up his crosses. Even Neil was raging at one of his efforts late on.



    I was sorry to see Griff subbed at half time…hopefully he is not injured ?


    Big Tam Rogic just oozes class.


    Sad to say…Big Duffy is slower than a Feckin Tax Rebate !




  28. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Well, definite improvement last night, that wouldn’t be difficult, but


    much more needed all round, not just players but as i said ” all round ”


    Nice to see the best Celtic blog around getting all these new posters






    Bears of the setting free type


    And some just having a Giraffe.


    Only kidding ghuys lol, i know you’ve been with us for yonks 8-))


    Anyhows….We don’t care what the animals say.


    What the hell do we care.


    For we only know, there’s going to be a show.


    And the Glasgow Celtic will be there.


    H.H. Mick

  29. The hand of God on

    You would like to think with players of the quality of Christie,McGregor,Turnbull,Ntcham and Rogic that NFL could come up with a decent strategy that would be able to give Scott Brown a rest occasionally .