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  1. Ya wee sleekit, coorin ,timrous Beastie,Kev J


    You had us all fooled for about half your first”Blooter”post.

  2. Ernie


    Is getting a British league not part of the vow? Lol



    You know its not goin to happen.the move to England.


    Backwater it is.


    With shifting templates between fifa and uefa.in view of a world Cup every 2 years maybe some sort of rejigging of cl el and now conf league, who knows what football will be like.it will change




  3. JHB



    “Perhaps those on here who get carried away with some of our bloodless victories, e.g. St Mirren, Dundee, Ross County & St Johnstone, will take heed, and maybe temper criticism against those of us who dare to see our weaknesses, even after a win.”





    You have not been criticised for talking about our weaknesses. Every one on here can see them.



    What you have shown constantly is a desire to talk up Sevco’s strengths, especially after good Celtic results. Any sign of improvements in our team and you are on saying “maybe we won’t finish 3rd or 4th in the SPFL after all, we might just sneak second place now.”



    You have never once commented on the fact that we are seeing a much weaker Sevco so far in 2021/22 season than their undefeated league team of 2020/21. Having won the frst head-to head match in this season, they are 4 points ahead of us. We have won all four fixtures in October and are leaving our September form behind us. Nothing in the SPFL is determined at the moment, above all, the certainty that Sevco will win it. Even if you fancy them to win it, it is long past time you recognised that this is no foregone conclusion.

  4. Turkeybhoy



    You will get a reply along the lines of:-



    “I’m no Kev J. Kev was a fantastic poster who made great points that CQN could not handle but I’m no Kev J. I wish I was half as good as Kev J as he was the best poster on CQN but I’m no Kev J. I’d pay £49 every week if I could be as good as Kev J but they broke the mould when they made him. Kev J used to talk reularly of how Mark McGhee and Lou Macari were better managers than Strachan, Rodgers and Lennon whereas I say Goodwin is better than Ange. Kev J used to criticise Celtic fans for not bhoycotting CP and paying £49 to go to Ibrox whereas I criticise them for paying £49 to Ibrox and not boycotting Celtic Park. It’s totally different. I wish Kev J would post on here to show you that we are not the same person.”



    And that post will shortly be followed by one from Kev J or one of his many aliases stating ” I can confirm that Kev J is not Blootered Tit”

  5. Trolls hate The Blogs they “people” more than the issues or indeed the subject matter at hand……………



    In other times the wee red biro would be pressed too hard into cheap lined-paper and sent into various tabloids –


    – same attentions given to easy-to-enter competitions and Big Type crosswords……



    ThinkDailyExpressReaders. CSC?

  6. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    What effect will medical passports have on attendances when those who’ve had the medication can still get sick and pass their sickness on to innocent victims?


    Will Celtic or any fans be happy to participate in a “papers please” environment?


    There was talk a few weeks back that football stewards were going to resign on the Friday before Rangers v Hearts game, as stewards didn’t fancy asking either, Rangers, or Hearts fans for “papers please” and the agency that organizes stewarding sent information to SFA, who contacted ScotGov about the cost to this policing bill for football matches, as stewards were set to resign, and ScotGov bottle crashed and they released a statement saying “We don’t have the correct equipment yet to check football crowds.”


    They bottled asking big Hun’s and mini Hun’s for “papers please” so they just selected the Celtic “easy meats” for “papers please” at Parkhead last week !!!


    If you don’t stand up for yourself against PLC pirates, then the rest of Scottish society’s pirates will fancy their chances with you, and it’ll be your fault.


    And not a single Scottish journalist heard a single whisper of a story, that the dogs on some Glasgow street’s were talking about. Funny that.


    Btw, it was the dogs who hadn’t been eaten yet by the gangs of giant rats, roaming the other Glasgow street’s.


    Still not a single journalist “allowed” to report on this?


    Who voted for this bs?




    KevJ come oot wherever you are they still hurt so bad, please come back and finish them off this time its no fair!!!

  7. 3 down and 5 across



    : to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content



    5 letters…..

  8. Park the bus > blootir it > simple on

    Seriously, what happened to KevJ?


    He was on here for years as well.


    I enjoyed you getting it right about the old firm ticket pricing scam Kev, under the guise of the 13k jelly and ice cream party as Brendan Rodgers arrived at the same time as Ibrox return to top table with Celtic, Brendan arrived and that was the PLC cover, no room for “What’s your stance on same club issue?” type of questions from Scottish MSM, as they, and Celtic PLC had got what they wanted, Rangers old firm games back, not a trophy stripped or penny paid back to HMRC and now the “trickery” keep the old firm ticket prices the same in 2016 as they were in 2012, same price, same club? well as soon as a Celtic fan bought a ticket for Ibrox = job done, Celtic fans have accepted that Rangers 2012 = Rangers 2016, when Rangers died then rose again, now their back at the top, Champions, and Celtic PLC are still throwing leagues to keep Rangers alive & kicking, and Celtic’s easy meat supporters are still on their knees at the back of the bus, being mugged by every cheap punk who appears on the scene, just like you said KevJungle, they hated you coz they knew you were correct and they were wildly wrong, please come back Kev, its you who was right all along, I recall the night that BMCUW was giving you awful abuse on here, I mean really disgusting language he used toward you Kev, shocking, really bad stuff. if I’m correct i think BMCUW disgraceful behaviour that night made the moderator give him a red card? Yeah I think that was the same night KevJ you take care now mate.


    The blowhard graduated snowflake brigade who said none of the above would happen will double down on their guilt trips coz that’s who they are, and that’s all they’ve got.


    Please come back KevJungle and blow all of their minds, that would be worth the admission money itself.


    Take care Kev. hh

  9. SFTBs,



    H,mmm,after reading that post at 11.18,I am beginning to doubt,that it is Kev J.


    Awe ur ye,Aye.

  10. It would be a brave,intelligent,handsome,guy that would pick the EPL winners from,Man C,Chelsea,Liverpool.



    Chelsea for me.

  11. Lubo we need you on

    Do you know what Tony Ralston personifies , an honest hard working full back , . Its a shame that wee prick NL couldn’t see that in him ,had to get crap from everton etc !! :) As time goes by ,it pisses me how much he set us back ,



    oh by the way !!!! later :)

  12. Happy times to be a Tic fhan – what with 3x decent, controlled wins on the trot/in the bag/at this time…


    Daizen Maeda – tirelessly pacey like Kyogo – was a guy I advocated for early, soon as we knew Ange was incoming. Thing is, who would he replace/supplant if he docked – and what’s the impact on squad management?


    Would we prefer to splash 2m on Daizen rather than 6+m on Jota.


    Would it signal a sale of Mikey J – or a loan move for young Monty?


    Or will we keep as many wingers round as we had a surplus of midfielders last year ?


    For sure, the shop windowing of J-Leaguers will defo help our onfield hustle plus player trading requirements.



    Speaking of…did we keep the receipt for the wrong Scottish Palace midfielder we signed ?



    And fair play to young Hibee Porteous, for calling out the anti-catholic and anti-Irish abuse he got from huns. Still think he’ll become a right good CB.



  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning.



    Less than 60 hours until our next game.



    A tough test and another good indicator of where we are.



    Looking forward to it.



    Enjoyable read back of blog last night after a busy couple of days.



    Had a wry smile at the “souring the milk” posts.



    There’s a fundamental weakness in the old trolling lark.



    If things are going well, a troll’s negativity is, obviously, out of tune with the general mood and their motivation far more transparent.

  14. Good morning bhoys n ghirls.



    Just woke up to a txt msg advising me that I have a ticket for Easter Road.



    And I have to go to a Leith bowling club on Wednesday where tickets being distributed.



    Pints, pies and Celtic.



    Happy days.

  15. GREENPINATA on 25TH OCTOBER 2021 9:46 AM


    Wednesday afternoon sesh beckons. Task : Find a pub with Hibs TV








    The Harp and Castle… Good luck 😂👍

  16. Marspapa,



    Thank you.



    We’re hoping O’neils in Merchant City will have it. They seem to have every sports channel.



    Plan B is stream.



    Cheers and HH.

  17. Am looking forward to the Clydebank and Elgin cup tie on BBC Scotland/BBC Alba tonight, live from Yoker Holme Park. Takes me back to the old days in the 50’s when I was pre-teen and lived in Clydebank. My parents would not allow me to go to Glasgow to watch the Celtic games but I could stay local and watch Juniors games at New Kilbowie Park(Clydebank Juniors), Holme Park(Yoker Athletic), and Glenhead Park(Duntocher Hibs).

  18. Ron – Enjoy



    We used to live opposite Kilbowie……..


    Kilbowie Kelt (late of this Parish) was a neighbour……….



    remember the first time Celtic arrived to take on the Bankies………….




    My parents had a council house in Onslow Road. I remember the day Celtic came to play with Brazilians and all ..

  20. Anyone back home got Ola TV,on whatever they are using?.I watched their game yesterday.It has a full SPFL channel.All games.Again,don’t know if its the exact same format as here.Worth a download.

  21. Bankiebhoy/Ron Bacardi



    I remember the Bankies did a season ticket badge for kids when they were in the combination (?) league for 3rd teams in the 60s…cost 2/6, I think.

  22. Hopefully Ange stops his bit of foolishness on Wednesday and plays the players in their right positions.Not won in the league in 7 years there.A shocking,sobering stat,so let’s not make it any harder.


    I read a poster yesterday saying Star felt gave him the jitters when passing.Seemed to delay a bit.That’s what happens when you play right footers on the left,and vice versa.We have the Croatian RB,who we can all see is class,being really hampered on the left,to allow the big honest tradesman,Tony a place.No comparison,and not needed.Book available on the left.


    Persist,and it will bite us in the erse when we can’t afford it.

  23. AN TEARMANN on 24TH OCTOBER 2021 10:03 PM







    Is getting a British league not part of the vow? Lol






    It wouldn’t be a British league, and having Scottish clubs in it wouldn’t make it a British league any more than having Welsh clubs in it.



    But I don’t think it’s ever been a secret that the Cork born billionaire de facto owner of Celtic wants to get Celtic out of Scotland and into a bigger and better league. And that’s more likely to happen as part of the Old Firm.

  24. how is it more likely as part of the old firm ?



    if that was the case why has in not happened already ?



    he is not defacto owner of celtic plc.



    he is part owner, with the largest single shareholding.

  25. MARSPAPA on 25TH OCTOBER 2021 10:21 AM


    Hibs v Celtic PPV £15




    Thats a feckin joke. A bad one.



    How many PPV away games we had? anyone counting?



    D :)

  26. Anyone else hear TalkSport discussing Sevco’s win against St. Mirren? Think it was Danny Murphy but not sure, “How St Mirren lost that game is beyond me. Rangers (sic) were awful. I was changing my baby’s nappy whilst watching and well….Rangers were like the contents “.


    Murphy has a point and it’s a pity most of the opposition der hun will face in the league are just as shit as they are.