Change underway at SFA, Irish Voice launch


Some of the reaction to Peter Lawwell’s promotion to the top table of the bowling club yesterday was thoroughly entertaining, including some from our own side.  As a rule, I’m happy to germinate nonsense which distracts potential opponents from applying logical analysis to their world, so now THE EVIDENCE is all there!!

The SFA badly need higher calibre board members and, despite some generous assessments (from all sides), Celtic’s influence over the Association has been akin to pushing water up a marble staircase.  The only genuine solutions to Scottish football’s problems will be to the benefit of all clubs, not just the main income generator.  This is the challenge Peter Lawwell should set himself.  By delivering well-funded, competitive football for all, he will best look after the interests of Celtic.  Big changes all round are required.

I was accustomed today by a suggestion that Celtic were about to announce debts of over £30m after investing in some underperforming bonds!  Fortunately the story teller is listening to the wrong people and this is complete fantasy.  At least this nonsense keeps people from reading the accounts and asking by our board blow so much cash on amortisation each year instead of buying players.

Shout out to the newly launched Irish Voice newspaper, issue one of which is now out.  Focussed on “Bringing you all the news from the Irish in Scotland” it’s a really impressive read – and it’s free!  Check it out online here and look out for the paper copy.
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  1. Murrayfield capacity……..67144



    Celtic Park…………………..60355






    Extra ticket revenue………6789 x 25 (ish) = 169,725 extra revenue generated



    169,725 – Murrayfield rental = stay at Celtic Park (with true home advantage)



    At a guess it would cost about 45M+ to rebuild the South Stand….so would the revenue from 3 x CL group games pay the note on 45M over say 10 years because it would be empty for domestic games?



    Unless we get to a bigger play ground with more money I don’t think it will happen, much as I would like it to.

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Mad Mitch



    Sorry but playing catch up here. Why would we need a reserve stadium?

  3. Deepest condolences to Starry Plough and his family, on the very sad loss of his mother.



    Could see she loved her son, and was pleased to have been introduced to the fine lady,


    – may she rest in peace.

  4. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    So, it seems like P.Murray, McLelland, Ogilvie, etc were all innocent bystanders in oldclub’s demise. D. Murray ran the whole show – did everything himself. Question then is – were these guys happy taking hundreds of thousands from the club and not doing anything in return…..?

  5. Ham @ 23.52



    To stop the youths trekking all round Central Scotland looking for a free pitch.


    To allow the club to put on EUFA Youth Cup matches in the East End rather than the wilds of West Renfrewshire or West Lothian.



    Nothing fancy — just another stadium that would allow us to collect gate money for youth games.

  6. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Sorry to hear about your mum Starry Plough. Thots and prayers for you. Nobody can replace a mother imo.




    Night all. Nite wee Oscar God bless wee soldier. x

  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Thinking about all the rats jumping back on the sinking ship. This will surely push the outgoings go up & up & UP!!



    Wouldnt mind being a fly on the wall at that ludge meeting. <:o)

  8. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    Mad Mitch



    I took a group of weans to a hockey tournament yesterday. It was held at the new National Hockey Centre in the Gorbals.



    Now the pitch is AstroTurf but it has a purpose built stand with more than adequate facilities for games of this nature.



    Personally I think it’s a good thing that the games are being played at venues outside of Glasgow but I do question the sanity of afternoon kick offs.

  9. - Bringer of free Zadoc The Priest Rringtones, Whaa haaaaH:_)) on

    HT, should you no be marking papers?

  10. mighty tim supporting wee Oscar on

    Starry Plough My thoughts and prayers are with you tonight and for your mammy.







  11. Tet 23.47.


    Regards these good young ins, is there no way you can give the heads up to Celtic park?


    Just asking like. Every little helps mate.

  12. 23:30 on 4 September, 2013





    Hail Hail bruv


    Glad you like it.



    Gonna try it out this club then onto a wee british pub..frequented by lots of orcs from belfast

  13. paolosboots Good Luck Wee Oscar on

    Starry plough sorry to hear about your mother.



    Crc well said you should ban sftb !!!



    Ht looking forward to 5 a sides

  14. Is it not the case that Murray and Mc Lelland cannot be put back onto the hun board,as they are banned until 2016,as they were part of the liquidation process?.


    I know they can break the rules regards the SFA,but these are company rules.They are banned for 5 years.


    We shall see how Peter handles this first trial.Should be an easy one.I would hope.

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Starry thinking of you and yours.



    Will be back On when you are. This place is not the same without you.



    She made a fine man out of you fella




  16. Starry Plough



    Very sorry to hear the sad news. Often said on these occasions but I believe that remembering all the good times from the past is a comfort.

  17. newradbhoy



    I will guarantee you, there will be half a dozen scouts at the game the morra, from the lower divs, but they will be there, prob is, no welfare, don’t make the high quality grade at the football, so they give up and get a job, if they are lucky.



    It’s a different world to scotland, forgetting all the obvious, the kids are taught to play sport at a very early age in the schools, the best are picked up, the rest do their best, their best is better than I have seen in scotland, or Ireland, they are fodder here.



    I have asked Celtic if I could recommend a scout to have a look see at a couple of players, from a higher div, not a reply, can’t do any more.



    I have written to Celtic, more than once, not a single reply, it’s their loss.




  18. - Bringer of free Zadoc The Priest Rringtones, Whaa haaaaH:_)) on

    Goodnight all Celtic people.



    Zadock awaits those who want it for free to terrorise the hunnish in their environs.




    It’s easy, email me at ………..




    We Are Cetic (copyrite of The Black Knight / The Jungle floodlight).

  19. TET



    How you doing kiddo? Seen your post, but wit frigging bhoy’s league are you on about? :))





    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar

  20. Weefra



    Sound, just talkin about the local kids team, quality they are.



    When they train, they split the park into sections, they are not allowed to touch the ball more than twice, it’s a joy to watch, these kids can play the game the way it should be played.



    All down to the referees allowing them to play football.



    It’s a no brainer.



    Hand on the heart… do you reckon players like Xavi, Innestia, Messi would get on in scotland ?



    Serious question.




  21. TET



    Very interesting viewpoint on the generic basic skills of Spanish boys vs British Isles and the prospects of gainful employment in sport.



    My experience of basic skill among mainland European friends/colleagues/opponents has been that they tend to be excellent in ball control, tricks and finishing. The nullifying effect that me and most from our background is that we track, harry, manhandle and annoy. In our defence, we do seem to produce better passers of the ball in my experience.



    All the above are skills in football and depending on what league you are in, they vary in importance.



    Makes European competitions more fun but also restricts what players can play where.



    I’m hoping that Celtic do scout in Spain but I think that the ‘fish out of water’ aspect may restrict how many handsome tricksters we sign but hopefully we limit the amount of ugly hoofers we sign also.



    Good example of good Spaniard not fitting Scottish football



    Marc Crosas



    Good example of crap Spaniard fitting right in



    Nacho Novo

  22. Looks like I did the last post(and chorus)



    I’m on the Chateauneuf de Pape so good night all (unless the yanks have finished their tea and t he Aussies are waking up ?)

  23. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on



    00:56 on


    5 September, 2013


    Looks like I did the last post(and chorus)



    I’m on the Chateauneuf de Pape so good night all (unless the yanks have finished their tea and t he Aussies are waking up ?)



    Hungry Yanks and hungover Aussies ? I’m away to my bed .Oíche mhaith gach duine

  24. Macanbheatha Oscar abu



    I’ll have to ask the wean to translate(4th class now and tops in Irish)



    This period is the sleepy for BST time or IST time but usually when I log on (work late) so a bit of a delay for the Aussies to post and the US should be on. Maggie?

  25. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    Following the closing of the transfer window and the deadline for squad registrations, UEFA has confirmed the lists of players for all 32 clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League group stage.






    No. Name


    1 Fraser Forster


    24 Łukasz Załuska


    38 Leonardo Fasan






    No. Name


    2 Adam Matthews


    3 Emilio Izaguirre


    4 Efe Ambrose


    5 Virgil van Dijk


    21 Charlie Mulgrew


    22 Steven Mouyokolo


    23 Mikael Lustig


    41 Darnell Fisher


    43 Joe Chalmers


    44 Marcus Fraser


    59 Calum Waters






    No. Name


    6 Nir Biton


    8 Scott Brown


    15 Kris Commons


    16 Joe Ledley


    18 Tomas Rogic


    31 John Herron


    33 Beram Kayal


    40 Lewis Kidd


    46 Dylan McGeouch


    53 Liam Henderson


    56 Filip Twardzik






    No. Name


    9 Giorgos Samaras


    10 Anthony Stokes


    11 Derk Boerrigter


    17 Baldé


    20 Teemu Pukki


    37 Bahrudin Atajic


    49 James Forrest


    50 Paul George


    58 Patrik Twardzik



  26. Taken from a youtube post………LOVE IT!



    Otis B . Driftwood 5 days ago


    Back dining at the top table of European football, plus EVERY Scottish Premiership clubs gets £150k as a consequence of Celtic getting to the Group stages.


    Celtic: helping Scottish football and paying taxes since 1888. :)