City Council plans to eliminate fans and the poor


A fan-led petition to persuade Glasgow City Council to drop plans to eliminate parking within a mile of Celtic Park on match days is open.  Tenement housing in this area of Parkhead was cleared in recent times and the Council hope to sell vacant land for more expensive housing, without the match day parking that has been a feature of Parkhead for over 130 years.

This is a well-worn and shameful path.  Cities move poor families out of their housing, destroy whatever could inhibit their ability to attract top price from property developers, then move more affluent residents in.

Match day parking will remain, but it will be moved to areas where the Council are not hoping to sell land.  The problem will be compounded, as fans will have to arrive earlier and leave the area later, as the closest will have a 1-mile walk, while the farthest away could easily walk twice that distance to reach the stadium.  Public transport options remain possible for only a few hundred people, nowhere near the 60,000 required.

In a crowded field of appalling political decisions, this stands out as it was home-grown in Glasgow.  Please sign the petition here to demand the Council think again.

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  1. I contacted the local M P when this was first raised about 2 years ago. I stated that you were only moving the problem out of your constituenty and making it someone else’s problem. Got the usual waffle in was for the greater good etc. Bullsh”””

  2. I emailed a Mr Waddell ( no really) of the cooncil to record my opposition re this – goat no reply.



    A little googling of the specifics uncovered a link to a copy of a ppt, that included on one slide – I kid you not, a humorous pictorial reference to Giants stadium accompanied by a Robo-Cop image……….



    Give thum an inch – and we’ll have to walk 2 mile.



    I have NOT phoned the charity number that you provided this morning on here..nor the other organisations that I spoke to yesterday as this morning with the great help from LENNYBHOY…I have been in touch ( by phone and email) to both DAVID66 and AN TEARMANN who have offered me fantastic help with any food etc that I may need.


    Given these acts of kindness etc, it would NOT be fair of me to try and get additional help from anywhere else at this time, and placing extra pressure on any other individual and/or charity.



    BT, Thank you so much for your advice etc, and Plz contact LENNYBHOY or DAVID66 or AN TEARMANN if you wish to contact me in the immediate future ?


    I hope that you and your family are all safe and well…along with everyone else of course.


    Stay safe.



  4. RIP Matthew, tragic that a celebration turned to woe.


    Thoughts and prayers for the family.

  5. Paul 67,



    Excuse my cynicism regarding petitions to GCC. Are petitions effective any more ?


    Councillor’s will not be too bothered providing they continue to be re-elected.



    Transport infrastructure and parking facilities to Parkhead has been one of my enduring ” rants ” on here for many a year.


    Considering what we bring to the city we are and have been treated abysmally.



    Petitions did not prevent and remove the OB act, it was mobilisation, common sense persuasion and political amalgamation that forced the ruling party to think again.


    #Vote them out.



    However during these challenging times it is difficult to focus on such matters and in particular my thoughts go out to the McNeill family. God only knows what they have gone through.



    HH to all and keep safe.

  6. Shortie pinning their hopes on the Blazers following the Wugby example……….




  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Big Jimmy


    That’s great pal, at least you can ask the bhoys to shop to your taste



    Mrs received a call yesterday from a concerned son who asked if they good deliver Magnum ice creams to their elderly mother , afraid that doesn’t really count as an emergency

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Jeez our government are incompetent.



    62 days since the first case was reported and we still can’t get above 8,000 tests a day.






    As is the BBC’s reporting on this shambles.

  9. Jinkyredstar on

    Sorry guys – just realised this is a crap April fool – should have checked my source

  10. BT.



    Magnum (or equivalent) are absolutely a necessity as defined by my mother in law who we had to move in with us when carers were no longer able to visit her.



    She goes through them at some rate!

  11. Brilliant Paul.



    Please sign the petition Bhoys and Ghirls, there is a fan led committee taking care of this as a Celtic Supporters Group, the club are also representing the fans in this.



    Whether the petition will be successful or not we need to remind the GCC that this idea is preposterous, there are so many things wrong with this. To name but a few:



    • Lack of public transport, bus, rail, capacity and facilities or the lack of them, at Dalmarnock Station



    • Elderly who don’t qualify for a blue disabled badge will be severely inconvenienced



    • No plans by GCC to increase public transport to and from the stadium



    • Displacement of the problem rather than solving it



    • Policing the areas outside the zone, will result in higher policing costs



    • Littering and antisocial behaviour may increase outside the zone since there will be no litter bins or


    toilet facilities close to the stadium when fans have further to walk



    • Cowboy parking schemes already in place and increasing, and so on….



    Stay safe folks…………..

  12. If they just enforced the parking restrictions that are here at the moment, and then introduced further restrictions where and when required, most of the residents complaints would disappear almost immediately.



    It’s the enforcement that is lacking, badly.



    There must be a way to have a load of parking attendants to come out on a Saturday between 12pm to 3pm, times adjusted to match times accordingly, and issue tickets to those who don’t toe the line, and therefore there would be no need to enforce the 1 mile parking restrictions.



    I am in total agreement with those objections about people with disabillities and difficulties having to park a further distance from the ground, but a lot of the objections to the plan are of the “Me Me” variety.



    I don’t want the 1 mile restriction to come into force, but to have any chance of getting the GCC to not impement, then perhaps a joint group, rather than just objecting, could try and aleviate the residents problems by coming up with suggestions that may stop what the GCC are going to do.



    Most likely the vast majority of fans don’t even know this is happening and it’s probaly those who cause the most obstruction, so having the club on board and to put out some sort of recommendations online or over the tannoy during games would help.



    I’ve already seen some of the answers to the objections from the GCC and you can see that they are not going to give way this time, especially with the scheme already working at Hampden.



    I feel if more is done by the objectioners to see the residents side of this then it would go a long long way to stop this happening if residents started to feel as though Celtic fans and the Club were listening, por cierto



    Tragic news about young Matthew, may he Rest in Peace.

  13. Nationally testing is inadequate, I personally know frontline nurses who want tested arent being tested and go home with all that anxiety to their families.PPE has been inadequate who knows if its any better, the numbers of items sound impressive but is it of sufficient standard for the particular role each person has to perform, if its not the risk is clear,and still the FM stands up and waffles about testing and testing kits, we are totally unprepared for this , and nothing either Government is saying has given me confidence they know what they are doing and have a strategy for managing this.


    Surprise surprise some banks arent lending the money they have been given as they are closed or you dont qualify.




    The local residents are involved in this process to try and ensure that the lack of facilities around Celtic Park are addressed, they attended the fans forum a few weeks ago.



    The suggestions at the fans forum were to install toilet facilities near Celtic Park (bus park?) on match days and large green and white refuse bins to be provided in the area around Celtic Park to encourage supporters t use them to get rid of waste on match days, both of which Celtic are looking to provide as basically GCC are washing their hands of it.



    R.I.P. Mathew McCombe, very sad at such a young age.

  15. BIG JIMMY on 1ST APRIL 2020 12:50 PM


    I have text BT your mobile number. You, DAVID66 and AN TEARMANN obviously have each other’s numbers.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I have parked in the industrial estate at Bernard St for about 20 years, no houses there.An alternative would be to put in parking bays ,(I know),and charge £3/4 for the duration of a game,it’s what you give the boy who ”watch yer motor mister…’

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