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  1. hebcelt



    yip, i’ll rain it in, but I failed to understand how someone can criticize kayal for taking one for the team when he had little choice. the wee man was pressing well all night and was easily the best centre mid on the park.



    good performance celtic hail hail



    my thoughts eggsactly

  2. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The Boy Jinky 22:07 on 17 July, 2013


    Steph and stein



    It was a harsh booking. .. even the hun commentator thought the Cliftonville striker was the recipient of the yellow card



    But… both wanyama and kayal have a history of rash tackles and resultant suspensions … eg sfa cup semi final







  3. Tom Mcl



    good news, will be thinking of you and your partner, let me know how you do in the run up and after the surgery




  4. jimbo67 @ 21:57



    You too amigo, looking forward to it myself.



    Agree, great stuff from all. There are several who are going to seriously impress in Europe this year. KC will be one – big Kelvin and Efe, wee Jimmy…doh! Could be any of them! We still look good, that’s the main thing.



    Sammy’s a great player to have in the young team – has a lot of great football knowledge to share. You can spot wee moments from him that show how much he controls a game. He took the ball from the front left wing corner, realising he had three Cliftonville players on him as they were targeting him. Walks the ball back to the half-way line with them chasing him like wasps. Either he’d be able to turn and pass into the space he’d just created, or else he’d win a free kick. He won the free kick and took it quicktime. Then there are the things a football halfwit like me doesn’t see ! :))

  5. Fortunes Favour Mibbes


    21:51 on


    17 July, 2013





    Efe was composed and rock solid – great to see him back to his form after the Juve situation which was unavoidable but clearly upset him.





    Hear hear. The big Fella was obviously not going to be any fall guy tonight. Good to see.

  6. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Celtic might be a shoe-in for the third qualifying round – but Sevco have the bus…

  7. Celtic could face Tiraspol, Maribor, Slovan Bratislava, Elfsborg, Maccabi TV, Molde, HJK, Ekranas, Baku or Dinamo Tbilisi in next Champions League round.

  8. tom mclaughlin



    22:04 on 17 July, 2013



    Tom never read Tues, delighted for you..still in our prayers…a good week all round




  9. Steinreignedsupreme @ 22:01



    :)) Not sure it’s easy to read a bitter coupon when it has a good hand, but aye, would love to skin him at Texas Hold Em, and send him home without his car keys :)))

  10. Was a silly (if soft) booking from Kayak but he played well and I don’t like the Kayak bashing trend that’s starting amongst the support.



    It was also caused by FF’s kickouts which were poor all night – one of the only negatives.



    Ambrose is a good athlete and player and is getting praise tonight but he had several cavalier passes/clearances tonight which would have been punished by other teams. He also, for me frustratingly played it safe when he could have played out of danger a few times. I do think he can be a good player but needs to work on his decision making and concentration.



    Rogic is a good player that just needs to add that little something to his game to really break through. If he could add a bit of purpose and aggression to his game he’d turn out a real good yin.

  11. Eurochamps67




    22:00 on 17 July, 2013







    Have you ever played fitba?



    As a professional and someone NFL believes will replace Vic67, do you really want that guy to be someone who gets himself booked in the 88th minute of a game and tie already won but may need your services, for the team at a later date, when you are winning 3-0?








    are you for real?



    players try to win games, I don’t know many if any successful players who pull out of challenges. how many players have missed world cup finals/ European cup finals etc… because they done exactly what kayal done in exactly the same circumstances.

  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Toor A Loo


    22:02 on


    17 July, 2013



    Forget the jelly and ice cream.


    Order Mole (molly) rojo washed down with Negra Modelo beer.


    Real Mexican food,none of yer Texmex.




    That went just about as well as we could have hoped for.



    We should have put the pre-season defeats into perspective. We should get this victory into the same and not go overboard. It was a welcome win, no doubt, but achieved against a fairly ordinary team.

  14. starry plough


    22:11 on 17 July, 2013



    I take it if we get Elfsborg the mighty Mo Bangura won’t be able to play?

  15. QF @ 22:07



    You’ve probably been already, but can’t recommend highly enough both the Salt Mines, and of course Auschwitz. Both so contrasting, but both memories that will never leave you.

  16. Eurochamps67


    21:40 on


    17 July, 2013


    Professionals doing what they should.


    Sammi, Broonie and KC terrific.


    Kayal a total knob getting booked.






    Kayal booked for trying to retrieve a shocking kick out from FF.One of many shocking kick outs!!.

  17. suttons volley on

    Evening All



    Great to have the fitba back, isn’t it?



    Many good performances tonight, a job well done.



    btw those who like a flutter should have a look at the Malmo v Hibs game tomorrow, Malmo nearly a cert.



    Well in to their season and top of the Swedish league.



    Hibs will struggle.