Compper, Boyata’s strike and Brendan’s recruitment


In 1998, MSV Duisburg sold Celtic 33-year-old Lubomir Moravcik.  Yesterday, Celtic returned the favour by selling Duisburg 34-year-old Marvin Compper.  I think we did the better of the exchange.  Marvellous Marvin, as he was never known at Celtic, goes into the annuals of Celtic history alongside the likes of Rafael Sheidt and Dmitri Kharine.

In the summer of 2017 Dedryck Boyata made it clear he would not sign a new contract, Celtic acknowledged this.  No promises were made (they never are, of course), but Celtic intimated they would try to backfill.

The plan was to have a replacement at the club in January 2018, allowing Dedryck to be sold.  Marvin was scouted, went through the approval process and was purchased.  It took less than 83 minutes for Brendan Rodgers to decide the player was not suitable for Celtic.  For all his brilliance, this episode is emblematic of the glaring weakness of Brendan Rodgers management: recruitment.

The consequences of this were significant.  Dedryck did not get his move last summer.  As a consequence, he went on strike, placing the first poison in the well that month.  He missed the Champions League qualification defeat to AEK Athens, leaving Jack Hendry to fill the gap.  Sentiment in the dressing room was not what it should have been during the most important weeks of the season.

Whatever tally you are keeping on the cost of Compper, you have to consider the liability of a central defender on strike when we go out of the Champions League to a cross ball-goal.

Neil Lennon seems keen on Rapid Vienna left back Boli Mbombo, who he hopes to sign within the next 24 hours.  Before we get too carried away, remember, we lost both a left back and a right back this summer.  I expect at least three full backs coming in, even if we don’t lose a further player.

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  1. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Who’d have thought a dyed in the wool Celtic w supporter living the dream would have been chase out the club he loves

  2. ?This is how it feels to be Celtic



    Champions again as you know



    Oor Kieran Tierney is



    Here for ten in a row



    Ten in a row ?







    I heard you mention that numerous times.



    Do you have any proof or is it just your own view ?

  4. traditionalist88 on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH JULY 2019 10:22 AM



    I understand its a possibility and I’d be fuming if it happened.





    Yes, there are many positions. Some are in total denial about the possibility.



    These will take it quite badly if it comes to pass.




  5. Trad88



    You posting every other day a bid is imminent or ‘looks like’ we’ve accepted, blah blah hardly allays Celtic fans fears.



    It just made up p@sh from the Internet.



    We won’t know until Kieran decides.

  6. traditionalist88 on




    ‘Looks like we’ve accepted’?!



    And you’re complaining about ‘made up p1sh’?!




  7. quadrophenian on

    It’s clear every team takes a punt on at least one injury-blighted ex-star, has-been or dud every year.


    Given Marvin has moved, why don’t we try and do a Hartson on Danny Welbeck, now available on a free.


    He’s being linked with Leeds and West Ham. Use sparingly for key games, Euro ties etc


    …waiting for it….

  8. Trad88



    Maybe verbatim or the gist of of what you posted the other day.



    You even said £22M with add ons – the same story was on Celtic News Now

  9. What price would you pay to be a member of the Celtic team that does 9 and 10 in a row?



    Possibly even Captain for the latter…





  10. QUADROPHENIAN on 4TH JULY 2019 10:39 AM



    Welbeck will get a lucrative move somewhere. West Ham sounds about right.

  11. 67 European Cup Winners on

    On KT


    I think the process is simple


    Celtic get a written offer – we either decline and tell the player we had an offer we declined




    We like the sound of £25 million (It’s a guess as I do not know the number) and tell the player we are willing to sell, so we allow him to speak to the interested club



    At this point it’s up to the player (but most probably his agent) to understand the offer from the club who have offered £25 million – the player then says yes or no



    Celtic cannot sell KT without KT himself making the decision




  12. By the way, there is a tweet doing the rounds saying KT is on a flight to Heathrow right now.



    It’s a Celtic fan winding up Gooners. Of course the Daily Star has picked it up. Ha.

  13. traditionalist88 on




    At no point did I say we’ve accepted.



    So less of your made up p1sh please.



    It doesnt take much reading between the lines to come to the conclusion that things are happening.



    I’ll ask again did you read the comment from our manager that the situation is unsettling the player?



    If he wasnt interested he could just shrug it off and say hes not interested.



    You really are going to take this hard if it happens aren’t you.




  14. 67 European Cup Winners on



    Yet another dig at BR from Perma Tanned to poor recruiter of footballers



    Come on mate drop it


    He was the backbone of a treble treble, the invincibles and 2 out of 3 CL Group Stages. he was influential in getting Dembele (£20m) Sinclair (who has peaked but for 2 years he was very good) he rebuilt Brown – he was a very good Celtic Manager



    I am sure he is not perfect and I believe PL had his doubts (I am not knocking PL he is a credit to our club) but regardless of personality a bright sun tan and the acquisition of a dud centre half BR was brilliant for our club and I will continue to have a pop back at you every time you have a dig at him




  15. “TIMALOY29 on 4TH JULY 2019 10:22 AM


    TRADITIONALIST88 on 4TH JULY 2019 10:10 AM



    Unless his hip issues are worse than we know.”



    Are Motherwell doing the medical?




  16. Trad 88



    ” It doesnt take much reading between the lines to come to the conclusion that things are happening.”



    Doesn`t that depend on who wrote the lines?


    NL`s comments, I felt, were relatively neutral. ie The Talk would unsettle KT but it doesn`t mean he is leaving.


    Cheerio for now.



  17. ` However, in announcing the signing of Bolingoli-Mbombo, Celtic stressed that he “can play in a variety of left-sided roles”, while manager Neil Lennon previously said he “gives us competition at left-back”. `

  18. traditionalist88 on

    HOT SMOKED on 4TH JULY 2019 11:13 AM






    We’ve just signed a left back. Reliable Celtic sources say Perraud will be in the door soon.



    KT could kill all the speculation any time he likes. He hasn’t.



    He is interested in playing in the EPL and quadrupling his wages. He’s young enough that he can come back here one day and he knows that.



    It is not a huge extrapolation to take from Neil Lennons comments that the situation is ‘unsettling’ to mean that the player is… unsettled!



    Of course, nothing is guaranteed, Arsenal still haven’t met the asking price. But there is one. They are determined to sign the player and know what it’ll take. They will be trying to structure a deal that is acceptable to us.



    Some of our support are in total denial. We laugh at the zombies for their delusion but we are not immune.




  19. This Kieran Tierney saga needs to be sorted pronto.



    It’s becoming a major disruption now.



    HH. ?

  20. as i have said many times before , KT can put an end to all this hearsay by letting his beloved supporters know that he is staying and honouring his contract with us , or does he take pleasure in all this speculation.

  21. 16 ROADS. on 4TH JULY 2019 11:41 AM


    This Kieran Tierney saga needs to be sorted pronto.



    It’s becoming a major disruption now.



    HH. ?






    Only among fans.



    KT is away from the team doing his rehab. He wouldn’t be playing even if there was no speculation.



    We know there’s an interest and Arsenal failed with their first bid. Until they bid closer to KT’s valuation there is no story.



    Everything else is £££ to generate headlines. I’ll believe Perraud is coming when he’s literally at Celtic Park.

  22. TIMALOY29 on 4TH JULY 2019 11:49 AM






    Possibly so.



    Don’t think any move can happen until the player regains full fitness anyway.



    HH. ?

  23. traditionalist88 on

    TIMALOY29 on 4TH JULY 2019 11:49 AM



    This Kieran Tierney saga needs to be sorted pronto.



    It’s becoming a major disruption now.



    HH. ?






    Only among fans.







    Unsettling was the word used by the manager, and not referring to the fans.




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