Contrast between SPFL and EFL will benefit Scottish clubs


Earlier this month we discussed the English Football League, where Championship clubs are in particular danger.  Unlike the SPFL there is little leadership from “the centre”.  Clubs and the League hope to complete the season and only yesterday published a plan on what to do in the event that is not possible.

Completing the season will require investment in blanket testing which will cost hard-up clubs millions of pounds, players would need to be taken off furlough (where applicable) weeks before games are played, and there will be zero ticket money generated.

All this helps clubs, fans and everyone else feel better about the sporting integrity of their competitions, but it will only compound the financial crisis afflicting the sport if they undertake the process and, as is very possible, some or all clubs need to isolate due to positive tests.  This could lead to a later curtailment of the league, with unnecessary illness (or worse) and cost.

The contrast with the SPFL is stark.  The Scottish League took medical and legal advice and went on the front foot with a strong recommendation to clubs, which was overwhelmingly supported.  These decisions are horrible and inevitably unfair on someone, but good leadership means you need to make yourself unpopular at times.

What happens with the English Premiership is largely immaterial to Scottish football.  Our more immediate competitors occupy the leagues below.  This is where Scottish clubs have lost most of their talent to.  There will be opportunities for Scottish clubs as a consequence of how the two leagues reacted to the crisis.  Keep your eye on what happens here.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Just online after Lennybhoy text me



    I’ll give u a call

  2. Think in an earlier post he was going to be put to bed and he may have to switch it off. If you are happy to text me his number I’ll make a point of calling him tomorrow.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  3. BT and Lennybhoy maybe send him a text and he’ll get it when he gets up



    he can let you know when its ok to phone him.











    DENA29 on 24TH MAY 2020 10:50 PM


    That’s what I done.


    Goodnight Ghuys…


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  5. How about Brian McLair as a coach to replace Damian Duff ?


    Good reputation at Man Utd with their youths


    And good enough to walk out on FtSFA role with development dept


    Now back based in Scotland



    Thoughts ???

  6. whitedoghunch on

    Hamiltontim on 24th May 2020 8:47 pm



    mil me tmrw


    there may be something that could make a big differrence




    OLTIM sorry phone is a bit balmy


    don’t think I can fix


    will try a nurse if I can get one tmrw



  7. 45 years ago the day Scotland were completely humiliated at Wembley 1-5, they had lost heavily there before, 2-7 against a magnificent outlander side, managed by Walter Winterbottom, containing such luminaries as Billy Wright, Don Revie, a 40 year old Stanley Mathews, Nat Lofthouse as well as Busby Babe captain Roger Byrne and the wonderful 18 year old debutante Duncan Edwards.



    Meanwhile Scotland with no manager, the team being picked by the bowling club selection committee, was looked after by Celtic trainer Alec Dowdals.



    Although the sheep were champions and we came 2nd with deidco 3rd the only player picked from these 3 sides was goalie Fred Martin, who had been dropped as a result of a disastrous World Cup the year before in Switzerland, and would never play for his country again after this debacle. While the mid table harry wraggs provided 2, 2nd division Airdrie one and oh and Preston North End who escaped relegation by 5 points also had 2.



    This was the first Scotland side to play against the ould enemy with no deidco players since 1907 although big corky was listed as a reserve while we had Bobby Collins, Bobby Evans and Jimmy Walsh in the back up 11.



    Fast forward 6 years and we have another embarrassment at the twin towers stadium, which the smsm love tae remind us about often, we Tims of course know that big Frank was crucified between 2 thieves, what they don’t say is in that star studded Scotland side that included Dave McKay and Denis Law the only player in dark blue that day tae escape criticism was a young blonde heided centre half and naw I don’t mean ian ure.



    The outlander side had some fine players that day but none I would call outstanding although a young Bobby Charlton and Jimmy Greaves both featured as well as future manager Bobby Robson who opened the scoring.



    The Scotland side, managed by 7-1 casualty part timer ian mccoll, on paper looked not too bad with 3 FCM and deidco players in the lineup. Dunky Mackay was the traveling reserve with both Jim Kennedy and Paddy Crerand in the back up 11.



    In all the criticism of big Frank it has been lost in time that he was only 3rd choice goalie. First pick was Airdrie captain Lawrie Leslie who pulled out a week before the game; he would be in West Ham colours before the end of that summer, hmmm.



    His back up was seven past niven, he never played for the national side and it’s believed that he played the most games for deidco and yet was never capped, he was selected twice but withdrew each time due to injury and was replaced by big Frank.



    The first time with only 1 hun in the side, 3 Celts and 3 FCM Scotland had a credible 1-1 tie with Frank saving a Bobby Charlton penalty.



    It should be noted that Spurs refused to release 3 players for this game, Dave Mackay, John White and goalie Bill Brown, so again Frank was 3rd choice only being given the yellow sweater 3 days before the game.



    We now moved on 14 years to another gubbin, mibbees goal wise it didn’t look like it but by God it was, incidentally in the 9-3 game it was only 3-2 early in the 2nd half.



    This was the year we failed to win the honest and fair 10. As disappointing as this was we did claim a cup treble, something that naesurname can declare in his failed cheatin quest.



    The huns were on a crest and it seemed they now had a goalie that the pundit’s prior tae the big game were saying could be there for years.



    He had starred in a shock 2-1 victory for Stenhousemuir at hades and was signed almost immediately as a backup tae big drap the baw the Girvan Scheitd house.



    He played the whole of the 74/75 season and was credited with stabilising their defence. As one who stood on hades and watched our international goalie losing 3 goals with potentially the only 3 shots on goal while we watched Paul Wilson run amok but to no avail as both Harry Harry and Kenny missed the proverbial sitters and the ones they didnae miss hit the ugly face of Scottish fitba on the heid, erse, erms and legs.



    And so here we were sitting round the tele tae watch the “strongest” Scottish side in years, with kennedy and jardine as well as parlane leading the line.



    Danny, as usual played out of place to accommodate the over rated captain, and Kenny the token Tims that sunny day.



    On the day of the game the Big Mhan was interviewed on the tele and when asked about kennedy said he was a left sided goalie which was unusual, however we found that out 2 weeks before in the Glasgow Cup Final, a 2-2 tie in which Paul Wilson not only starred but created a record of having scored in four Hampden cup finals in the one season, Drybrough Cup, League Cup, Scottish Cup and this game.



    However, he continued, he had no doubt Don (Revie) had noticed that. That day I sat there and laughed at every goal that went in, all 5 were at kennedy’s right side.



    Didnae cheer BTW just laughed at once again Scottish fitba effen up once again tae suit the craft members.



    Up at the pub that night all my buddy’s were of the same frame of mind, he had been found out, like Fred Martin and big Frank, kennedy, the future of Scottish fitba, never played for his country again.



    Oh BTW happy anniversary Gene, happy birthday VP and good luck WDH.

  8. CELTIC MAC on 24TH MAY 2020 7:23 PM





    From the wee wee hours as Frank used to sing.



    Thank you for taking the time to respond.



    I think the exact wording of the 5WA is important, especially if it prevents or prevented further examination of the events-timeline covered by Resolution 12. Paul talked about ethics in Sport a week or two back, and I disagree with him on that, but is it possible to write an agreement which specifically prevents sanctions being taken against Parties responsible for rule breaking and or the Parties responsible for the rules.




    It is important but not as important as why PL denied sight of it.


    Had he said “Im not at liberty to answer that question” then for all the suspicions of what that meant, they remained just suspicion.



    However he denied sight of it which asks the question why.



    He either did not open and read the attachment which provides plausible deniability but is implausible in itself. It also leaves him open to charges of incompetence etc all set out by BRTH over the weekend. If he did not open it then it is not unreasonable to think he already knew its contents.



    As to its contents I think Celtic could justify the reasons for accepting the 5 Way and might never have considered the consequences of the clause requiring CAS involvement, which given it is the reason used to stop the SFA delving further ,we can safely assume it exists in the agreement.



    However when


    1.PL asks to be kept informed of the material Charlotte Fakes leaks, is provided with it with an analysis based on knowledge at the time (all documented)


    2 Then ignores what he asked for, provided on the basis it would be used to bring about SFA reform


    3 Then Celtic actually votes against taking the matter of rule breach to UEFA , breaches that the SFA found after 2017 and actually made non compliance charges ,


    4. Goes along with the idea of an adjournment but insists it doesn’t go to UEFA but is handled by the SFA who cannot do so because of the CAS clause (and why did Mclellan the Compliance Officer or his predecessor Mckinlay not tell Celtic about the CAS restrictions as soon as requisitioners made there first approach in 2014?)


    5. Come up with spurious reasons for not pursuing like provenance that was only an issue precisely because UEFA who had the power to seek evidence were not allowed involvement and significantly were not bound as a party to the 5 Way Agreement.


    6. Did not take up UEFAS offer to investigate/ adjudicate in June 2016


    7. Did not respond to a shareholders letter of June 2018 to the SFA cc Celtic seeking, with cause to, reasons why the grant period had been dropped from scrutiny.


    8 CELTIC HAVE NEVER ONCE given their opinion on whether the licence should have been granted or not even after presented in August 2018 with evidence of deception and an analysis setting out how the false “proof” provided to the SFA caused or enabled them not to apply the relevant UEFA FFP article that would have determined if the payble (NOT potential liability) was in fact overdue.


    9 Did not at that point raise the possibility that the CAS clause was the game changer it was from the beginning.


    10. Did not respond to questions posed at the 2018 AGM about why was the matter going to CAS and what was actually going, questions that sought written answers which the top table agreed to provide but never materialized.


    11 Provided reasons at the 2019 AGM that caused a number of shareholders seeking clarity post AGM by letter/e mail, clarity that was never provided.


    12. Did not comment on a report provided by those shareholders in January from a professional accountant who opined the licence should not have been granted not only for having a payable at 21st March to HMRC that became overdue by 31st, but also that the accounts presented to justify granting did not meet UEFA’s fair presentation requirement but sent it to SFA.


    12. Rejected the new Res12 at 2019 AGM when it would have put an end to the charade and now


    13 Stay silent when the SFA decision to close the case makes a mockery of the rule of Scottish football law.



    In the light of the foregoing whatever else was in the 5 Way Agreement , who knew about the CAS clause and when has to be answered otherwise somebody was leading shareholders on a dance.



    I take absolutely no pleasure in setting out events as I just have, but most of the above with documentation is on the Res12 Archive currently being updated on the Nimmo Smith sham and I feel like the chap in Platos cave saying what we have been watching and believing in, isnt real.



    I don’t want to believe it myself but take comfort in knowing the goodness in the supporters of Celtic I have been lucky enough to meet is real.

  9. Thursday May 25th 1967


    It wasn’t just Corpus Christi


    It was a day which will live forever in the Lore of Celtic.



    The Loudest Roar, Frankie Miller who could see the lights of CP from his home.

  10. Belated Congratulations to Mr Mrs GENE.


    All the best to you both. HH.






    Sorry to read of your plight but sadly I am also in Lock Down and its now my 68th Day, and I am unable to help you as I cant Travel anyway due to my health and self isolation, and I dont do WHATSAPP, Twitter etc.


    All that I CAN do is wish you well and I hope things improve soon for you, if its any consolation I dont get visitors either especially as I have no family etc…I realise how difficult it is for some folk and I am somewhat “Lucky” as I have been used to living alone for many years, so this Lock Down is too bad for me as long as I get my food etc and medication delivered to my home.



    “Always look on the Bright side of Life”…


    Stay safe.



  11. Hiya… Fresh Verdant Champion Morning In The Chilterns…



    Celtic Mac…



    Hope all’s good…



    I’m at a bit of a loss to follow your logic at present vis~a~vis big Pedro’s position in regard to the 5 way agreement.



    Forgive me if I’m picking you up wrong but you seem to be making two consistent points. That there is no evidence that big Pedro had knowledge of the 5 way agreement and that, as he was not party to it, he shouldn’t be expected to have.



    Well, this agreement shoots a bazooka through Scottish football sporting intergrity, so it’s exsistence and contents should have been paramount to Celtic CEO’s business. Protecting the game, protecting the support and protecting the shareholders against such an agreement from disparate parties wasn’t only in the Celtic’s CEO’s remit it is exactly the type of challenge that defines the quality of the person in that role.



    Maybe I’m picking up the – none of his business – argument wrong but that’s what I’m getting from you. Yet this was far from the case: take this cutting from The Herald 2014…



    Celtic’s Lawwell joins SFA board



    By Michael Grant



    PETER Lawwell, the Celtic chief executive, was appointed to the main Scottish Football Association board yesterday, three years after first joining the governing body, Lawwell came into the SFA fold in the summer of 2011 when he became one of the 10 founder members of its new Professional Game Board representing the interests of the senior clubs.



    He was yesterday appointed to the main board where he will sit along with chief executive Stewart Regan and president Campbell Ogilvie.



    The SFA was a party and signatory to the 5 way agreement. In 2012 when the agreement was signed big Pedro was a Director of the SFA’s Professional Game Board.



    Now, the remit of that Board was to REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF SENIOR CLUBS – so within his capacity of Director of that Board he had a duty; not only to know of the existence of the 5 way agreement, the content of the 5 way agreement but whether it was in the interests of Scotland’s senior Clubs – agreed.



    So again, it comes down to a similar argument I put to Lennybhoy…



    Either big Pedro knew about the 5 way agreement, didn’t agree with it and therefore didn’t do his job



    Or he knew about it and was content with the contents



    Or he knew nothing about it and is therefore completely incompetent.



    One thing we can be sure about, by the time he was an SFA Board member he would have known all about the 5 way agreement as it was an open secret. So being on a Board with SFA chief executive Stewart Regan and SFA president Campbell Ogilvie he had an opportunity and a duty to make sure he was au fait with all aspects of the 5 way agreement.



    So the fact that big Pedro did not challenge the 5 way agreement… EVER… means he gave it tacit approval at least but more likely his blessing.



    Also remember, he was a member of the SFA Board when dealing with Res12…



    Stay Safe



    Hail Hail

  12. Good morning CQN from a sunny morning (thank goodness) in the Garngad



    Happy 25th May 🏆



    WDH – Big Jimmy and anyone else struggling at this time God Bless you all.



    Big Jimmy – I am going into work for a couple of hours then going shopping with mrsDavid66 – do you need anything?



    If so drop me a text.






    D. :)

  13. Why is it being reported that Dominic Cummings drove approx 260 miles from London to Durham…What about the return journey to London ?


    That is approx 520 miles…not 260.


    Again, if he travelled again a few days later and then obviously returned to London…that is approx over a THOUSAND Miles …..NOT 260 !


    During those 2 or maybe FOUR Journeys he surely stopped for Toilet and Petrol breaks and maybe also food breaks ?


    The arrogance of him and his wife…and that other Chump Boris…and those other Tory Chumps that have supported Cummings, makes my blood boil.



    Cummings and PM Johnson are basically saying that Cummings and his wife could NOT get Child Care in the middle of London…who are they kidding ?


    Cummings and his wife and PM Johnson are USING a Child aged four as an “Excuse” for what Cummings AND His wife have done…Despicable !






  14. DAVID66,


    I will send a text as soon as I can but my mobile is playing up again as I cant open it right now to phone or send texts…its been faulty for weeks now but I cant get to my usual Tesco Phone shop, which I believe is closed for business anyway due to being NON Essentail thru this Pandemic to buy a new mobile ?


    I do plan to hopefully get out some time in the near future and buy a new phone from the Tesco near the Gallowgate, as I dont wish to buy a phone “Online” etc…I like to buy one “in person” in the Tesco store usually.


    I am okay, and I got my shopping delivery again last week from Tesco no problem, its just that most days I am quite Dizzy ….and I worry about being taken back to hospital again….as that would cause me serious problems at this time.


    I struggled again yesterday to take my rubbish down stairs to the Bins… I need to sit down for a few minutes to recover my breath and wait til some of the Dizziness eases once I am in my home.



    I hope that you and the good lady and the family are all well and safe.


    I will never forget your kindness to this complete stranger, and hopefully we can have MANY Beers sometime soon ?


    If I am correct…YOUR Local Pub used to have a Beer Garden…IF it still does we could meet there as I could get taxis there and back…IF The Govt allows Pubs with Beer Gardens open soon ?


    I will gladly pay for the Beers all day and we can celebrate NINE in a Row Properly…I havent had a drink for 68 Days…I will probably be drunk after just TWO beers….Nae Chance







  15. On this Day 53 Years ago…History was made.


    I watched the Victory in my uncles house in Dennistoun and although I was only 11 and a half years of age, I remember just about everything that night…including the number of Folk that were running up and down Duke St and with Celtic scarves and Flags…and other hanging out their windows celebrating after the game as I stood with my uncle and my grand parents at a Bus Stop on Duke Street waiting to get a bus home to Easterhouse.



    My Da drove to Lisbon with 7 or 8 of his Taxi mates..and didnt take me…I havent spoken to him for 53 years..the Bassa !


    Only Joking obviously LOL



  16. celticforever on

    on this day 3 years ago I was in Lisbon for the 50 th anniversary of the big cup



    Memorable day, fantastic mass in the morning where YNWA was sung and brought


    a tear to an eye



    A blistering hot day it was too and got sunburnt to f*ck making my way up to


    Estadio Nacionale and back to city centre

  17. It was a grand day in Lisbon 3 year ago , mass , estadio, pink street party . Memories .

  18. CELTICFOREVER on 25TH MAY 2020 8:02 AM




    Inter Milan got their fingers burnt also !










    I hope that you and yours are all well in Oz with this terrible storm that has hit Oz…let us on CQN know if your okay etc ?





  20. celticforever on

    I don’t know what all the complaints are with passengers landing in the UK being


    quarantined for 14 days.



    I work in Norway and at the start of March on returning back to Norway after a weekend


    back in Glasgow I was quarantined for 14 days way back then



    2 weeks later Norway closed its airports to most international flights to suppress the virus



    The result Norway has a little more than 200 dead and the UK nearing 40,000



    Our government has made a right roaring c*nt of things and in my opinion are as


    dangerous as the virus

  21. Happy Anniversary to all faithful Tims. A day I will never forget but I will also remember in prayer all the lhads who sat with me in the Stadio and who have since gone home to the Eternal Paradise. Have a good day all of you out there and take care.

  22. Good morning from a sunny North Staffordshire.


    Big Jimmy and others – thanks for your good wishes for yesterday.

  23. May the 25th be with you. A great day 53 years ago and another great day 3 years ago both in Lisbon. I didn’t make the first one as I was only 12 but made the anniversary 3 years ago with some great people too numerous to mention apart from BRTH, the organiser.




    Hail! Hail! PMTYH 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

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