Contrasts when trying to punt or retain a left back


You well remember the entire Celtic community in a nervous disposition at the prospect of Kieran Tierney leaving the club.  There was certainly no campaign, subtle or otherwise, to punt him after his first weeks in the limelight, he was performing at a Champions League level and we wanted him to remain for as long as possible.

Compare and contrast to what is happening across the city, where left back and occasional central defender, Calvin Bassey, is being excitedly touted by everyone remotely connected with his club.

Earlier this month we discussed the many financial benefits Newco would gain from their Europa League run, including an appreciation on the perceived value of their players.  Bassey is a prime example.  Sell him, sell him now, before the inevitable return to the mean.  Do whatever you can to make sure highlights of his performances this year at Ross County, or home to Celtic, are obscured in searches.

Until recent weeks, it was their chubby striker who was the focus of sale efforts.  He missed out on European games since March, if anything his value will have suffered – a blow to a campaign that’s been running for years.

When transfer heat first took hold around Kieran Tierney, Celtic pulled the stops out and agreed a five-year contract.  The player had the same balance on his previous contract as Bassey has now.  Celtic got another two years out of the player and sold him for record terms (with a persistent injury).  If Newco were wise – and if they truly rate Bassey, they would spend some of their European bounty on securing the player on a lucrative long-term deal.

“If Newco were wise”, listen to me.

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  1. Wembley – a fantastic stadium in a strange location – I went to the old stadium a couple of times and thought even then the transport arrangements were terrible for vehicles.


    The stadium itself is excellent and lots of new flats surrounding it.


    There is a fanzone nearby which is allocated to one of the teams – luckily it was us yesterday. Few beers, something to eat and pre-match singing.



  2. Shoonsky – There has to be two players between the attacking player and the goal. One of these is normally the goalkeeper, so a lot of people tend to discount him.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gene- i noticed the crowd applauding in the 8th minute ,something to do with the PV manager?

  4. Just back from Lisbon and Madrid. Leaving the Estadio to one side; visits to Benfica and Athletico Madrid were a real eye opener.


    Benfica museum and trophy room are awesome. The whole stadium infrastructure is geared for many sports but they had 100 kids aged 5 to 9 being coached on all weather pitches (with every parent watching on).


    Wanda Mertropole…excellent metro link from city centre. Massive open concourse with bars and merchandise kiosks all over. Access to bars inside the stadium pre match, some of which would rival the nicest pubs in Glasgow .


    If and when we finally rebuild the main stand and areas the club should take a look at what can be done.



    Bernabeu was a building site. Estadio was as always, magical.

  5. AT @1:37


    Work is crazy busy at the moment, but I’ll try. It’s more difficult to do now as Ange clearly has a “type” and finding those folk is trickier than just finding a right back, etc.

  6. SONSOFERIN on 29TH MAY 2022 2:22 PM


    Shoonsky – There has to be two players between the attacking player and the goal. One of these is normally the goalkeeper, so a lot of people tend to discount him.



    Just back on. Appreciate the explanation. Never thought about that! So rarely happens. Thanks again.

  7. Spidey.



    No worries mate,I get you on the type thing,


    Trying to ween myself of scout sites but if is close season.its mad market time too 🤪


    Take care 👍




  8. Neil Lennon live on radio Scotland there, in great form, says he arrived in Cyprus in March and it snowed for the first time in four years …. wee Chris Burke said he never gets the respect he deserves as he is a serial winner … well said wee Burkey



    Hope the Celtic girls emulate the mens team this season and lift a second trophy today 🍀



    BBC Alba at 4pm




  9. TLT


    Sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing A. RIP Andy Darroch.


    From one A to another A, YNWA HH

  10. The Counting House has the worst service of any pub i’ve ever been in..tried it twice and no chance i’l be back. Avoid

  11. Drew 1967,



    I occasionally use the Esquire.


    If I were using the Counting house I would use the app.


    The app is prioritised and you don’t need to leave your table.




  12. IniquitousIV on




    Benzema was behind Allison with only Robertson between him and the goal. There has to be 2 players ( one of whom is normally the keeper ) between the attacking player and the goal. It was the right decision, and inexplicable why it took so long.

  13. IniquitousIV on




    I should have read the whole blog before responding!

  14. INIQUITOUSIV on 29TH MAY 2022 4:10 PM





    I should have read the whole blog before responding!



    Still appreciate the response and explanation. New to me and many others!

  15. France and the nearby principality ‘owning it’ this weekend re sports.



    European Rugby Final en Marseilles



    Champions League Soccer en Paris



    The Tennis at Roland Garros



    And of course F1 at Monaco

  16. is the womans game under the auspices of the SFA ?



    what on earth makes them take the game to tynecastle ?




    Two teams from Glasgow ,chance of more local punters turning up for final…..let’s play it in Edinburgh.

  18. PETEC on 29TH MAY 2022 4:11 AM



    Carlo is a comedy show just wae his eye brows taking Centre stage. He must be a superb Manager. Respect



    *spent his summers in Portobello where he had family, he will be well versed on us.



    BTW I’m nae fan of the scousers, huvnae been since April 19, 1966, couple that with stealing Kenny and then bastardising the Fields.



    Oh and they stole YNWA fae the Toffees who sung it first during Harry Cattrick’s reign, who only relinquished it when they found out wee Gerry unlike his family and neighbours was a traitor and supported the red half of the city.

  19. Bada


    From earlier



    Vale manager Darrell Clarke, whose daughter died during the season, used to play number 8 for Mansfield – hence the 8th minute applause.

  20. LEFTCLICKTIC on 29TH MAY 2022 4:35 PM


    1-1 poor defending at set piece



    i blame john kennedy

  21. IniquitousIV on

    Watching Forrest vs Huddersfield. If the Nottingham team win this, they will really struggle in the EPL with the two lumps McKenna and Worral in the back 4. McKenna has a nice left foot, but is slow as a carthorse. Worral is just poor.



    I have decided that the only commentators as bad as the English are those from the States. They are pretentious jargon spouting assholes who just love the sound of their own voices. I often switch to Spanish commentary to avoid them. An added bonus is that Central or South American commentators can make ANY game sound exciting!

  22. IQV



    what about Lewis Morgans goal for Red Bulls, that commentator actually got all the terminolgy right.

  23. Haven’t watched much EFL football this year but Huddersfield better have another gear if they want to get back in this game.

  24. Derry V Donegal extra time. I think Earnest Lynch was right – should have the extra-time before the game and???????????? Dooooh

  25. some reading






    To the south of the Mercat Cross is the Saltmarket area, which in the mid-19th century this was known as District 14 and was one of the most deplorable slums in Europe. Into the ramshackle, overcrowded and insanitary dwellings of District 14, unscrupulous landlords crammed thousands of migrant Irish and many Scots cleared from the Highlands. One history book describes the area with the following words….. ‘District 14 was a human cesspit, a concentration camp of filth and disease.’ Those drinking and cavorting in the spring sunshine last week would on the whole have been unaware of the misery of many of their forebears endured just a few hundred yards away.




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