Contrasts when trying to punt or retain a left back


You well remember the entire Celtic community in a nervous disposition at the prospect of Kieran Tierney leaving the club.  There was certainly no campaign, subtle or otherwise, to punt him after his first weeks in the limelight, he was performing at a Champions League level and we wanted him to remain for as long as possible.

Compare and contrast to what is happening across the city, where left back and occasional central defender, Calvin Bassey, is being excitedly touted by everyone remotely connected with his club.

Earlier this month we discussed the many financial benefits Newco would gain from their Europa League run, including an appreciation on the perceived value of their players.  Bassey is a prime example.  Sell him, sell him now, before the inevitable return to the mean.  Do whatever you can to make sure highlights of his performances this year at Ross County, or home to Celtic, are obscured in searches.

Until recent weeks, it was their chubby striker who was the focus of sale efforts.  He missed out on European games since March, if anything his value will have suffered – a blow to a campaign that’s been running for years.

When transfer heat first took hold around Kieran Tierney, Celtic pulled the stops out and agreed a five-year contract.  The player had the same balance on his previous contract as Bassey has now.  Celtic got another two years out of the player and sold him for record terms (with a persistent injury).  If Newco were wise – and if they truly rate Bassey, they would spend some of their European bounty on securing the player on a lucrative long-term deal.

“If Newco were wise”, listen to me.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Back to Basics. You have probably nailed it. But how many of their squad are on duty elsewhere?🤔.

  2. For all the offside experts on here, and there is a few to be fair


    How can it be justified to class a player offside when in fact two or possibly more defenders are closer to the actual goal line than he or she is? No game in particular.

  3. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Gene- very sad,thanks for reply, been a cracking season for you,football wise HH

  4. All sorts of shenanigans on their treatment of staff.3rd world stuff,



    Echo your sentiments on Celtic Ladies


    We are Celtic




  5. I think Ernie Lynch is right. Even though I loved Derry winning today, I think Donegal were undone by a younger team. The 20 minutes of extra-time saw Donegal run out of steam, particularly Michael Murphy. Derry targeted him and the 2 winning scores came from players running in behind him. Now if the extra-time had been played before the game (and the penalty shoot out of course) then it would have been fairer to Donegal.



    Ernie, contact the GAA Ulster Council and put your ideas to them. You are on a winner.



    Doire Abú


    Doire Abú


    Doire Abú

  6. Penalties at st Etienne after 2 * 1- 1 draws and an extra time.


    Loser is relegated to div 2

  7. IniquitousIV on




    If you mean these 2 particular commentators, I have no issue at all with their excitement at this absolute belter of a goal from Lewis Morgan. But just imagine 90 minutes of it, even when someone is taking a throw in deep in their own half! Where they grate is when they blather incessant nonsense, with hardly a break to draw a breath, and there is absolutely nothing happening on the pitch.



    The reason is that U.S. TV companies detest ‘dead air’, so non stop gibbering hysteria is mandatory.



  8. IniquitousIV on

    Bodo/Glimt fall to 8th place, 11 points behind leaders Lillestrom, in the Norwegian Eliteserien, after a promising start to their season.

  9. scullybhoy



    Your comments against a poster are tiresome.



    You have made your point.



    Get back to jibber jabberin’ about Celtic dude.



    Well Done the Celtic Ghirls today, I’m not interested in the Celtic Ladies team tbh, I know I should be but I guess I am set in my ways.

  10. bigrailroadblues on

    Great stuff from me young pal BelmontBrian. Love those tracks. Thunderstruck is an absolute classic. 💯 👍

  11. Tontine Tim on 29th May 2022 4:42 pm



    Our Team have to be knocking it out the park in Europe, I’m pissed that they, both entities, have got to 2 European Finals since we huv.



    We kept them alive, hopefully we will really focus (f the polis Head Honchos/black & white checquered scum) and Rock Europe.




    We need a bad ass midfielder to allow Callum to do his magic. Callum is flying into challenges he shouldnae be daeing because thats not his game.

  12. No Googling.


    Has ANYONE on here ever seen a player named Edward ( first name) play for Celtic?

  13. “PARKHEADCUMSALFORD on 29TH MAY 2022 9:02 PM


    That is some goal by Lewis Morgan.”




    I just looked at that and know that if I were at a Celtic game and one of our players did that I would be thinking: What a goal !


    On the other hand, I know that I have scored goals of a similar ilk and believe that many,many other CQNers will have done likewise.They are indubitably spectacular but superbly worked team goals against a packed defence are probably more worthy of the ` What a goal ! response.

  14. BELMONTBRIAN on 29TH MAY 2022 9:07 PM



    Nah ! `Henke` has an `h` two `e`s , an `n` and a `k ` so no chance !

  15. GP 7.47pm



    Equal partners …



    Serious question do you equate the ladies winning a trophy the same as the mens team ?



    Or is it a different equal you refer too …



    Honestly interested if you really treat both Celtic teams in equal measure

  16. GFTB,



    The Celtic family is about equality. There should be no animal farm mentally at Parkhead.



    Of course our main focus as a football team should be the male team , however let’s embrace our female heroines.



    Appropriate that we are currently watching the Harry Potter Channel.. it is nothing or possibly it is everything.



    Cheers and HH

  17. BRRB 8.10pm



    Midday on Tuesday you say …



    Tollbooth you say …



    By chance I have a days annual leave booked in on Tuesday



    As long as the late fitness test is passed (the missus opens her purse) … I might make the starting 11 for a few hours …

  18. GP 100%



    I wish the ladies team well but I dont and can’t equate it to the Celtic first team … I do think they are separate sports … even if the ladies team do great things it will be still different from Ange’s 11 …

  19. Evening all.



    Now that our team will not be playing for the next couple of months, if you don’t mind I have a request.



    After Celtic I have little to no interest in other sports. I enjoy boxing and the Old Firm FC being beat or dropping points.



    However, when I realised that my football abilities had gone unnoticed to those I cherished, my secondary enjoyment came into play. MUSIC



    We have nearly 2 to 3 months to fill in.



    If you don’t mind, I’ll give you my two favourite albums, I’m always open to new genres.



    Dusty in Memphis








    Hunky Dory



    Nite all

  20. Belmont Brian 10.11pm



    Boxing ?



    Did you see wee Sparky McKeown won last night in Wales .. the Celtic title



    His Auld man drank in the Clock bar (ran the Supporters bus from there) and all this week a caller on Clyde SSB has been championing Sparky … Big JB .. flapper … got a feeling you might know flapper from your days in Belmont street or the Bammy :-)

  21. I wiz gonnae take the Wednesday & Thursday aff. How I might make 50 I’ll never know.



    I think I owe you a few Sherberts Gerry Bhoy.



    Ma Oldest Sister, an amazing gal is in Ibiza this week 2.



    The Greatest Sonic Ever (I got ma first car and this was on the tape deck).






  22. Petec 10.42pm



    Just clicked on Mod1888 10.06pm link, ended up with Rod Stewart then …. Rod … “Forever Young” then onto the dance version of FY …



    Happy days :-)

  23. Carter Vickers was right there with Callum as Player of the Year.



    Jota would be up there with his amazing Crossing skillz especially after the turn of the Abdul Qadir.



    A Special mention to Carl Starfelt as he was Also awesome since the turn of the year.

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