Covid adherence a necessity to win the league


There’s lessons for us all in how one St Mirren player caught the virus, forcing his flatmate, a Hamilton Accies player, to isolate, shortly before three staff at Hamilton tested positive.  While we will never know for sure if these cases were linked, it is very likely.  The virus remains a risk to our health and incomes.  A lack of symptoms during the early incubation period allow it to flit between players who train together and therefore who face each other.

The health consequences for players are likely to be less significant than for society in general, they are young with few of the comorbidity markers, but the nature of their work makes them more vulnerable to infection than many of us.

Any innocuous link outside players’ sporting bubble can lead to multiple club contagion.  Teams need to manage this risk by controlling what staff do at home, prohibiting social interactions and maintaining social distance between staff while indoors.  Adherence to these practices is a prerequisite to winning the league.

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  1. Malcolm was my Dad’s favourite. He scored a hat trick at Ibrox in the 6-2 game at Ibrox. My Dad always said that he was a very classy, elegant player.



    I think though the accolade of being Celtic’s greatest ever player, if my Dad’s (born 1912) and the Dads of my pals generation had their day would have been Peerless Patsy Gallagher, The Mighty Atom.

  2. CELTIC MAC on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2020 5:20 PM






    Think LFC remained strong, vibrant and competitive after 1985



    1986 – Champions



    1987 – Runners – Up



    1988 – Champions



    1989 – Runners – Up



    1990 – Champions



    1991 – Runners – Up



    Football wise a brilliant period for the club. But the impact of Hillsborough took its’ toll.





    Absolutely correct. A club run by professionals who maximised the club’s potential. We were run by a bunch of incompetent shysters.

  3. originalsadiesbhoy



    You forgot “self-serving”.


    Otherwise on the money. Or was it in the money?

  4. My Dad was also a huge Malky McDonald fan. He couldn’t see past the players from the thirties and fifties. Family life , six children in six years, and work commitments meant that hero worship ended then, so the players from our golden era would struggle to get into his all time Celtic eleven.


    He arrived in Scotland a baby from Italy. With no family here to guide him towards football he decided at a young age to follow Celtic. If he was still with us It would be his 100th birthday next week.

  5. It was years ago on CQN when I really learned about Malky MacDonald.



    I could not believe that I had practically no knowledge of the player who many said was the greatest celt ever.



    It’s still on my bucket list to read the book. From South Uist to the Garngad.



    HH sunnd agus deagh shlàinte.

  6. I doubt we will sign Alfie Doughty,


    I saw last blog talking about him as a left back, he is a midfielder and at best he would be a long term project.


    No way would he force his way into our midfield this season,


    I would still like us to sign a left back, apart from that, I think we are well equipped to win 10 in a row.


    I do think we need to give more game time to bhoys like Soro & Turnbull.


    The subbing policy against Ross County was a welcome step forward but I still think it was too conservative.


    Once we went 3 up , was the time to bring on a few subs,

  7. garygillespieshamstring on

    I still love reading books on the history of Celtic.


    First book I had (Celtic wise) was the Ronnie Simpson one.


    The two that really got me into the older stuff were Celtic by Sir Robert Kelly and Glasgow Celtic 1945-70 by Tom Campbell.


    45-70 was particularly good because it contained contemporary newspaper commentary along with the author’s narrative. Still my favourite Celtic book, closely followed by The Glory and the Dream.

  8. Just watched the 5-1 Ibrox invincibles game on Sky there- credit to the huns, they were definitely practcing 6 foot social distancing in the stands way before Lustig bagged the 5th!





    I don’t think that one will stand up in court.





  10. I am not sure why many in our support are so much more undemanding of some players than others. The current player receiving what I feel is harsh criticism is Greg Taylor.


    Greg is no Kieran Tierney ( whose mistakes were readily forgiven) but he is a decent player and, IMO, much better than he is given credit for.


    With the arrival of Shane Duffy, it might be that Greg is given fewer chances to make the LB berth his own but, with the lack of a relatively unsupportive crowd, I feel, if he is played often enough, he would gain in confidence and improve exponentially.


    The back four players with whom I am reasonably comfortable are Elhamed,Bitton, Duffy and Taylor. I think Ajer is a very good player but I am not convinced of his worth as a defender in a Celtic team. Jullien has hardly let us down but , for whatever reason, I don`t rate him very highly at all.



    PS I am aware that Nir Bitton is not really a centre half but I feel he could provide elegant class alongside the no nonsense power of Shane Duffy.

  11. BSR – yup………..






    Still logged in an awe……..have a word wi’ EC67, eh!







    Greg Taylor is last man standing for the Left Back slot if we play a back four, he gets internet stick playing wing back and being allegedly lacking, because he was signed from Kilmarnock and ‘only’ cost £2M, however he’s seen off Johnny Hayes and Boli Bolingoli and has a four year contract in his back pooch.



    We need more than one player for the left flank Greg Taylor is a good young player that will get better IMO, if he gets injured which is inevitable with the schedule of games, we’re not covered.

  13. Didn’t lube make his debut against the Huns (2goals)


    The Dundee game you talk about is the one where big bad John broke his duck,I think😉

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Fairhill bhoy



    Pretty sure it was Dundee early November, I was driving to order a bike for Christmas for one of the kids and heard on the wireless that Brown had resigned. Celtic whacked Dundee after a dodgy run but Lubo didn’t score.


    The hun game was a couple of weeks later.



    Funnily enough, during the lockdown the 5-1 game was shown on BBC and the comments at the start of the game were “if rankers win, they will go 13 points ahead and the league is over.”


    The same guys were saying the hun could overturn a 13 point deficit with eight games to go so it was wrong to award Celtic the title this year.




  15. Those who think that Forrest never tracks back should study this site.



    heat maps of Cetic players



    1) select Heat Maps from the options at the top


    2) click on select all- this leaves you a blank screen


    3) click on James Forrest and you get his heat map


    4) click on Jeremie Frimpong for comparison



    It shows that Jamesie was more often in defensive support positions but was less evident in a forward role



    Food for thought

  16. GARYGILLESPIESHAMSTRING-you’re probably correct.I had always thought Lubo and Mhalby made there debuts against the Huns 🤷‍♀️


    Believe it or not I was at both games😉

  17. Hot Smoked…I’m with you re Jullien…too often makes me nervous. Fine player with many attributes…BUT!!

  18. garygillespieshamstring on

    Fairhill bhoy



    Thank god I don’t need to give that cyber pint back to big Packy.😀





  19. I got caught on that announcement for Ross County game. It’s just audio in UK & Ireland with a delayed showing of the game.

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