CQN Magazine L-I-Q-U-I-D-A-T-I-O-N issue out now!


We have another great issue of CQN Magazine for you, free of charge to read online – there’s not even any tax to pay!  Hard copies will be available soon. Click here to go to the magazine site for a proper read. The graphic below is only there to allow you to flick through it.

The magazine is packed full of fantastic articles from Celtic supporters from near and far.  We have coverage of our title winning season, tales of supporting the team from disparate locations as well as some great recollections and tales of following Celtic in years gone by.

Slovenian football journalist fan Blaz Mocnik speaks of his delight at learning he wasn’t the only Celtic fan in his village, the infectious enthusiasm of the Good Child Foundation has brought the club to a new followers, and there is a great reference article on money in the SPL.

As always, tons of work went into pulling the magazine together. Many thanks to James, David, Thom and all the readers who submitted an article (some of which have slipped to the next issue).

We like to give each magazine a title, this one, with a special dedication to Pablo, is the L-I-Q-U-I-D-A-T-I-O-N issue!  Enjoy.

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  1. South Of Tunis on

    Oh , the Porta Potty Tycoon is coming over the hill,


    Introducing Bill Miller ,


    Just as busy as a fizzy sasparilla.


    Ain’t a showman any faster , operates the Golden Garter .




    Deadwood Stage Doris Day CSC -Way down south.

  2. SSN breaking news ticker saying windy miller is preferred bidder.



    Let the carnage begin…………..

  3. Miller has lost out and is going to have to be preferred bidder!



    D&P announce press conference at Ibroke at 12 noon but it could be delayed until 1pm..or 2…or

  4. Gatecrasher plans awkward questions?



    alex thomson ‏ @alextomo



    Ibrox say this press conference is “sports reporters only”. You what? I’m on my way.

  5. Ray Singh-Carr on

    Apparently Miller is about to be named preferred bidder at Snake Mountain.


    I hope he turns out to be every bit as much a success as Craig Whyte!!




  6. alex thomson ‏ @alextomo


    Ibrox say this press conference is “sports reporters only”. You what? I’m on my way.




    Reply Retweet Favorite



    Bhunnies only want their flunkies in the presser!!

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The American trucking tycoon then intends to merge the two companies. Here, Herald Sport analyses the feasibility of his plan, and what it means for Rangers and Scottish football.



    Is this liquidation?



    As far as financial experts are concerned, it is a convoluted route to achieve what is effectively a liquidation. The only way around that assessment would be if he managed to effect a successful CVA for Rangers Football Club plc and merged it with the newco before the beginning of next season – Saturday, August 4. Miller would then, in theory, not have to apply to the Scottish Premier League for the newco to become a member of the league.



    Yet the timescales for achieving this are tight, and if he fails to effect the CVA in time and applies for his newco to gain entry into the SPL, there is little to be gained by merging the oldco further down the line. Also, Craig Whyte has so far refused to co-operate with the administrators in making his shares available to the Blue Knights, so why would he make them available to Miller on the other side of a successful CVA? They would be worthless, since it is the majority shareholding in a company with no assets.



    What about Rangers’ history?



    This is an emotive subject, and part of the motivation for Miller to seek this hybrid route. To many fans the newco being a separate legal entity makes it distinct from the current Rangers’ history. However, this was not what happened to Leeds United, to take one example from England, when their assets were moved to a newco in 2007. As far as the Football League and Uefa are concerned, Leeds have an unbroken history.



    It is likely that if the SPL agree to transfer the league share from oldco Rangers to newco, they will consider the history to have transferred, too. This has never been an issue in England, but will be in Scotland, where rivalry is more fever-pitched. Another perspective would be this: the club and the company are close but still separate; as far as the sporting bodies are concerned any sanctions apply to the club regardless of the company that owns it, so the same would apply to the club’s history.



    Why does Miller plan to merge the oldco with his newco?



    Probably for the sake of the fans, who are worried about his approach. It seems unlikely that he would effect a CVA in time anyway, but the newco option also lets him bypass the Whyte problem, and the assets could be transferred within two weeks.



    Do the players’ contracts transfer over automatically?



    In normal corporate takeovers, contracts are transferred along with the assets, and their rights are protected by the Transfer of Undertakings and Protection of Employment (TUPE) law, which means the original terms must be honoured. Yet PFA Scotland believes in the newco scenario, players are entitled to decide they don’t want their registrations transferred and can walk away for nothing.



    Would the SFA sanctions apply to the newco?



    If Miller is named preferred bidder, he will then meet the SFA and the SPL for formal negotiations. The penalties will come under discussion, but the likelihood is that one condition of being granted a licence by the SFA will be that all sanctions that apply to oldco Rangers will apply to the newco. Until an appeal is heard, this means the embargo stands, which, in theory, means that the registrations of any player over the age of 18 might be impossible to transfer.



    What about the SPL? Will the newco Rangers be allowed back into the league, and what about sanctions?



    Even if the SPL’s proposed financial fair play resolution is voted in on Monday, Miller plans to establish the newco before the end of this season. That means any decision would be considered by the SPL board and there are no rules in place to govern their decision. Miller would argue that because he is trying to effect a CVA with the oldco, his newco should be spared sanctions, but this is surely unworkable. What if the oldco never achieved a CVA, would sanctions be applied months later? It is more likely the SPL would agree to newco Rangers being admitted but seek to impose sanctions. These would be discussed if Miller is appointed preferred bidder.



    Rangers aren’t eligible for Europe next season, but what about future seasons under Miller’s plan?



    Even if he gained a CVA for oldco Rangers then merged it with his newco, Uefa will consider this a change in the club’s legal structure. To be eligible, clubs must have three unbroken years of membership of their domestic association, so Miller’s Rangers would not be able to play in Europe until the beginning of the 2015/2016 season.

  8. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    Paul67 and the team, excellent work.



    I suppose with a title like that you are pretty certain about what the future holds for our friends across the river?



    I still have a sickening feeling that somehow they will drag themselves away from this car crash and come out smelling of roses.



    Hope I’m completely wrong.




  9. So the Blue Knights fail yet again.



    The were the favourite until they stepped back. But they stepped forward and made a final bid. And then another bid after the final bid. But it has all been in vain.So now presumably they can walk away.



    Paul Murray must be a relieved man. He has played the game well and got out with no blame attached. When it all goes wrong it will be the fault of Bill Miller and D&P for appointing him.



    It was like playing pass the parcel with a bomb. Now the music has stopped and Miller is left holding it.

  10. Remember Doncaster’s comments lads on Soctland Tonight, let’s see what comes out of ibrox first, something stinks boys.

  11. From the Taxdodgers official site



    BILL MILLER is on course to become the new owner of Rangers after being granted preferred bidder status today by administrators Duff & Phelps.



    After weeks of negotiations and discussions, the administrators have announced that the hugely successful American businessman now has the opportunity to complete a purchase for the club.



    Paul Clark, joint administrator, told staff at a meeting at Ibrox this morning.



    “We would like to thank all parties for their efforts in seeking to submit bids which preserve the long history and success of the Club.



    “We are delighted to announce that today we have received an unconditional bid for the business and assets of Rangers Football Club plc from Mr Bill Miller which has been accepted in principle and he is now the preferred bidder. Mr Miller now proposes to complete his transaction by the end of the season.”

  12. Paul


    clearly that was not a typographical error as some would believe, the missing letter is of course at ibrokes


    as someone has to keep an i on them…..



    ok ill get my coat.

  13. THE SKY



    An ominous BOLT OF LIGHTNING!



    CUT TO:






    He has a few cute stitch marks. Electrodes stick out from


    both sides of his neck.






    Bill, wearing a long, white surgeon’s gown and surgical


    mask, stands over the “Rangers,” which is strapped across the


    chest and thighs. Bill has a thimble on the finger of


    one hand — a needle and thread in the other.








    The “Rangers” is on an operating table, which is in the center


    of a platform directly below the opening in the ceiling.


    Sandy stands nearby.





    What a beautiful job!



    Bill looks up to the opening in the ceiling.










    CUT TO:








    Ally stands on the roof, flying two kites in order to


    attract the lightning bolts. He is wearing rubber boots,


    rubber gloves, and a rubber whaler’s coat and hat.





    (shouting down)


    You’re sure you know what you’re







    Yes! It’s all written down in


    the notes. Tie off the kites and


    come down!





    Yes, master. Just don’t turn on


    any radios.






    Bill hands Sandy the needle and thread. Then he grabs


    an electrical plug, connected to a “battery indicator,”


    and plugs it into two small slits in one of the electrodes


    in the “Rangers” throat… as you would plug in a lamp. He


    reads the indicator.





    Soon, all the electrical


    secrets of Heaven shall be







    Oh, Bill… you’re not only


    a great doctor, you’re a great…


    you’re almost a…





    A god?










    I know.






    Ally comes down a small, spiral staircase from the roof.













    You’d better hurry — I think it’s


    going to rain.





    (to Sandy)


    All right… elevate me!





    Right here?





    Raise the platform, hurry!





    Oh! Yes, Doctor.



    He turns a giant wheel on the wall. The platform rises


    towards the opening in the ceiling, with Bill and the


    “Rangers” on ,it.





    (as he is going up)


    The ancient masters promised


    impossibilities and performed


    nothing. We shall penetrate into


    the recesses of nature. We shall


    ascend into the Heavens. We shall


    command the thunders of Heaven,


    mimic the earthquake and even mock


    the invisible world with its own












    Yes! When I give the word — throw


    the first switch!





    You’ve got it, master.



    The platform rises higher and higher. RAIN starts to come


    down on Bill.





    Get ready!



    The platform nears the opening.





    Get set!



    The platform rises through the opening and then stops. Now


    Bill is out in the open air, on the roof.



















    Ally throws the first switch.



    SPARKS, CURRENTS, DIALS capture our eyes.






    Bill is getting drenched. He tries to check the “battery


    indicator” plugged into the “Rangers.”





    (shouting down)


    Throw the second switch!








    (throwing the switch)


    This guy means business.



    Ally looks up in awe.











    It’s not enough. More! More,


    do you hear me?










    More, do you hear me?










    Throw the third switch!





    (throwing the switch)


    Wait till he sees the bill.








    The Laboratory is an electrical circus.








    All right — turn everything off


    and bring me down!






    Sandy turns the giant wheel the other way.



    Ally throws back the three switches.






    Sand and Ally watch Bill and the platform descend.



    When it reaches the floor, Bill stands soaked to the skin.










    They all stare at:




  14. I hear the train a-coming


    It’s coming round the bend


    And They won’t see the sunshine


    Because it’s now the feckin end




  15. Lads help me out here, is Bill Miller paying £11.2 million and this is what’s to be split amongst creditors ?



    If this is the case then he is having a laugh, no chance of a cva.



    Do you think Hector is upto no good, what’s keeping him with the verdict.

  16. Forgive my ignorance here but how does Miller get Whyte’s 85% shareholding, and the assets, if he won’t talk to or deal with him? And how does he get control of the club to try to carry out his incubator plan?

  17. jock steins celtic on

    Can anyone post a concise Miller plan ? Where does he see himself making money ?

  18. He’s not wealthy enough to blow 11 million on a 3rd division team, nor is he wealthy enough to blow 500,000 on becoming preferred bidder. He’s in it to make money, he has to get a return – something stinks (again).

  19. Vinibhoy - Named Neil Lennon on his birth certificate on

    I really don’t understand any of this.


    How can someone buy the huns if Craig Whyte is not involved?


    Plus Miller is apparently planning on the CVA route which needs HMRC to do a deal?



    I might need to lie down! My head hurts!?

  20. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Nae Wonder they where called Knights



    two spaces forwards, backwards, left, or right, then one space perpendicular

  21. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Mon Billy boy,get that all new important company number issued to the Govan wilderness of pain.

  22. New-Co FACTS :



    Year founded : 2012


    League Titles : 0 (zero)


    Scottish Cups: 0 (zero)


    League Cups : 0 (zero)


    Glasgow Cup : 0 (zero)


    Other Cups : 0 (zero)


    European Cup : 0 (zero)


    European wins : 0 (zero)


    European co-efficient : n/a


    P0 W0 D0 L0 (zero)



    Haw Haw Haw…



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