Dangerous expectations at pivotal weekend


There is a belief in football that the seemingly small game after a significant victory is dangerous.  Players psych themselves up for a big and important task, but they are not machines.  When that task is achieved, the mental energy for the next game is never the same.

You, me and everyone at Celtic knew the incredible importance of last week’s games at Tynecastle and Easter Road.  Neil Lennon got his second tenure off to a winning start and then kept the treble treble dream alive.  The expectation that we will beat Aberdeen tomorrow is overwhelming.

I don’t like this scenario.  Aberdeen will not compliantly roll over.  They are a better team than Hearts or Hibs and if we win, we will earn it the hard way.

This could be a weekend the league pivots.  If Newco drop points at Easter Road tonight and Celtic win tomorrow, the remainder of the campaign will be like a procession.  But if this scenario is reversed, every game will be played under intense pressure until the lead is extended.

Neil Lennon’s Hibernian took four points from Newco within a week in December, significantly weakening their challenge.  New manager, Paul Heckingbottom, will know that tonight he has an opportunity to put a stake of personal credibility in the ground.


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  1. What is the Stars on

    Leeanne Dempster on BT. She is very disappointed that her team dropped 2 points

  2. DAVID66 on 8TH MARCH 2019 9:51 PM


    Oop here’s LeeMan Dempster




    We could do with less of this shite today.

  3. Morelos is a dreadful finisher, second rate at best.



    The added bonus is he’s got a personality disorder that makes Scottish defenders react, no wonder they’re always trying to sell him.

  4. If we do our job tomorrow, the League is over. 8 in a row is ours. Two things we learned from Sevco’s last two games: tonight, they pooed themselves in the second half after a couple of robust challenges from Sir David Gray. They didn’t want to know about it.



    Last Sunday v Aberdeen. They are very,very vulnerable to high balls into the box. Only Goldson and Worrall stood between them and the Dons scoring a few. I’m sure Neil Lennon will have the Bhoys practising set pieces before the game on 31st March.



    As for tonight? Well done the Hibees.



    Footnote: the idiot who came on to the pitch side and got involved with Tavernier should have the book thrown at him. Players should feel safe to play the game. An attack on Tavernier is an attack on every player in Scotland. It needs to be stamped out.



    Now I’m off to celebrate.

  5. Leeann Dempster said what had to be said. She was so obviously sickened.


    Fair play to her for facing the cameras without the pre-mediated script.

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I have to say i thought that rat MacLean refereed it fairly,McGregor and Gray could have been off earlier

  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Longish trek back to Glasgow for brother bun .



    Faces a- trippin` them.



    Desperately trying to find a bright side to look at .



    Frankly , I`m quite content that they`re not quite dead.





    Hee Hee

  8. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Their world cup final was beating us in Ibrox. They haven’t been able to maintain any momentum since.






    Last week she implicated Celtic?





    With the greatest respect; Forget last week and this tit for tat mentality . We are talking about her reaction tonight, which I thought was spot on.



    Cheers and HH.

  10. Was oot the day © kevjungle and thinking © “aye and eating chips tae” if I had a choice of games sevco were tae lose the night or Tuesday it would have been the latter, so the result the night with one game more played is a bonus they only gained 1 point and nae goals.

  11. ” Kamberi Equaliser Help Hibs Hold Rangers”




    ……How hurtin’ is that dick, Wilson.

  12. Hunderbirds


    Sadly, it would appear that regrettably Sevco have failed to reappear in our rear view mirror.


    In fact, that object in our mirror appears to be getting smaller.



    Tonight, they were the dominant team in the first half and yet were so outplayed in the second half they were,probably lucky to come away with a point.

  13. SMSM Headlines tomorrow – “Disruption by idiot should mean Hibs agree to replay match and lose as mark of respect for Slippy to help erase his memory of 2014”

  14. 6 wins and I get to treat myself to a Gretsch G6119T. Partner not happy but she agreed to the bet Celtic win the league this year and I buy the Gretsch of my dreams Yup she knows hee haw about football, just the basics Celtic good, Sevco (The rangers bad)

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Getting a bit lighter at nights now…..in fact I’m sure i can see Sunshine on Leith..

  16. quadrophenian on

    My schadenfreude isn’t one of my most appealing qualities.


    But shee, I’m loving it again the now.



  17. theweegreenman on 8th March 2019 10:17 pm





    Where do you blow in it?




    I have been told that there is a point near the bridge for that specific purpose ;-)




  18. Why not Wednesday instead of Tuesday for Sevco/Sheep replay ..Anyone know? (apart from the obvious)

  19. Brendanlarsson on




    Wow! That is a beauty. What colour and what sort of stuff do you play on it?




    Great result tonight. There are few things I enjoy more than the huns getting sickened.



    Enjoy your night all







    With redoubled respect, all things are Celtic related, most Celtic fans watching that tonight would immediately


    think back to last week, I know I did.



    Leanne Dempster could have faced the cameras then but chose to issue a statement implicating away fans, she could have did the same tonight but then she is an ex season ticket holder.



    p.s. That’s two games in a row Sevco supporters have been throwing seats around.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Sevco have 59 points from 29 games this season.



    After 29 games last season they had 58 points.



    At the same stage we had 64 points having played a game less.



    Oh, and they were on our tails and coming to get us.

  22. Dont know if it was on here or Follow Follow



    Someone asked “wonder what the table was like this time last year”



    Dont know specifics but I was in NY with my mates watching 3–2 win at IPOX


    a year ago this weekend and i am sure if Murtys marvels had won they would have topped league.


    Oh and were cheering drawing Celtic in SC semi.



    : >)))))))))))