December fixtures when it all needs to resolve


A look at the fixture list will not provide  immediate comfort, we have away trips to Sparta and Milan ahead in the next 10 days, both of whom won comfortably at Celtic Park earlier in the campaign.  The principle positive is that after the team arrive home in the early hours of 4 December, the farthest we travel from Glasgow for the rest of the month is the 10 miles to Hamilton.

We have a meaningless home game against Lille on 10 December and the Scottish Cup Final 10 days later, but that Hamilton game is the only league match in five away from Celtic Park.   This will be our least taxing month of the league campaign.  It is an opportunity to get things right ahead of the Ibrox visit on 2 January, but as we saw with Newco last season, even easy looking games can result in defeats when the heads are down.

If  arrive at Ibrox solid in defence, controlling I midfield with an additional 15 points and a fourth consecutive Scottish Cup win, it is game on again, but I doubt any of us are complacent about those 15 points.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    JERSEYBHOYS on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:54 AM



    Disappointed that the only response he has is to verbally abuse other posters. No one deserves that.



    His behaviour is more “hun like” than anything I have ever posted….

  2. DAVID66 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 9:00 AM


    Big Jimmy – That’s good about Rocky.







    New Knee needed for me I’m afraid







    D :)





    A ” NEW” Knee ?


    Thats okay Big Yin…………I mean ” How attached can one get to a Knee” LOL ?


    Let me know when the Op is happening, I will bring Grapes and Beer….You can have the feckin Grapes…and I will take care of the Beers !


    On a serious note, I imagine it will be some time before you get an Op….due to Covid etc ?


    Yet, despite the long delays in getting ” other” hospital treatment, outwith Covid treatment…The Scot Gov etc are STILL telling us that the NHS is still open ?


    Ive had Hospitals phoning me to CANCEL Consultations/ treatment etc in the last few Months for my Health problems, which I understand of course due to Covid…but as I put to some Hospital staff back in the summer…” its NOT” really true to say that the NHS is STILL Open…is it ” ?


    Stay safe and well Big Yin…and try and stay AFF any Trampolines…and refrain from the break dancing when Celtic score…


    Big DAVID66……..Soon to become the ” Bionic Bhoy” LOL.


    Take care David,


    We will get together again and get Pissed oot of our Heids…and Im Buying !


    HH Mate.

  3. onenightinlisbon on

    BOABYEVANS on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:54 AM



    Would he leave Belgium?



    Not sure he would be my first choice as manager at present but think he maybe one for the future.

  4. Its beyond me why some fans are still interested in Europe this season.There is a negligible amount of cash to be won,as most of our cash from Europa comes from ticket sales.Anyone thinking that there is any prestige to be had from winning a few games in it is deluded.This season should all have been about the 10.Cups can take care of themselves.We have passed up already,3 great chances to play 1st team fringe players/ players regaining fitness,whilst at the same time flogging the same players to death,playing them in this tournament.We knew the Internationals would not be kind to our players,key players,but carried on regardless.Elhamed,Soro,Turnbull,Rogic,Griff,Klimala,Ntcham,could have been played,resting others,for the arduous run of games coming up.To me it was vanity and folly.


    Win the 10,you are in the history books forever.Win a couple of games in Europe,no one remembers in the following season.

  5. ONENIGHTINLISBON not sure if he would leave Belgium but quite sure he has served his apprenticeship well & would relish the chance to lead us to ten

  6. BOABYEVANS on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:54 AM



    Shaun Maloney is a good forward looking call. One ex employee who doesn’t provoke thoughts of back to the future.



    If and when there is a vacancy, I would hope we invite this level of imagination.








    I see you have found a Friend in Jerseybhoy LOL.


    in your Posts this morning YOU have now DENIED ” INVITING” Celtic supporters on here to give their opinions ON HERE about Neil Lennon shortly after the game v Hibs had ended 2-2 on Saturday.


    You were openly GOADING Supporters like me to type Posts in support of Neil Lennon AFTER that disappointing 2-2 draw. You were GLOATING and GOADING.


    Maybe someone smarter than me can revisit the Blog and YOUR Feckin Post from Saturday afternoon…and reveal all ?


    This is now TWICE that YOU have lied on here at least…


    Your denial in ” INVITING” Celtic supporters last Saturday etc etc……AND


    Your Post a couple of weeks ago when YOU STATED ” I will support/back the manager, come what may” ?



    I am NOT slagging you for having a go at Neil for his Team Selections, Tactics…or lack of…We are ALL entitled to have our say…But YOU and Jerseyb, and one or two others have posted very Personal ABUSE at Neil Lennon….but again no doubt You will also DENY that also ?


    Once a Chump…always a Chump..




    I would prefer an experienced manager as don’t think Celtic should be your first job as a a manager.



    Nothing against wee Shaun though.

  9. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    So this all points towards board taking the risk in hoping NL sorts this out in December. If they draw/lose a domestic game in lead up to sevco game, then I expect their hand will be forced and JK will be handed reigns temporally. Apparently JK is well liked and regarded by the players. Rumour is NL has taken more hands on role this season and set-up has moved more away from previous structures that BR implemented. Who really knows other than those at Lennoxtown. The problems most likely stem from a combination of factors which includes the coaching and tactical set-up of team both at start in terms of line-up formations and then an inability to make effective in-game tactical changes, or making those changes too late. That is not to say this is all NL’s fault but combination of factors. But on-field performance is ultimate responsibility of manager, so he needs to face up and fix his tactical approach to games or admit he cannot and resign.



    Somebody else summed it up better recently in saying that Neil Lennon bets on the quality of his players over organisation and tactical drilling. But this team need a clearer tactical plan as a collective focusing on space, how to achieve it & how to restrict it. NL needs to rely less on the individual quality and more on the collective organisation of the team. So NL needs to change his tactical approach and we will look to see if there is any evidence of this in weeks ahead. That would give us a chance to turn this season around….but its down to NL ultimately. If he does this and we do get 15/15 ahead of zombie visit, then NL could well get a result at Ibrox if he implements his Lille game plan against them to restrict space and hit on counter.



    We will know before Ibrox however if NL is learning and willing to change the tactical set-up. Look for the shape, formation and players selected in weeks ahead.

  10. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:09 AM



    I’m sorry if you get upset and abusive by my posts maybe you should just scroll past.



    You need to have a good look at how you address others on here though, you come across as an aggressive bully and that’s not acceptable.





    NO Chance…Im far too smart and good looking to be a Hun, so your Feckin wrong again.





    ” A Bully” ????


    why dont you ask ALL the Bhoys on CQN that I have met and Drank with me over the years IF I come across as a Bully ?


    One day…just maybe ONE Feckin Day…YOU will get something right.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:13 AM



    Well I’m glad about that and I’m not one either.

  14. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:15 AM






    Have a look at the way you attack people on here.



    Maybe not intentional but most certainly looks that way.





    YOU get ME Upset.?..dont feckin flatter yourself…I just laugh at you and your LIES.


    I have much more important things to ” upset” me IF I chose to let them…as for you ?….YOU aint good enough to upset me.

  16. onenightinlisbon on

    BIG JIMMY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:18 AM



    Fine. Just leave me out of your abuse and bullying in future.

  17. One night


    You do realise that Jerseybhoys is a hun troll and not your new best friend.


    If you can’t even recognize something so blatantly obvious then what makes you think your utterances on our manager carry any weight.




    Big Jimmy


    Might not always be in in 100% agreement with your posts, but doubt that anyone could ever question your support.


    Keep her lit

  18. onenightinlisbon on

    CLINK\O/ 3X3 on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:22 AM



    At no point have I alligned myself with anyone on here.



    I just don’t take kindly to being abused when others make similar points yet escape it.

  19. We go on and on about player fatigue to a band playing, well, we must accept we ARE out of Europe, only an idiot would think otherwise. SO, the answer is simple , rest those who are “fatigued” and play the young guns, we have nothing at all to lose, nothing.


    We have a plethora of talent sitting in the stand, play them o r sell them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    With regards the league, I havn’t given up yet, why should I. Sure , thems across the river are playing well, but they do not have better players, they are simply well drilled and organised, something alas we are not.




  20. So Celtic are sticking with Neil LENNON to carry on as the first team coach, best of luck , That tells me that they Lawell and CO dont really care about 10 in a row ,well if thats the case whats the point in giving the club Hundreds of Pounds every year ,if the dont realy care one way or the other ,Thousands of Celtic Supporters Care and these same supporters demand change NOW not later ,why because lenny has lost the plot .he has tried other formations , criticises some players , which dosent help .and he wondres how they dont wont to play for Celtic ,no eough enough change the coaches now.

  21. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    PHILBHOY on 24TH NOVEMBER 2020 11:10 AM




    I would prefer an experienced manager as don’t think Celtic should be your first job as a a manager.


    Nothing against wee Shaun though.






    Like you BOABYEVANS, I like wee Shaun – seems to be progressing though his career in a vary steady fashion, and a great apprenticeship working with Belgium.



    Agree, though, with PHILBHOY that we need a very experienced manager at this stage – a combination of Stevie Clark and Klopp would be nice.



    Don’t like talking like this since Neil’s the man who is managing for us – but a change looks inevitable. I wish it were different, and all was going well, but it isn’t, and there are no signs of improvement, so I think it is probably inevitable to speculate.



    Tactics and team shape – especially team shape – seem to be the two things that are missing. Simply no cohesion in the team – no discernable organisation middle-to-back – been all over the place since the first game of the season (even though we won that one handily).






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