Declare the 9


I remember 1997 when another nine-in-a-row was about to be won.  We knew it was coming, we knew it would be difficult and we needed to get through the period.  I avoided all news coverage and football chat for over 24 hours that May, only to find out later that Motherwell’s Owen Coyle upset plans and the title had yet to be won.  I just wanted it over with, the delay was not helpful.

We are in the same situation now, there is not the remotest doubt the Premiership will be called and Celtic will be declared champions.  No one’s interest is served by further postponing the inevitable; it would only leave the SPFL in the spotlight longer than necessary.

Only box ticking exercises remain and today’s meeting between Premiership clubs and the SPFL should be the last.  Scottish football has more important things to worry about, it is in significant peril and needs to move energies on immediately.  Declare the 9.

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  1. Nothing coming our way that followed of Celtic fc,Have not put up with in their unbroken history



  2. Tearmann I can guarantee you if the league is called in our favour they will dig out an ex Celt to wave the asterisk flag, and the seed will be sown

  3. Our support will pretend it doesn’t bother them but over time it will, play the games behind closed doors

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Hearing the rotten mob got knocked back for euro license, a big part in their recent behavior and likely reason for their apparent uturn on null and void. They’ll take the money for second place then resume the null and void stuff again.



    If the license thing is true, I wonder if res12 had an influence

  5. Hundred of thousands of till workers can work but 22 millionaires can’t ( class wars)

  6. G


    You only convince yourself mate.not a thought or anything else for that matter coming from failedidentity fc should pollute your Celtic outlook.


    As Peter says we stand alone.


    Now if your asking me should an 8 year old club/company bring fear? I laugh and say bedtime!




    Hail Hail

  7. TheLurkinTim on

    Big G…av got an OpTimism prism u can look through…we hav won 9 again, no ifs buts or mibbes…believe it




  8. The lurkintim don’t disagree with you , but surely you see what’s coming ahead endless doubt through the media, the huns were selling season tickets over the last few weeks now they will accept the outcome and promote the asterisk

  9. TheLurkinTim on

    Big G…couldn’t care less…they can all stew in their psychosises sic..till their shrivelled hearts content…We won the League again..Fly the Flag..Fly the Flag 💪😂

  10. It will be a glorious flag, with a shit load of material a lot of stars and cups to get on it👍



    Your right, Celtic did beat St Johnstone 1-0 ( Bertie Auld scorer), and Celtic also beat Hibs 6-2 ( Lennox 3, Craig, other scorers ???).


    BOTH League Cup Finals were played in 1969, as Hampden had been getting work done to it earlierhence the postponement of the Final v St Johnstone to a later date in 1969.


    My Da took me to both Finals and we were in the Enclosure of the Main Stand v St J…and we had great seats high up in the old North Stand directly across from the Tunnel.


    Aged 13, I was amazed at the height and the view that we had v Hibs in that old North Stand.



    In the 6-2 game, wee Jinky was superb….again.



    Stay safe mate.



  12. IF we are forced to accept an “asterisk” being against our Title win this season…then WE should also DEMAND that an “asterisk” is also put next to our name for the “Invincible Title/Season”…that would surely mess with the Hun deranged minds ?



    As we often sing…”we dont care what the animals say”….so I couldnt give a toss what they want or what they say about anything…they are irrelevant in so many ways…..just like their Ex Hun Pundits…Boyd, Rae, Thomson, McCoist etc ….who somehow believe that THEIR opinions are somehow relevant and viable cos the SMS keep going to them for their opinions and visions.


    Just yesterday they had Steven Thomson interview talking about “the lack of MORALS” by the SPFL….This is the very same Thomson who had/has an EBT….and he spouts about “Morals” ???











  13. Melbourne Mick on

    Hullo again all you young rebels.



    From a beautiful sundrenched 20 degs Melbourne backyard.


    Two weeks to winter and it’s gorgeous.


    The Tricolours are up on the barricades of the neighbours place


    mines are still in lockdown in my wee Celtic caravan down on


    the rebel peninsula, but i think their expecting an announcement


    soon, no matter, a declare the 9 party will happen.


    What if i just put my hoops top on an extending pole? i’m sure that


    will work, and the green parrots are going mental, but they usually






    H.H . Mick

  14. Melbourne Mick on

    Just a wee question.



    Did the latest spokestwat, Gavin Rae have an ebt.


    I know …i know, he’s a nice guy right?


    H.H . Mick

  15. MICK..


    Yes. I am 99% sure that Gavin Rae also had an EBT.


    The Daily Record must have took the time and trouble to track him down in Australia just to get that “Exclusive” ?



  16. I keep forgetting all about the Friday night Quiz…I’ll put it down to this self isolation…and its now the start of my 59th Day…


    Ill be removing any sore teeth with Ice Skates next…if I had any of both ?





  17. I do wonder IF the Huns Dossier and complaints etc etc…were signs of THEMS wanting to cause as much havoc as possible, including having ” Null and Void” declared so that Celtic were NOT awarded the Title for 9 in a row….as almost like a last “Hurrah” from the them in defiance etc…as they KNOW that Admin again is just around the corner…or maybe even worse ?



  18. celticforever on

    The simple question is would the huns have caused so much havoc


    with the spfl if they were the team 13 points clear and going to get the


    season called



    The answer is NAW every time

  19. Melbourne Mick on




    I’ll never forget standing outside the midden for a Ragers game


    the Celtic support were there in massive numbers, we knew we were


    going to get humped.


    It was the time when Murray mint said ” if Celtic spend a fiver i’ll spend


    a tenner ”


    And there he was ” the nice guy ” a pal of mine, one of the decent


    ragers, waving a tenner in the face of Celtic supporters.


    Didn’t see me, but i never forgot that, but he was a nice guy.


    H.H . Mick

  20. If they get there way regards the asterisk , then we should make enough noise to get one placed beside the 9 titles they got by proven cheating , and our fan sites should have that message out there already , come on let them know one word from them and it’s tit for tat . HH

  21. Asterisk. Yeah, I’ve seen them on league tables. Means refer to footnote.



    The footnote would say, season ended after 30 games with Celtic 13 points ahead of the second place team. And a goal difference of 25 more. If played to conclusion Celtic would reach 100 points and the second place team would drop out of the league due to foreseen circumstances.



    Now put an asterisk against their titles. The footnote says, in first place but all games were played with illegally paid and improperly registered players. So in fact they should have zero points and be last, The team would later become defunct due to foreseen circumstances.

  22. Big Jimmy – Celticforever


    Jimmy, how did you open that link. Mine says content no longer available ( surprise surprise). Used to have this list but lost it when changed phone.

  23. Jimmynotpaul on



    How is your sanctuary getting on, is the lockdown causing issues for you?


    It’ a great thing that you are all doing down there.

  24. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Couldn’t care less about asterisks.they say that they are the same club and they always will



    We know different.




  25. If the remaining games are played behind closed doors they’d still demand an asterix.



    They’d even quote the ‘Football without fans is nothing’ mantra to support their calls.



    Ignore them. Trample over them.

  26. Re the asterisks – I think the majority of us would have preferred beating them on the pitch but if the rules state we should get it, and all/enough teams vote we should get it I have absolutely no problem accepting it.



    If it’s another reason to wind the huns up, perfect.

  27. Jimmynotpaul on



    I couldn’t agree more, history will say, we’ve done 9 in a row, for the second time.


    Enjoy it, I will.

  28. fairhill bhoy on

    CRC-thanks for a good quiz.The second round caught me out and then I hit the wall.Reading back I think i would have gave Jobo a good run😂😉



    Everything just fine. The good weather has helped a lot. The only bother we’ve had was we rescued a donkey just before Xmas and then found out he was a stallion. Got him castrated a week before lockdown, waited a month and then put him in with the other geldings. Disaster. Had to take him straight back out as he was attacking, not the other donkeys, but the miniature shetlands and the other ponies…..including Big Jimmy, our friendly big gypsey cob. Had to remove the ponies to a different field and put up double electric fencing to stop him trying to get to the ponies. Usually 3 or 4 weeks is enough to get rid of the testosterone but not with this guy. He’s calmed down a little now as we have a highland pony who has sorted him out and he mostly sticks with him rather than the 8 gelded donkeys he’s supposed to be friends with.


    Took in a baby fox cub last Friday, stayed overnight but managed to find it a home next day. Thought of sending it to ( the much missed) Delaney’s Dunkey to keep Renald company but was outvoted.


    Can’t wait to celebrate the 9. Will celebrate it like no other.


    Keep safe, keep well

  30. fourstonecoppi on

    Re asterisks…….the huns have 5 on their shirts anyway, oh wait or is that fag burns?????

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