Dickson: Okay, it should have been lodged with the SPL then


The transcript for the HMRC v Rangers First Tier Tribunal (FTT) runs to 1126 pages. It will take weeks, perhaps months, to distil the content into what remains relevant to the SFA’s decision to reject the SPFL’s request to review issues surrounding Rangers EBTs. For today:

Current SFA Council member (and Newco Rangers Head of Football Administration), Andrew Dickson, was cross-examined by Mr Thomson (representing HMRC).

On 18 April 2011, Mr Thomson asked Mr Dickson why a Trust schedule was not lodged with the football authorities, Mr Dickson replied:

It should not “Not necessarily” have been lodged.

When asked by Mr Thomson “What possibly basis do you have for saying that it should not have been lodged?”

Mr Dickson replied, “The SPL didn’t – never contacted us coming looking for it”.

After failing to convince Mr Thomson that lodging the schedule late rendered there no point to lodging it at all, Mr Thomson puts him on the spot:

“I’m asking you about the fact that it should have been lodged. It’s supposed to be lodged early. Just because you don’t lodge it timeously, doesn’t mean to say that you’re not then under an obligation to lodge it, Mr Dickson.”

To this, Mr Dickson concedes:

“Okay, it should have been lodged with the SPL then.”


A current SFA Council member, in a court of law, accepted that Oldco Rangers did not lodge paperwork to the SPL relating to EBT payments, which he accepted should have been lodged.

Mr Dickson’s SFA colleagues decided to reject the SPFL’s request for a review into the matter. You can draw your own conclusions as to why.



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  1. saltires en sevilla on

    Good performance on Saturday and 2 big games in the next 8 days.



    Magyars and Anderlecht



    We still need to work at keeping the ball in domestic games!




  2. STARRY PLOUGH on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:46 PM



    Mr Dickson, I put it to you, that you are in fact a wrong ‘un:))




    Kim,I put it to you,that you are in fact a Jong Un. ;))

  3. Aweeeee ffs the man is blessed with a wealth of leadership:))



    Pedro Caixinha says it’s a blow losing Lee Wallace to injury but says he has 5 captains at the club to step in.

  4. Was in the Parade when it briefly reopened, in the 70s, I think.



    I was talking with my auld Dad this morning but not about the local picture halls (flea pits, acc to Macjay), because in his day there a few more in the Parkhead area, including the 3 Ps, which I vaguely remember on Tollcross Road, and the Black Cat, which the BBC took over for a while in Springfield Road, opposite my old school. No, he was more into the local dance halls, most of which he classified as “dives”. I think he said his favourite was the Barrowland, although he was a regular at the Tollcross Coop (now a Coop Funeral Office).



    Interesting article, Paul67. A lot of these people are totally shameless and totally protected by their pals in the Establishment. You just wonder what else they have got away with…….

  5. Paul67 et al





    Is that some kind of secret code?




  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “You can draw your own conclusions as to why.”




    Yes, Paul. It’s for “the good of the game”. Apparently.


    McRae was quite clear – we need a strong Rangers.

  7. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    CELTIC MAC on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:57 PM



    Word of The Day Mk II (Sevco for couldnae be bothered)



    timeous /ˈtaɪməs/ 





    1. (Scot) in good time; sufficiently early: a timeous warning



    Derived Forms


    timeously, adverb



    Word Origin


    C15: Scottish; see time, -ous




  8. Paul67


    We are a lone voice crying in the wilderness – the SFA have the ‘we don’t need to do anything’ mindset

  9. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Actually you have to wonder what might get unearthed in a review. Probably stuff way beyond even what we have been thinking.

  10. Brither Dickson….






    “I’ve not got a clue what that word means, I wouldn’t know anything about that situation you’re talking aboooot, sorry”

  11. Ranjurs(IL) and The Ranjurs* corrupt to the core.



    I’ve always thought they are the perfect example of what is going on globally: shady deals, dodgy handshakes, deflection, distraction, corrupt and compromised public servants. Take your pick.

  12. The Boss.



    Brendan Rodgers has insisted that he always looks for different ways to keep Celtic fresh.



    The Parkhead side beat Ross County 4-0 on Saturday afternoon, the 55th unbeaten domestic game for the club.



    “I always look at the opponents,” said Rodgers. “I have been up here for a year and I have been able to see how teams set up.



    Read more: Celtic get 55 but Brendan Rodgers keen to keep Anthony Ralston’s feet on the ground



    “What is important is noting the flexibility of the players.




    “They are going into all these systems that I am throwing at them.



    “We play teams four/six times a year and of course Celtic always has to be dominant.



    “It can never be stale. You never can be predictable and so having the flexibility to play the different systems that we do will hopefully make it challenging for the opponents each time we play. Let’s see what Dundee brings.”



    Read more: James Forrest delighted with Celtic striker Moussa Dembele’s scoring return



    And Rodgers was delighted with the way his Celtic side bounced back from their Champions League humbling at the hands of PSG.



    There was no hangover on show at Celtic Park as Ross County were put to the sword thanks to goals from Tom Rogic, Moussa Dembele and a James Forrest double.



    And Rodgers lauded his players for the manner in which they reacted to their initial experience in Group B of the Champions League.



    “I think the players deserve a huge amount of credit for the way they played today following a midweek game which required a lot of energy,” said Rodgers. “The players were excellent in training on Thursday and Friday.



    Read more: Celtic’s Champions League rivals Anderlecht in turmoil as boss faces the chop​



    “I said to the players we learn from it, remain positive and press the reset button and go again. Today we tried something different with the shape of the team and I thought as the game went on we got better. It’s always a mark of the good side to respond, we scored four goals and kept a clean sheet. Overall I thought it was a really good performance.




    “It was great for Moussa’s confidence to get the goal,” said Rodgers. “I thought Moussa and Leigh linked up very well. For Moussa’s goal Leigh plays it, makes a run and takes Davis out of the space for Moussa to bend it in, it was a very good finish.”

  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    KITTOCH on 18TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:59 PM


    RIP Paul Wilson, wonderful footballer






    Sad news indeed.





    Everyone knows they cheated. Everyone connected with that cheating has been forced to admit it.



    And have done so with no shame,merely a two fingers and WATP.



    Bar the SFA. They’ve admitted to nothing,refuse enquiries,because they know the extent of their guilt. And it doesn’t start or end with complicity over EBTs



    This will only end when they are removed from the equation. They are the ultimate authority in Scottish football,so remove the case from oversight by Scottish football. Either involve Scottish/UK court systems,or bypass it completely and invoke CAS.



    It’s going nowhere,otherwise.


    PAUL WILSON was a smashing,if under appreciated player for us. Sadly retired too early.



    Pretty sure his goals gave us The Nine,outscoring everyone else that season.



    A Quality Street Kid,a quality player,and by all accounts a quality person too.



    R I P Kwalityman.

  16. Very sad re:Paul Wilson.


    A friend once told me he watched Paul playing locally in Milngavie long after retiring from professional game and was saddened by the amount of physical abuse he was subjected to by stupid “hammer throwers” trying to do him an injury





    Regan is desperate to get out of this,by the time he realised what was going on,he’d been sucked in so far that he was as guilty as everyone else.



    He’s hoping for either of two things. A job offer elsewhere-dream on-or for it all to go away. Ditto.



    Really,his best hope of securing his financial future is to man up,reveal all,write a book. He’s unemployable elsewhere and he knows it.



    What profit a man…





    If you don’t mind me asking,which NA town are you in?



    Kilwinning lad myself.



    Dayooooot planned on 11/11 and if you want the details,mail me at






    We just get slowly merry and put the world to rights. Then try to remember how to get home.





    I think RTC posted it as a PDF a few days ago. Phone packing in,I’ll try to track it down when I get home.



    Pipe,slippers,kerryooot. It’s a long read.

  20. I believe that something we need is for as many SIMPLE examples as possible to be collated and then distributed to as many supporters as possible.


    I read quite often that `Everyone knows they cheated.` . To ensure that that assertion is true , we need to educate football fans about what has been happening.


    The following from Paul 67 is a good example of what I mean:



    From HMRC V Rangers FTT



    ` Thomson puts him on the spot:



    “I’m asking you about the fact that it should have been lodged. It’s supposed to be lodged early. Just because you don’t lodge it timeously, doesn’t mean to say that you’re not then under an obligation to lodge it, Mr Dickson.”



    To this, Mr Dickson concedes:



    “Okay, it should have been lodged with the SPL then.” `




  21. vfr800



    Thanks for that! Surprised it is Scottish in origin, and never have I heard it said.


    And neither it appears has Andrew Dickson!

  22. Paul Wilson RIP .



    A quality player from Quality Street ..



    Fabulous game v The Deady Bears – League Cup Semi -December 73 .. Celtic 3 -Deady Bears 1.( Harry Hood Hat trick) Ripped the Deady Bears backline to shreds. I was back home for the Christmas holidays from Uni in San Francisco . Great start to the holidays . Paul Wilson RIP: