Directors bail as court orders served


Walls are closing in on Dave King with the news that the Takeover Panel were granted a court order to force the Newco chairman to offer to comply with count instructions that he buy out shareholders outside his concert party.  Money for the offer, totalling £11m, has to be in place before it can be made, which is the sticking point.

While all of this MAY be no more than an administrative oversight, Newco have just announced the resignation of two directors: Paul Murray and Barry Scott.  Murray, a director of former Rangers, has been an absolute charm.  How Newco will survive without his Midas Touch is unknown.

Directors of a business are liable for its conduct, have a duty to protect the interests of all shareholders and creditors.  If they fail in this duty, they can be prosecuted.  Paul Murray was a close ally of King, especially during the years the Glib and Shameless one agitated to get control of the club he supported all of its life.  To paraphrase Deepthroat, follow the rats off the ship.

The Newco experiment has failed.  It is a shambles at every level, drowning in toxicity, with regulatory, legal and funding challenges out with its control – and things are not going too well on the field either.

Remember, current custodians and fans groups chased the Easdales (actual benefactors) and one of Europe’s richest men (who loaned Newco five players), out of town.  For what? They knew the money they had.  They knew there would not be a Nomad in place “within 48 hours”.  They were not Fergus McCann-type newbies to football, they knew the resources required to run a football club.

They knew all of this better than you or I, but we were the ones pointing out the blatantly obvious.

Where is the Mea Culpa from those who led the fans?  Who is there left with clean hands?  When will fans be told how bad things actually are (they are very bad, btw)?

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    Gerrard is a scouse ned.


    Things you won’t read in the SMSM.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    ‘ how will Rodgers replace these guys on a very limited budget….’


    The hurting hun that is Kenny McIntyre on Shortbread

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    I don’t know who Sevco remind me most of, Fiorentina, Espanyol or Leeds Utd?.

  4. Bada



    Just listening to the pis*.



    ‘Fur me’ Ferguson sayin SG waitin on how much money he will be getting & it will need to be serious.



    Lovin the s**t




    & that other pr**k Stephen McGowan talkin as if he’s an authority.



    Comedy gold

  5. what they have to remember is when souness came in it was to a cheating bastard murray and don’t forget that clown Dalglish worked for him and im sure he knew about his cheating.

  6. Of the players quoted to possibly leave this summer, i would most like to keep Rogic and Roberts. The time is right to sell Moussa. As for Armstrong, Boyata and Simunovic, all three could be replaced with a bit to spare. I understand why Brendan wanted to keep the Invincibles together like we all did but i think we need to break the team up ever so slightly year on year to keep things fresh. Players moving on isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as the replacements are suitably able.



    I would anticipate 3-4 additions with possibly one or two more on loan from Tier 1 Clubs.

  7. My food tastes are Catholic but for me tripe is pagan.



    Paella on menu for Friday.

  8. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on

    DAVID66 on 2ND MAY 2018 5:58 PM


    Latest rumour from the most gullible fanny’s sorry fans, is that red bull are bank rolling the Gerard move and £30million for transfers…… I could go on but really, how stupid are these peepel?






    D. :)






    I think complete bull would be more appropriate :-)







  9. Danso 1888



    Murray was not at Rangers until late 88. Souness came in May 86.



    As for comparisons from the past surely the most appropriate – at the moment- is with Liam Brady? Brady came to Celtic when our ship was already listing. In 1999 when Barnes came we had had a disappointing season but the ship was more than seaworthy. The Huns in 86 had almost as bad a team as they have now but they were financially sound. For the last time in their history- RBS threw money at them long before BofS did.




  10. Bada







    But now we’ve got racist discussions about a


    Clyde player



    Why so much time ?. Does it not hapoen elsewhere or is it an easy target for BBC Scottie to make it look like they are dealing with it ?.



    Anyway….usual cr**






    CL NOW

  11. DESSYBHOY on 2ND MAY 2018 4:24 PM









    Any idea who the mysterious benefactor is who gave Hearts 4.5m which allowed them to finish the new stand and some working capital? It wasn’t was it or am I just paranoid.





    No idea where that £4.5m came from.

  12. Auldheid


    It is a serious chunk of money for a club with the turnover of Hearts, surely cant just be philanthropy?


    Maybe your Hearts pal could enlighten us all, if I were them it would need answering.

  13. Surprised to see Liverpool fans allowed to bring massive flags into the stadium.




    My brother in law is from Kirby, sent me a text a few days ago, loadsa smiley faces, SG @ Rangers, someone’s taking the Michael out of someone somewhere:)))




  15. Park Road 67 on



    I was listening to the crap on shortbread too , sent them a few txts but needless to say none were read out !! Just wanted to put them straight on a few things

  16. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    TBB, potted haugh? One of my golf buddies used to get a roll on yon stuff from the old tee hut on the Carnoustie course.



    Looked to me like someone had wipes their arse wi a roll after a terrible night on vindaloo and guinness.



    It aint a delicacy to me? and thankfully the new tea hut doesn’t stock pre wiped arse roll. Or should that be arse wiped pre rolls?





  17. Hi Bhoys



    Don’t want to start a stampede but the best square sausage I have ever tasted comes from a wee butcher shop in Fulbar Street Renfrew tucked in behind the Renfrew town hall.



    It’s called Hugh Mc Whinnie.



    He sells a full lorne ( 4lbs or 1.81kilos) in weight sliced into 28/32 slices for about £8.



    When my wife gets off her arse to go and get one my son and I have it eaten in about 3 days. It is absolutely wonderful.



    Also nobody mentioned the square sausage with the black pudding centre now that’s decadence for you.



    Tripe and potted heid are exactly what it says on the tin by the way a I wouldn’t even make a hun eat them.




  18. Warchest blah blah blah


    SG blah blah blah


    New players Big money comin blah blah


    Huge investment its what im hearing !!!!!!



    BROWN BULL SEVCO FC is more believable !


    Sounds like Park and son are next to jump ship !


    Kings frozen shooder is jeopardising induviduals buisness enterprises outside of the doomdome !


    The excrment is hitting the fan AGAIN for the zombie deludimoids !!

  19. Delaneys Dunky on

    My mammies Stovies were mashed totties, onions and whatever leftover meat from the Sunday dinner was. Sometimes she would roll them into balls in breadcrumbs and oven bake. Was a favourite Monday dinner of mine as a kid. Served wi baked beans or spaghetti hoops and homemade loaf. Magic.

  20. 50 shades of green on

    Tripe,,,, well named and honking to look at smell or taste.



    Liver, awrite braised with onions, but fried see above.



    Potted haugh,,,disgusting stuff.



    Sardines on toast…..now yir talking love it.




    Any of you tried whitebait?????



    My least favourite food of all time is pickled herring, just typing the words has me boakin ???

  21. Looks like the Italians have bribed that ref, he looks a homer.


    1-0 pool



    D. :)

  22. Delaneys Dunky on

    Game over in Roma.


    Hope Liverpool win the CL.


    Not a fan of any of the Madrid teams.

  23. VFRon @ 9:36 am



    “SFTB, regarding Odsonne, I am speculating here but: I believe the fee has been agreed and Celtic have first option. However I would think there will be negotiations around sell on clauses, PSG getting first dibs should he leave Celtic, potential add-ons (Champions League progress, full international caps etc.).






    These may increase the gross transfer value long term; there are also likely to be the players demands to be finalised as well.






    It looks easily doable but just need to get it finally agreed.”










    The Battered Bunnet @ 9:48 am






    Odsonne is a PSG player, therefore first base is agreeing a deal with PSG. That might well have been agreed in principle when the loan was completed, plus or minus the odd dotted i and crossed t. For PSG the decision is a fairly straightforward economic one, the parameters of which might already have been defined in the loan agreement.



    Thereafter, the player is free to do what he wants. Does he want to return to PSG, likely loaned out for another year to another club? Does he want to sign for Celtic? Is the package acceptable? What other options are out there?



    On balance, I’d think the negotiations with Odsonne’s people will be considerably more challenging than with PSG.”








    I appreciate the replies guys



    BBC Sport said in August:-



    “Celtic have signed 19-year-old striker Odsonne Edouard on a season-long loan from Paris Saint-Germain, with an option to buy the player.”



    Celtic’s own website said:-



    “CELTIC tonight are thrilled to announce the signing of highly-rated French striker Odsonne Edouard from Paris Saint-Germain on a season-long loan deal, with the club obtaining an option to buy the player.”



    The question I ask is how useful is such a clause if it is not a guarantee?



    Is the trigger fee bound to be honoured by the selling club or is it still open to negotiation? Add-ons? If so- what is the use of including it at all? It is just a pious hope and not a done deal.



    Is the salary paid to the player during the loan deal, one he has committed to in the event of being bought? i.e. The club can offer him more to sign but he has already agreed a loan signing with a buy-out trigger clause- he has already agreed to his terms and the club are under no obligation to pay him more.



    An option to buy, as opposed to a trigger clause, suggests to me that it is all wishful thinking. You have merely paid for the right to ask the girl to dance. She is under no obligation to agree despite a going rate for dances having been written into the contract. It seems that if both the selling party and the player have agreed nothing in advance with celtic other than he will go on loan to play. Adding in information that we have an option to buy is proclaiming it for more than it is worth, in my view.



    Wonder if Odsonne likes skwerr slice.

  24. Silver City 1888 on

    I quite like pickled herring. Worst thing I ever tasted was stinking bishop cheese. Thanks Wallace and Grommet!


    How long until our next meaningful game? It’s going to be a long summer unless we get linked with dozens of transfer targets.

  25. cathedral view on




    I’ve been of the opinion for some time that when Souness arrived from Sampdoria he brought with him some very Italian business methods.