Dollars and Celtic’s diminishing Australia market


Right from the off, Celtic knew there was a chance Newco would pull out of the Sydney Super Cup.  We negotiated a better package, the right to announce the tour and to call it the Ange Homecoming Tour.  Newco were fully occupied with the prospect of a couple of million landing in the bank, knowing nothing about their commercial value, compared to Celtic.

When the league breaks for the World Cup, Ange Postecoglou will head home for the first time in three years.  It is an opportunity for Celtic to garner support in an important foreign market.

Emigration from Scotland to America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand dropped off in recent decades.  As a consequence, a large portion of Celtic supporters in these markets moved there over 30 years ago.  They are older and are not a market that will foster support too far into the future.  Despite having an Australian legend as manager, without some work, our commercial prospects there diminishing.

Competing for eyeballs outside the almighty EPL is difficult, but the Almighty has given us a ladder.  We have a high-profile event taking place in Australia in five months, set to generate future dollars and fans.  We also have a high profile in Japan, a market I see little effort put into, outside of social media.  A 2023 Japanese tour is needed.

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  1. McPhail Bhoy on

    I assumed that Ange went home to Australia when the league finished, did he not? If what you say Paul67 is true, it will be his first time home in 3 years?

  2. CB @ 11.44



    You left a lot of threads hanging down in your post above.


    I just did a bit of knitting using current W.of Sc. norms.



    I will be right more times that I am wrong — apologies if this is not one of them.



    Please indulge me — local youth football / couple of years ago.


    Watching JR and his mates play a league game vs Milngavie.


    For some reason the park was in Bearsden — does M/G allow ball games apart from cricket and lacrosse?.



    M/G MF’er runs the channel — shouting “send me Harry send me” in a home counties accent that should grace a stage in the near future. Peak Villa as they met all human life on their travels and then some.



    The joys of youth football one week you are in the East End / then Lenzie / then Larkhall / then Bearsden or should it be Milngavie?.



    Larkhall is worse than I could ever have imagined.

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  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “A 2023 Japanese tour is needed”.



    If we automatically qualify for the Champions League group stages then yes.



    Otherwise no.



    Without any science whatsoever to back me up ?



    Transcontinental travel then games (even at low intensity) then travel home leaves players looking jaded for weeks ….



    … at the precise point in the season when we want to project and convey energy, freshness and tip top conditioning.

  5. From previous thread






    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and grief. It does make us, well at least me, appreciate what we have without the guilt of being able to enjoy what we have. Learning of the pain that others have suffered, battled and continued to persevere through adversity and tragedy is inspirational. Thank You.

  6. Hrvatski Jim on

    Paul – As we are going all the way to Australia for 2 games, the latter of which is on 20th November which is 27 days before our next competitive fixture, is Celtic missing a big opportunity to have a high profile game in Japan on the way back? No market is hotter for us than Japan at present.

  7. Taurangabhoy on

    You are right Paul I came to New Zealand 30 years ago. I can’t wait until go to see Celtic in Sydney with my daughter and her kiwi boyfriend who has no choice now but to be a Celtic fan. I know why you think Japan is the promised money land but the diaspora is always important. More than just a business, more than money, it’s in the heart and soul of Celtic fans and their families, it’s our history. Great chance for us to see Celtic in Sydney. Hail hail.

  8. Deffo Japan next year,but I would not be writing of Oz in the future.The early settlers have all had families,and,as is normal,the tradition of supporting Celtic is still strong.My mates supporters club is heaving every game with Celtic fans with Oz accents.Think the crowds will show this in November.Coming from all over Oz for the games.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If we are looking for the team to be the vanguard of a generational marketing strategy?



    Why not stop off in China on the way home?



    1.45 billion citizens.



    Even if just 0.07% get on board …….

  10. Taurangabhoy on

    Melbourne Mick are you going? I am meeting some bhoys from the Perth Celtic supporters club, make my journey look like a walk in the park.

  11. P67 — are you a professional worrier / glass half empty rather than half full?



    The issue with fans emigrating to Aus is not when they went — it is what they do when they get there. If we are active / in the football eye then it will be easier to move that support across the generations.



    PL was not up to that job / DD does not think that it is a job at all.


    The issue is that you need to stick with it — SN time at P/had was a cathedral n the desert type of exercise.



    AP sees it differently and his view will work if we support it.



    The numbers must be there to understand the impact having a group of Japanese players on our books is doing to our finances.



    Japan / Aus should not be the last of our growth plays in new markets — as the phrase goes we never stop.



    There are other ways to grow.



    The club needs to invest in supporters across the globe.


    Take on the success of “Celtic bars” and build a local presence across the globe.


    Put effort and then money into a network of CFC friendly pubs.


    No investment required just good information management.


    Might sell a few CTV subscriptions as well.

  12. I’m surprised we didn’t try and catch a Japanese game on the way to Oz as part of that trip but clearly not looking to knacker the team.



    To be fair, we’ve started the Celtic Japan Twitter site, got a Japan page on the website and have begun a merchandise partnership with Kobe at a limited level.



    Can we build on that ? Bricks and mortar or even pop-up shop in Tokyo for events ?



    South Melbourne have been pushing the Celtic link recently and with us in the country later in the year, can we move to visibly reach a new demographic with visible presence, products and merhcandise? Open a unit for a few months ?



    Can we catch an Argentinian wave ? We might have 2 players by the end of the window.



    Partnering with 3rd parties in these regions (read about a company called Fanatics) to spread our reach and mitigate the risk of some of the above.




  13. IniquitousIV on

    So we fail to net Sousa.


    Could some kind soul please remind me what Lawwell Jr. has done for us lately? I had the impression that recruitment from teams in the City Group would be a tad easier after his appointment. Instead of which, it appears we are back in for Baldock.

  14. Does the club have access to all the CSCs established overseas?


    Would be a great place to start.



    Help those in existence.


    Look at the gaps with a view to getting something started.


    Even south of the border.



    Gaydon 2014 — the D7a programme office was a hive of CFC chat.


    Although none of us had ever heard of RD.

  15. quadrophenian on

    P67 ‘They are older and are not a market that will foster support too far into the future. ‘



    Rumours of wur demise are greatly exaggerated. Lotsa interest in the bhoys in Oz but not v merchandisable.


    The bigger issue will be the all-powerful AFL; a corporate monolith already sweating and soiling itself over growing participation in soccer, rather than Aussie Rules. Worried mums want kids to play a more genteel sport compared to the biff n bash of Rules (thank christ they never had to play fitba in Port Glasgow, Barrhead or Broxburn!)


    Here the struggling A-league refuses to die and keeps doing deals that consume sponsorship and TV dollars.


    Celtic’s market appeal isn’t just under threat from EPL glamourboys.


    Football itself is in the crosshairs of the AFL media powerbrokers, who know globalisation and is media content is a real and pressing danger to their peculiarly odd ball game.



    On Oz; still too quiet on Tom Rogic’s fitness and new club destination.

  16. INIQUITOUSIV on 8TH JULY 2022 12:37 PM



    My reading of it seems to suggest he was a loanee only, with no option to buy and given last season’s success for Jota and CCV, there’s no real long term value for Celtic. I’m pleased we resisted and heartened that there is some great talent out there still for us to tap into in a manner that suits us – Belmonte & Vera & Fani all look brammers.



    Baldock is a RB. We chased hom previously and he went elsewhere. Looks a lazy link to me and be surprised anything in it.



    Lot of noise in the system until the end of the window as always.




  17. In a Sky interview today big Ange mentioned ‘2 to 3 more players’.



    I suspect that stands at Julien replacement at CH, CDM in the Souza mould and a forward that’s either a GG clone or a Maeda flexible front 3 version…..




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I hope DD gets the private jet out for CL games, with the same money for CL next season, keep our eyes on the SPFL prize.

  19. Very relaxing close season so far.



    How’s everyone feeling about the season ahead?



    I think we are two signings away from a great smee, barring any unexpected moves out of the club by key players (next summer could be much more challenging in that respect!)



    Going to be a strange one with the sham of a world Cup breaking it up and then VAR coming in mid season.



    Can’t wait for the real stuff to start again.

  20. IniquitousIV on




    I wouldn’t have mentioned Baldock, but the reference is from our own CQN’s Latest News. It surprised me, because he is not what we need, and certainly no substitute for Sousa.

  21. Big Wavy- I’d like to see CDM who can play centre half in an emergency too. Versatility is good. I know Bitton wasn’t the world’s greatest at centre half bit he could do a job at times and we could miss that.



    Tin hat on after that comment but interested to know what folks are thinking squad wise.

  22. On the global tour theme, if we’re going to Argentina, a wee detour will see us in Brazil, which has the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan 😉

  23. IniquitousIV on

    Starfelt with minor setback after his hamstring injury with Sweden. Will miss much of ore-season.


    Emphasizes that we need to resolve Julien/ A. N. Other situation tout de suite.

  24. MM



    Your perception as you say is typical of people in this part of the world and their view of Mulguy, I originally from the Milton and met a school friend who on learning where I lived gave it the full Chewin the Fat only to tell me he lived in Helensburgh.



    No cricket in Milngavie and the reason you played in Bearsden was most likely that their pitch was flooded as it’s right next to the river.



    Milngavie is a mixed area with a high proportion of council/ex council houses and unfortunately we have our share of foodbanks, and don’t tell anyone I said this the accent is Glaswegian



    On the subject matter my cousin left Dumbarton in the 70’s for the joys of professional football in Melbourne, even though his son has been taken to Celtic Park he follows the EPL although he does have an interest with Ange now in charge

  25. Scores!🍀



    New Scottish VAR took time to consider how they could disallow. No rule found, game restarts after 1 hour delay.

  26. “Carl is the one who will probably miss a lot of this pre-season. But we’re pretty confident we’ll have him back for the start of the season.”



    Relax and enjoy your holidays. We’ll be fine

  27. Drambowiecelt, Scaniel has put into words what I’m thinking but with eloquence. My thoughts, with you.



    Thanks also to the kind words about my RTA, I’m very aware of danger on the roads it’s others who weren’t on Tuesday. I’m doing ok and trying to mobilise but one wound is refusing to stop pishing blood. My wee nurse feels like the kitman at Celtic Park I’ve had that many dressings. 😁



    Roughly 6 weeks till I can weight bear so I’ll have to cancel the jigging with Big Jimmy…



    The nurses, cleaners etc have been amazing but I’d sack the chef …brutal fare. Laters.

  28. We should take our time to make sure we get the best players we can instead of worrying about having everything in place before we play Aberdeen, Ross County, Kilmarnock Hearts and Dundee United.

  29. Paul 67,



    It is vital we fly the flag all over the world Established bases l8ke the US, Canada, Australia, NZ etc must remain part of our planning.


    However we must also reach out to new markets. A tour of Japan sounds an ideal starter for 10.



    A renewed emphasis and charm offensive must also be undertaken in Ireland. ( We have taken our support for granted for too long )


    A quick Google check reckons there are more Celtic supporter clubs in England than in Ireland.


    This is also an established sector of our support which must never be ignored or alienated.



    We must also pursue the tourist dollar. An abundance of hotels have gone up on the Glasgow area in recent years. We are in an excellent place to rival the Hydro as the number 1 tourist attraction.



    Another market we must actively reach out to and encourage is the family market. Woman’s football is the largest growing sport on the planet.


    Barcelona’s biggest crowd last season was for the woman’s game. A record crowd a few nights ago at Old Trafford demonstrated its appeal.


    We must integrate both teams and utilities our hub at Parkhead to better effect.



    The future is bright and we must embraceit, however we must work to optimise it.



    HH to all.

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